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I! MFOCRIUM !;';[ P r:: ts; ": IRS .. CTP.lfrI ru ~ ~ s ~ ~ IBE.PGrafl AcabirnEllto the IJ & To leave 0 day to day even more tasty. Can I say that with e5 ~ rne magazine feel ma! S next to ~ 'OCC5, The receltas t hat ensinc ne televlsso. can now be presented; 'n_didac; equi.Bem explained and with a aquelcs! UqLl qIJ S-12 I love teaching, procurer rncstrer that cooking need not be a obrlgacao asks ple asures September ULTI-T_ I dtgo'''. SO POT own experience, since the Ioi cullnar la to me. aurdou to support my family and;; J proflssionalmente grow. I r aliz ad8. cern mats I2S5 "ccnquistn and 5ei Ljue you:;; 50 fundamental part of this j ont qIJ a.pe CSTA-12-nils beginning. TodQ5 the m.eS '~ tr3rei suggestions of c andy. Selgas, m8.SSilS, salads and cores pa.ra prepare mats in various ccaslces. Cclecione <IS revtsras, save 8.S [' sects. pols they serac always useful. €€1 cup ce L'dcara i cothes Lcclher €€requeijEio (ella) (soup) Air; uc., R 280g 200g 14g 9g Rice 16Dg 109 Am [109 100g of Corn Parinha oe trjgo l65g l3g 212g 5g R05CEl 160g flour 12g and mendcce 160g beans AgiJa 250ml milk and 10ml i50ml i5ml Mecerrao 100g 1I., 1aJ1lsigae 200g 20g 109 M "rgarina Salt 16g 4g 6g NIU pyateieirlU Bakery. Puclim Pad aria Baguette of Tcmete Section .. ArgQlinh:;:. LS Coconut ..... . .. Pac Dace ..... ........ 4 .......... 6 7 .......... 8 9 pfTl11.M ' cuca of Maga '10 Pave Tropical .. .. .. 11

Guava Flan .. . .. 12 Surprise Banana 13 Ctutti + ut lasagna Talherlne 14 Gnocchi Recheaco oe Chicken and Cheese 15 Da Terra. Eggplant Salad Itahana Becheedos straws .... Zucchini ltalian,. SMorM of CMIT File Acebclado. Chicken with Cream .. ............ 16 . 17 . 17 . .. 18 . 19 'File Chicken and Maltlo of zsprnerre .. Escalope oe tcmtento Brstequlnha the Brazilian . 20 21 ........ 22 LtUt.dum.de Pastelalnho of fumace .. American Sandwich .. Rsoles of Pelmlto. .23. .... 24. .. 25 bi 'of Vidt Tomatoes Stuffed .. . 26 aocamoote Special Arraz .. . 27 Gravatinha with Green Cream. 28

White Chocolate Mousse torte oe 29 Candy store. T orta Dutch Pelmirinha. Fluffy Cake .. Mcsse Pie Ice Cream Cone Dinffo DTJ MM Salrnao an Sauce .. Cacao in Morenga .. L0 ~

Endereytrr. ...... 30. ... 30 .......... 31 . 32 . .33 "34 34 Time aproxlmado pal'il the preparation of the I ' c Rendimenrc each recclta Satdlnha stcerrte Tomato Sauce, Gomes da Costa. U.S. $ 1.60 To accompany the most varied recipes and give more to the uiti goshnho prates. t he novelty and rich sauce and nutrlentcs ja vern ready pill'il consumes 0. Salad Arum. Coquelto. The $ 3.99 Tuna Salad And UMN Ccqueiro cia novelty. They c an be found in Duj. $ Versions: Salad with Mayonnaise and Arum Salt of the Tuna with fcijao and vegetables. Activin, Adria. U.S. $ 2.30 The new line predates Activtta of Adria and composts rnassas dried by three CC [ CiJis and Soybean + Calcia. Free gcrdcra trans.€the masses are a source of proremas an d calclo. eM Green arenet, Matta Theon. RS 3.50 Matte Leao the ends of the home-car prlrnelra Versace Green Chi Crane! the paren ts. With zero calories, beblda and made of leaves of green tea. A pack of 150 grams it <l.


is 20 liters More Pura Vita Soy. Yoldi Allmantcs. $ 3.00 Prepared with the exh-ale soybean and aguo, 0 possul a product and you can learn neutrc usadc for 0 to pre pare any recipe or taken as juice. Ideal parol who wants a ulirneruacsc saudavcl without sacriffcios. Sauces Espectats, Fuglni. £ 1.05 (flnes areas) £ 1.56 (azeitcna and mushrooms). $ 1.69 Icalatiresal The Fugini Lant, or four new flavors in sauces turnote sache. azeitnnas with sau ce. rnolhu with herbs. with pepperoni and chempignon. Pudding mixes, Dr. Oetker. $ 2.10 (Maria Mole and Quindim) Misrures for pudding and Maria Mole Quindilll are the n ews from Dr. Oetker easy to make, Oulndim jt 0. Vern with coconut POU "Il be added for 0 and 0 Pcdim prepares Marla Mole ja \ 112m with syrup ceramelo Think Light Net, Batavo. R $ 6.49 Two new flavors complement the line Think Ligh t: Vitamin, urn Maillao mix, Banana c Mm; aea versso Ametxa. that can set matche s ell 'cmbalagens of 850g. Petgbon Grano Duro lntegrall, Petybon. U.S. $ 2.80 (500g) In versces Perine and Spaghetti,! 'I ncvn Hnhe rnassas-Ntende of the needs of th at consurnidorcs buscaru adtcionar <rnais beautiful fibers and the suns protetna s meals Pcmarola with Ricotta Oregano, i (nor'r 'Vitalie. A $ 2.70 With 0% fat and salt quaundades range reduc ed, the new Hnha of tomato sauces from Knorr also know in this disponfvel Champi gnon with Manjencac Bread pudding, fngredlentes ~ ~ V2 liter lelte 3 cents ;, 50g quellc wonderful guy ~ sog shredded coconut ~ "H k: g sugar ~ 250g flour Mode Faaer Syrup: In a panels cctocue 0 sugar and water. Mix. Boil until caramel give Polit o (ce-ca 10 minutes on high heat), Do not mess mels for not acocarar. The segutr , caramelize a rerme recond oe fum in the center. Reserve.

