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com/postmodern/135 Illustrations : Book "Fables de La Fontaine, published by JP Ailaud - Guillard, Paris, 1874. SUMMARY The bird and the unfortunate death that an arrow had struck the fox and the stork The Ant and the Grasshopper The crow and cheese chicken that lays gold en eggs Oak and reed The wolf and the lamb The middle-aged man and two ladies an d their Rooster The frog who wants pearl squared C'O bull in bulk The bird that an arrow mortally wounded encrusted, winged farpão For his miserable fate A bird lamented: Suffering pain in addition said: "Helping ourselves in our own damage! - Men wicked Take away our wings with the deadly flying splinters s tretch! But do not mock us, impious progeny; How lucky we like, if ye departe! J apet always the sons of the half gave weapons against each other. " top The Oak and Oak Canico, Canico to said one day: (Chapman) Well you have to compl ain of nature, which c'os feet of a woodpecker, frail spars; A whiff of wind, as needed to roughen the flower water overwhelms you; While equal to the Caucasus, I co'a forehead, not enough of intercepting the rays from the Sun, From black g ales need to address the furies. North, with which ance, are my zephyrs. If only shelter you with these sheets, which cover these contours, not so much grieve, and I against the time you gave refuge But you are born wet n'essas ribas At esc arcéus wind overwhelmed ... With you was unjust nature. (Canico) comes from the do good soul, who shows me, but cease this care. Unless you are afraid the wind me: That I bow and do not break. You ries, No bend the trunk, there is stiff resist ance Most skirmishes. Take to the end. - Words said, Behold, the horizon starts furious The worst child, that the North, on your hips Téqui brought. Verga the Cani co, tesa is the Carvalho; strengthens the twitch, and the wind reaches Stripping the root of who brushed arrogant Heaven co'a forehead Co's feet calcav a hell. The top pot of gold Everything loses Avarice When you want to win everyt hing. For credit, just take this Fabulous Chicken, which placed the golden eggs. Believing that the owner had a treasure in her womb, killed her, opened it and saw it like the others, what you put normal eggs. - The best is defrauded and ha d What a lesson for Mirra *! Entertaining this was seen. Poor d'yesterday to tod ay, Not to be greedy, d'jumped, rich. * We call for Mirra covetous, because of t hem will say no more manure than of myrrh. Top The man of the two middle-aged ladies with half their age, and already half-gray A man sat, that it was time to take care n'uma wife. Now he had Cum Quibus; And who chooses to have the board. All at great pains to please him, but was not so eagerness Boyfriend: No settlement was the point. Who mor lot bu t had in his bosom Two widows were: An already well-matured, another ven green. The mature, with art, patched Damage of Nature. Both laughing with him, both pla ying, Animating, anediando her hair, so they took the old track how many blacks, to adjust his lover to his age, The Girl, more hunger is going to whites. This message is given in melena, That was naked. - What such faith that gave the work : (Hom.) Ladies, encalvecesteis me that as well, Most win, I lost. I give you a thousand thanks. Not to espouse Treaty, which I understand baldness, that each o ne of you wants that to your liking, and not mine, I live. Bald or not bald, I t hank you The lesson they gave me. The top wolf and the lamb Best reason was always the strongest; already put the record straight. In the cl ear vein a stream d'headquarters killed a lamb. There comes a ravenous wolf, wal king the Corsican (Lobo) Who gave you auso (say in anger lit) From vires hopeles sly muddied the water I drink? (Cord.) Oh do not be angry Your Majesty, But firs t consider, that steps beyond twenty, I'm more down, drinking in the stream And

