Official South Monday, March 8, 2010 33 Sport .

The Giallorossi AMATEUR BASKETBALL SERIES HOOK OSTUNI that had fallen SATURDAY T O PERUGIA THE DAY Sigma Barcelona regained the top After a slow start (17-30 to 13 ') a fantastic Bucci and Li Vecchi lead the come back Sigma Barcelona Virtus Siena 88 76 Sigma Barcelona Guarino it, Bisconti, 7 Panzini, 10 Svoboda, Li Vecchi 11, Frati ni, Bucci 29, Mocavero 12, Bonessio 15, Emejuru 4. Att: Gramenzi. Siena: Portann ese 24, Myron, Imbros, Casadei, 13, Oak, Diomedes 9, Cuccarolo 14, Andreaus 8, c risis 8. Att: Billerica. Referees: D'Amato and Lestingi. Notes: Partial 13-19, 2 0-19, 30-17, 25-21. Free throws: Sigma 15/16, 22/27 Siena. Two shots: Sigma 23/3 5, 15/33 Siena. Three shots: Sigma 9 / 27, Siena 8 / 16. Attendance: 2,300 appro x. BARCELONA. Sigma-Barcelona, The surprise is San Severo Ruvo dry leaves Trapani In Group A Amateur Series A, Fortitudo Bologna 81-75 in Trento passes with 21 po ints and Malaventura Lamma and keep away Forli, which binds 74-61 Montecatini fi eld still lacks Carrizo (Monzecchi 14; Forray 18:28 Evaluation). Continue to pur sue the two head Ozzano (75-65 on Castelletto). Other results: Omegna-Treviglio 82-72 (22 Picazo, Demartini 16), Trieste, Brescia 85-71, Riva del Garda-Verona 7 1-87 (Loschi 19; Bellina 28 with 8 / 9 from 3:30 to evaluation) Jesolo-Fidenza 6 6-75 (Carniato 24 +17, 33 assessment; Nanut 25 and 30 assessment). In Group B ad vance to Perugia is fatal to the leaders Ostuni (Crazy 00:39 Evaluation; Ruggier o 19) which is reached by Sigma Barcelona dragged to the success of Siena by Buc ci (29 points, 7 / 9 with two, 3 / 6 three, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 33 evaluat ion). San Severo beats Matera (Rizzitiello 22; Lombards 13) and engages in third place Trapani which marks the last quarter to just 4 points Ruvo (Cazzola 16; S antarossa 15) while Ferentino you surprised at home by overtime Sant'Antimo ( Me treveli 20; Gizzi Politi and 25 respectively with 35 and 34 assessment). Molfett a and power are two points against unexpected Palestrina and Agrigento. na Siena beats and hooks at the top of the league Ostuni, anticipating Saturday' s defeat at Perugia. Two key points for the race in first place at the conclusio n of a conquered race started badly for Barcelona in the first two partial was a lways under the Siena 3 'of the second half had a good 13 points ahead, thanks t o Portannese and Cuccarolo. To revive the fortunes of Barcelona thought about it a resounding Bucci. Mocavero with him, Bonessio. A team that allowed Barcelona to hang (4'del third part) and Siena until the last pass was very dangerous, eve n if the baskets Li Vecchi, Bucci, and Bonessio Mocavero have silenced opponents . Barcelona had spent a busy week because of injury Guarino, yet still, the unavailability of Bisconti (a feverish attack) who played a few minut es and detention of a couple of days of Li Vecchi for neck problem. Despite ever ything, Barcelona came out after a slow start and awkward, with errors that favo red his opponent. The team has recovered when Siena was trying to stretch and we re difficult times. We thought Bonessio first and Bucci then pick up the team. B ucci said a big dusting, good in defense and attack, shooting in two and three p oints. It was the winning of Barcelona. A final crescendo with triples that have received great applause from the audience Barcelona, the star once again with h

