BUSINESS PLAN Health spa; enter into a sector The local as minimum specifications are: Size.

"For urban spas require a minimum of 100 m2 . Although it is ideal for comfort around 200 m2, with the dimensions of a spa h alf between 400 m2 and 500 m2, "Nicolau said. Furthermore, it is necessary to ha ve a small warehouse to store and control products, supplies, etc., And an area for machinery and the pump of the pool. Location. It should be a study to determ ine the socioeconomic status of the area. According to Lidia Santos, director of TermActual, "it is advisable to establish is growing L in an area with a medium-high socioeconomic level, as it gives status to the com pany without limiting the customer with the lowest level. " Regulation. "This se ctor is still not as regulated as it should, but there are strict rules about wh ere and how to perform electrical installations, the installation of saunas and machinery, etc." Nicolau said. Humidity and noise. 'It is imperative to have a g ood dehumidifier to isolate the humidity "says Santos. And the continued functio ning of the treatment plant requires good soundproofing the room to isolate nois e from the neighbors. Run a "spa" Urban spas, hotels 'spa' ... Health through water is gaining ground in recent ye ars due to growing interest of society for leisure activities related to relaxat ion and health. We tell you what you need to ride one. I mpulsado by strong growth in supply, tourism-oriented establishments of health a nd beauty, which in 2003 invoiced 840 million euros, have experienced in recent years growth rates around 20% ", according to a study spas made by the consultan cy DBK ( Our city Among these establishments are included hotels with spa, health center y spa and thalassotherapy premises or use of marine waters. On the one big cities open hollow urban spas that sell well to the customer at an e price without him having to spend time to travel to spas. Meanwhile, t areas emerge that incorporate hotels and beaut hand, in affordabl in touris

Offer, to the last l spa is complemented by manual aesthetic services (massages with mud, mud ...) and, in some cases, with various devices (passive gymnastics, UVA, etc.).. The s ize of the local circumstances, services that you offer. Need a transparent area to locate a basic circuit of an hour and a half hours and, according to Santos, normally comprises a whirlpool, jacuzzi, heat zones (Turkish bath, Roman bath, sauna ...) and showers E (Therapeutic, Scottish, essential oils ...). In addition, you'll need separate b oxes for water treatment complete with massages or locate the various devices. H owever, Santos said that "adapt to market is essential. Whenever there are new t rends such as, chocolate, wine or physical therapy in water. It is important to be informed and be renewed. " Internet, trade fairs and suppliers are a great so urce of information.

Clientele Minimum investment required nance treatments, housewives, executives on stress, etc.. " It is a very loyal c lientele. "While other resorts to open in nearby areas, if the customer is happy , continue going to your establishment," said Santos. One way to build loyalty i s by offering discount vouchers for several sessions, the possibility of bringin g a friend who knows the heart, etc., And a schedule for the widest possible ade cuarte your needs. Here we detail the minimum investment necessary to start a lo cal business in approximately 200 m2. In addition, you must have a financial cus hion to deal with staff costs, advertising, supplies, etc.. N hildren, old, men, women ... are increasingly diverse clients who come to these places. Are breaking barriers and expanding potential customers. Maria Ramos, di rector of the center and Water Sol, Madrid, explains that "there are several cus tomer segments, which makes the extended center hours and that work better-peak (lower demand): men, women, youth concerned about the beauty, greater than neces A ran in his tender the spa as claimed. And is that the services provided by the s pa are in fashion. According to the study of DBK, "these establishments had a wh ole in 2003 with a bid of around 56,000 seats, with Canary community with a grea ter supply, accounting for about 35% of total parking spaces;€Andalusia then, w ith 18% in Catalonia, with 10%, Baleares, with 9% and Valencia, with 8%. " Until recently, most people in Spain do not know what the word meant spa. However, in other countries is a more mature sector. Linda Nicolau, managing director of Ec ologic Natural Spa (, explains that "in the U.S. and Asia, places where you can find great spas of the world, tourist spas are truly spect acular and are now an important part of a certain category hotel. The spas, urba n spas and wellness centers are also very popular and can be very luxurious in t hese areas. " Up expenses (The cost of providing administrative SL +) 324 101 EUR 3500 EUR 9000 EUR 47 493 EUR Growing In Spain, we are still in growth phase, while it is true that the increase in su pply has been remarkable in recent years. If we focus on the comparison between provinces, Nicolau says, "The biggest difference is in the big cities or tourist areas of high ⠤ 000 Venue hire (First month + two months deposit) Net Fee Reform and furniture of the first year of 'leasing' TOTAL EUR 384 094 000

