0 Promotion Module 1 - Techniques on Facebook In the section on facebook techniques to look at some ideas and strategies that we can accomplish within this popular social network to leverage their technical characteristics in order to build our brand, build trust and credibility, getti ng exposure, visibility and traffic to our sites web. Page 1 The Hound on Facebook Unlike twitter, where conversations are 100% public by default and can be seen b y strangers on facebook we can not review the conversations of others without fi rst are friends of ours, so you start to network and meet people to know whether it is worthwhile or not to make friends of them can be a bit more complicated. But we find the interests of a person for groups in which you and the friends he has. So, if someone is a friend of Alejandro Alvarez Ayala, Alejandro Figueroa, Juan Carlos Olaya Zapata, or is in a facebook group called "MLM Expert" or some thing like that ... surely interested in the multi ... right? If we multilevel d istributors are, we would get along, then, because that person would be a potent ial qualified prospect with whom to do business in the future multilevel. How ar e these people? In facebook we have a very effective search box above, the right . We can look for words like "Network Marketing" "MLM", "Business" "Marketing", "The Secret", "law of attraction", "financial freedom" and so on. In doing so, w e will find groups and pages contain people who are in the multi-industry and ot her businesses on the Internet, or at least they are looking for alternative way s to generate income. We can find some pages of MLM companies and affiliate prog rams typical and popular, not only ours. This alone would have already qualified prospects for a good time ... NOTE: Add massively large numbers of people in ou r social network accounts will always lead to problems with the facebook twitter and so on, because it goes against the rules. Be sure not adding over 30 people a day to be in the security zone. Anyway you should bring at least respect them all, so not a good idea to add too many people. Choose only the most interestin g as profiles, their descriptions, and so on. Page 2 Calls educated Now we know how to find qualified people can be transformed into a valid prospec tus. Now we must learn to come to a good start in the relationship with people. Facebook allows you to send a message with the friend requests, to identify with the other person and / or to convince it is worth accepting our request. Please try using a short text, albeit pre-engineered, to greet all those people who ar e adding on facebook. This increases the percentage of admissions, therefore the percentage of friends, and the probability of generating qualified traffic to y our website. It would be nice to send something like: Hello [your name], My name is [your name] and I am multi-entrepreneur. I think y ou're so minded and you have to mine, so I would like to help us to connect and establish win-win relations between us. I hope you accept me! Yours sincerely, [ your name] But you better look for some text that is 100% yours, personalized, and bring ou t the best. For example, if you do your business from Internet because you're a housewife with two children ... could perhaps be well to mention hard to attract other women like you ... And who knows if you could create a super organization of women entrepreneurs housewives! The similarities between people create stron g bonds of trust. If there is anything particular you consider yourself useful t o attract others, do not hesitate to mention it in your request for friendship o r your presentation! Page 3 The welcome at facebook

A prospectus may just accepted a friendly relationship with you on facebook, and then comes the long awaited question: How to start our relationship with this p erson? Enter the wall of a person or group and start putting unsolicited offers on "the super mega hyper opportunity of the moment that nobody can lose" ... rej ected simply because it is pure SPAM. We are in the 21st century, and no one bel ieves all that :-) Please, do not talk about multilevel companies, payment plans , products, or make sales pitches! Still not the time that, you're just presenti ng! "To you I would have them do that? It may not bother you, but it sure would ignore such a person. The other person is a human being like you and like you re act to this behavior.€You need to develop a behavioral model smarter, more huma n, more empatito, if you want to succeed socially. Try posting a link to a video or article where you offer some content of value and that is your own making. A video about leadership, an article on the major errors committed by the entrepr eneur, a review of some interesting book you've read in connection with a busine ss on the Internet ... Whenever we go to do not SPAM and unsolicited bids receiv ed should be better and make friends, which could generate traffic to our websit e and become prospects for our business ... if it works out later. The secret is to promote QUALITY generated content, rather than promotion of certain products and services, without which we have so requested. If we act that way, we will n ever be perceived as undesirable persons are doing SPAM, and we can get closer t o other people ... or rather attract them to us. Page 4 Advanced welcome facebook This mini strategy is an extension of "welcome to facebook." A