is inflammatory injection. Siena took advantage of a contract and worried Barcel ona started well, taking the lead thanks to his best men. 13-19 the first part. But the second concern was to Barcelona. Siena has touched +13 (17-30 3 '). But then it turned out, slowly Barcelona to 7 'is increased to -1 from Siena ((31-32 ). But the time was closed to visitors the lead (33-38). After the long interval is Barcelona began the great comeback with the show from Ryan Bucci. 47 Similar ly, the 4 ', 8 57-51', 63-55 to the sound of the siren. Panzini opens the last t ime making two important points. Barcelona and grows increases his lead.''5'30 t o 73-67. A basket of Daniel Bonessio, among the best (Photo Francesco Saya) Siena does not give up and replication with Diomedes and Portannese. Barcelona m eets with Bucci, Svoboda, and Bonessio Mocavero. At 8'50''81-75, 85 -76 to 9 ', the 88-76 final. At the sound of the siren the audience cheering with enthusiasm . Barcelona's done. The first place was achieved. The general manager Sandro San toro, stresses the importance of victory,€but the moments are not easy during t he week. "It was not an easy week - he said - because we trained in ranks reduce d problems Guarino, Bisconti and Li Vecchi. It is clear that these things do not help to prepare as we should. Probably the slow start was caused by the fact th at you have not done what should have been done for these reasons. The team has recovered when it is united against an opponent who arrived here much altered fo r various injuries. But I think that Barcelona has responded well in difficult t imes. Broke even because it has a different strength from that which when Guarin o is on the field. So we had to adapt different situations having a man less whi ch surely has the ability to overcome the opponent. Even our guards had to find a way to go to the basket. And then - said Santoro - we had a superlative Bucci, sensational. I think this was the spark that blew the others. " Franco Miano Situation RESULTS Barcelona P.G. Ferentino-Siena-S. Antimo Molfetta-Perugia-Ostuni Palestr ina Potenza-Trapani-Agrigento Ruvo di Puglia San Severo Matera RANKING Barcelona PG-23 17 6 1790 1685 34 Ostuni San Severo Ferentino Perugia S. Trapani Antimo S iena Palestrina Matera Molfetta Agrigento Power 23 17 6 1652 1552 34 23 14 9 168 0 1593 28 23 14 9 1673 1650 28 23 13 10 1714 1622 26 23 13 10 1645 1565 26 23 12 11 1747 1711 24 23 12 11 1634 1628 24 23 12 11 1611 1620 24 23 10 13 1524 1629 20 23 7 16 1609 1695 14 23 4 19 1697 1842 8 23 4 19 1522 1718 8 (14/03/10) 88-76 89-95 75-61 70-62 71 - 66 58-49 67-62 Ruvo di Puglia 23 12 11 1610 1598 24 NEXT ROUND Agrigento-Ruvo di Puglia Matera-Ferentino Ostuni Palestrina-Power-Per ugia S. Antimo-Barcelona P.G. Siena-San Severo Trapani Molfetta AMATEUR SERIES B after the defeat in Bisceglie Puglia AGAIN FOR FATAL MESSINES The Ascom Patti melts in the last quarter in Corato Corato Ascom Patti 64 58 Corato. Slips still in PuGranoro Corato: Stella 16, 12 Graziani, Grimaldi, Triumph 13, Pelliccione 6, Lor enzetti 4, Kavaric 2, Marian 11, Menduni it, Infante, Att: Meneguzzo. Ascom Patt i Riva 4, it Gullo, Bill I, Mori 11, Gabellieri 9, Fevola, Knights 19, Raskovic, Contaldo 11, Sereni 4. Att: Sidoti. Referees: Manor and Boscolo. Notes: Partial 18-10, 28-27, 46-48, 64-58. glia Ascom Patti. After the defeat in Bisceglie, here's setback against a Corato never subdued, so it can reach a height of 28 ranks in Sicily, thanks to a valu