EM95PLAN1 12/07/1905 20:01 Page 4 BUSINESS PLAN Amounts in euros The first exercise INCOME STATEMENT Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul in figures Ag Sep Oct Nov Dec Total Business Profile Our course of business plan is a resort city with a capital of 390,000 euros, of which 300,000 are for a loan. It is located in a central area of Valencia, with spa services and aesthetic premises of 200 m2. In the first year will have a 18 % occupancy in circuit and 30% in cabins. The will reach breakeven in the fourth year. Servicing Office rent personal expenses Financial expenses (loan) Financial expe nses (leasing) Advertising Equipment Other expenses for the amortization RESULTS CASH BUDGET 11,000 3,000 4,318 875 152 2,500 2,700 4,361 -6,906 Jan 12 000 871 152 400 3000 4318 2700 4361 3802 February 15,000 3,000 4,318 868 152 400 2,700 4,361 -799 Sea 18,000 3,000 4,318 864 152 2,500 2,500 4,361 305 Apr 19,500 3,000 4,318 860 152 400 2,500 4,361 3,909 May 21,000 3,000 4,318 856 152 400 2,500 4,361 5,413 June 23,000 3,000 4,318 853 152 400 3,500 4,361 6,416 July 22,000 3,000 4,318 849 152 400 3,500 4,361 5,420 Ag 20,000 3,000 4,318 845 152 2,500 3,500 4,361 1,324 Sep 25,000 3,000 4,800 841 152 400 4,500 4,361 6,946 October 26,000 3,000 4,800 837 152 400 4,500 4,361 7,957

November 30,000 3,000 4,800 834 152 2,500 5,000 4,361 9,353 December 242,500 36,000 53,262 10,253 1,827 13,200 40,100 52,331 35,536 Total Investment The investment to set up a spa depend on the services you choose to provide. Nic olau said that "the initial investment varies greatly depending on the facility. It can be fitted with many swimming pools, saunas, etc., Which will greatly inc rease the amount. Another cheaper option is to concentrate the treatment area. F or a high quality full-service spa (with beauty services, water area, fitness, e tc.) Investment would be between 1,500 and 1,800 per m2, including cost of plans , engineering, products, tools, implementation, etc. . ". Santos advises "contin ually invest in aesthetics to avoid becoming obsolete." As for recovery time, ca n be reached in two years. Advertising "60% of customers come through word of mouth and the rest by Internet," said San tos. "We have placed advertisements in various media sector, we have published a dvertisements in all types of magazines and have come to the conclusion that the word of mouth and Internet advertising are the main weapons of a spa." However, advertising is a game that you should not neglect, especially the early years, until you have established in the market. According to Nicolau, "the money spent on advertising the first year depends on the initial investment made. For a med ium spa, 20,000 euros would be appropriate. " According to Ramos, "can make agre ements with other companies and shops in the area, mailings to leased databases, outdoor advertising, etcetera." COLLECTIONS Treasury Capital Loan Servicing TOTAL CASH 0 203,269 186,689 170,108 166,452 168,342 172,581 15,544 18,270 22,620 26,535 18 965 27 492 29 077 29 696 39 293 31 784 51 550 30 160 62,904 29,000 231,101 90,000 300,000 Staff costs Depending on the services you offer, you will need a workforce more or less exte nsive. The rotation can become a problem. Santos explains that "there is a const ant turnover, especially in aesthetics,€because there is more supply than deman d and because the times are very broad. " The minimum staff to begin depends on the size of the center. It can be given to two employees per shift (two shifts p er day) and a support person during high season. Nicolau adds that "for a small spa may be sufficient with one or two therapists / beauticians, while for a larg e one may have about 20 employees. It usually has a core staff to cover the most popular treatments, and then hire part-time therapists for specialized therapie s or times of heavy workload. " 90,000 300,000 390,000 203,269 186,689 185,652 184,722 190,962 199,116 162,051 3

