ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis 10ml Part used: leaf Description: Helps to comba t stress, weakness and fatigue in general

, it is a circulatory and nervine stimu lant, fighting apathy and melancholy, muscle aches, excesses of food and the enx aqueca.Estimula memory, revives the mind, mental stimulant, ordering his thought s. Increases concentration, eliminates the lethargy. Beneficial to fatigue of th e heart, low blood pressure, antirheumatic, antiseptic, energizing, invigorating air. Good for the care of skin with acne, aged skin, wrinkles, dandruff, hair l oss, oily hair, cellulite, improves circulation, reduces lymphatic congestion by reducing fluid retention. Highlights the dedication of spiritual love. 5 ml Ber gamot Citrus bergamia Part used: bark Description: It's a wonderful antidepressa nt that carries the animation quality of citrus oils with warm, soothing floral. Its main action is in the nervous system, since it acts as a tonic without bein g stimulating. Help during crisis or stress when one is angry. Calm elevated emo tional states, fighting apathy, depression, anxiety. Assists in the recovery of emotional control. It stimulates the appetite. Excellent for treatment of cystit is. Healing and antipyretic. Helps fight acne, eczema, nervous, oily skin, infla med skin and oily hair. In the skin, is a balancer, suitable for vitiligo, psori asis and herpes zoster. CINNAMON LEAF 10 ml Cinnamomum zeylanicum Parts used: le aves and twigs (dried inner bark) Description: Aroma of hot spices is very appar ent in synergy with citrus aromas, good mental and circulatory stimulant, helps fight fatigue, aphrodisiac. against infections, coughs, colds, rheumatism, gener al weakness and pain. Precautions: Do not use during pregnancy, people suffering from epilepsy and hyp ertension. In case of sensitive skin to use in low concentration. Precautions: Use in low concentration. If applied to the skin, not sun exposure for at least 12 hours. Precautions: Avoid skin application and inhalation vaporizers. At low concentrat ion can be used in flavoring environments. Caution: may irritate the skin. Not t o be used by children and during pregnancy. Chamomile Chamomile 10 ml Description: Relieves nervous tension, resentment, anx iety, anger and fear dissipates. It is antispasmodic, sedative, anti-inflammator y, antidepressant. It brings harmony, peace and tranquility for the tired spirit . CEDAR Juniperus virginiana 10 ml Description: Its aroma is warm that smells of wood. The effect of odor is warmer and soothing, mildly aphrodisiac. Its emotio nal effect is relaxing. Good for anxiety, stress, tension, psychic work and medi tation. In aesthetics helps take care of skin and oily hair, dandruff, hair loss and cellulite. Promotes concentration, courage, persistence, confidence, courag e and balance. This oil encourages us to hold firm our purposes, bringing hope i nto reality. The physical acts as an antiseptic, tonic, antispasmodic and regene rative. Precautions: Should be avoided during pregnancy. Can irritate sensitive skin. Use in low concentration ICRP 10 ml Cupressus sempervirens Part used: leaf tip Description: Its aroma is fresh, woody, sweet balsamic and tenacious. The physical acts such as healing, a ntirheumatic, astringent, antispasmodic, diuretic, restorative, healing, vasocon strictor, respiratory tonic and sedative, indicated in cases of cellulite, exces sive sweating, oily skin, acne, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, is great for oily skin, combat anxiety relieves symptoms of poor circulation, edema, nervous tension and stress. Boosts energy in the bath. Operates in encouraging emotiona l change, understanding, wisdom, inner peace, truth, the power of choice and bal ance. With its powerful direction, cypress helps you connect with the wisdom of the universe. It provides protection and strength to those who are insecure and have lost their life's purpose. Cymbopogon nardus CITRONELLA 10 ml Description: Its aroma is stimulating, refreshing, powerful and similar to lemon with power a ntiseptic and insect repellent.

