Women in the Twentieth Century Members: • Macarena Jofre Marcela Campusano • • Daniela Mena Women 1900-1919 • International

Women's Day - Creation - Differences in countries and personalities • Influence of the workers - Strikes • Woman Suffrage - Request the female vote Women in 20s' • The thought of society towards women - It was believed that their ideology was only based on fashion, to obtain the p erfect figure and hunting men - are believed to have less intelligence than the male. • Begin the change of mentality in women - You start to worry more about herself, but without leaving their place of hous ewife and a good wife. 1900 and 20 ' Clara Zetkin symbol of the woman activist Frida Kahlo Coco Chanel Women's suffrage Women in the 30's • Emergence of the female vote - Some women of the time began to hold demonstrations demanding their rights to vote. - The government of Carlos Ibáñez awarded in 1931 the municipal vote to th e ladies. • New feminist groups in Chile - The MEMCH and then FECHIF Women in 40s' - It developed numerous charitable groups, cultural, religious, sports and work. - The first convention of women's rights in Seneca Falls, New York. • In Chile - On November 15, 1945 Gabriela Mistral wins Nobel literature prize. - In 1948 j oins the Women's Action Party Chilean women second game of Chilean history that eventually grew to 27 000 members. - India was the tenth Latin American country to grant women the vote in 1949. 30 'and 40' Marcela Paz MEMCH Command Amanda Labarca Gabriela Mistral Women in 50s • Women's Mentality

- Put as top priority remains his family. • In Chile - In 1950, the radical Inés Enríquez Conception is elected to parliament, becomi ng the first Chilean parliament. - In 1952 women participated for the first time in the history of Chile in a presidential election. Women in 60s' • Major events - Overcrowding of the contraceptive pill. - The writer Betty Friedan published T he Feminine Mystique. " - Setting up a miniskirt and bikini. - Burning bras in t he U.S.. - Abortion was legalized in Britain. • New Feminist Movement - Creation of the League for the institution of divorce. - Occurs publicly Briti sh Women's Liberation Movement. - The University of SDS driving the feminist mov ement in West Germany. 50 'and 60' Violeta Parra Betty Friedan Inés Enríquez Marilyn Monroe Women wearing bikinis Women in 70s' • Birth of the feminist movement: - Aktion Aktion Unabhängiger 218 Frauen. - British Feminist. - Feminist Spanish. • Acts made by these groups - First general strike women. - First national conference on abortion. - Present ation of the Sex Discrimination Act and the Equal Pay Act - First National Confe rence for the Liberation of Women. - First Federal Congress of Women. • Major events - Creation of the law that magnifies the nurseries and kindergartens. - Was adop ted in several countries the new law of abortion and divorce. - On July 26, 1978 Louise Brown was born, the first test-tube baby in the world. 70 ' Gloria Steinem picture of women's 1st general strike Louise Brown Mother Teresa of Calcutta Contraceptive Pills Women in 80s' • In Chile • Given that the country is living repression and censorship imposed by the mili tary regime (in which the economy was undergoing a period convenient), she was f orced to go to work. • New concerns • Restlessness for the care of their children while working. • Make more money. • Acquire more knowledge to gain more compensation.

Women in 90s' • The view of society towards women - It is not regarded as inferior beings, but as a person with rights, self-effic ient and independent. • The New Woman - The quiet housewife becomes head of household in the world of poverty and the upper strata alike - Sixteen women reach high places of government in the world and eleven parliamentary positions occupied in Chile. 80 'and 90' Isabel Allende Executive Women women studying Conclusion • Women who have excelled in the history of mankind have had to fight a double b attle: the natural change in the action they have chosen to develop, and social, imposed by a community imposed by males. • The facts show over time,€that the f emale sector can when they put their mind to achieve great height. • Many entere d the politics, the arts, science, and even social life, with great success and leaving a deep imprint.