RESUME 1. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY 1.1. OBJECTIVE Direction and Management or Consultancy, advisement and support.

Paulo Eduardo Dias Garcia 1.2. ADDRESS +55 (11 ) 8284.9887 and +55 (11) 3257.0666 Rua Piauí 490 Apto 84 CEP 01241-000 São Paulo Higienópolis SP Brasil BR 1.3. TRAINING Civil Engineering (1969) by the School of Engineering at Mackenzie University an d Executive Education (1983, 1993 and 1996) by the School of Business Administra tion from the Getulio Vargas Foundation. 1.4. LANGUAGES Portuguese (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), English and French (basic). 1.5. BACKGROUND Born in 1946 Professional with generalist profile and multidisciplinary qualific ation. Experience in business development and implementation of projects, works and undertakings, in the areas of engineering and civil construction, industrial and heavy. Performance in positions of works coordinator (1969 through 1975), p rojects implementation manager (1975-1982 and 2001-2004), coordinator of studies and designs (1982-1985), commercial manager and contracts administrator ( 19862001) and independent consultant (since 2004) in project management, contracts a nd business. Activities loaned by companies of consultative engineering (design and project management), engineering special services (design and project manage ment), builders and contractors. Services in Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro a nd Minas Gerais) and Abroad (Argentina and Portugal), several sectors of infrast ructure such as supply, buildings and homes popular, energy, recreation and leis ure, and basic industries processing, basic sanitation and environmental and tra nsports in the subway, air, rail and road. 2. TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES 2.1. UNIVERSITY • Head Writer (1969) of Mackenzie Engineering Magazine of the Academic Center Ho rácio Lane. 2.2. COURSES • Geipot - Integration Executive Group of Transport Policy, Ministry of Transpor t, Brazil BR 1967. • Engineering and Commerce SA Enbasa former Constructor Nogue ira Baptista Ltda 1968. 2.3. REFRESHER COURSE • Planning with PERT-CPM and Analysis (1968), the Institute of Engineering of Sã o Paulo. • Special of Business Administration (1973), at the Mackenzie Universit y. • Earth and rockfill dam (1980), the Society of Engineers of Minas Gerais. • Technology Industrialized building (19,800 to the Society of Professional Engine ers of Minas Gerais. • Advanced Management Project (1985) at the Brazil Manageme nt Center. • Implementation of Business Management (1983), Informatics Managemen t (1993) and Business Strategic Management (1996) at the School of Business Admi nistration of São Paulo Foundation Getulio Vargas. • Applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access from Windows XP (Basic and Adv anced), MS Project 2000 and AutoCAD 2002 (Basic and Intermediate) at the Center for Computer Education (2003) Senac São Paulo.

3. PROFESSIONALIZATION ACTIVITIES 3.1. Works Coordinator • Enbasa Engineering and Commerce SA current Serveng Civilsan Associates Enginee ring Company Ltd, January 1969 to July 1972. • Constructor Beter SA, near Raymon d International (Foundation), of August 1972 to July 1974. • Ecicel Society Auxi liary Works Ltda., Enterprise Consortium ECIS Engineering Commerce and Industry Ltd with Ecel Office Construction and Engineering Ltd, near the Franki SA (found ation) of August 1974 to August 1975. 3.2. Projects Implementation Manager • Etel Roads Technical Enterprises SA, together with contracts of Constructor Me ndes Junior SA and Cetenco Engineering SA, from September 1975 to December 1976. • Constructor Adolpho Lindemberg SA, the Promon Engineering SA (design), from D ecember 1976 to August 1978. • Hidrogeo - Enterprise Consortium Hidroservice Eng ineering Projects Ltda. Geotécnica with SA, the Booz Allen Hamilton (advisement and support) from September 1978 to January 1982. • Technical Studies and Projec ts Etep Ltda, when ownership of the Suez Group, March 2001 to March 2004. 3.3. Coordinator of Studies and Designs • Engineering Projects Hidroservice Ltda., January 1982 to December 1985. 3.4. Business Development Manager • Sondotécnica SA, from January 1986 to November 1988 and May 1997 to December 1 998. • Griffin Drenasa Soil Mechanics Ltda., Of Griffin Dewatering Corporation, from December 1988 to November 1990. • Jaú SA Manufacturer and Company Incorpora ted, of October 1991 to November 1993. • Constructor and Paver São Luiz SA, from January 1994 to December 1994 and September 1994 to April 1997.€• Jaakko Poyry Engineering Ltda, January 1999 to January 2001. 3.5. Superintendent of Planning, Budget and Control. • CDHU - Society of Housing and Urban Development of the State of São Paulo, fro m January 1995 to August 1995. 3.6. Independent Consultant • Consulting in Project Management, Contracts and Business since 2004. 4. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 4.1. IMPLEMENTATION OF DESIGN, WORKS AND PROJECTS 4.1 .1. Works Coordination Coordination and project studies, quantities and prices, physical timing and fin ancial networks, PERT-CPM monitoring of the BDI, and planning and constructive m ethods of works, programming and physical, financial and compliance; timing of h ardware, hand-d Manpower and equipment, supply of materials, labor and equipment , management of resources and quality compliance, time and cost, contract admini stration, coordination of works and technical and administrative supervision: • Morumbi Stadium - Cicero Pompeu de Toledo (1969 and 1970), in the City of São Pa ulo, for SPFC - São Paulo Football Club. • Prestressed Concrete Bridge on the Ri ver Atibaia and Reinforced Concrete Bridge on the River Jaguari (1969 and 1971), at Highway 065 between Campinas SP SP SP Jacareí, for the DER / SP - Roads and Highways Department of State São Paulo. • District Market for Food Supply of the City of São Paulo (1970 and 1971), in the District Pirituba for the PMSP - São Paulo Municipality. • Tanks for Water Supply in the Metropolitan Region of São P aulo (1970 and 1971), and the Village Brasilândia Cangaiba Quarter for SABESP Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo. • Industrial Equipment Facto ry for Earthwork, Paving and Concrete (1970 and 1971), in Taboão Serra SP, for t he Dynapac SA part of Group Atlas Copco. • Oceanic Interceptor of Sewers (1971 and 1972) of the City of Rio de Janeiro, i n the Botafogo Quarter, for CEDAE - Company of the State Water and Sewer. • Oxyg en Factory, Cooling Towers, Coal Court, Cage and Oven Oven Heating of plates iro nworks Jose Bonifacio de Andrade e Silva (1972 and 1973), in Cubatão SP for COSI

PA - Paulista Steel S. A. Property Usiminas System. • Correction Aricanduva Cree k (1973 and 1974), a tributary of the Rio Tiete, for EMURB Municipality Urbaniza tion Company of São Paulo. • Tunnel and Boarding and Disembarkation Station of P assengers of the Metropolitan (1974 and 1975), Uruguaiana Street (Central Region ) for the Metro / RJ - Company of the Metropolitan City of Rio de Janeiro. 4.1.2. Projects Implementation Managers Supervision and coordination of planning, programming and physical, financial an d compliance, supervision of works, projects and supplies, coordination of inter faces with works projects, taxation and technical supervision of works, projects and supplies, supervision of quality assurance, inspection and supervision of e quipment, products and material and newspaper reports of events and developments undertaken: • Railroad Steel (1975 and 1976) between Belo Horizonte MG and Barr a Mansa RJ (Km 66.03 to Km 100.74) to ENGEFER - Railroad Engineering Company SA current MRS Logistics Ltd • Factory of Load Wagons for Railroad and Passengers C ars for Subway (1977 and 1978) in Sumaré SP for Cobrasma SA - Company Brazilian Machines. • Plant Steel Plant Ouro Branco (1978-1981), in Ouro Branco MG, for AÇ OMINAS - Minas Gerais Steel SA part of Group Gerdau. • Environmental Sanitation Program in Hydrographic Basin Springs of the High Tiete (2001-2004), for SEHAB Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the municipality of São Paulo. • Programs and Projects of HABI - Popular Housing (2002-2004), for SEHAB - Secreta ry of Housing and Urban Development in the municipality of São Paulo. 4.1.3. Coordination of Studies and Designs • Final Pump Station and Treatment and Recovery Station of the Water Quality of Cities ABC and Barueri (1982-1984), System Sanegran the Metropolitan Region of S ão Paulo for SABESP - Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo. 4.1.4. Planning Projects Implementation • Funchal Airport (1985), in Ilha da Madeira, for the Office of the Airport of t he State of Santa Catarina, the Ministry of Finance and Planning, in Portugal. • Dams and Hydroelectric Garabi (1985), in the Uruguay River,€for the Executive C ommittee of ELETROBRÁS - Centrais Energy Brazil SA with EAEA - Water and Energy Electress of Argentina. • Hotel Costa Verde (1985), in Cuiabá MT, for Santa Laur a Enterprises SA 4.2. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 4.2.1. Commercial Managers Market studies and strategies, development of work plans, business and public re lations; register of customers; analysis call for bids and quantities and rates, coordinating technical and commercial proposals, negotiation of interest, analy sis of prices and term and conditions and payment; assessment of duties and resp onsibilities and protections and penalties, supervision and management of compet ition representation in associations and unions: • Foundations, Support Structur es , Earth and Slope Stabilization (1986-1990), with the Civil Construction Comp anies and Consultancy Engineering, the State and the Secretariat of State and Mu nicipal Government in São Paulo. • Earth Works, and Current Art, Paving, Edifica tions, Concessions of Collective Transport and Sanitation (1994 1997), the State s of São Paulo, Paraná, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. • Studies, Projects and Business Managers (1997-1998), the DERSA - Road Development SA, the Monitoring Commission of the Concessions and Permits of Collective Services of the Secretar iat of Transportation, current ARTESP - Agency of Transportation of State of São Paulo and CPTM - Company of São Paulo Metropolitan Trains. • Services and Produ cts of Consultancy Engineering (1999-2001) on the infrastructure areas in the St ate of São Paulo. 