Magazine noodle soup Day Seven (http://diasiete.

com/) Edition 217, back up noodl e soup TEXT: MONICA LAVIN ( tm) Just consummated Mexican Revolution, the State set out to find or build the symbols of national identity and so landed at the Mexican Hat Dance, Mariachi an d Charro outfits and China Puebla. Mexicans from the arid north and the humid so uth, the coast and the mountains, the Lacandon and Tarahumara, mestizos we all w ould look in the mirror of a costume party that sent us to do. Until we believed him. And it was a rite of every child to have been worse charro or Chinese danc e syrup which in turn pressed together a series of dances from the past. What do you see the Yucatecan trova and achiote fine and sensual with tequila in the We st? What Sonorans with charro suit Bajio landowners? Or the jarochos, whom they saw white as well, with the multicolor skirt China, imported by Nao? Now that we welcome more diversity, whether biological or cultural, and we intend to look i n a mirror less simplified and provide that face the world, it strikes me that n oodle soup remains a symbol of national identity. In this stock dotted with tube s of pasta are mixed Mexicos Mexico. All this exaltation of the noodle soup is b ecause recently an Italian who lived a year in Mexico reminded the neighborhoods of the city that he liked and some inns where he ate. To my naive interruption of what was the inevitable tasty noodle soup in soup kitchens, he replied with a sneer the consequences for the soul of a Mexican, Mexican in this case, no susp icion. Frightening, said with a gesture of disgust. From my humble understanding , and I should assume the noodle soup, which gives title to a book by Cristina P acheco, under the canons of Italian pasta was bland and naufragante in a watery broth of tomato and just colored. How would appreciate the native of the pasta n ostra which meant the gift of a green chile floating on pieces of pasta (linguin i to amount to a cut up). I knew immediately that was lost in gastronomic terms, that I speak Italian sauces such as carbonara, Neapolitan, the matricciana, the arrabiata and all those that adorned all types of pasta and for which I had not hing to oppose, at least one soup noodle. But he could not hear my sighs. The si ghs of Mexican abroad, when you get home or the body is tired and the view of to urists and think about the warmth of a bowl of noodle soup, high thrust-to and t he incomprehension of any alien "with a taco tortilla made of salt. Even in homes where menus are sophisticated misses you and is called on her with eyes of bliss. More than beautiful and beloved Mexico, if I die far from you, t he noodle soup is the best pan to contain the nostalgia of a Mexican far from th e homeland and the appetite for a Mexican in his own land, recognizing that the input of your dish provision of food and comfort to the daily effort. A fried pa sta, cooked likely legacy of Madrid, in a broth seasoned with tomato and onion, with a sprig of parsley, the soup is classic Mexican menu. He holds his mixed in to the spell of European wheat and tomatoes from a very honorable Mexican birthp lace was added to the cuisines of the world. Needless to say, without the red fr uit, the Italians themselves would have to clear the pomodoro of their vocabular y and their tables. Blessed noodle soup and clumsy Italian vision of a year of a dventures in this soil did not know the meaning of outrage look to your pasta no stra, noodle soup nurse and mother's lap, the house noodle soup rich and poor ho use . Dry or watery is worship of the desires of the Mexican and pan of affectio n. LAVIN MONICA Mexico, D.F., 1955. Writer, journalist, writer and radio conduct orade. Ruby Tuesday has published is not dead and cut Café, among other books. Taken from the Seven Day Magazine No. 217. By: Manuel Vega Velázquez (mvegav@ms September 6, 2004 in Wikipedia Noodles: Recipes iki/Fideo noodle soup: kitchen / soups / FideosMex.html ht tp:// htm A recipe: ½ package of noodles 1 / 3 of onion 1 large tomato 1 large clove garlic 2 tablespoons chicken bouillon powder 4 cups water (serrano chile to taste). 1. In a skillet with enough oil browns the nood les to brown, being careful not dark, but lightly browned. 2. Blend tomatoes, sk inned, with onion, garlic and chili with chicken soup powder and 4 cups of water . 3.€Add to skillet and when it begins to boil, includes spaghetti. Already gol

den season with salt and pepper. Proof that tastes good. 4. If you wish to serve as dry pasta noodles, let it dry on low heat. Optional: Add diced chorizo or ha m. You can also dish served with fresh cheese, avocado and cream.