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Osteopenia / What is the densitometry? / Detaile d Information / Who is affected? / Diagnosis / Questions for Your Doctor / Preve ntion / Symptoms / Treatment / interpreting densitometric values Index / Focus On Health Occupations: Blast your talent / Attitude is everything! Family: A weekend with the grandchildren Home: Tips to brighten your home entertainment : The Personality for us: Take care of your skin / Take care of your lips Sexual ity Lifestyle for menopause Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a bone disease associated with an increased risk of fractures, l iterally means "porous bone." Frequently, the disease develops inadvertently thr ough the years, without symptoms or obvious discomfort, until a fracture occurs. Due to sudden hormonal changes characteristic of these stages, women in the sta ge of menopause, menopause and post menopause should be well informed about this disease. In this site you will find information on the main characteristics of this disease, its treatment and prevention as well as activities, recommendation s, courses and events that you can participate and share your experience with ot her women like you. Index Take care of your bones Osteoporosis vs. Osteopenia Osteoporosis and osteopenia affect millions of women like you. Make no distincti on between any of us that we are going through menopause or menopause. For them, there is no social barriers economic. There are many women who do not have any information on this and the f ragility of his bones could be critical. Keep us informed and take necessary act ions are our best weapon against these diseases. Much has been spoken of osteope nia osteoporosis but does not seem to appear. What are the differences? How do w e affect each? How do we know if we suffer? Both diseases are characterized by a low density of calcium in bones. There is little of this mineral in our skeleta l system, causing it to become incredibly fragile over time. Depending on the ma gnitude of the problem, determines whether you have osteopenia or osteoporosis. When you have osteopenia, calcium in our bones is little but the lack of this mi neral is not a big problem. If treated early, you can control and prevent the di sease to grow and become osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is far more serious. The amo unt of calcium is very low and the fragility of the bones is multiplied. If diag nosed early, the disease progresses silently until our hip fracture, and we're w alking calmly. These diseases are as faithful allies of time and ignorance. So l et us be informed and the study of bone densitometry at the earliest, are our be st plan of action. Every second counts. Go to your gynecologist, learn and ask h im to perform the densitometry. Let nothing stop you! Index What is Densitometry? Many women have osteoporosis and not know it. Sometimes they find out after suff ering an incident that reveals disease behind the veil of ignorance. We are strong and we may think "I do not spend any thing because I'm being healthy, but sometimes the reality exceeds our security. To find out if we have osteoporosis is needed at a bone densitometry. Densitome try is a test that uses low dose X-ray These rays pass through the body and take a radiograph of the lower spine and hip. There are studies being done with othe r teams and in other parts of the body such as the heel and wrist but do not rev eal with certainty whether or not suffer from the disease. It is better to use t raditional densitometry. What gives the study results? The x-ray to determine th e density of calcium in our bones, that is, how much calcium we have in them. Th

ere are scales to determine if the disease affects us or not. The density is exp ressed in a T and a negative number (with sign -). The results are expressed as follows. T -1 to -2.5: Ostopenia T less than -2.5: Osteoporosis If your measurem ent is between -1 and -2.5 means osteopenia. That is, your calcium is low densit y but not osteoporosis. You can still warn you. You're in time to take the neces sary measures to prevent the problem from growing. If your measurement is -2.5 o r less (eg: -3) means that the density of calcium in your bones is very low and you have osteoporosis. Do not be scared. Depending on the magnitude of the probl em,€will determine the treatment you must follow. Ask your doctor. Get advice wi th him, learn and study practícate soon. Let nothing stop you! Index Occupations Index Blast your talent We all have talent. No person in the world that does not have one or more areas. You also have one and maybe you have not discovered. The tale nt is defined as the potential of a person for an activity that can be developed in conjunction with their skills. One thing to have talent and another to explo it it. There is no point having it and not work. Can you imagine not having pain ted Frida Kahlo? If she had not worked his talent, nobody would know this great Mexican