4.2.2. Contracts Administration Development of instruments and tools for monitoring and evaluating contracts, an d activation of processes; technical feasibility studies, commercial and adminis trative, planning and monitoring physical and financial analysis of opportunitie s and management of conflicts, economic claims and financial terms of deposits a

nd diligence; diagnostic activities and results and negotiation of interests, id entifying strategies and loyalty of customers: • Foundations, Support Structures and Earth Works (1988 to 1990 ), with Public and Private Companies, Institutes, Institutions and Associations in the State of São Paulo. • Environmental Sanita tion, Popular Housing, Residential Building and Real Estate Incorporations (1991 -1993), with SABESP - Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo, CDHU Company of Housing and Urban Development of the State of São Paulo, CPOS - Comp any of São Paulo of Works and Services, Electricity Eletropaulo São Paulo SA CES P - Energy Company of São Paulo SA, PROSASCO Osasco Progress SA EMURB - Municipa lity Urbanization Company of São Paulo, HABI Municipal Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in São Paulo and DTE Technical Department of the Secretariat o f Constructions Constructions in the State of Health of São Paulo. • PDL - Proje ct of Legislative Decree of the executive project agreement, the technological a nd geometric control of the duplication of the MS Highway 294, between Bauru SP and Marília SP (Km 360 to 375, 451 to 458 and 470 to 472) for the DER / SP - Roa ds and Highways Department of the State of São Paulo, elaborated with the Legisl ative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (1999-2001), from which the opinion of the Court discriminates against irregularities Accounts of the State of São Paul o. 4.3. INDEPENDENT CONSULTANCY 4.3.1. Contract Management Consultancy, advisement and technical, commercial and administrative support as well as audits and evaluations, audits and inspections with issue of decisions, review and reporting processes of studies, designs, works, services and business es, offers, supplies, actions and inspections, coordination, inspections and con trols, planning, programming and follow-ups regarding contracts in the public se ctor and private, in the context of events, consulting engineering, construction , assembly and other areas reported: • The event of UNCTAD XI - Conference on Tr ade and Development World, held in São Paulo, SP (2004) with the participation o f 196 countries, promoted by the UN United Nations, jointly with S. Anhembi Tour ism and Events A., Municipal Secretary of International Relations, Ministry of F oreign Affairs and Itamaraty. 4.3.2. Project Management Preparation of analysis, studies and diagnosis of designs and technical specific ations, budgets, planning and controls, supplies and processes of bids, as well as suppliers,€manufacturers and rendering of services and including respective s tructures, equipment, tools and other management resources, aiming to relate, re commend and promote action to reduce costs, optimize time and improving the qual ity of services, works and products that make up the company or society ellemême : Penha • Glass Importer and Distributor Ltda in 2005. • MPE - Assemblies and Pr ojects Special SA, from October 2007 to March 2008, for the contract in regimen of Turn Key involving Design, Suppliment, Construction and Assembly of the Expan sion of the Plant of Infra Structure and Utilities of the Mining Casa Pedra, par t of CSN - National Steel Company SA, in Congonhas MG. 4.3.3. Business Administration Representation technical, commercial and administrative, development and impleme ntation of business plans and marketing, planning, organization and supervision of human resources, material and financial management, control and management of work teams, coordinating the agents intervening in the market disclosure , prom otion and sales of products, services, material, machinery and equipment for bui lders and contractors, designer, suppliers and lenders of services and industrie s of the branch: • Interactions since 2006 between corporate and market services engineering and construction industry.