FAMILY FUNCTIONING QUESTIONNAIRE In a previous article (what has to observe in t he family Family Counselor?

), I referred to a simple questionnaire that can give us some clues to focus the problems within the family system: the FF-SIL family functioning questionnaire, with only 14 items. (and their authors referenced in previous articles) Before, I need to clarify that we, the family counselor, we are not psychologists and therefore we can not test or scale, but in my case, ha ve a multidisciplinary team comprising graduates also experts in family psycholo gy, I have not got that problem, but if you do not have a clinical psychologist, we can look to resources, appropriate questionnaires so that we can facilitate the start of the session and knowledge, have any of the information to begin the orientation in the areas in which, in principle, this one dysfunctional family, and especially in what area. Step directly to offer you this simple questionnai re and how to value it initially to get the thread of the possible treatment of the dysfunctional family system. Family Functioning Questionnaire (FF-SIL) Here we present a series of situations that may occur or not in your family. You need to classify, rate your response as frequency of occurrence of the situatio n. Almost never (1), Rarely (2), Sometimes (3), Often (4), almost always (5) 1. Decisions are made between them for important family things. ______ 2. In my hou se, harmony prevails. _______ 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. In my family everyone fulfills thei r responsibilities. ______ Demonstrations of affection are part of our daily liv es. ____ We can say without innuendo, clearly and directly. ______ We can accept the flaws of others and cope. ______ We take into account the experiences of ot her families to different situations. _______ 8. When someone in the family has a problem other help. ______ 9. Tasks are distributed so that no one is overload ed. ______ 10. Family customs can be changed to certain situaciones.______ 11. W e can discuss various topics without temor.______ 12. Faced with a difficult family situation we are able to seek help from other personas.______ 13. The interests and needs of all are respected by the core fam iliar._______ 14. We show the love that we tenemos.______ PUNCTUATION Scale of 70-57 points. Functional family of 56-43 points. Family moderately func tional from 42 to 28 points. Dysfunctional Family 27 to 14 points. Severely dysf unctional family and the number of question variables measuring Situations 1 and 8 ......................... Cohesion 2 and 13 ......................... Harmony 5 and 11 ......................... Communication 7 and 12 ..................... .... Permeability .......................... 4 and 14 Affectivity 3 and 9 ...... ..................... Roles 6 and 10 ......................... Adaptability Cohesion physical and emotional family togetherness to face different situations and in decision-making everyday tasks. Harmony: Matching individual needs and i nterests with those of the family in a positive emotional balance. Communication : the family members are able to convey their experiences in a clear and direct. Permeability: capacity of families to provide and receive experiences of other families and institutions. Affectivity: the ability of family members to live ou t and demonstrate positive feelings and emotions to each other. Roles: each fami ly member fulfills the responsibilities and negotiated by the family. Adaptabili ty: ability to change the family power structure, roles and rules regarding a si tuation that requires it. Obviously you can adapt to your needs. In my team spen ds the questionnaire to all persons served and we can take data from the differe nt views that each element of the family system on a single issue. I be astonish ed of the results sometimes, as in families where communication is virtually nil , can be a good tool to begin to confront the views through the situation that c an cause. We can not say you have a clear diagnostic value and fixed, but as I s aid earlier, a base on which to begin to catch the beginning of the thread of fa mily disputes, a base on which to start working with the family. JUAN JOSE LOPEZ

NICOLAS. Family Counselor