,000 3,745 871 1,273 4,591 400 2,700 3,000 3,745 868 1,277 4,591 400 2,700 3,000 4,465 864 1,281 4,591 2,500 2,500 19,200 3,000 3,745 860 1,285 4,591 400 2,500 3,000 5,745 856 1,288 4,591 400 2,500 3,000 4,465 853 1,292 4,591 400 3,500 3,00 0 3,745 849 1,296 4,591 400 3,500 3,000 3,745 845 1,300 4,591 2,500 3,500 3,000 4,891 841 1,303 4,591 400 4,500 3,000 4,171 837 1,307 4,591 400 4,500 3,000 6,32 1 834 1,311 4,591 2,500 5,000 46,457 58,773 71,077 81,710 91,904 621,101 324,101 6,000 36,000 52,524 10,253 15,483 55,092 13,200 40,100 Reform and furniture PAYMENTS Deposits 162 051 6000 Office rent constituted Staf f costs 3745 3000 Interest expense (interest) 875 1270 Fee Loan Repayment Advert ising leasing 4591 2500 2700 TOTAL PAYMENTS Other Expenses 186 731 203 269 CASH BALANCE Jan 16 580 16 580 16,380 18,380 180,151 18,965 July 17,380 19,480 29,077 39,293 Sep Ag 19,526 18,806 23,556 552,753 51,550 62,904 68,348 Oct Nov Dec Reform and furniture The expenditure included in this section will vary greatly depending on the need for adequacy of facilities and services to be provided: more choice, greater in vestment in fixed assets. In our case, we include soundproofing and local reform and the machinery necessary to provide the services of spa and beauty center. A ccounting purposes, be considered as an expense in the Treasury budget (324,101 euros), while shown as a fixed asset in the Balance (461 101 euros). The departu re of gross fixed assets (not including amortization) in this case does not matc h the account for payment of Treasury because in the Balance Sheet include the t otal value of leasing as a financial fixed assets (137,000 euros). 186,689 170,108 166,452 168,342 172,581 Feb Mar Apr May Jun 68 348 Other costs In this section we include costs of electricity, water, maintenance, cleaning. I t is necessary to subcontract to a company specializing in comprehensive control of water. It can cost around 70 euros / month. As for the cleaning of the premi ses, you can outsource or not, depending on whether you wish to incorporate in-h ouse staff for making this work. Either way, proper cleaning of the premises is essential to maintain a good image. Accounted for this account will be considere d as an expense in profit and loss, to accrue the corresponding amount in the mo nth in which the expenditure is incurred (accrual basis of accounting), while re garded as a payment in the Treasury in the period in which make cash (cash accou nting basis). PREVISIONAL BALANCE Fixed assets Fixed assets 461 101 Amortization 12 760 4361 Client Deferred Inter est expense 5328 Treasury, Bonds formed VAT 633 6000 203 269 Cash and bank 684 7 30 TOTAL ASSETS

461,101 461,101 461,101 461,101 461,101 461,101 -8,722 -13,083 -17,444 -21,805 26,165 -30,526 26,680 44,080 49,416 53,766 55,506 55,651 5,176 5,023 4,871 4,719 4,567 4,414 1,266 1,900 2,533 3,166 3,799 4,433 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6 ,000 186,689 170,108 166,452 168,342 172,581 18,965 678,190 675,130 672,930 675, 290 677,389 520,038 90,000 297,457 -10,709 134,564 162,051 480 667 3,680 90,000 90,000 90,000 90,000 90,000 296,180 294,899 293,615 292,326 291,034 -11,507 -11, 202 -7,293 -1,881 4,535 130,607 126,649 122,691 118,733 114,776 162,051 162,051 162,051 162,051 720 240 480 720 240 1,000 1,333 1,667 0 333 6,080 8,960 12,080 1 5,440 19,120 461,101 461,101 461,101 461,101 461,101 -34,887 -39,248 -43,609 -47,970 -52,331 53,679 47,183 44,399 44,399 50,199 4,262 4,110 3,958 3,806 3,653 5,066 5,699 6,3 32 6,966 7,599 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 29,077 39,293 51,550 62,904 68,348 524,298 524,138 529,732 537,206 544,570 90,000 90,000 90,000 90,000 90,000 289,7 39 288,439 287,136 285,828 284,517 9,955 11,279 18,225 26,174 35,527 110,818 106 ,860 102,902 98,944 94,987 480 667 22,640 720 1,000 25,840 246 1,383 29,840 492 1,767 34,000 738 0 38,800 Capital LIABILITIES Bank loans 298 730 90 000 year 6906 Results acre. Personal f inance 162 051 138 522 Suppliers, SS and Finance 240 333 Earnings outstanding Tr easury, an output tax.760 TOTAL LIABILITIES Depreciation Amortization is the accounting transfer to subsequent periods, the expense of in vestment in assets, with the aim of covering the years of useful life of the ass et in question. Each year be allocated a portion of the total value of the acqui sition costs of the financial year under the accounts, provision for the redempt ion of the Income Statement and a credit to accumulated depreciation accounts As set Balance, retailers in this Thus the value of fixed assets depreciated. 684,730 678,190 675,130 672,930 675,290 677,389 520,038 524,298 524,138 529,732 537,206 544,570 â ¤ level. These are the areas where more you know the spa concept by foreign influence. It is also distinguished lot prices. For example, make a treatment in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Marb ella or Mallorca is significantly more expensive than 000 Accounting concepts 'LEASING' do it in any inland city. " As this is a growth industry, the opportunities are greater than those that can offer a mature sector. Here are some: Customization. Offer a personalized customer is your best weapon to differentiate from the com petition. Specialists. Have professionals who can clarify any doubts at all time s and indicate what are the best ways to harness the circuit, it will help your customer loyalty. You can also offer personal training â ¤ the initial investment will depend on the machinery purchased and cosmetic servi ces that we offer. An alternative is to make a lease contract or lease (with a m inimum of two years), which allows L hire-purchase it at a price fixed in advance (residual value). In our course, we signed a lease for three years, a 4% interest to purchase the machinery. In the Account Results: cleared each period a share of the interest accruing account spending by "financ ial expenses." And in the Balance: the signing of the contract shall record the total amount to be amortized in the asset (rights

on assets under lease) within the plant and the interests of 'deferred interest expense. " Debt acquired with suppliers will be reflected in the liability accou nt (lease creditors). EM95PLAN1 12/07/1905 20:02 Page 6 BUSINESS PLAN TWO CASE STUDIES Franchises in the water S i are thinking of setting up a spa, you can go into business on your own or join a franchise. In the market there are interesting options that you should consid er when settle. "In this sector have started to emerge some franchises focused o n urban spas targeting their services to an audience of managerial positions," s aid Linda Nicolau, managing director of Ecologic Natural Spa (www.ecologicspa. C om). However, franchising sector are not only focused on urban spas. This is the case of Ecolo gic Natural Spa also offers its services to hotels that are interested in increa sing its offer with a spa. This is also the case of other shows in the industry: Sun and Water (902 220 100). It belongs to Unique Spa (, a com pany with four main business lines: urban spas, including hotels, golf courses a nd gyms who wish to diversify their business. According to Isabel Rey, the marketing department of the company, "Sol y Agua is supported by the company Unique Spa, dedicated to the design, construction and management of spa areas." These lessons offer advice to their franchisees on eve rything needed to mount a spa: from design, civil works, human resources, access to economies of scale, etc., In addition to the possibility, in some cases, to opt businesses turnkey. " UNIQUE SPA DIVI Sun and Water is based on three pillars: the urban spa is the star of the franch ise for its innovation and high demand, the center provides high performance tan ning and beauty center offers personalized spa treatments and loyalty to clients of the center. Headquarters: Bravo Murillo, 377 1 G-H. 28020, MADRID and contac t Phone: 902 220 100 (José Cantero) Country of origin: Spain Investment approxi mated by m2: 1,600 EUR Canon Input: 12,000 'Royalty' annual 4% from the sixth mo nth (subject to cover operating costs) Canon advertising: 1% Term of contract: 5 years minimum local area: 250 m2 Minimum population: 30,000 Expansion: In popul ations with more than 30,000 inhabitants Ecologic Natural Spa Ecologic Natural Spa is a franchise that, according to Linda Nicolau, this is a luxury spa in the decoration of each company is different,€adapting to the pers onality of the environment, local, and so on. Headquarters: C / Delme, 55. 07 01 0, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) Phone and contact person: 97 176 85 87 (Linda Nicol au) Investment NEW reform (including civil works, plant, machinery, appliances, furniture, products and start-up): From 1650 euros / and 2.150 m2 per m2 Investm ent 'spa' existing (including civil works and equipment): From 250 to 450 per m2

per m2 Canon entry: From 2,000 euros to 12,000 euros, according to investment ( special fee) opening new marketing fee : From 2,500 euros to 12,500 euros depend ing on investment, location, etc.. 'Royalty' Monthly: 3% on local advertising re venue Canon: 1% per month on general advertising revenue Canon: From 150 euros t o 300/mensuales as investment, location, etc.. Contract: 3 years minimum local a rea: 100 m2 On the left., Isabel Rey, Unique Spa, which is part of Sun and Water, and, above these lines, Linda Nicolau, Ecologic Natural Spa. â ¤ nishing for children, elderly, people with specific medical conditions ... all within a schedule as broad as possible to adapt to the needs of your customers. Diversification. The potential for diversification into other areas are high: t he most common is to complement the services provided at the spa to beThe investment will depend in large measure, the equipment and services we offer Illustration: David Villarrubia. Photo: Luis Miguel Gonzalez. vices of a spa. However, there are many more options and can be diversified with different devices, tanning salon, and even Entrepreneurs 'on line' In can download the business plans released to date: estate agency, restaurant, travel agency, language school, translation agency, house, advertising agency, gym, delicatessen shop, software company clothing store, vid eo store, adventure tourism, event, Hair, herbal, bar, driving, Internet consult ing, nursery, wine shop, farm manager, bakers, chemists, law firm, company refor ms, shop animals, photo shop, catering business, service to communities, telemar keting company, dance studio, nursery, messaging, computer shop and bookstore. hairdresser. Offering a comprehensive service, always related to beauty and well ness can help you increase your clientele. However, this diversification can als o be a threat as other companies, such as hotels, gyms, spas, etc .- are includi ng, increasingly, within its portfolio of products and services, some that are u nique to spa, such as whirlpools or jacuzzi, among many others. Celia Garcia 000