The Flight of the Eagles Renew or perish Altagracia Melba Grullon Ubiñas "But they that wait upon

the Lord shall renew their strength; soar on wings like eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31). For centuries the eagles have been seen as symbols of power, Freedom, Wisdom, V alor and Excellence. We say eagles to the "spirits high." Why? What virtues have these birds? What can we learn from the Eagles? First the eagles do not fly low , but always looking for great heights, to enjoy the world's widest angle. They fly at about 1,800 meters above sea level, build their nests to thousands of met ers high. She does the nest building its permanent home, the care and maintainin g, renewing constantly bring new branches. In the warmth of its nest, instructs his sons until they can fly themselves. The eagle flies alone or in pairs, you n eed not walk in groups ("does not move a lot of the world, but few of God"). Eag les, very loyal to their home, recognized in time vital signs of aging and then begin the process most momentous of his life. The Eagles have some forty years a re losing their strength to fly at high altitudes because their old feathers bec ome heavy, its peak is bent toward his chest and claws become very tight as they can not hold their prey . What does the eagle knew then? She takes over his lif e, is responsible for its survival and renews itself, knowing that otherwise wou ld perish. In her nest at the top, she said in ayunose subjected itself to an ex tremely painful, but vital, about five months, hit a rock hard against his beak bent over the years, until the bark peels off your body and wait until he is bor n a new peak with which to discard one by one the nails. At birth the new nails, then use them to pull out all their old and heavy feathers. After undergoing th is process of renewal and transformation, with beak and talons new looks forward until you leave new feathers to fly again ... and then embarks on new flights d ignity, conquer the skies, for a lifetime of about thirty years. Conquest new he ights because it rejuvenated, renewed, with renewed vigor. She renewed her bottl es to receive the new wine of a new life. Why do we need this example? Apply it to our current "reality." How is our planet now? How are humans on Earth now? The Flight of the Eagles, Renew or perish Posted by Melba A. Grullon Ubiñas Aug ust 2007 Page 1 / 2 Now our land seems to have lost their strength to continue living. It has been s o abused, exploited, over-populated, so soiled, which urgently needs to go throu gh a life-changing. Gaia, with all the impetus and the wisdom of a "high spirits ", makes an extraordinary effort and, although it is extremely painful, begins t o renew, to transform itself from within, giving birth to a "new reality" in ord er to continue to live for many years ... like the eagle. That same process must be lived by every human being, recognizing that he must start from it ... to ch ange and survive. Nobody has said that this process would be simple ... because it is not. Structures that have proved useless, corrupt and over again, full of inequities, should be torn, shattered, for the birth of new structures with whic h humanity is to survive and take back their high-flying, with renewed strength to continue to rise by the spiral of constant evolutionary process of the planet ... and the universe. Although unfortunately this process is painful for many, or all, we must understand that the issue is RENEWED OR PERISH. The renewal proc ess requires that leave from many things, including many who should be on their way to a new place. The Earth humans suffer mostly by our attachments and our re sistance to change, although these are for the better. Although these are our sa lvation ... but there is no other alternative. We stick to things and people bec ause we believe ours. To survive, to continue to evolve, we must define what our priorities really are, understanding that we have filled the world and we ourse lves have filled so many harmful habits, so many things we do not need and which not to look at the highest heights, we now have much fear of loosing,€of "losi ng" the things we considered to be our treasures. But what the Master Jesus taug ht us about the material world? He says: "No reservations come together treasure s here on earth, where moth and rust are prevalent, and where thieves break in a nd steal. Gather treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust wreak havoc, a

nd where there are no thieves to break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart. " Understand that our treasure is not in material things , things come and go. Our treasure is in our spirit high, which allows us to let go of all that limits us to renew and continue to evolve. Our treasure is in wh at remains with us ... our soul. We are given the understanding. Love, Peace and Light. I Am Melba. The Flight of the Eagles, Renew or perish Posted by Melba A. Grullon Ubiñas Aug ust 2007 Page 2 / 2

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