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Before March 9, 2010 What It's ance ital is the transition to all digital TV? off of analogue broadcasting channels received by the antenna rake: TF1, Fr 2, France 3, Canal +, France 5/Arte and M6, and its replacement by DTT (Dig Terrestrial Television).

FREE THE CHAINS OF TNT plain At home, it's March 9, 2010! THE BENEFITS OF DIGITAL + channels: the transition to all digital TV will from 6 to 18 national free channels (channels in digital history * plus 12 natio nal news channels), some in HD (High Definition), plus local channels like TV No rmandy. Additional channels are available on subscription from commercial operat ors (see "How to purchase equipment" on page 6). family, info, discussions, yout h programs, movies, documentaries, series, music ... + Choice: programs for all tastes and all the + quality: these programs come wit h a better reception quality picture and sound (DVD-quality video, digital sound stereo or home theater type). Why are we doing this? The transition to digital TV while freeing up frequencies will be used to create new channels or more channels broadcast in HD digital ra dio development and universal access to mobile Internet at broadband across the country. These channels are TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal + (clear), France 5/Arte on th e same channel, and M6. 2 all digital! * all digital! 3 What will happen? The transition to all digital TV is an international movement involving more tha n 100 countries. Who is affected? You receive 6 channels or less by an antenna rake or an indoor antenna. Since December 9, 2009, you see scroll, several times a day, an information header on TVs fitted.

In France The law of 5 March 2007 on the TV of the future sets the legal framework. This t ransition is gradual, it is region by region. He began February 4, 2009 and end no later than November 30, 2011. Canal + stop its analogue in some areas, before other chains, to end no later than December 6, 2010. The chains will stop all t heir analogue same day, March 9, 2010. Therefore, the television will broadcast exclusively in digital. You must adapt your equipment before March 9, 2010, if, after that date, you wil l not receive more television. ! In Lower Normandy You are already receiving digital TV through an antenna or an indoor antenna rak e. You are equipped with (e) but you might look for all channels of distribution ch annels on the day of the switch-off, March 9, 2010, at the end of the day. ! You must check and adjust, if necessary, your equipment to a digital reception m ode to continue to receive television. ! You receive television by other means The analog broadcast programs by satellite AB3 will stop later. The date of this decision will be communicated once it has been fixed. Issuers TNT Lower Normandy not still burning will be gradually put into service. (Parabola, DSL box, cable, fiber optics ...) and none of your posts is connected to an antenna rake, you have nothing to do. Starting today, the TNT is available about issuers of MAP REGION On December 9, issuers of Conde-sur-Noireau, Cliff, Honfleur, Lisieux, Livarot, Orbec, Pont l'Eveque, Saint-Martin-deBienfaite, Thur y-Harcourt, Vire and Bagnoles-de-l'Orne broadcast DTT. Caen - Mont-Pinçon, Caen - High-Folie, Mortain-Grand Fontaine, Saint-Lo, Cherbou rg Digosville, Surtainville, Barneville-Carteret, Coutances, Gavray, Granville, Villedieu-les-Stoves, Bricquebec Cap de la Hague, Cherbourg-Octeville, Equeurdre ville, Tourlaville, Urville-Nacqueville, Alen - Mont-d'Amain. What should I do? Before March 9, 2010: Check your equipment. Adjust your TV sets now receive TV channels 6 antenna rake or an indoor antenna. LEARN MORE Some issuers may not distribute the full laTNT chains, according to future decis ions chains. ! Contact the Call Center "All Digital" in 0970 818 818 (non-premium number, price

of a local call, Monday to Saturday from 8h to 21h); log on www.tousaunumerique .com or meet us on the "Tour of the Regions All Digital". all digital! 4 all digital! 5 How to equip themselves? The choice is wide and depends partly on your acceptance conditions. To receive the free DTT bouquet With a rake or internal antenna TNT Adapter plugged into the TV SCART current or TV with integrated Freeview eno ugh to receive 18 free channels. You live in a building or a subdivision with a rake antenna group. Your antenna rake group must be compatible with the reception of digital signals , or your own installation does not work. You do not know if your building is re ady? Check with your neighbors if they already receive DTT. If this is not the c ase, contact your trustee. All donors were mobilized on the subject to perform t he necessary work if necessary. You can equip when your building will be digitiz ed. To receive + channels by subscription March 9: Look channels chains. You receive the DTT antenna rake or an indoor antenna, looking for all the chann els Channels 9 March 2010. You must do this even if you have the TNT long as some ch annels will change the channel to improve their coverage. Run this search or mem orization March 9, 2010 (not before because it is useless) and preferably in the evening when all the possible changes have been made. With a parable • focused on the Astra satellite and coupled to an adapter; • at the satellite A B3 and coupled to an adapter. With a DSL box, cable or fiber optic The free channels of DTT are included in the subscription TV service. If your bu ilding is connected to cable or fiber optics and is subject to a collective agre ement, the free DTT channels are already available without subscription with a s uitable decoder. For cable, they will be gradually available with DTT. @ * Some buildings are connected to a network as part of a collective agreement wi th an operator. ! How? Research and memory channels If you do, you get a black screen. is with the remote from your TV adapter or your TV if it is integrated DTT. The procedure is as follows: Menu / Setup (setup) / Auto Store (or update or scan). According to manufacturers, the terms may vary. He may see a message asking you