painter. Music. Painting. Ceramic. Literature. Kitchen. The options are endless. And probably have more than one talent! Many women discover their talen t, work and end up being successful women in business. You can also identify it start your own success story. If your forte is baking, make cakes and sell them to interested people or a flea. If you like the painting, dedicate yourself 100% to it. Promuévete You can advertise in the directory of businesses in your area . Or very likely, other people can promote yourself when you talk about your wor k. Everything reinvested win, reinviértelo. Do not spend it. If you reinvest, yo u can grow your own business and in less time than you think, you'll be a millio naire! Find your talent and develop it can keep you active, focused and dynamic. If you feel bored lately, starting to do things that you like or where you are good and if you have an idea of how to exploit Do it! Index Attitude is everything! Many of us are facing menopause negatively. Sometimes we do not accept that the passage of time is palpable, we refuse to live a new phase and we believe that o ur femininity falls apart. One of the most troublesome aspects of this process i s the constant change of mood. This bipolarity of humor can affect our personal and work relationships. Many people do not realize that this phenomenon is cause d by hormonal changes your body goes through. When we are bad, we reflected all the time but we do not realize. If we are in a meeting with a client, he or she may think ill of us and that may affect the closing. They are not going to know, much less going to matter what changes you are experiencing. In our boss is goi ng to care either (unless it is a woman, of course). Being bad, everyone will pe rceive us as a person with a bad attitude and this will affect all our relations hips at work. Far from affecting your reputation will affect your entire environ ment. When you're at work and suddenly comes a change of mood, do the following: • Close your eyes and breathe deeply. • Think of something that makes you good, mentalízalo, feel it. • Let that thought runs through your body. • When you fee l calm, give a smile. • Repeat the process as many times as needed throughout th e day to avoid a bad mood and you can counter. If we do bad, everything we do we will go wrong. Think positive, be of good. You get what you give. Remember that in life attitude is everything! We know that many times this change comes witho ut warning but the idea is not to let the bad mood altering the situation. Index Entertainment area for us Your son will organize your wedding plans. Another son is going abroad to study an MBA. Your passes younger daughter with her friends and boyfriend. Everyone se

ems to be in their world and sometimes feel that you do not figure in it. Someti mes we feel isolated and even we thought that they no longer need us. As time pa sses, we believe we are doing on the side. In fact, they are beginning their own lives as we did in our time. However, times are different. While we always have recourse to the family, now the children are more independent. For many of us, family is everything and devote 100% of our time and effort to it. As we feel th at we can not give more, we get frustrated and sometimes we get depressed. Maybe it's time for us take care of our lives and begin to procure space and time. St udy Now, we have time to learn all that we set aside for years. Sign up for comp uter courses, art history, pastries or anything that interests you and you could not do in the past. This will serve to grow as a person and do not stay without having done so. It is a great way to stay active and earn achievements. Meditat e Practice yoga,€chi kung or Eastern discipline that interests you. These activi ties will serve to ponder your reality and see life more clearly, plus they have multiple benefits for our body. Have fun Organizes various activities with friends. Have fun planning trips to the cinema , theater, restaurants, museums, Yak and anything else that comes to mind. Have your friends is invaluable but there is nothing like have fun with them! Help ot hers help the less is a wonderful opportunity that gives us life. The fact of gi ving a smile to an elderly man, an orphan or sick can make us the day and life. Knowing that can be at your side and will serve you will feel peace and tranquil ity that never imagined. Index Family Gather your family Our daily life includes many occupations. The work, friendshi ps and mishaps that arise in us from week to spend meaningful time with those mo st important to us: the family. It is not necessary to have a reason to bring yo ur entire family. Why can all be together for a birthday or Christmas? It's time to start a family gathering for the sheer pleasure of being together and to exp erience unforgettable moments. Make a list Make a list of family members do not see a long time ago. Find out if you have all your information updated on your a genda. Try