I can not roil him, in consequence, by no means the vein where drinks. Wolf) tha t has hopelessly muddied say and I know that last year you said something bad ab out me. (Cord) How could I, who was not born, I still mamo? (Wolf) told For your brother, if not said. (Cord.) I have no brother. (Wolf) For one said to the kin sman. That you and your dogs, your leaders, it saves me in said I heard him a lot, I must avenge myself. - N'sto, the savannah bush takes the wo lf, without further proceedings to eat. top Death and disgraced De beams Montano overwhelmed Poor Matteiro that co'a load Ra ttan Vine moaning, barely safe to walk, In search of the smoky hut. More may not have been weak, elderly, Lie on the floor beams, recalls feathers. (Mat) He kne w me, since I was born, what it was like? Some people poorer than me, is the wor ld? Never time to rest, and the bread is not always! Women, children, taxes and soldiers Lender,€workmanship without pay are painting a cabal d'bastard. The flame Death - Death and not rivets; Hey it - that asks: (Death) What do you want from me? (Mateiro) who helped me, and very diligent, A by me on the back all these bu ndles ... top The frog who wants to steer the bulk squared C'O Turns into a frog and a beautiful sleek ox, And she, who in her figure (as much) equals one egg, It lies, envy, swells up, struggles, either the ox is faced. I already said: "Mana, look good: he hombeio C'O Or lack practically nothing?" (Ma na) Nothing. (Frog) Here I am now. (Mana) Not at all. - Made both such brutinha, which finally broke. Of souls as the world goes parvoas full. A bourgeois or pa lace, as a duke; Whether each principote ambassadors, each marquis wants footmen . The fox and the stork top compadre The fox made his expense, and the midwife g ave Stork invitation, Invitation apoucadinho and without tilling: Some popes. Do not lived the Fox A la grande. And n'um such popes put the dish on the table. C'O its long beak ch opped dish A stork, but picked up nothing. Gil Raposo, co'a language varredoida, cleanse the plate in two licks. For revenge deception, Lets spend some time, an d invites the stork. Here he soon: (Rap.) with gusto. I here, my friends c'os Ce remonies not use. - The hour-view, the house is running the host Stork. Praise h im the courtesy - and rattle. And think about the food. Never fails Raposos good gana. Have not you smell C'O regales the kids at heart Cortadinha comesinhos. S ta not all there. - Hurry enriches one, that is to come to the table meat N'um v ery long-necked vase. And Comadre go poking C'O nozzle to the bottom, but the tr unk of Gil having another build, was her strength to return to play fast so sham eful and withered C'O tail between his legs, head down, grabbed by Fox What hens. Con artists, tal k with you: Wait as much. top The Cicada and the Ant The Cicada, spent the summe r singing, Behold, he blows the Northeast, and if you think bails; Without Crumb fly, worm nm. Go, screaming lazeira, Ant, ask, her neighbor who lends some grit to go on living, Till that the new station, welcome point. Tell him: "The faith of Cicada, before August. I will pay all principal and interest." Not easy on t he loan, the Ant is a lighter stain. In the case that comes to borrow, "What lid avas heat on the court?" (Cig.) Ouch! do me favor. I, night and day, to those wh o sang were, how many came. (Form) Singing? I am very glad. Dance now. The Raven and the top cheese The Ambrosio Raven, perched in the tree, with a cheese in its beak, Gil Raposo, who very jaunty ACODE By scent, almost, almost like talking, "Good morning, Mr. Crow, How guapo! How beautiful I think! Bofe if Garbo's voice is equal to the fe ather, There's surroundings such as the Phoenix. " - It is not, in itself, gaudi o, deceit, Raven. Opens wide for the tip, and drops the cheese. Soon the fox the thrills. "Learn (so it says) my lordy, that all flattering lives at the expense

of those who listens to him. Okay, this lesson well worth a cheese!" Raven sad and grim, sworn (but late!) Does not fall more in the other. The top pot of gold Everything loses Avarice When you want to win everything. For credit, just take this Fabulous Chicken, which placed the golden eggs. Believing that the owner h ad Within her a treasure, killed her, opened it and saw it like the others, what yo u put normal eggs. - The best is defrauded and had What a lesson for Mirra *! En tertaining this was seen. Poor d'yesterday to today, Not to be greedy, d'jumped, rich. * We call for Mirra covetous, because of them will say no more manure tha n of myrrh. The top and pearl cock pearl He found Fuckin Rooster one day, He wen t Fuckin lapidary: (Rooster) I think the fine Yet it had more value to a kernel of corn. - Leads to a book manuscript a fool: (Nesc.) I have it for good, but I think a cross More loan got me the best book. top ___________________________ Digital Source: RocketEdition - Ed Grubby - Set in Rocket-Library - Available in *. rb in www.ebooksbrasil.org pdf: eBooksBrasil.org - May 2008