able public benefit. The quintet Sidoti, however, still better than neroverdi di fference baskets. The film's photographer a challenge game balanced, very nervou s, in which only the last fourth the quintet Meneguzzo managed to impose its territorial supremacy. The la unch was branded Bari: Pelliccione signed on 7-2, Star was right under the baske t and thus Corato 5 'was just eight lengths ahead. In the first quarter in which the two contenders have been studied, Gabellieri close the gap for 18-10. In th e second half were the omnipresent Graziani triple to score the home team a surprising advantage of +12, but to persevere and Knight Gabelli eri: +10 with a break of the Covenant is in part due to the agony and the superi or physical strength. The village ended with a 28-27 advantage in Corato. The th ird quarter recorded the role of arbitrators: Manor and Boscolo first assignment to a technical bench of Puglia and then a technical coach to Meneguzzo, allowI tend to the guests to reach the mark in Corato. Climb the tension in the build ing, Patti also came under the ax of referees: technical Knights (fourth foul) a nd fourth offense for Contaldo. Yet the Sicilians had the chance to always take off with the Knights thanks to a heavy triple (44-48 to 30 '). Patti closed ahea d this fraction while the difference was whether the lastnied by the determination of Stella and friends, more-effective board. The fatal break at 33 'with a 10-0 leading the quintet Meneguzzo forward eight points. Kn ights and Sereni struck with precision nell'infuocato Final (58-53 at 39 '), but Pelliccione and Stella, relentless heavy points in free throws made sure that e nsured the closure of the game in favor of Corato. Michele De Feudis Claudio Cavalieri (Ascom Patti) SERIES A1, A2 and B FEMALE EXCELLENCE C THE FIRST REGIONAL SERIES SICILY OK away Schio won the Cup, makes salt Cocuzza and Mia defend the primacy Fontalba stops Campobasso Cush Basketball School and the carpet VENICE. Surprisingly,€not only because they played in Venice but also because o f 100 "from the siren was -9 (53-62) beat the Familia Schio Human Veneto derby i n front of 3,500 spectators and won the Italian Cup women's basketball. Best Sco rer Macchi (24) and Antibes (17) for scledensi, Ballardini (17) and Basko (15) f or the blinds. Series A2, with the success to Siena (the fifth row) Maceri Calab ria Rende island in fifth place in the standings and will try to attack in the n ext round in fourth place direct clash of La Spezia. Results Serie A2 gir. B: Ra gusa-Pomezia 76-73, Florence and Ancona 52-48, Naples-Viterbo 55-62, Siena Makes 72-77, Cus Chieti-Alcamo 49-62, 44-51 La Spezia, Lucca, Porto Santo George-Orvi eto 74-59. Rank: Lucca 40, Port St. George 36, Alcamo, La Spezia 32, makes 28, 2 6 Orvieto, Siena, Ancona 22, Naples 18, 16 Cus Chieti, Ragusa, Viterbo 14, Pomez ia 12, Florence 10. Situation RESULTS Melilli 2003-Cus Catania-Gela Gad Etna-Messina Cocuzza S. Filippo Gravin a Giarre-Victory-My Messina P. Armerina-Arethusa S. Louis Acireale-School Basket ball CLASSIFICATION 20 Cocuzza S. My Louis Messina 20 20 20 Melilli P. Armerina Giarre 20 20 20 Gela Gravina Cus Messina 20 20 20 Victoria St. Basketball 20 Gad Catania Etna 20 Arethusa 20 20 48-83 65-80 42-78 76-72 75-83 76-66 75-62 Fontalba Messina Campobasso 67 bars. The percentages were very low-rea53 tion

from outside during the first Gad Etna Peppino Cocuzza Nia 42 7, 10 Mazzu, Minutoli G. 19, Bar-bitraggio questionable over 78 Tilotta, D. Galletta. Appendix Baldaro. Arbitrary expulsion of Lanza and tecnitri: Jordan Collura. CATANIA. My wins in CataBonomo, Bonfiglio 19, Minutoli, Sunclosed ahead 67-46. Arc called to Restuccia. Gianluca Giliberto Fontalba: Paper 6, 15 Aleo, Tagliabue, De Benedictis, 25, 14 Malaya, Wind 2, 5 Z accone, Sciliberto, Talarico it. Appendix Paper on-Malaya. Campobasso: Ciminelli 5, Maiella Pirosanto 2, Anastasio 20, 10 Giugliano, De Rosa 3, Lombardo 1, 3 Ba bino, rocks 9. Att: Ladomorzi. Notes: Partial 21-10, 38-20, 