Fifth Grade 1 Message Homework is an important activity for the strengthening of the contents that are day by day

in the classroom, and is part of the assessment of learning and the student's attitude in front of his school accountability. Help students to revisit the knowledge, to develop further their skills, to strengthen self-co nfidence and is also a way to link school and family. It is time to strengthen t he bonds of work we do all to achieve a higher quality education. We need suppor t in the first instance the knowledge that students have acquired in the course of this school year and for that we have designed this notebook Practical Spanis h and Mathematics, which may be resolved peacefully during the spring vacation p eriod. This notebook is not a study guide or review. It is an instrument whose p urpose is that we can close the 2006-2007 school year with confidence that the p rogram content of the two subjects, Spanish and mathematics, are well entrenched and that parents know the issues that require their children to master in furth ering their education. I am convinced that an education in which all participate with determination, enthusiasm and a definite plan for school work and capable of continuous and objective evaluation, we will recover the national academic le adership and position ourselves in the international context, to participate saf ely in the impending globalization of our society. Together, students, teachers, parents and education authorities, we will refund in Nuevo Leon, the education society that demands the XXI century. Dr. Reyes S. Tamez Guerra Secretary of Edu cation and Director of the Unit for Educational Integration of Nuevo León Fifth Grade 2 Dear (a) student (a): This "Notebook school practices" in Spanish and mathematic s third to sixth grade of primary school, was specially designed for you and is in tended to support the development of your learning activities you can do at home . GENERAL INFORMATION: The content is based on the Plan and program of study s ubjects in Spanish and mathematics. The book consists of five sessions, one fo r each day during spring vacation, so we suggest you choose a space where you ca n study for this vacation, spending the time required for the solution of learni ng situations where you will put at stake your skills and learning. The exerci ses are multiple choice questions where you select the right answer and mark the corresponding point. E April 16 to deliver the notebook you solved your teach er. Once delivered, your teacher will review and will make relevant comments i n such a way that will serve as feedback and guide the master planning work in t he classroom. Students' results will be part of your assessment of the room tw o months in corresponding subjects. Your parents, brothers, uncles or grandpar ents can participate together in supporting you in performing the exercises. R emember that this notebook is a support for you and only you can put the challen ge to do it as often as deemed necessary and that make you feel safe. of I congratulate you for your interest and your desire to excel. Fifth Grade 3 FIFTH GRADE SPANISH First Day Read the text and, based on it, answer the following questions:

Frogs and children As a hail of bullets, stones fell with violence on small frogs are sunning thems elves on the leaves of water lilies floating in the pond. Children engaged in th is mischief, threw a stone after another. A farmer, who appeared at that moment, saw what was happening, and getting a handful of stones, began to throw stones at children, with very good accuracy. When the stones hurt them, they began to m ourn and begged the farmer to pull them no more. Why should I stop? "- Replied t he man. Do you have stopped the stoning of frogs? - You see!. What amuses some, can cause pain to others. Tomás de Iriarte (Adaptation) 1 .- What does the text "As a hail of bullets? A) That the stones killed frogs B ) That the stones popped pond water C) That many children throwing stones at fro gs D) That it rained while children threw stones 2 .- The word lily of first par agraph refers to: A) Animals of the pond B) trees C) Aquatic Plants D) giant lea ves 3 .- The nature€the text above should be seen as: A) Journalism B) Informati on C) Operating Instructions D) Literary 4 .- What is the moral of the text? A) To teach the big boys B) That the big boys obey Fifth Grade 4 C) To treat others as you want them to treat you D) That we care for plants and animals second day 5 .- Which of the following sayings are more attached to the main idea of the text? A) When a brave face B) A God pleading with the hammer C) A well to do well to pay D) With the stick that you measure will be measured 6 .- If the farmer had not stoned to children. What would be the end of the text? A) Children apedrearían all animals B) It would end the frogs in the pond C) Chi ldren apedrearían the farmer D) Children apedrearían including 7 .- Which of the following times felt sorry for the farmer? A) When the stones fell into the pon d B) When the children begged them not throw stones and C) they began to mourn D ) When children arrogated one stone after another Third Day March 5, 2007. Mayra: I hope you are well. I am writing to tell you that James i s already much better. I worry a lot about him, and even stopped going to school . But now it is much better and smiling as ever. I have just received your lette r, you told that you went for a ride to Oaxaca and took many pictures and that y ou dedicate one for him. That pleased him greatly, if you had seen his face fill ed with happiness and excitement. You think?, Whether you like the place that ap pears in the photograph, which when fully recovered, he will tell his parents th at lead you to meet him personally. Along with this letter, also sent you a pict ure where we all Fifth Group "B" Jaime, welcoming school. In the background reac hes out the room that we met, what if you remember?. Take care and look forward to your next letter. I hope you've got friends in your new school in Toluca. We miss you very much and hope you return soon. With love. Carla Fifth Grade 5 8 .- By the way Carla wrote his letter can know what it feels: A) Angry B) Restl ess C) Alegre D) Quiet 9 .- Which of the following data necessary kick in the le tter? A) Location B) Post-data C) Greeting D) Signature 10 .- In the letter to a n error. What is it? A) To have written as one word Porel B) have written as two words is Peramos C) have written as one word wing D) have pre written as two wo rds occupy 11 .- The letter says that "it is much better" . What word means the opposite? A) Enhanced B) deteriorated C) Sano D) Sick 12 .- Which of the followi ng words of the text is of Indian origin? A) Toluca B) five C) Mayra D) 13 .- Oa

