Know the caloric value of fats For: Wanda Figueroa.MD Fats in nutrition is essential for good health.

Too much food with high fat cont ent is not favorable, it contributes to the development of obesity and increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallstones and certain cancers. The content of calories for each gram of fat is twice the calories of carbohydrates and proteins: caloric value per gram Carbohydrates - 4 calories Pr otein - 4 calories Fats / Oils - 9 calories (BOLD) Alcohol - 7 calories in fat t he diet is easier storage as body fat compared to carbohydrates and proteins. Th e danger zone where fat is stored in the abdomen area. The number of grams of fa t recommended by the calories: Calories 1200cals ISOOcals-cals 2200 cals 2000 gr ams of fat 30 gm 50 gm 60 gm 70 gm% calories from fat 23% 25% 27% 28% For a man with plenty of activity should eat between 40-80 grams of fat. Of tota l calories, is considered healthy is ingested between 20 - 30% of calories from fat. The label of food and the fat content was higher and the sta i ens mportanc ia aber a ticket ae eer 1 1 I Plan to supply. H ay qu e ide ntificar 1 to amount of service and total fat grams. The formula to calculate the percentage of calo ries derived from fat: grams of fat / service x 9 No Total calories / service x1 Example in the food label: l * 'r' Cakul c! df-niajc pwtc grasps p "r jwrHiM *, i un-si-cn iiwn! c.iliwsv t lv. provenience 90? ioo = W> t tic caiorias the Giasa pwvcnrcnlcs dc ("4c is uti food is quc 5 * Ftobrc the Nutrition Data (^ RU'Jaa: Ku-Hm 'ffilal (Hf. Ra-si * 1 * ^ <.) Sat Rasu ^ f? <"'^ IrNl Osiii; S r> rf *" * £ Mlm % Iw * CiBiftJdad Arci ^ ^ T 'TU1 -' ic farl ','> r `m rfe Ig ui ii ^ ^ A / Ui:; tr mt: r;; s *,!*: S Pr '<Hf *!*'» 2 * "V-i> V '( % (f! ^ c ', i!. fti.v or y.iasa 90 \ (Dtiruu.! A *»*/* `\ U ^ I" a <"'V' * VF Caki-tt '* ttirrr` 9% c * ^ U # Ix, i4m * rn or 'to 4icU tl'., x. '.* t') ¥ ui vak't. The percentage of fat in food does not equal the percent of calories from fat. Example: A cream with low fat content must be less than 2gm/grasa service (servi ng size). by The promotion on the front of the food label is not always correct. You should m ake sure to read the food label. Consider the following example: Whole milk 8 gm 3.5% 1% Low Fat 2 gm Percent fat fat grams in a cup of 8oz Calories% calories from fat 150 40% 100 18%

In the example, we see that almost 50% of total calories in whole milk come from fat, and the percentage of fat in whole milk was less than 4%. Foods that you a dd fat to foods are: The "dressings" of mayonnaise salad Fried foods due to oil content Examples: A dad (3 gm) - 65 calories Potato Chips (3 gm) - 220-275 calor ies from 10 to 15 gm fat "Potato chips" (5 gm) - 450 calories 30 grams of fat Av oid frying foods.