to go back to "factory settings" accept. A PIN can be requested. If you have mor e, manufacturers typically use the following codes: 0000, 1111, 1234, 9999. * Check with your building manager to know what to do in this case to receive DTT without subscription. TIP During the commissioning of yours! equipment, be sure to find the channels of ch annels. 6 all digital! Be sure to keep all the manuals and operating instructions of your television ma terial. all digital! 7 How much does it cost? Adapter TNT TNT simple single tuner adapter Adapter TNT HD tuner + twin tuner Re orientation verification rake antenna Replacement antenna mast rake dismantling Replacement Antenna Coupler Adapter TNT SAT or FRANSAT Adapter TNT SAT or FRANSA T + dish + installation offer pay-decoder supplied by the operator of 20-50 * from 80 * to 50-100 80-120 * of * 200 to 250 * 100 * 100 to 150 * fr om 280 * What aid? FINANCIAL AID • Helps equipment (purchase of a DTT / Freeview integrated TV / subscribe to cab le, satellite or digital television over ADSL): 25 TTC maximum. Eligibility re quirements: - be exempt from levy - have an income tax reference < 8,000 for th e first part; over 1,500 for the first four half shares and 2,500 for each a dditional half-share. • Support for antenna (replacement or reorientation of the rake): 120 TTC maximum. Eligibility requirements: - be exempt from levy - hav e an income tax reference < 20,000 for the first part; over 1,500 for the fir st four half shares and 2,500 for each additional half-share. In DTT coverage AV SOURCE STARTING THE TNT Turn on your TV and your adapter. This turns on and automatically connect to you r TV. If this is not the case,€press AV or Ext1 the TV remote. 8 all digital! It is not necessary to change the TV channel. Simply connect each of your posts to a TV adapter (or a decoder in the case of a pay-service). All TV sets sold si nce 1981 are equipped with a SCART socket and are compatible to receive all digi tal TV. Since March 2008, all televisions sold are equipped with integrated DTT. To watch one channel and simultaneously record another, you must have two tuner s (one adapter dual tuner, an integrated DTT TV tuner + a simple adapter). Equip ment HD (High Definition) is not required to receive the free DTT channels, as t hey are broadcast in SD (standard definition digital). However, the offer includ es a few free HD channels (TF1, France 2, M6, Arte) that you can not see in HD i

f your equipment is SD. To receive HD channels, you need a full HD setup (TV, ad apter, HDMI cable). The adapters can read HD SD signals, but the reverse is not true. Labeled HD TVs sold since 1 December 2008 all have integrated HD adapter. If your HDTV is older, you may be required to complete your equipment adapter TN T HD independent. All TVs over 66 inches sold from 1 December 2009 all have an i ntegrated HD DTT. * Price generally recognized when the printing of this guide (DD / MM / YYYY), f or guidance. see subscription contract To qualify for this aid, you must depend on an antenna and receive rake only TV 6 channels. Each of these aids can be assigned only once per household tax. The request must relate to the main residence. INFORMATION • Help the parabola (a satellite facility): 250 TTC maximum. Under conditions of resources that will be communicated subsequently by the call center. Out of coverage area TNT To qualify for such aid, complete an application package available at 0970 818 8 18, on, or at your local authority. Your request must imp eratively be sent no later than June 9, 2010 with your original invoices. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE • Free technical support at home, by appointment, prior to commissioning and set ting the main post for people aged over 70 years with a disability> 80%. The pro posed service from 9 December 2009 to 24 March 2010. An accompanying enhanced To make an appointment, call 0970 818 818 (non-premium number, price of a local call, Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 21 pm). Our provider "all digital" will co ntact you to set the date of intervention. all digital! 9 Special cases The transition to digital television is a major technical project. In rare cases , it is possible that you may experience reception problems. Who to contact? Choose licensed professionals (Shops and aerial installers). You live in a building. The antenna of your building You live in a house. If you receive today analogue terrestrial channels correctly, it is unlikely that you're having probl ems with digital. However, it is sometimes necessary to redirect or change your antenna. In areas where the signal is strong, it is also possible to use an indo or antenna. must be compatible with digital reception (see page 7). Check if your neighbors are experiencing the same problem. If this is the case, contact your trustee.