to gather as much information as possible about them. As you locate, Talk to them the idea of organizing a dinner to which all attend. Find a date fi xed in the calendar for a weekend that you feel is appropriate for the meeting. The idea is that you anticipate in time to invite your family and they assigned that particular day to attend the meal. Within three weeks is enough to find and organize. Make a budget If you are contemplating a world of people, it is neces sary to develop a budget that includes rent tables, chairs, tents and a caterer. For is not "hung" recovery sets a quota for each family to cover the costs. If food is not massiv e, it anticipates the costs will do to produce food. It simplifies things and ma kes a buffet. Use disposable plates and cups to save time and effort. Enables a play area for children Most likely there will be children so it is recommended t o enable a part of the garden or a room in your home with board games. While the y are having fun, adults can catch up. It is not difficult to organize it. Also, gather the family is a reason that is really worth only a matter of putting you r batteries! Index A weekend with the grandkids It was about the weekend. Your daughter calls you on Thursday and asks you to st ay with the grandkids Saturday and Sunday. Almost without question you, tell you that Saturday at noon will be with you. On the one hand, if you want. You love your grandchildren. On the other hand, you know you are very restless and someti mes they turn crazy. Do not worry. Follow these tips and see how the weekend goe s like water you with unique experiences with your loved ones. Do not wait until Saturday to reach your grandchildren to ask why they want to do. They'll tell y ou thousands of options and will be impossible to satisfy 100%. Plan in advance a list of activities you know they'll love. Generalized. Do not give pleasure to

each one individually or end up exhausted. Be inclusive of everyone to have fun and you can save energy. You can plan a visit to the cinema or a park and eatin g out at a place that fascinates. Very likely to be a fast food place but within this category there are healthy choices for you. While they eat hamburgers, you can please you with a salad. To close with a flourish, consiéntelos with ice cre am. At the end of the day, tired, and you will too. So, everyone can sleep and w ake up with energy for the next day. Try Sunday to bring home things that your g randchildren use. Prepare a selection of DVD movies that everyone can enjoy. If you are fans of video games, tell them to take their console and several of his favorite games. While they spend their time on this, you can distract or even re ading a book can encourage you to learn those games to spend more time with them . Prepare a simple menu for lunch that day and prepares food with them. Have fun making cookies. While you expedite the work, they have fun. At day's end, both you and them, keep in mind a weekend to remember! Index Home Tips to brighten your home Lighting is one of the basic aspects of decoration and functionality of your hom e.€Depending on the use of the room, is the type of lighting you use. Follow the se tips to get the best light in different areas of your home. If you make a goo d layout design of light sources, will increase the feeling of space in addition to the visibility will be optimal. The common areas such as the bathroom or kit chen should use general lighting. There should be a perfect visibility. Nothing should be dark. We recommend that deals foci regularly. The idea is to put on the ceiling as the light bounces and generally distributed throughout the room. It is very important to also illuminate areas where furthe r work is required, as the sink or toilet, because you can make your activities more efficiently. In the room is advisable to combine different types of light. Illuminate specific points to give importance to a table or bookshelf. Use dimme r lights in space to watch TV or talk. In your room all lighting should suggest relaxation. Here, we recommend that the lighting is based on auxiliary sources o f light. The desk lamp or head of your bed will encourage you're comfortable res ting. However, it is important not to forget a general light source, but care th at is not too bright. The idea of being in your room is relaxing. Begin planning for these projects will bring to light your creativity shine. Do not wait any l onger and begins to fill your home with light! A project for your home When chil dren leave our home, we can feel a bit sad and lonely. Not to mention get into t heir bedrooms and feel the emptiness that fills the space between the walls. Per haps that is the worst. If this is your feeling, it's time to put the batteries in a project to renovate those spaces! This plan will motivate you, you can exer cise your creativity as well as distraction, have fun and do something good for your home. Just think what use you want to give every spare room. You might