Pudding: In a blender beta 0! Eite and eves. Junta 0 0 cheese and coconut and be ta novarrente. Add sugar 0 and flour. Mix. Place! as caramelized reserved. Take to the floor to take in a b ain-marie .. preheated (20QoC) by 40-45 rninotos. Syrup ;, Xlceras 2 (cha) of the UCAR ~, ¥ 2 xloara (chill water Method of Making In refratarlo. esferele 0 0 fermentc and place sa 'Mlsture until llquioo urn. 8 Join with warm water. Reserve. In a bowl. coroque tarlnha the wheat (a book poueo), 0 Asoka, the OVO l ightly hit, 0 oil and rnistura the reser-eoa Stir with wooden spoon. Superflcie a smooth, save the dou gh, sernpre enfannhanuo. Open it with elucidates (10 roll. Rnargarlna Spread the ice to score it with a knife and auxnto oobre. Reserve. Recheto: Mlsture a rerr arano the rnusserera, 0 seeo tamale, the mozzarella butata, 0 and 0 manjeticao S alt Book . Roll out the dough with 0 cercererente role. Fill. enrclanoo Close as a beguete. knife cuts on it, corn 0 aid of er-ie Iaca and Cotoque in a assadet it. Plncefe with egg yolk and sprinkle queiio relado. Cover it with paper and arumrnlo oelxe doubled in bulk. te-medic and only oven, preheated pai r 30-35 mlnutos. Bt1juAe T (J11.UJ.; /: dry Ingredients - Pasta ~ 2 tablets baking pan • 1 tbsp her (dessert) shallow salt ~ 150 ml of warm water ~ 400g of farlnha tngo • 1 tablespoon (chill of sugar • 1ovo CCJ ~ 3-eree (soup) of oil • 100g margarine (geladal Filling .. 200g kefir] o nee musserela • 200g dried tomatoes ~ 100g of rnusaarela Butala .. 1 cup (cha) of basil oil • Salt gusto .. lovo for brushing ~ QuelJo type parmesac raiacc to polvllhar Ingredients

~% Kg flour tngo ~ 5 tablespoons (50Pa) of it! (UCAR ~ 1 spoon (soup) to au mantelga mereertna ~ 2 cents ~ 1 cup (coffee) from lette ~ 1 col her (so pal ~ baking powder Oil for frying Coverage ~ 1 xleara (chil) of sugar 1 cup (tea) water ~ 1 package shredded ecce Method of Making Nurtas refratano, colcque the tartnha (reserving a little), 0 ecucar. the mentei ga. the O \ LOS levernente barldos, 0 and 0 termento yen. Mlsture with their han ds up to get hcrnogeneo. Next. seve sobrs suoerncte a smooth and enfartnhada (1, 158 reserved flour). Grab <:: IS pcrcoes mass and raga like corcces (nhoquel. Un a bridges and trite in hot oil. Remove and esccrra on paper towels. Next pass coverage and I1a per o rder, coconut raledo. Topping: Mix the water and ecrcar IlUIn refract. Sweet PM Ingredhmtes ~ 45g of yeast for bread ~ 1 cojner (CMJ-salt • 1-Y.:; Xieera (chit) of warm lelte • 1 (xlcara cha) of at; UCAR Cclheres ~ 3 (soup) of margarine ~ 2 DVOS IntelR ~ Fertnha.de wheat until dough wear) 'Udar the hand Method of Making Crumble 0 0 fermsnto and add salt. Add lelte 0 momo and set aside. numbered vasllna large colcque 0 aCiucar the ntenteiga, cs l eoemente tench eggs, yeast reservaoo and tarmha 0. 0 masse enough to unglue of h ands. Mix the cads bern lngrediente acicionado. Knead (3 superticle masse in a f lat. Acrescentanco Farmham when necessary - models the pees. ccoqoe in a d if making a thread. debe descansanoo until doubled in me preaquecldo (1500 C) for 10-15 minutes. Increase the d that pair plus 30 minutes. In total, eight of 35 pass Ingtedientes. Mass way unteda polvilhade an bulk. Lightweight and Fe temperature to 1800 C an Assaracus 45 rrenutos