GOOD TO KNOW If you change your antenna or to install a satellite dish, aid exist (see "What aid?" On page 9). Feel free to ask. power and covering a modest number of households will not be scanned. This means they do not broadcast DTT. You will not be able to receive digital TV with DTT or Freeview television integrated. In Lower Normandy, 13 issuers are concerned. To continue watching TV, you may be able to redirect or redirect your antenna ra ke to another issuer TNT. If you are out of coverage area! TNT, you must choose another mode of delivery, including satellite, see "How to equip themselves? "On page 6. You get the television for a transmitter that will not be scanned. Some issuers of low They signed the Charter of confidence "All Digital" and undertake to guide you a nd offer quality services at market prices. TIP Ask your neighbors if they encounter the same problems as you. If this is not th e case, your problem is probably a bad connection or wrong setting of your insta llation. 10 all digital! In all cases, if an accurate diagnosis of your system is necessary, contact a qu alified "All Digital". For all addresses: or call 0970 818 818 (non-premium numb er, price of a local call, Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 21 pm). To help you identify them, certified professionals in their window display a sti cker saying "Here all licensed professional digital. • They will guide you in yo ur choices to suit your needs. • They will give you all the necessary explanatio ns. • They will offer you products and services at market prices. LEARN MORE Contact us at 0970 818 818 (non-premium number, price of a local call, Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 21 pm). ! Beware of doorstep. all digital! 11 Technical Guide for your connections For televisions integrated DTT All items sold since March 1, 2008 are integrated DTT. If you purchased your pos t after that date, you have nothing to do except search for channels of digital TV channels at the time of installation, and again, March 9, 2010, the day of pa ssage digital TV. 2 analog TV SCART (since 1981)

For older posts You must complete your equipment with an adapter or TNT. Refer to the following diagrams for connections: 1. TV with integrated Freeview 2. Analogue TV with Scart 3. Analogue TV with VCR SCART + 4. Television with Int egrated Freeview + VCR 5. Special case: multiple TVs in the home 3 analog TV with SCART connected to a VCR or recorder nonTNT You must be in a Freeview coverage area. Otherwise, choose another method of rec eiving and plug the adapter / decoder appropriate. ! 1Téléviseur avecTNT integrated (since March 2008) Remember to look for channels chains at the facility, then again after March 9, 2010, the day the transition to digital TV. ! ide 12 all digital! all digital! 13 Built-in 4 avecTNTnonTNT TV connected to a VCR or Answers 1 NO. If you receive now properly analogue terrestrial channels (no snow or ghosti ng), it is unlikely that you encounter problems. It is sometimes (rarely) need t o redirect or change your antenna rake. In areas where the signal is strong, it is also possible to use an indoor antenna. I live in a house, do I buy a new antenna? 2 5 Special case: multiple TVs in the home NO. All TV sets sold since 1981 are equipped with a SCART socket and are compati ble to receive all digital TV with integrated DTT. Since March 2008, all televis ions sold are equipped with integrated DTT. Should I change my television? I do not get all DTT channels. Why? 5 3

CASE 1: Check your connections and be sure to search for channels channels. CASE 2: your antenna is not suitable or you are in an area not covered (see "Special Cases" on page 10). If the problem persists, contact a licensed professional. I plugged a TV adapter. Why it works does not it? CASE 1: rake your antenna is too old. CASE 2: you rely on a transmitter which so me chains have decided not to be disseminated. Seek advice from a licensed profe ssional. 6 4 14 all digital! Contact your trustee or your manager. The adaptation of the antenna of the build ing to the distribution of digital signals is a topic which must be included on the agenda of the GA. Failure to work to adapt the antenna, Law No. 66-457 of Ju ly 6, 1966 said the law allows the antenna to the occupants of the building to i nstall an individual antenna. The manager / trustee or owner of the building sha ll in no case oppose without a serious and legitimate reason for the installatio n or replacement of a single antenna. The antenna of my building did not receive DTT. What should I do? Unlike analog, digital broadcasting does not let signals degraded. You may be in an area for receipt or quality of your facility is inadequate. Seek advice from a licensed professional. Why the image or sound sometimes freezes? ide all digital! 15 To help you ... The information points will be established to assist you in the transition to al l digital TV. They are: fixed, in public places like town halls, mobile, touring in your area. In addition, information leaflets will be available to you or dep osited in your mailbox. Animations take place in some municipalities. The route of the "Tour of the Regi ons All Digital 'is available on the site in your regiona l newspapers or phone 0970 818 818 (non-premium number, price of a local call, M onday through Saturday from 8 am to 21 pm). More info or by calling (Non-premium number, price of a local call, Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 21 p m) 0970 818 818

Published by France Digital TV. France Digital TV is a public interest group cre ated by section 100 of the Act of September 30, 1986 amended March 5, 2007 on th e modernization of audiovisual broadcasting and the future of television. TFN in cludes State, France Televisions, TF1, M6, Canal + and Arte France. He is respon sible to inform and assist viewers in the transition to all digital TV. Do not litter the streets. SIREN: 130003833