very professional welcome and improve performance is by uploading a video on facebook with the me ssage you want to give as a welcome to your new friends. Every time you have a n ew friend, instead of sending a private message text or place a greeting in your wall, you can label it directly to your video quickly and easily to introduce y ourself! Not only is fast and convenient, but it is professional and powerful at the same time to communicate with higher level of detail to your fan base on Fa cebook. In addition, as you label your new friend in your video, it will appear on your wall and all his friends will be also published. That many eyeballs whic h could run into your video presentation ... so if your video is good enough, at tractive and valuable, you could end up with a large fan club in no time. WARNIN G: Some people would consider improper implementation of this strategy. While de pends very much on the type of content you put in your video presentation, also greatly influenced by the type of character you have the other person. If you pu t the right content, a greeting, your presentation, and do not put any kind of a ttempt to sell or recruitment is not requested ... the possibility of negative r eactions down to almost 0% but it is still possible to happen. Such reactions ca n be seen especially in other entrepreneurs who already have a significant fan b ase and take a little less friendly attitudes and more defensive in front of oth er entrepreneurs. While these people are a minority, are out there and you might find yourself with some. In this case, apologize and continue with your work an ywhere else, without giving greater importance. Page 5 Create your tribe There is a concept of the psychology of sales when shopping or making important decisions like going into business, and that very few online entrepreneurs know. We call it "window of decision." It is the length of time that must pass from o ne person knows your product or service until it can decide to buy. Each person has a different decision window, and it can be very long. It can also be modifie d by many factors of his life. For example, an entrepreneur might not be interes ted in multilevel our business because it already has a business and it works we ll, but maybe next year the situation will change and might want to listen to ou r proposal. Therefore, it is very effective to offer our product to a person or

business and retire immediately if he says NO, practically no one to have a deci sion window of minutes, and less important decisions. The solution to this probl em is to maintain the relationship indefinitely ... until the time is right for that person, which we never decided. How can we maintain a relationship with tha t person indefinitely and keep close to us until you can open the space to a bus iness relationship? Creating a tribe to which people want to belong, because you get some benefit for it. Opens your own group or Facebook page, but do it aroun d your personal brand, not your company or multilevel affiliate program. The ide a is that you offer generic content valuable and useful resources for other memb ers of the group or page, even if we do not want to have business relations with you. That could change later. A good idea is to use the strategy of "salad" tha t we've already shown, to combine good content from other sites with your own, i n an appropriate proportion. With the passage of time, and if they have offered a good service from your group€people will be more faithful to you than to any company or sponsor, and the trust you Page 6 gladly receive your business offers, because they will want to work with a solut ions provider like you. Just wait for the decision window progresses, each perso n, and in the end everything will go alone. This is how leaders are attracted hu ndreds of prospects to them: they just keep large numbers of "not concerned" abo ut them, provide value, and waiting to be transformed spontaneously interested. After a year of working with this strategy, the constant flow of prospects and i nexhaustible. The other advantage of creating your tribe if you are an entrepren eur or affiliate multilevel, is to immunize your business. Because of your input value within your tribe, people will be more faithful to you than the brand you represent. That is, you'll be the real brand for them. So if anything happens t o your current business and you decide or you're forced to switch companies ... you always bring all your people with you, wherever you go, because they want to get the extra value you bring to the members of your tribe and know they're in business you are, you will always be adding value and you can have results and h elp your team to have the same results. Here is the second great secret of marke ting leaders, especially the multi-level marketing: Immunize your business and w hatever happens will always have a rabid fan club which will provide support. Th is is a very powerful concept. If you've ever wondered how some people appear fr om nowhere in a business, and within a week have exorbitant amounts of clients a nd / or distributors ... Now you know the cause: they have a "tribe" that follow s them wherever they go. Create your tribe is the difference between good result s, or results exceptional. Page 7 Alliance between tribes Multilevel Find other entrepreneurs who are starting to become leaders and have their own groups on