.1 Xicera (chil) a,:: UCAR )% Cup (in) or mantelga margerlna .2: Eggs .. Xlcatas 2 (cha) flour trtgo • Zest of llmac • 1 tbsp her (chil) from fennento in po ~ 2 m8gas Far () fa • 'h xicera (cha) flour trlgc ~. LF2 xieara (cha) of the UCAR ~ • AC / .. xieara (cha) of butter and chopped ice • cinnamon powder to taste Mooo Making Mass; In oeteoene coioque 0 artucar and rnantelga. Beat until creamy. Disconnect . Add eggs and bats again. Add to tarinha and shallow Hmao. Take Dater. Add 0 fe nnento deticadarnente in p6 and stir with a spatula. coroooe the mass obtained i n assadelra background file false \ n ~ 25), and smeared polvllhada. Distribute on rauas masse to a stretcher and tarofa. Bring to Ierne preacueotdo (180 ~ C) for 20-25 mmutos. Farofa; in place the urn reclplente farlnha, 0 sugar and mantelga prcada and icy . Stir with euxilic urn of a harmonica eta cbter crumbs. Add cinnamon to taste. PaueTY ~ Ingredlentes illata of Telti eondenaado) the same measure of milk ~ 1 cclher (soup) of the amide mi'lho ~ 3 egg yolks ~ 1 can cream • 3 lette ctaras in snow ~ 3 col women (sopal of a.;; UCAR) 1 can cream rette ~ 1 can of pineapple in syrup ~ 1 saccte blscotto of chocolate Method of Making In a parel colooue le'te corcrensaco 0, 0 milk (reserve a poucol, 0 emldo of rru illo disso1vidos yolks and milk reservaoo. Delxe boil until thickened. Nesugue a nd jum ¥ 2 leta cream oe rene. Beat the egg whites 0 acccer corn snow. ecresce nte 0 off and remaining cream Leila. Mounting: In urn rec'piente interoale layered the blsconos. Cream 0, 0 abacad pt cado pair and order the egg whites. Decorate to taste ) 5; sli ~; Qbacallf ~ r ~ p £ (lS Mon .. . (Imei ~ a $ (lll ~ z ~

Ingredients ~ 500ml ~ geteba suce for a can of lelte eondensado ~ 'H cup (chil) juice of li mao ~ 4 batldas clergy in snow ~ 2 ceeeree (soup) of the! Fox ~ 1 envelope unflavored gelatlna ~ 4 spoons (soup) of water ~ Oil for greasing Way of doing In blender, place of gciaba SUGO 0. Rete ccndensado 0 and 0 of EUCC llmao. Beta well and set aside. In betedeira, corcque elates and beta in the snow, sugar acr escentanco 0, 0 llquldo reserved Board and hydrated gelatine con forme;; IS lnstnrcoes embelagem cia. corooue refratarl o in a glass urn flo smeared with oil, take it to chill for 4 hours. ossenrcrme. Slrva with syrup or goieba rrutas. Ingredlentes - Creme ~ 1 ° parte IItro% of lette 4 soup spoons ~ () 8 ~ ~ 4 egg yolks UCAR ~ 4 col heres (soup)-rases starch rnilho • Drops of vanilla chips au llmio • 200 ml cream lelte Cream 2 ° parte ~ 1% xteara (cha) from i:: 1I, u-car ~ Juice of half jlmao • 6 bananas nanlcas Fatle towards length Sl.Ispiro .3 Whites .6 Co1heres (soup) <i'Yucar Mode FazElr 1 ° parte cream: In a saucepan. 0 put milk (reserving a little), 0 agucaf, egg y olks lightly HDRB E! 0 dissoMdo starch in milk that was reserved. Stir until thickened and connbe Icerca 7 minutes). Stirring, remove from fire and the ootcione ectasia zaspas vanilla or lemon and cream lelte. Reserve. Cream - Part 2: In skillet URRE, ECAC and coroqce 0 0 HmOO juice. Me ~ 0 ctssoner sharpen up and get the caramel color. Remove from heat a nd colcoue fauaoas bananas in the sentdo compnmento. Add urn little mare and he colin bananas per few minutes. Susplro: In batedeua, place the egg whites and beta in the snow. Join the echoca

rdiographic and continue beating. Assembly; retratario In a medic, merge layered cream and bananas. Set to 0 to si gh in a pastry bag with nozzle pjtanga. Distribute cream on 0. Bring to fumace u ntil it hurts (approximately 5 mimnos). tngredtentes ~ 7 '.2 kg talharine off .. -Y: t tttrc sauce tcmate ~ agog ham .. 300g raqueljac CfsmOSO ~ Aoog TLPC mozzarella cheese .. Queljo type neernesac raladc to polvljhar Method of Making Cczinhe 0 macarrac according to the mstrucoes ernbalagem. Drizzle 0 fundc of rer rateno urn with some met-and tomato. lntercate cer-iauae of noodles. sauce, the ham ranas. 0 requenac. mozzarella, 0 macerrac and tinsiize with sauce to-etc. Po fvllhe raledo with cheese. Take aD lomo pars browning. • Mass Ingredlellte5 ~ 1 kg ~ bateta cozlda 10vQ ~ 2 cups (cha) of farloha tr! Go ~ Salt to taste Rechel ~ A pelt of chicken seasoned desftauo ~ 200g creamy requeije'io Sauce ~% Of lelte utre ~ 1 package cream tie queue,% ma-yo watercress "1 can of cream ~ Grated Parmesan cheese type for pol \ lilhar Method of Making Cook the betatas (al dente! And pass by the masher. Colcque-es and to add them in urn reciplenre 0 Olio, flour and sa lt 0. Mrsture tern with the hands. Take oorcoes of dough and flatten with Palm cia hand. Spread over eje reoueuao 0 and 0 jrango. Eruule as bojinha Iuuhze remne to poMlllarJ. C01inhe fervenre in water until the balls scbrem. Sauce: In a saucepan, put some milk urn and 0 cream cheese. Stir until thickened tevernen re. 0 restarrte Add milk and let thicken. Disconnect. xc-ESCEM the Agna picadc a nd 0 lelte cream. Desoele on 0 gnocchi depots ready,