want to enable one as visiting room and another room you can use it to your liking. Why not make your own studio? Room visits for this quarter is all you need to fi t everything in a different way. You can reuse the bed that your child has stopp ed (a). You can remove these posters that line the walls and save them to give t hem in the first chance you have. Think about what colors you would like to use on the walls and how they will be more balanced room visits for a pleasant stay. Study Have you s topped to think if you have your space in the house? Now that there are rooms av ailable, is the perfect time to plan your study. Here you can do all the things you love: reading, having a game table for when they are your friends in your da y to play cards and have some table to spend time to take a stand ceramics and o ther materials if you enjoy painting . The idea of this room is to be your own s pace, where they're comfortable and you can do your favorite activities without being disturbed. Start by making a small plane for each room and make a list of materials you'll need. Nor is it revolutionizing the whole house. Do all the pro ject within budget you have available. So stop feeling depressed and start putti

ng your creativity into your new space! Index Detailed Information Osteoporosis means "porous bone" Osteoporosis is a chronic disease that commonly occurs in adulthood. It is characterized as a condition that has low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue, leading to bone fragility and thus increased r isk of fractures. Early diagnosis and adherence to effective treatment are the k ey to preserving bone health and ensure that patients have a long and active lif e. Information validated: Index Who is affected? One-third of postmenopausal women suffer or are prone to osteoporosis. Osteoporo sis mainly affects women over 45 years due to factors such as menopause, menopau se and post menopause, suffer from hormonal imbalances and this prevents setting the calcium to the bones are normal. - The climacteric is the period of transit ion from the non-reproductive stage in which reproductive major hormonal changes are manifested. - Menopause is the physiological cessation of menstruation asso ciated with failure of ovarian function and occurs in most women during the 48 a nd 52 years. After menopause the amount of estrogen decreases, it causes the cal cium will not be fixed to the bones and cause osteoporosis.€Increase the risk of osteoporosis aspects such as: - Being a woman, because 8 of 10 patients with os teoporosis are women - Be over 45 years - have estrogen deficiency - Be Caucasia n - History of osteoporosis in the family - Tobacco - Alcoholism - Having had pr evious fracture as an adult - have low weight and body mass index - Being sedent ary and inactive - Consuming too little calcium - enough vitamin D - Frequent use of steroids - H eritage Index Diagnosis Osteoporosis is a weakening of bone due to loss of its main components, namely c alcium and phosphorus. This condition is diagnosed by a study called "bone densi tometry" which consists of a scan that uses low dose X-rays that pass through th e body, and take an X-ray at the bottom of the spine and hip. That is, through a system of low-power Rx you can measure the density of calcium from bones, and p rovides data on the presence of osteoporosis and the risk of bone fractures. Acc ording to the World Health Organization, osteoporosis is diagnosed when bone den sitometry indicated between 10 and 12% decrease in bone density. The three main points of fracture are: wrist, hip and spine, when patients suffer from some of these fractures, or begin to lose weight, you should suspect osteoporosis. Index Questions to Ask Your Doctor What is menopause? R = The climacteric is the period of transition from the repr oductive stage to the non-breeding, during which there is a decrease of ovarian activity. At this stage, women are prone to osteoporosis, since the amount of es trogen decreases and this causes the calcium is not fixed to the bone. What is m enopause? R = The menopause is the last date of menstruation in a woman's life, occurs around 45-50 years old, during this period, the ovaries stop producing ho rmones, and suffer from a process of atrophy. At that time, all the benefits tha t women received their hormones sex, they disappear. What are the symptoms of menopause? R = Some of the most co mmon and obvious symptoms are hot flashes, mood changes, fatigue, insomnia, lack of confidence and decreased libido, among others. At this stage accelerates bon e calcium loss, leading to the development of osteoporosis. What is osteoporosis ? R = Since 1994, osteoporosis was officially classified by the World Health Org anization (WHO) as "a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration o f bone tissue, leading to bone fragility and hence the increased risk of fractur