facebook. Maybe members of your group on facebook in turn ha ve their own groups, so it might be a good idea to start sharing with them. Offe r them the opportunity to promote your group within you, in return for them to d o the same thing. If you're thinking this is a bad idea because it allows member s of your group go to other groups and may sign on the computer of others ... Re member that to succeed you must think unlike most ... or will the results of the majority. Just so you'll better understand a very simple example: It is an idea l situation but it is far from what we have seen in the real world: Imagine that you are a successful multi-enterprise, which is participating in a related oppo rtunity telecommunications. In your Facebook group you are providing excellent c ontent and generic training for other entrepreneurs to learn and improve you. Ev erything is going perfectly. You have a group of 100 people who love marketing, Network Marketing love, love your personality, your items, all your content ... why stay in your group ... but half the people in your group hate telecommunicat ions, mobile phones and all that. Never enter your instructor excellent opportun ity for business to be. Having those 50 people in your group, apparently do not serve anything. But if you make an alliance with another entrepreneur, things ch

ange: Suppose you side with another entrepreneur specializing in travel-related opportunity. This entrepreneur has another group of 100 people, which promotes t he content of value: marketing resources, etc. multilevel strategies. Page 8 In his group of 100 people, everyone loves marketing, business, multilevel. So a re there, but half of these people hate the travel and tourism because people ar e well known at home What will happen if you do a cross promotion between groups ? At the end of the process, the two entrepreneurs will have a group of 150 pers ons each, of the 100 are qualified and the other 50 did not hurt, besides being able to bring us to other qualified persons, and speak well of us as help build our brand and our reputation online. The 50 that I "do not serve," serve my ally . The 50 that "no use" to my partner, I serve myself. People share in our groups , but there is really no competition. Therefore ... seek alliances between tribe s and carry it out. Never will come out losing. It is scientifically proven. Page 9 The picture viral facebook In facebook is a very powerful thing are the labels.€The original labels are us ed to identify people in photos. If I upload a picture on facebook where I am wi th my friend, normally I tag it, and so he knows that I posted a picture where y our face goes. This, by default, you also visible in the wall for all your frien ds, not just for him. Do you give any idea why? You can post a photo on facebook original, fun, or to provide value and content. For example, in Internet runs a very popular image with a "map" of all major social networks. That would be a g ood image to use with this technique. After that, tag your friends in them (alth ough not actually appear in the photo). That photo will be seen not only friends , but by the friends of your friends, which opens possibilities for new people i nterested in you. It all depends on the quality of your content, as always. NOTI CE: As in other creative techniques that fall outside the rules for standard use of social networks can generate controversy and negative reactions in some mino rity of users. Therefore, this technique should only be used with people with wh om we have a minimum of trust, because it could be considered SPAM if it is too intrusive. Page 10 The viral video on Facebook This small extension of the prior art, apply the special case that we would use a video instead of a photo or image. If we focus on providing valuable content t o our social network, one possibility would be to shoot a video with our webcam, and with the help of video recording system to record a video facebook where we talked about techniques, strategies, ideas, utilities, views on the scene of In ternet marketing or the market niche we want to win, always trying to bring the contents of a generic form and full of value. What NOT SERVE: ⠢ To talk about ou r opportunity multilevel XYZ and the 99 reasons why it is the best timing. ⠢ To speak ill of the affairs of others with the hope that the leave and join us. Tha t would be criminal ... What If I serve, for example: ⠢ Perform an interesting v ideo on the current status and future of cold prospecting techniques for multi-b usiness and direct sales ⠢ Share a technique learned in a marketing course onlin e or marketing with social networks, and explain in your own words, without goin g into detail, leaving the viewer wanting to know more ⠢ Launch interesting ques tions and open-air debates about business on the Internet, so that when we make an end of the video call to action and invite people to watch the video to "leav e your comments below." ⠢ Provide feedback and convey your opinion about the las t seminar you've witnessed. NOTE: Again, it should be noted that the labeling of content where people do not actually appear, may cause some discomfort in a min ority of people. Using this technique, trying to provide high value, zero sales,

and being the most from careful as possible, applying the technique only among people with a modicum of trust already built. If in doubt, do not use! Page 11