satuI.A Italian Berinjeia Ingredlerrtes ~ 6 berlnielas sliced ~ Water and vlnagre the Amount;;; lldes necessaries ~ 1 cup (tea) from azeH: e ~ 1 pfmentao vermefhn ~ 1 plmentao green .. Ptmentac a yellow .. 6 garlic cloves .. 100g onions in store .. 100g olive .. 1 xicere (cha) of green cebollnha picad.a,% xlcera (CMJ nuts PLCAD .. 1 xtcere (chi) of raisins ~ Salt and Plmenta Finger-of-M ~ to the gcste Sauce .. Y2 xlcara (cha) olive oil •% cup (tea) from the Salt Viñegra ~ gcsto Mode Faloria Let renu to soak in water and vinegar together two teres. The segulr, colcque 0 / 2 liters of ern cma water pot and efervente them. In a skillet, hea% ~ cup (MS) and Aaen mre. seperadarnente the pimentces. Remove and set aside. Use 0 0 even proceoimeo ro with garlic. cebclinhas in the store, the azeltones and green onions. Sauce: in a coiccue rettatanc xicera% (chi!) Of eeene. ! H cup (tea, vinegar and salt to taste. Mix. Water Fund 0 0 urn with refractory molt1o. Fa ~ a camaoas w ith berinjejas the o'meruao veme.nc. Oefinjela again ptmentac green garlic. Bert raetas , nuts, pirrerna Finger of Mo4ja-seeded (opclonal), U \ Ia passes. rrot ho, salt (Optional) ezeltones pirnentao and yellow. Motnees Drizzle with the res t of the chives and salpiqce pieaoa. Ingredients - Pasta • 2 cups (eM) ~ del flour 1 color her (chil) salt • 2 spoons (soup) of eguardente) '3 tablespoons (sops) from eteo • 'h cup (of ague chill • Olelo) for frying Rechel ~ 3 spoons (soup) of Eleo or olive oil 1 onion plead ~::. ~ 1 tomato plcadc


~ 1 glass palmlto 112 ~ cup requelJaD ~ Parsley and the cebolilnha gcste ~ 2 eolheres (soup) farlnha of wheat (If NECESSARY) Method of Making Massa! In a recloente colcque flour, salt 0, and 0 to aguaruente oil. MisttJre w ith moos. Acres.;: Moma loved the water to give up fXIUCOS bridge. Then knead a saber supertcie smooth. Deke rest for 15 minutes. Open rnassa with 0 roo (good t ank for crisp). Cut it into strips and wind cone-cas-es in the cenuoos alumlnio. Fnte in 61eo cueme well, remove and drain Bechein: In a Panet rerogue Heat the oil and onion. Add 0-c delxe tcmate and wit her. Join palrnlto 0. Requeijao 0, 0 salt. seasonings to taste, and salsinlia ce bclinhe (to be more crernoso, adiclone: 8 flour). In_gfedlentes • 300g lean ground beef 1 ~ cebela ~ Parsley and chives to gostc) ready to taste Spices ~ ~: I (2: Dear (chill rice "8 abebrtnnes ,. Lcebela ~ S.alsinha and cebollnha to taste Sauce ;, 2 chopped tomatoes chopped ~ 1 eebcla ,, 'Iz cup (cha) olive oil Method of Making Season the meat with onion, satslnha the cebolinba eight seasonings. Jcme 0 unco oked rice. Mix and set aside. Open the zucchini on the compliance and remove the pulp. 0 8 coioque filling cap with part reteada (use a toothpick to h old the tampaj. Colcqueas in a pan with hot otee. 0 Add reserved seasoning. Add a little ill-tempered and agtJa fligideira. Delxe coaoner teoo on fire until it becomes meccas. FaQa 0 moine cesceje saber and the ebcbrinhas Fi1iA ~ jngredtentes ~ Juice of one orange ~ Spice ready to taste ~ Salt and plmenta-of-the relnc gestc ~ 3 cojheres (SEPA oil

~ 1 kg of rump file ~ 1 tablet broth ~ 1. big tomato in ccrtaco rorlelas ~ 1. cebcla great canada and turn them ~ 1 oolher (soup) of seasoning ready Way of doing Colooue in a broth tareue rerratano 0,€Temperature 0 and 0 pirnenta ready to set , pass the files, an 8 urn for this rerncerc. and by him debe aproxlmadamente ml nutos 1.5. Aque 0 Panet of the oil dentm oressao trite and the files all togethe r. Crumble bouillon 0 and -0 faqa cemadas with tomato, onion and s adlcicne a ta blespoon of spices ready. close the pot, and depots to get oessao, cosore for 15 minutes. srva croqcetes of rnanooca corn, rice and satana of folnas ..... ~ ~, • • • • "• • • • • _I .. it, ~ to! ~ (" • • ~ t ~ - ~ .. ~ _ (/, ~ ~ ~ • • ... , ~ .~. _~~. __ R ~ r ~ _ ~ r _ y _. _r __, _ ~ ~ _ • • __ .. e. -., ~ k ~~( . FYaI1j0 to the beliefs Inil! 'FJdientiM • Mass ~ 8 ~ 1 sobreccxas of trangc lltrc water ~ 2 envetcpes tempera ready know gajrnha Farofil ~ ~ Cup (eM) breadcrumbs 1 ~ xJcar8 (chit) of wheat flour ~ ¥ 2 cup (cha) grated cheese ~: 20og cream cheese Cream ~ 2 eomeres (SCPA) of unsalted man1eiga ~ 1 cebcta grated -. ~ Co'iher (soup) of wheat flour ~ Caldo do cozlmentc of frangc ~ '1 Spoon (tablespoon) soy sauce ~ 1 envelope of seasoning ready sabdffgalinha ~ Butter for greasing 0 refractory ~ Cheese type pa, table for pclvllhar grated ~ 1 cajxa cream Fu mode. Cook the drumsticks in the water with 0 temperc know gallnha ready for 15 minute s. 0 Remove chicken and set aside the shard. Join the rerinha L1e thread. farinlia of the lI'igo retadonuma vasnna and cheese and mix. Spend at sobrecoes requeilao ere-nose


, and thereafter. terofa pee. Acomooe them in a rerratanc. smeared with mantelga had ;; 10 Feme (18QOC ~ apruxlmecemente per 20 minutes (until oour). Fumace Remove f rom 0 and drizzle with cream. Sprinkle grated cheese. Pesa prepare 0 equeca crea m the butter in a saucepan and trite to eetota. Fannha rre tngc Combine and stir . caoo 0 Add coamentc of the trsngo, 0 and 0 molhc soy sauce chicken and ready secor rmsture until thickened. Destlgue the toga and juote 0 lone cream. FIU to Fyaltj0 M MoiIw Es ~ e Ingredlentes mode Fezer ~ 1.0 files files Season the chicken with juice nrnao, ~ ¥ succ 2limao ready seasoning, salt to taste and pirnenta. ~ 1. Eyelash (sepal of ready-seasoned Aqu ~ aa butter in frying pan and fry the ;. Salt and plmente-of-the taste relnc files. Settle into the urn and pour rerra tano ~ 2 spoons (soup) of butter Moille of espmafre. Mother: aque (already in a rnantelga the flaps, the Cotoque farlnha of togo and mix. 0 Add milk gradually, rnsxendo sernpre psra nelo empelctar. Jurrte 0 S <JI. Plmenta a, 0 garlic and onion. The segulr, colooue 0 esplnafre, cooked and sque ezed. 0 Turn off and add cream and lelte pclvilhe queho parmasao Moth of Espinofre ;. 2 cejheres (soup) of mantelga ~ 1. cather (soup) of shallow rertnha 1rigo • 700 ml of lette ~ Salt and pepper, the kingdom gostc ~ 1 clove garlic ~ 1. col her (sepal onion ~ 1 Mace esplnefre cooked and espremreo ~ 1 call1lnha cream Lert t Queljo tlpo pa.mesao grated for sprinkling lngredlentes .. 1 kg Jumbo .. Sueo of 1.limao .. Salt and plmenta rejno-of-the taste .. 100g butter .. Cebcta a great retada .. 1 co'her (soup) of tomato paste .. 1 cojher (soup) flour t .. igo .. 250 ml wine .. 1 xloara (cha) of mushrooms PLCAD .. Salt and pfmenta-of-the retn gostc

Potatoes Gratlnada5 .. Mantelga. 0 suffclente .. 1 kg of potatoes and cut into cozlda run them .. Queljo tl'po parmesan cheese to sprinkle .. Chives to taste MQdQ do In reftatano. 0 colocue loin cormoo tlras in grosses. Tempers with juice Umeo, ' mmenta XII and the like. Derx 10 per mlnutos oegar to taste. Frlre the tires of: lcmbos in rnantelga. Remove them and add (R tdeixe Intarj cetera. Tomete 0 axtr ato of the fannha of trlgo. 0 wine, 0 mushrooms, salt and plmenta 0. Mix bern the yields mgredente cotocaoo. Delxe boil. The segolr, cctoque 0 Orot ern depict ing a warm and drizzle with 0. Satpque cebollnha picaca. Bata1as Gratlnadas: Grease a rerrarario mantelge the corn. Place the potatoes Ro det CAOS. 0 0 reetante grated cheese and the mantefga. Bake in heated fumace (15 0 eel ste browning. Then po [vHl'1e cetollntta PLCAD - - -----------, ~ Ul:) 5fitua the NRCS of Lomo jlfO I'or ~ d ~ peuo of frmtl) Others Paro OCOl'llparlhar, al ~ m of WRAT gralinQd £ H, fal, t1 t) mo sQlada of repolh orQxv, and white;: enoum. . . , .. . .. ~ ~ ~. Ingredlentes ~ 12 mstecas of percc ~ 1 tablet broth ~ 1 stock cube of bacon ~ 250 ml of cola ~ 100g mantejga • 1 spoon (soup) of chela terrtpero ~ ready to taste Salt and cebcjlnha Method of Making T emper brstecas with all the ingredients except the heat it mantelga ern and ft tteas a skillet, remove and reserve. Frire one of CCOC in cetonrna gornura ca st eak and oespele saber reoeccs the daughter-in serelr ~ ES'G (e'E'i! GOC ~ NLL (larrlJztua! L [(lfWIfi /! RefogadQ. Umo In frigJ rQ ooloque (ll! Lr.: - £

garlic king / ado. When you e-Alno 0 / urn dDutQdo, acreuente f1 COLJve f! refoq ue. / ldldo! lf 905to room. ptwteizinlw F (Jrlw . Ngredlentes "Mass ~ 800g flour 400g ~ trlge catuplry



~ 400g margarma ~ 1 egg yolk for brushing eve Mode Fater Mix rum Rechelcc refraterio 0 ham, Ceto, the salslnha the cebclinha. 0 oregano, tomatoes us. 0 S <l1 and plmenta and book Dough: In a refratsrio, cclcque the Iarinha, 0 cstuplry and rnargerlns. Mix and knead with. rnaos. On a flat surface, approximately seve n to promise. Delxe rest per 10 mioutos. On floured superffcle file, open mass oeficaoarnente. Cut in rormatc of your choice (square, rectangle. Etc) cs p astries. Ccloque 0 recbeic and close bern, uniting the tomes for not abrlr. Aco' node them on a baking sheet ret ('lngular (not need untan and brush with egg yol k. Preaqoectdo had to somo (2000 C) for 20 minutes R.echeio 400g ham ~ ~ 1. cebcla small % ~ Cup (cha) parsley cebclinha ~ 1. cclner (scbremesaj of oregano , 2 chopped tomatoes ~ Salt and ptmenta-of-the retnc gcstc IngredJentes. Sponge ~ 2 tablets of yeast for bread ~ 1 tablespoon (SCPA) of sugar t 1 eolher (soup) flour t ¥ 2 xlcara (chaj of. ELTE warm Mass t 50ng of tarlnha of trlgc ~ 1 celher (Eopa) from marrtelga or mergartna ~ 3 cozldas potatoes and squeezed ~ 3 eves ~ 1 eolher tscbremese) salt ~ 100g marganoa ~ 1 egg yolk for brushing Filling ~ 300g grated ham ~ 200g grated quelJo tlpo rnueeareta '2 tomatoes • 1 large onion "Oregano, plmenta, salslnha and chives to taste the olive ~ gostc

Provolone Cheese ~ wonderful guy to polvllhar Method of Making Sponge: In urn reclplente thermal load 0 to 0 echo esfareledo and Ii: rnisture. Add the flour and the Telti breast and set aside. Dough: In large urns vasllba cclccue trtgc flour (reserve Pouge urn), the mantec a, baked potato and espremlda, grandmas tetidos lightly, salt and espcnia 0. Mix wi th spoon urne OAU. Then knead into a smooth and superffcle entarlnbaoa (use flou r reservadal. Aproxlmademente PQR Let stand 15 minutes. AuxUio 0 Open with the s croll, spread the margarine, fold the dough and pass rclo. Pepita by three times , always sprinkling Iarinna . Divide it into 2 parts. detas and a strong one and assaoena relangular unlade polvilhade. mussareta and Spread the ham (shredded), tomatoes. the CEOOR. 0 oregano, oimenta, 0 azehe. the salsln ha and cebolmha. Top with remainder 0 ca masse. Plncele corn egg yolk. Sprinkle provolone cheese. Let door and volume revealed so heated oven (180nC) per 30 mln utos. Ingredients 4 Mass ~ 750 ml milk ;. One tablet of vegetable broth Salt to gcstc ~ ~ A cotherea (sepal of marrtejge ~ ~ 636g of far from Nha. Rigo ;. Xicera% (chil) from quelio type parmesac ~ grated Breadcrumbs for coating and avo Rechel ;. 3 spoons (soup) of Eleo ~ 1 large onion, chopped ~ 2 toma1es eem sementee plcadcs;. 1vidro large palm ~ Salt and plmenta RELN-of-the gusto Method of Making Filling: To make recnero 0, 0 aqueqa oil and fry the onion and tomato 0, A segtn r, chop palrmto and join with the 0 salt, and seasonings to plrnenta g0 $ 10 and set asi de. Dough: In a penela. aque 0 ~ a terre. add vegetable broth 0, 0 salt (to taste) a nd butter. Delxe boil, ecescerue the farlnha tngo and 0 of grated cheese and a t able of up to unglue penela. The segulr, seve mass socre superftcle a smooth and entarlnhade. Open the ccrcocs) masse corn and a roll model the urn with Nsor cu tter. Fill. boreas and joining the egg and pass modesty of farlnha rOSCi1l. Fry in hot oil and drain on paper ebsorvente. Ingredients .. 12 tomatoes .. 10 Fetter bacon minced • 1 eebola ~ 250g rlcota