es "What percentage of the population suffers from osteoporosis? R = In Mexico, 20% in women over age 40 have osteoporosis Who gets osteoporosis? R = Osteoporos is is a disease that strikes mostly women in post-menopausal, is very important that asking your doctor to study bone densitometry to timely detect the status o f your bones and you can start the proper treatment, which allows you continue y our life with freedom and independence What I can tell that I have osteoporosis? R = Initially osteoporosis shows no visible symptoms, so it's called "The Silen t Epidemic." The first symptoms are felt at the time of having a fracture, espec ially in the wrists, spine or hip. It is important that asking your doctor for a bone densitometry study after 40 years as part of your checkup. What are the co nsequences of osteoporosis? R = Currently 1 in 3 women after the age of 50 suffe r a fracture due to osteoporosis, this leads to a loss of freedom and independen ce, this is very important to start treatment time. Index Prevention To prevent osteoporosis, other factors must take into account, develop habits su ch as maintaining a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, avoiding alcoho l and smoking, maintaining a healthy and active life through exercise, maintain an attitude positive and consult regularly with your doctor can visibly diminish the risk of this disease. Index Symptoms Osteoporosis is a condition that has no symptoms, that is why he is known as "Th e Silent Epidemic." No bone pain or back pain. The first symptoms of osteoporosi s are manifested at the time a fracture occurs. In addition to the discomfort of the fracture, women suffer from lack of independence, frustration, isolation an d depression. When you have osteoporosis,€column fracture is more common in wome n this causes long periods of immobility and loss of height and curvature. It is also common hip fracture, in addition to being highly disabling, some women suf fer after never fully recover their mobility and independence. Index Treatment Osteoporosis requires long-term treatment and medication must be taken regularly during the time indicated. This treatment should last at least one continuous y ear in order to observe results. If treatment is interrupted the risk of fractur e increases significantly. There are treatments to suit each patient's needs, as k your doctor what medicine can give you more freedom and independence, while ef fective and facilitate adherence to treatment. Index Skin Care for Your Personality Homemade masks, the best remedy for your skin If you believe that masks are a lu xury that only exists in the spa's do not create it! At home you will find a wid e variety of ingredients to create your own masks to restore energy and vitality to your skin and your face. Here we give some tips for you to work your own mas ks. It's easy! Anti-stress Stress causes havoc in our face and often do not real ize it until someone is concerned. To give you a good look at your skin and remo ve wrinkles put to cook and make it a medium potato puree. Use a second potato ( raw) for grating. Mix the grated raw potato puree with the mixture and apply you r face, neck and décolleté. Allow to act for a period of 20 minutes. After this time, take off the mask with warm water. Say Goodbye to Stress! Softener This ma sk is perfect if your skin is rough and rugged. Using it will result in a soft s kin that will awaken envy. Whisk three tablespoons of liquid cream. When thicken ed, add one tablespoon of honey and mix. Apply the mixture on your face and hold for 20 minutes. Use warm water to take it off. Feel your skin softer than ever! Wrinkle wrinkles over time reflect on our skin. How often we do not want them d isappear. This mixture will brighten your skin and also the hydrate, fighting wr

inkles effectively. Shred half an avocado and mix with a tablespoon of lemon jui ce, one tablespoon cream and two tablespoons of carrot juice. Apply the mixture on your face and le t it act for 20 minutes. To take it off, use water. If your skin moisturizer is dry and tender, this mask is definitely for you. Whisk three tablespoons of liqu id cream. When thickened, apply an egg yolk and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix until it forms a cream. Apply to your face and let it act for 20 minutes. Remove the mask with warm water. Your skin will look wonderful! Index Watch your mouth The lips are one of the most expressive face. They have been an inspiration for many artists around the world. The skin of the lips is very thin and also has no sebaceous glands and therefore shrivel and dry out, therefore, need moist. Duri ng our youth, the lips are thick in the amount of collagen they have. As we age, collagen begins to dwindle and so, over time, become more slender. The time is not the only enemy. Snuff consumption could seriously affect it also creates cra cks that nicotine does not allow the cells to oxygenate properly. Get a bar lip moisturizer to counteract the degree of dryness you submit. It is also advisable to get a treatment to exfoliate every two