Federal Tel: 26064265-044 5518498031 Date of birth: August 11, 1975 Marital Status: Married primer released titled Ca reer Degree in Psychology from the School of Advanced Studies (FES) Zaragoza, Na tional Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Ced. Prof. 4250530 Reviewed by Na tional Center for Higher Education Assessment, A. C. (CENEVAL), with an assuranc e of satisfactory performance, achieving results above the national average Objective: To collaborate actively and responsibly in an educational project of quality, wh ere it can successfully exploit my potential as a professional, individual and s ocial being. Experience in the area of psychology and education. ψ ψ Deliver of therap in the clinical area under the supervision of Prof.. Raquel Guillén, the FES Zaragoza, during periods 97-2 and 98-1 Planning, scheduling and deliver of courses and workshops in the area of education, on learning strateg ies to improve the academic performance of average students, under the supervisi on Prof. Alberto Monro . These programs covered the topics sigs Speech Reading N ote Taking oral Coping Creative Thinking Critical Thinking Relaxation Time Manag ement Collaborative research in the area of social ps cholog under the directio n of Prof.. Alba Garcia, with special emphasis on the influence of societ and c ulture in domestic and famil behavior - From a perspective of GéneroColaborador Pedagogical Services area of the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso as planner an d implementer of guided tours, courses, workshops and cultural activities - the Social Service ψ ψ Work Experience

Professor at the Institute of Computer and Secretarial Mexica (IMECS)-Technolog -Bachelor 58,526,907. Februar 1999 - September 2000 providing the following sub jects: Educational Technolog Recreational Therap Occupational Therap General Ps cholog Child Development Ps cholog Research Methods Teaching Children's theater Other activities within the Plannin g Institute, revision and modification of programs and plans of stud of ps chol og Participation in cultural and artistic events Volunteer at school W. L. Henr Elementar School in the cit of Hillsboro, Or egon in the U.S.) carr ing out activities to assist Grade 2 groups, and collaborating on the project SMART (Start Making A Reader Toda ). Winter 2000 Visiting Professor at the Autonomous Metropolitan Universit in the race nursing, teaching on the area of clinical ps cholog


Professor in the Graduate Studies Administration and nurses headed to state Tlaxcala. Therapist Assistant at the Foundation San Jose de la Palma (Ixtapaluca, Edo de Mexico).



























Institution dedicated to the rehabilitation of persons addicted to alcohol and / or other drugs. June-December 2002 Professor at the Metropolitan Institute-Technolog -Bachelor (Ixtapaluca, Edo. From Mexico) in Januar 2003 - August 2003 - taught the following subjects anal sis o f educational Ps cholog Textbooks ludolog Musical Activities Children's Litera ture particular clinical ps chologist in charge of the Ps cholog Department of H erbart College, located in Alle Re es s / n, Chalco, Estado de Mexico. Phone 59,752,477. Head directl Rocio Gon zález There were carried out several activities, among which are following in pr eschool, primar and secondar . -September 2003 - September 2004 Evaluation of t he ps chological aspect of student interviews with parents design and deliver o f parent workshops Design and deliver of workshops for students in teacher perf ormance assessment Educational Guidance Vocational Guidance Support in the devel opment of activities cultural and artistic design of strategies to raise achieve ment of students with low scores Development of theoretical support material for teachers. Assessment of students aspiring to enter the stock assessment of appl icants to work on campus Current Activities Currentl Professor at the New School for Technolog , Center Ixtapaluca. Locat ed on Calle Centenario # 29, Col Centro. Ixtapaluca, Edo de Mexico (17224260) provi ding the form life plans and project management, self-stud workshop for the ou th and leisure, and sexualit . Collaborators, Ms. Martha cord. Laboring there si nce September 2004 Professor of Ps cholog Degree in the Spanish School,€member of the Universit Center Sun Group (59755212) teaches subjects related to human ps chological development, histor of ps cholog and biological basis of behavio r. Laboring there since September 2004 ETAC Ixtapaluca node - located on Nationa l Road Chalco s / n esq Camino Real Col. Jardines de San Marcos. Chalco, Edo. Me xico. Teaching the social ps cholog field. Laboring there since August 2006 pro viding therap in the d splasia clinic. Located on Avenida Cuauhtémoc Ote. # 47 int 3. Streets Manager Dr. Humberto Trejo. Tel 59750123 Toda

Currentl teaching in college now Workshops Basic course in sex education. FES Zaragoza. National Meeting in Octob er 1994. Ps chic development and education. FES Zaragoza. October 1996 Introduct ion to computer programming. Ps chometric New Activit Center. Jul 1996. 4th Na tional Meeting in Puebla Humanistic Ps chotherap : Creativit : An alternative to life. Graduate School, Albert Einstein, Centro Universitario de Puebla AC Novem ber 1998 Workshop The awakening of consciousness (Humanist National Meeting in P uebla). Graduate School, Albert Einstein, Centro Universitario de Puebla AC Nove mber 1998. Workshop Logotherap applied to ever da life. (Humanist National Mee ting in Puebla). Graduate School, Albert Einstein, Centro Universitario de Puebl a AC November 1998. Arts in the Classroom. Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso. Wit hin the framework of the exhibition Sigmund Freud Collector. March 2000 Art and twentieth centur ps cholog . FES Zaragoza. Ma 2001. Workshop ps chometric test ing enterprise level. Pro-Industr Mexico. November 2002. Workshop projective an d intelligence tests. Pro-Industr Mexico. Januar 2004. Grapholog Workshop. Pr o-Industr Mexico. Februar 2004. Workshop of Educational Therapist. Pro-Industr Mexico. Februar 2004. Integration course for teachers of the New School Techn olog . September 2001 Workshop Multiple Intelligences and its application in the



















































classroom and the museum. ACSI. October 2005 June 2007