• Salt to goS10 ~ Season to taste ~ 1 caixlnha of tomato paste ~ Salsatha and cetrcllnha to taste ~ 1 cup (cha) of grated cheese parmesac ~ sog of rnentejga Method of Making Cut the lid of Tomales. Remove the pulp with 8U) r: mO a book and eat. In penela . 0 trite bacon, add onion and saute. Nurn reftatario. crumble the ncota Add salt and seasonings cs. Add sautéed 0, pu lp tcmate the sslsloba and cebclioha. Pecheie the Tornata Ja umpos colooue and m ix with them urn in refraterio untaoo with mantejga. Pclvlthe queue teladc and peoacos rnante iga oe. tee to ferne (180.0 <C) pair 30 is 35 minutes. Ingredients mass ~ 500 ml lelte ~ 125 mr of o.eo ~ 3 cents "Ceeeree 3 (soup) grated Parmesan cheese Upo ~ 1 tablespoon (chel) shallow salt ~ SOOg rice cozldo ~ 1 tablespoon (dessert) baking powder ~ 2 cclheres ISOPAL parsley cebcjnha Stuff: .. 2 spoons (soup) of ~ 1 azefte dante garlic .1 Cebora .. 1 col her (soup) of corn starch • 250 ml tette • 1 ¥ 2 xlcara (eM) of cooked brccolls ~ 'h xicera (chil) grated cheese ~ 125g requeijso cremcsc ~ Salt and plmanta-of-the relnc gcsto Method of Making Filling: In a criminal aque! Lfa 0 azejte Q and saute garlic and onion. In a separate reclprente cissclva 0 emidc of rnilh o in 125 rnl of lelte and book Jelte 0 remaining. Add broccoli cczidc 0, 0 reser vedn milk, salt and pjmenta Colin he by some rrnoutos, Desllgue and set aside. M assa: No CoIOQue liQuidiffcador 0 terre. 0 oil. the EGG, 0 QUEIRO ralaoo, Q 'and 0 XLI arrcz condo. Bata. Disconnect and ec rescente 0 yeast, seisinna. and the ceccnone rnismre. Coioque into a greased and assacelra polvllhada and bake (1BO'C) for 15-20 minutes. Desenforrne prate abou

t a breakdown of damp and reseoe. Assembly: Spread cream cheese cremosc 0 0 fill ing and use. Wrap with 0 help of the crash of prate. Garnish with requegao and s prinkle quell grated. Ingradielltas ~% Kg rnacarrao gravatlnha c-Ozida Sauce ~ 3 col women (soup) of ezelte ~ 4 cloves garlic ~ 1 col her (SCPA) in onions ~ 1 pacete cream in pO ~% queljos four liters of hot Telti ~ 1h_ malt manjerieao ,. 220g cream cheese in tablets TIPC in. nghi ~ • Salt and plmenta-dc-oar to taste • Queljo TTPO parmesac grated for sprinkling .. Bacon slices to decorate Mode reaer Sauce: Amite aque ~ a 0 in a pan and garlic and cebota retcgue 0. Add cream quat m Queljos 0, 0 and 0 lelte maniencao. Mexo ecer-up eote engroasar. Join the tabtetes to quell crernoso plcacos, 0 pi m int and salt to taste. Take a few pieces to decorate the Quejo 0 prate. Mounting: In urn refrataric mirror and a little sauce on it uesceje 0 mecenao. 0 Drizzle with remaining sauce. Garnish with bacon rauas 0 mro and cream cheese. Polvithe raleoc with cheese. Method of Making First taca 0 mousse. Take 0 PLCAD chocolate and milk and cream cI fire. Enqcan to That '. tete ctaras in the snow tlrme. When atlnglrem D point, add the ecucer . Prepare gelatlna conforms lnstrucoes of embetagem Add the clams, 0 oeneuoo chocolate and gelatine, mlsturardo ieerreote. While you do the masse. Let the mousse congeladcr 0. Along with butter and minced 0 bisco itc and knead with rneos to egregia bern. Ferre assadelra a false bottom, or urn refraterlc with the masse, presslcnando urns with Collier for her tick tight. B ake in take aquecldo (180 ~ C) until the rnassa fque slightly ocuraca 0 and fill with mousse. Decorate and slrva. Pie Mum cIwc.otate 8yMLCO Ingredlentes ~ Mass ., L00g of maatelga au masgarlna in temperature amblerrte t 1 paoote botacha type of cornstarch trlturada