weeks. Since lips do not have sebaceo us glands, toxins accumulate and should be pursued to remove the peel. Now it's time to make your lips look like never before. We must always choose our lip col or based on our hair and our skin tone. • Blonde and tanned skin For you, the best colors are orange and gold. Pink Avoid at all costs. • White s kin and brown hair Lila is definitely your color. The beige, however, do not fav or. • tawny skin and dark eyes browns, reds and copper tones will make you look spectacular. Additional Tip: • Thin lips Choose pink or salmon. Do not use stron g colors, because the mouth look like a big scar. Index Sexuality Sexual pleasure in menopause. Myth or truth? Many women hear all the time commen ts about menopause and often, this turns out to be a myth. We got scared, starte d to take action without being well informed€making futile efforts to counter it . We must understand that menopause is not a disease. It is a natural process th at we all women. Menopause is inevitable. Many of us have habits that can hasten . Smoking, drinking too much alcohol or coffee and emotional stress can lead to the menopause is presented faster. We may have the idea that the stage at which most women enjoy sex is on youth. The image of women thin, young, wrinkle-free, which is very sexual, bombarding us everywhere. Premenopausal women present many physical and hormonal changes that do not tie the stereotype and that makes us believe that sex is not a reality for us. Many women enjoy sex more after menopa use because they are free from concerns such as the use of contraceptives. The r isk of pregnancy is ruled out. Some believe that sexual pleasure is gone. This is completely false. That a woma n stops menstruating does not mean that pleasure disappears with time. It is tru e that there is decreased sexual desire, but the pleasure remains and in some ca ses increases. There are several reasons why sexual pleasure after menopause is a tangible reality: • More time to enjoy sex. • Reduced maternal responsibilitie s. • More experience. • Reduced inhibitions. • More time for diet and exercise ( physical fitness and improve sexual ability). • Less fear of getting pregnant. I f you say that sexual pleasure has been for you, do not believe them! Index Lifestyle for menopause Menopause is a process by which we all women and is characterized by irregular m enstruation until it finally ceases. Throughout this process, we experienced a s eries of physical, emotional and hormonal. When we reach menopause, you need to change many habits. There will be several things in our lives that we need to ch ange to get through this stage smoothly. Exercise will help us to avoid increasi

ng our weight. Through this exercise, we will maintain having increased fat and avoid the loss of bone mass. sary to consume foods high in vitamin D and calcium to alcium-rich foods are assimilated low-fat milk, nonfat eeses. We must also include vegetables and legumes

our muscle mass and avoid In our diet will be neces fight osteoporosis. The c yogurt and reduced fat ch

peas, spinach, beets and chickpeas, and whole grains. It is very important to re duce our total fat intake, especially of animal origin. We can increase the amou nt of fish due to its high content of fatty acids of omega-3 series, bringing mu ltiple benefits for our body. Need to moderate your intake of eggs, red meat, co ffee and alcohol. Sausages and baked goods are not advisable. The exercise will have many benefits for your health. It will help to preserve your sexual ability and to keep in good condition your immune system. Maybe you think it will cost you but it does not work. It's about having the opportunity to do so. Begin to c hange your habits now. You can better cope with menopause! Index Credits: This a rticle is an excerpt from Osteoporosis item located at: default_ES.htm By Manuel Vega Velazquez . September 2, 2007. ( To learn more about this t opic: health More Topics: On the same page of Roche Laboratories where it comes from this article for more health info rmation of the following topics: Anemia, Anxiety, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, lymphoma, bone metastases, Nausea and vomiting, neutropen ia, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Transplantation. Health at Wikipedia: http://es.wikip Delta Health links Health: Health Information es/?id=30: Books, manuals, medical videos: h ttp://www . / Family Medical Guide: http://www.explored. Food and Health: Health for you http://saludyalimentacion.c natural medicine for better health http : / / / index.html Invitation to share If you want to add data to this issue or have mat erial related to any topic of general interest and want to share and not sure ho w, or do not have the elements, like I can do for you. This information has been processed in Writer,€including conversion to PDF format with Wor d Processor Open Office, which includes: Spreadsheet, Database ... All Free, ava ilable free from here: