NOTICE TO USERS: ASSISTANT (E) S Anesthesia (IADE) IN STRIKE Thursday, March 11, 2010. Role of the Nurse Anesthetist?

The Graduate Nurse Anesthetist State (IADE) is a close associate of Physician an esthesiologist in the practice of anesthesia and in the broader organization of this activity. The Nurse Anesthetist has an exclusive function. He takes care of the concurrent actions of anesthesia (infusion, endotracheal intubation, mechan ical ventilation, etc. ...). Its primary role for patient safety also includes checking, preparation and maintenance of anesthesia equipment. The Nurse Anesthetist provides independently monitoring and maintenance of anesthes ia, awakening, and some cutting tasks such as hygiene anesthesia, equipment moni toring, pharmacovigilance and blood monitoring. The anesthesia team is often com pared to the crew of a plane with a pilot and a co-pilot. During a flight, the r isks are high takeoff and landing, it is the same for the anesthesia, the risks are high in falling asleep and waking. Physician Anesthesiologist is, anyway, th e captain but he is assisted by a Nurse Anesthetist who has verified all the mat erial, prepared all medications and emergency anesthesia before surgery. This en sures Nurse Anesthetist, often alone, surveillance during the operation along wi th the awakening (landing) for your security, he sent a care Physician Anesthesi ologist while maintaining their skills through appropriate actions in emergency . This is the daily anesthesia teams in France. The vast majority of oversight o f anesthesia in France is conducted by nurses anesthetists whose profession is t otally unknown to the general public and apparently not considered at fair value through the Ministry of Health. Why strike? The MoU, signed February 2, 2010, by a small minority union in the public hospit al, admitted to State Certified Nurses (FDI) the level of study "license" and pr ovided in return , an upgrading. The Nurse Anesthetists (IADE), who extended their studies by 24 months of nursin g specialization (BAC +5) with an entrance to the school competition and conditi ons (two years of nursing practice), wish to see evolve their recognition office and pay the Master 2. The Nurse Anesthetists demanding recognition for their hi gh level of education, responsibilities, skills and the difficulty of their prof essional practice, which includes keeping them in Class A active. However, Rosel yne Bachelot, supported by some members want to find to spend the entire chain s edentary category A nurse explaining that there are no Class A active while we I ADE, are already there! Roselyne Bachelot, we consider t'elle schedules and offi ce work? While we chain guards or standby duty at all hours, 7 days on 7 and all year round. The Government proposes to recognize timidly Nurse (s) level "Licen se" (Bac +3) and IADE level "Master (Bac +5), the better! Together, the Ministry has proposed a reassessment of their wages in an overhaul of the grids to the d etriment of Nurse Anesthetists who have the training time and the longer the onl y ones with an exclusive function. The IADE (5 years) are in this new protocol was the smallest increase of the who le sector nurse. We feel impaired by the Ministry with regard to our responsibil ities and our know-how. We want this text to explain our profession and our demands, some interventions were canceled Thursday, March 11 because of our movement, therefore we have a du ty to inform the population. If you want to have more information here is the ad dress of the primary site on which the profession debate: / Regards