AIR TRANSPORT IATA International Air Transport Association It is the world organization of scheduled airlines.

Its members do most of the r egular international air traffic in more than 100 flags of nations. With this pa rtnership is a global system of public services regardless of the difference in language, law and measurement system. International Air Transport Association (English International Air Transport Ass ociation or IATA). It was founded in Havana, Cuba, in April 1945. It is the instrument for cooperat ion between carriers, promoting the safety, reliability, reliability and economy in air transport for the benefit of consumers around the world The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Trans port Association trade information about safety in the search for improved ident ification of potential risks. Since 1999, ICAO has an audit program of the Natio nal Directorate of Civil Aviation of its 181 Member States, while the IATA has a program to verify the security lines operating procedures affiliates. According to the cooperation protocol ICAO-IATA, each organization will provide to the ot her reports on the results of audits of safety oversight and monitoring of accid ents and incidents. Cargo Agents Offer air cargo transportation, import and export companies in the private and p ublic service, as well as all documents dealing with the various airlines and cu stoms. Services offered: ï ¬ Advice foreign trade facilities and specialized equipment ï ¬ ï ¬ representative offices an d correspondents throughout the Republic Rates It is rding t and eight the cost to be charged per kilogram or per pound each airline applied acco to the place where the goods required to be sent, based on the exact weigh volume to their collection, considering that is higher. Length X Width X H / Weight Collectible 6000cm3 =

Air fares are applied according to the date of issue and must be in place to dea l with the airway bill (bill of lading or Bill of Lading). Freight Amount paid to a carrier to carry goods from one point of origin to a destinatio n including all the costs it entails. Base Rate + Surcharge on several accounts - Savings = $ Freight Documentation ï ¬ Knowledge Shipping Instructions Letter ï ¬ ï ¬ ï ¬ Packing List Air Waybill Types of cargo aircraft A 320 No. of Pallets = 4 + m3 loose cargo volume capacity = 19 tonnes = 1.5 The Airbus 320 and 321 have an operating range of 3500-5600 km. This aircraft ca

n carry a line of pallets with the same base size that more aircraft, but with a smaller height. A319 is an aircraft only for loose cargo. B 777-200 No. of Pallets = 6 + Loose cargo volume in m3 = 80 = 12 tonnes capacit y The Boeing 777-200 reaches a range of 12,000 km., With cargo bays front and rear , cargo pallets 88 "x 125" or 96 "x 125". The loose cargo compartment is located at the rear of the aircraft. B 747 Freighter No. of Pallets = 38 + Loose cargo volume capacity = 669 m3 = 107 tonnes Designed as a cargo plane, Boeing 747F ek has a reinforced cabin floor and littl e resembles the standard passenger B747. The ship is equipped with a side door o r in your nose (depending on model), and can load twenty-nine 96 "x 125" pallets or containers in the main deck in the lower nine pallets and loose cargo in bul k. Thank you for your attention!