xaca The way it is written on the letter, it is known that between Mayra and the person who goes there: A) The trust between those who understand B ) respect th at should exist between children and adults C) The surface treatment that exists between most neighboring D) The distance that should exist between children and strangers Fifth Grade 6 Fourth day Read the text and answer the following three questions. Wednesday February 28, 2007. Astronauts reveal bone problems in NASA researchers believe that only a year aft er his return to Earth, astronauts recover some of their bone strength. A study of the astronauts who are exposed for a long time to microgravity found his bone s lose approximately 11 percent of its mass to be outside the Earth, NASA specia lists report. The work was done during four years of study in the crew of the In ternational Space Station, who usually stay a period of six months in space. The re was also the year after the return of each member of the crew to Earth, much of the bone loss was recovered. However, bone structure and density did not retu rn to normal and the force at the hip not recovered. Experts believe that full r ecovery is needed, perhaps more than a year on Earth. The study is important bec ause the loss in bone density may be a point to address when planning human visi ts to Mars and back. Problem that could see increased fractures when registering for the activities performed on the Red Planet's surface. In addition, the resu lts indicate that, on average, members of a crew lose so much bone mass in a mon th in space, like an old woman in a year. Doctors treat millions of women and me n in the world due to problems of osteoporosis,€a disease that causes loss of bo ne density, making them more porous and susceptible to rupture. Fortunately, the health of the astronauts did not reach the degree of osteoporosis in the travel s of six months, although the risk is higher acquired fractures. "The success of human exploration missions depends on who we can keep the health of astronauts, so we'll work on this issue," NASA concluded in their study. Source: Reforma Fifth Grade 7 14 .- Which of the following statements indicates the central theme of the text? A) Doctors treat millions of women and men in the world due to problems of oste oporosis. B) Osteoporosis is a disease that causes loss of bone density, making them more porous and susceptible to rupture. C) The success of human exploration missions depends on who we can keep the health of astronauts. D) The loss of bo ne mass of astronauts who are exposed for a long time in microgravity. 15 .- Wha t conclusion reached by NASA researchers in their studies? A) Only the astronaut s with osteoporosis. B) The osteoporosis causes loss of bone density. C) That th e astronauts' bones lose mass to be outside the Earth. D) That the members of a crew lose so much bone mass in a year in space, such as elderly women in a month . 16 .- What causes loss of bone mass of astronauts? A) B) C) D) activities in t he Red Planet's surface. Be exposed for a long time to microgravity. The age req uired to serve in that capacity. Membership in the International Space Station Fifth Day Read the story and answer the questions. Hard time These were an old man and an elderly poor, poor diatiro. They had no money to buy food. One day the old man w ent to look for work and when he returned he brought enough money. Then the old woman said, "We want it pa'l hard time. And they kept it at the bottom of a smal