Mousse •: 250g white chocolate PLCAD ~ i can of cream without sore., 3 cents (egg white s) .3 Spoons (soup) of a9ucar of confeltelro ~ 1 envelope getatlna without sabot ~ 4 col women (scpe) water ~ DecorB to ~ Paspa chocolate or whipped cream TortaH PAD ~ ~ Ingredlentes ~ Butter. to grease ~ 1 package chocolate-covered wafer ~ 1 / 2 paeote kind of sweet biscuit cornflo ur ~ .1 (2 xlcara \ cha) of chocolate uccr ~ 400g chocolate an lelte ~ 1 can of sweet lelte ~ 300g cnanun batldo • Choco ~ scraped up and decorate chantlll ~ A! Tucar of cenfeltehc to deccrar Method of Making 00 111 Rub butter from urns eeseoeee funuo raeo round. Put on the the side TCDA assaoeha the botacnes coteries ce chocolate and rorro 0 fundc with botacha sweet . Drizzle them with chocolate fleer. Melt the chocolate and lette rmsture 0 0 fu dge and whipped cream beaten. Spread on crackers. Charrtni and decorate with gra ted chocolate. Sprinkle at; cornelteiro of UCAR. Ieve to chill for two daughters . Turn out and slrva. ...., Oll ~: c ~ chunter! 'JUS4 "dO punch confej J 0 (, eorro with bicOpftart90. BOU; Fafin'w Ingredlentos ~ 5 eves ~ 10 ccmeree (soup) to sharpen 15 Eyelash ~ \ soup) of corn emldc Carda ~ 1 xicera lcha) cocoa powder 1 cup t (chi:!) Of sugar ~ 125 ml tejte t 2 cclheres (soup) of mantelga t 2 egg yolks



Method of Making Dough: In beteoeira, beat the sugar and 0 cents par 10 minutes. 0 Deshgue and mix cornstarch, sifting slowly. corooue into a greased and assedeha poMlhada. Lightweight and fumace preaquecioo (18 () QC:) par 20-25 minutes. Desentonue and set aside. Syrup: In a pan put 0 chocolate, sugar. 0 rete. butter and egg yolks. Me: I m th ickens. Ingredients • Mass I 40 casqulnhas for ice cream) Zest of-tlmao '~ 150g or marrtejga margenne Mode Do .. MU5SC ~ 2 clear snow battdas ) 1 can of milk cream dace .. 1 can cream Iette sam sore, the same as for whipped 0 ~ 1 cup (chill in the pessegc celda ptcadc ~ 1 envelope unflavored geiatrna ~ 5 col women (so-pa) of water for the hidrat8r geletlna, _ Chant.ili, 01 peache s, peach gelela .1 Decorate In blender, the tete cesqulnbas ate ice cream if estarelarem. Cotoque in depicting urn and add the lemon zest and rnantelge. M ix with ums e. collier below, with the hands. Settle into a assedelra am reconci led to recnovivel, epertandc bern with a coiner. Let the freezer a couple of clu eless. Mousse: Place the bowl cma clergy batldas snow, 0 sweet creamy milk, cream 0 Jet te no sora. chantiJi, cs cessegcs minced, B gelatins hldratada in water. Mlature . Mounting: With 10MB masse eros, spread the muss ! and deccre with cne-nn (use 0 ERCO pitanga ccnteitar of the SACC) au gelela. ames of the tee geladejra servlr . Ingredlerltes .. Butter or marganna to frtter .. LKG fi!, and salt mao .. Juice 11imao • Salt and pepper, pepper to taste Sauce .. 1 ccjher (soup) of mantejga or margarine

• 2 coiheres (soup) of 8!; Ucar meecevc • 2 ccjheres (soup) of tomato paste .2 spoons (soup) of mustard • 2 oolheres (soup) ketchup • 3 spoons (soup) of vlnagre Urenco • Salt, plmenta-the-kingdom and the chopped manjerlcao gostc • 250g cream lelte Fazel Mode ' Aqueo; aa butter in a frigldeira and We the salmon fillets. Remove and place the items in rerratario urn. Reserve. Moui: Aqu ~ aa mantelga, brown sugar ecrescente 0, 0 to extra tomato, and ketchu p rrostarda (stir every Jngredlentes adlclcnado). Join Viñegra 0, 0 ~ I, pi mint and rnanjericao the gnsto. Destigue and edlclone 0 lelte cream. Aegue tiles reservaoos with this sauce. Ca.fiitJ 1UT Moral1ja Ingrediente.s ~ 1. kg of ca ~ in the folders ~ 4 cloves elho emaseaece ~ Salt and plmenta-of-the RELN gestc ~ succes Lllmae ~ 1 large pumpkin Sauce .. 7'2 xlcara (cha) of oil .. Eeboia a great pleada .. 1. tablet of fish broth 1 t pepper oecc-de-moca .. Salt to gostc t 10 mmetes beaten in IIquidlficador .. 150 rnl water .. 1 vldrc coconut milk .. 1 xfcara (chii.) of chopped chives .. 200g requelJao crerncso Method of Making Place;; IS folders nom de cacao and mirror refratarlo they score 0 elho crumpled , 0 salt, and 0 pirrenta juice WAMU. Let per 20 minutes to get the gcsto. wash the mo-deception, remove the lid and;; IS seeds. Wrap in paper and bake in alumlnio fumace (20QoC) for 15 minutes. 0 Put oil in a pan and fry the Ketol. Add to caldc 0 peke, pepper. 0 tcmates and

salt in a blender with cauca agoa. Simmer, add coconut and 0 lelte COlOqU8 the back of the ECSC and delxe coannanco, on average, for 50-10 minutes. 0 Desllgue heat and add the cebollnha PLCAD. Espall1e about any rnoranga 0 reoueilao. Acorn ode folders cacao and sprinkle with chives. tngredtentes t 6 bonbons type Dream Waltz ~ 1 can of condensed tette t 1 / 2 can of retrlgerante measure of guarana, a soda (t1.J champagne Method of Making Beat in the iiquldificador ron-tor-s, 0 condensaoo milk and drink. Mix and bern slrva Pepper

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