54-34. Referees: Sho rt and Ramondino. MESSINA. Fontalba long shot of Messina, which is a decisive step towards the con quest of the playoffs by beating the deputy leader of the group in a race never questioned. Despite several absences (over the budgeted Carollo, Marquis, Romeo and minute work in progress for several minutes are exits Talarico, Tagliabue an d Paper), the quintet Messina was able to play his best basketball, one in haste . Campobasso tried to force the race abusing shooting I then conquered by Zaccone rebounds and companions under the planks, triggered the counterattack De Benedictis, author of 25 points, and Aleo (15). In the hear t of the game the benefit of Messina it rises up to 23 points, to testify for th e second class was really tough to play against this Fontalba focused and quick to flip the front of the game. Key in the playoffs should be substantially imper vious eighth of Fontalba, even if hope is to be able to catch the seventh step o f a classification to its intersection with Molise. Messina race girls do on the Monopoly that has come to "PalaTracuzzi. Dominic Bertè Gad Etna: Constantine, Borz 6, Testa I, Di Stefano, Horses, Mauceri 11, Pardo 7, Orlando, Livera 6, Licandro 2, 5 SaccÀ, Santonocito 5. Appendix Guadalupi. Coc uzza: Giorgianni 11, Imbesi, 19 Kos, Amato 2, Coppolino it, Catania 8, 6 fat, Co ppola, 12, 11 Melone, 10 Furniture, Amendola I, Russian it. Appendix Romeo. Refe rees: Costa and Buscema. CATANIA. Victoria's vicecania and consolidate third place in the standings. Gravina closed the first time in the lead (40-39), but in the third fraction (53-64 to 30 ') Minutoli and airl ines are making the decisive break. (G.m.) Tomarchio Acireale 75 School Basketball Wed 62 Edil Tomarchio: Canton 11, glass 7, Prudente 11, Mazzerbo 2, Mussini 14, 26 Mess ina, Rapisarda, Privitera 4, Guadalupe, Fichera, Riolo. Att: Nicolosi. Messina S chool Basketball: Pati 7, Cavarra 7, Cammarota 3, Donia, Clement 3, Zappi, Sacca , Lot 2, Magnus 2, 11 Calderazzo, Calabrese 19, Trimarchi 8. Att: Zanghi. Refere es: Hat and Garofalo Porto Empedocles Acireale. Only in the final Basketball School can get rid of oppressive offensiv e true masters, in the penultimate part soothed and completely canceled last, th e prerogative of Peloritani. The first two times, however, are crucial for the n egative team Zango. (G.r.) polystyrene Cocuzza field of Gad Etna. After a balanced first part (15-19 at 10 '), guests stretch the gap in the middle phase of the game (21-33 to 20', 31-50 in 30 '). (G.m.)

Cus Messina Student Gela 65 80 Gravina Mia Messina 75 83 Cus Messina Mirenda, Life 4, Brown 12, 8 Restuccia, Occhini it,€Magistro 15, Za ccone 10, Pay 5, 6 Lanza, Plutino it, Trischitta 5. Appendix Interdonato. Gela: Dear 14, 21 Ciaramella, Mammano 20, Cattuli 13, Messina 4, Coal, The Chiano 8. A ppendix TRASPOL. Referees: Alcoraci and France. MESSINA. Sixth straight defeat for the CUS. The team Interdonato remains afloat until a long interval (33-37) Gela then spreads in the third quarter, 17 17 17 14 12 12 10 9 7 7 6 6 5 1 3 1591 1252 34 3 1477 1207 34 3 1410 1180 34 6 1520 1253 28 8 1379 1256 24 8 139 1 1398 24 10 1315 1380 20 11 1419 1453 18 13 1261 1261 14 13 1318 1395 14 14 130 8 1491 12 14 1248 1475 12 15 1148 1309 10 19 1092 1567 2 Gravina: 30 Cavazza, Gulinelli 10, Marletta 8, Hooks 4, Busi 3, 5 Minardi, Russo I, Barbera Linen 9 7, Crimi, Straw. Appendix Morelli. Mia Messina: Pellegrino, G. Galletta 21, Ioppolo 6, NEXT ROUND (14/03/10) Arethusa-My School Basketball Messina-Catania-Messina 2003 Cus Gad Etna Gela-Vittoria Giarre-Gravina-Melilli Cocuzza S. Philip P. Armerina -S. Louis Acireale