l trunk. I was just listening to them a very clever boy thief and as the old man left the house, the boy went and told the old woman: "I am a hard time and I co me for my money. When the husband returned, thinking of his pretty quiet little money, the wife goes out with that: Fifth Grade 8 "Look, man, the time came that hard, and took all the money because he said it w as his. Source: CONAFE, Tell us what counts, Mexico, 1991. 17 .- What part of the story the boy is very clever thief? A) When you hear the conversation of oldies B) When you enter the house of the elders C) When the old lady says: "I'm hard time, and I come for my money" D) When he left the house o f the elders 18 .- What was meant by "Pa'l hard time? A) B) C) D) At the time of winter to a long period of economic scarcity Season The material of the instrum ent for measuring time Read the following verse: fleece of my flesh, which in my womb I knitted, fleece chilly, Sleep close to me 19 .- In the poem the word knit means that the person you are talking about: A) She knitted a sweater for her B) was prepared for the winter C) She was pregnant D) Prepared fleece sleeping in it 20 .- Which of these pairs of words do rhyme? A) Chilly-Go to sleep B) fleece-entails C) D-flesh attached) knit-me Fifth Grade 9 FIFTH GRADE MATH First day 1 .- In a square-shaped garden planted one plant per square meter. If the lot is 45 meters on each side. How many plants will be planted in all? A) 90 B) 125 C) 225 D) 2025 2 .- Which of the following statements is correct? A) B) C) D) 3 / 1000 = 10/1000 = 10 / 100 30 / 100 7 / 10 = 42/10 = 420 / 1000 700 / 1000 3 .- Three children have been painting a wall. At the end of the day have painte d the following: Pedro two quarters of the wall, Paco 2 / 8 wall and Paul 2 / 16 of the wall. What they lack in paint? A) B) C) D) 7 / 8 Wall 1 / 8 of the wall 5 / 4 of the wall 6 / 7 of the wall 4 .- Another way to write 300/1000 noted in the option: A) B) C) D) 0.0003 0.003 0.03 0.3 Day 5 .- Second Look at the following figure: Fifth Grade 10 According to her, what letter is an obtuse angle? A) P B) Q C) R D) S 6 .- Which of the following is a property of isosceles triangles? A) B) C) D) ha ve two equal sides have three sides equal Its three angles are equal Its three a ngles are different 7 .- Which of the following development plans helps us build a hexagonal prism?

A) B) C) D) 8 .- Look at the following table that corresponds to the age and weight have a g roup of children: Weight ranges of age ranges in years 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 41-45 kilos 38 51 39 40 46-50 42 39 57 58 kilos 51-55 kilos 28 44 54 50 What age range is the greatest number of children with more weight? Fifth Grade 11 A) 13-15 B) 10-12 C) 7-9 D) 4-6 Third Day 9 .- Look at the following figure: Considering the measures, how many square meters of paper needed to make an arro w as shown in the figure above? A) B) C) D) 14 m² 19 m² 20 m² 28 m² 10 .- How many tiles fit a square decimeter on an area of eight square meters? A ) 80 B) 800 C) 8000 D) 80 000 11 .- If a recipient of a cubic decimetre is fille d with a liter of water. How many gallons of water will fill a container measuri ng two cubic decimetres per side? A) B) C) D) with 2 liters of water with 4 lite rs of water with 6 liters of water with 8 liters of water Fifth Grade 12 12 .- To make a bow using ribbon 40 inches. How many bows of the same size can b e made with a roll of ribbon that is 20 meters? A) 5 bows B) 50 ribbons C) 75 ri bbons D) 1250 bows Fourth Day 13 .- Look at the following chart, which shows the pairs of shoes sol d for a week: Weekdays Pairs of shoes sold Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 81 74 118 93 152 178 105 According to it, how many pairs of shoes had been sold over on Monday to reach t he total sales on Saturday and Sunday? A) B) C) D) 84 97,202,283 14 .- Look at the following table represents the amount of toys that have a grou p of children:

Fifth Grade 13 According to it, how many children have more than two toys? A) 2 B) 3 C) 23 D) 3 0 15 .- Which of the following diagrams represents the possible results obtained by launching air two currencies at the same time? 16 .- Which of the entire series: 991 500 992 300, _____________, 993 900 994 70 0 A) B) C) D) 993 100 991 300 994 200 993 000 Fifth Grade 14 Fifth day 17 .- In a factory should produce during the 6000 outbreaks weekend. I f the Sabbath was reported production of 1500 bulbs and 2500 on Sunday. How many light bulbs were missing to produce for the weekend? A) B) C) D) 1000 2000 3500 1500 18 .- Which of the following areas is more appropriate to use as a measurement u nit square centimeter? A) B) C) D) In a country of in the classroom In a domino That of a football field 19 .- What is the age of Dona Consuelo life if you have six decades, three decad es and two years? A) B) C) D) 37 years 39 years 77 years 87 years Leonardo 20 .- If you want to calculate the distance from Monterrey to Saltillo, what is the most appropriate unit to measure this distance? A) B) C) D) Metro h ectometer decameter Kilometer Fifth Grade 15