Can be used for excessive sweating in the feet CRAVO 10 ml Eugenia caryophyllata Part used: dried in the sun buttons Descriptio n: Has a sweet aroma, warm and stimulating spice. It is famous of his reputation as an aphrodisiac, good for rheumatism and muscle pain, asthenia mental and phy sical, antifungal, analgesic. Against warts, fungal infections, bronchitis, toot h pain and fatigue. Balm Lemongrass Precautions: Use in low concentrations and avoid on sensitive skin. Not to be us ed by children and during pregnancy. Part used: leaf Description: digestive problems, soothing,€headaches and menstr ual cramps. It stimulates good humor and optimism. Fennel - Foeniculum vulgare P arty used: seeds Therapeutic Effects: From the effective action in the digestive tract. Counteracts the effects of alcohol consumption, useful for recovering al coholics. Rids the body of toxins. Diuretic. Assists in the treatment of obesity and cellulite. Promotes the increased flow of breast milk. EUCALYPTUS Eucalyptu s globulus 10ml Part used: leaf Description: The aroma is camphor, woody and swe et in tone. It is penetrating and refreshing. For its power antiseptic helps fig ht infectious and respiratory diseases, arthritis, muscle pain, cramps, headache and fatigue, expectorant, anticatarral, antiviral, antibacterial, beneficial fo r respiratory problems, unblock and opens the lungs, promotes the elimination of the stone kidneys, lymphatic stimulant, relieves hemorrhoids, eliminates germs, improves the physical condition and strengthens the heart, promotes understandi ng when there is mental exhaustion and lack of concentration. General tonic for the body .. Geranium Pelargonium graveolens roseum 5 ml Parts used: leaf and flo wer Description: The aroma of geranium oil resembles that of rose, with whom he has many constituents in common. Acts as a hormonal regulator helping symptoms o f menopause. Strengthens vital energy, encourages blood circulation, good for wh en there is anxiety nervous exhaustion due to stress and overwork. It is antispa smodic and analgesic. Useful in cases of neuralgia and rheumatism, fertility pro blem, Emotional: anxiety, depression, emotional balance, nervous tension. Aesthe tics: cellulite, acne, dermatitis and all skin types except sensitive, astringen t, regenerative, healing and epinephrine, dry skin, anti-coagulant and regenerat ive. Grapefruit Citrus paradisi 10ml Description: citric aroma and sweet fragran t whose effect is exciting, and antidepressant. Aid in cases of convalescence an d tiredness in general. Emotional: depression and anxiety. Aesthetics:: cellulit e, oily skin and inflamed skin. Hyssop Hyssop Description: It balances the psych ological, providing clarity and direction to the mind, anti-inflammatory, febrif uge, beneficial for respiratory problems. Regulates blood pressure. Expectorant action. Peppermint Mentha piperita 10ml Part used: whole herb Description: Sold on a large scale in Europe and USA, the essential oil of peppermint is widely us ed in foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Research in the U.S. and Jap an have shown that peppermint improves attention and stimulates the brain. Its a roma is refreshing and minty with a subtle sweet note. Essence of first aid, com bat nausea, indigestion, headaches, colds, fever, mouth ulcers. optimal wound he aling, anthelmintic, purifying, helps in cases of poor circulation, listlessness and frigidity. Precautions: Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Use in low concentration. JASMINE Description: Promotes sensitivity, optimism, openness, harmony and accep tance. Helps develop creativity and expression, bringing more joy to our lives. Dispels apathy, indifference, improvement inhibition, freeing the imagination an d aroused a spirit. One of the most effective essential oils for nervous anxiety , restlessness, impatience and depression. Is oil more important for people who want to spiritualize their sexual relationships. Helps dispel feelings of guilt and fear that are associated with sex, so that partners can express their true n ature, which is divine. Juniper Juniper JUNIPER OR Description: Antiseptic, diur etic, healing. Purifies the mind, clears negative vibrations and liberates obses sive thoughts. Dispels confusion. Do not use when there is kidney disease. ORANG

E 10ml Citrus auranthium Part used: bark Description: Aroma sweet, refreshing an d fruity. With digestive properties, stimulating the lymphatic system cleanser a nd sedative. Good for symptoms of depression, nervous tension and stress, revita lizing the body as a whole improves anxiety, is an aphrodisiac, For being an exc ellent tonic central nervous system, aids in the treatment of anorexia nervosa. Operates in the physical and soothing, sedative, bile duct, diuretic, tonic, ant ispasmodic, antiseptic and purifying. Improves skin elasticity, helping to form collagen. Stimulates digestion gorduras.Na aesthetics is good for cellulite, obe sity, water retention, balancing and softening the skin and hair, improve skin e lasticity, detoxifying, digestive, laxative, helps maintain mental balance promo tes the detachment, creativity, positivity, happiness, self-confidence and kindn ess. Dispersed obsessive thoughts of the mind and the fear of the unknown,€ther eby promoting the welfare and communication between people. The orange with its potential breaks the inflexibility and selfishness of being. Attenuates depressi on, helps to release the person from addictions (sugar, alcohol, food and addict ive relationships). LAVENDER FRENCH 10ml Lavandula officinalis Part used: Flower Description: It is considered the most useful and versatile oil of aromatherapy with its floral aroma with sweet balsamic woody tone. Appeals to almost everyon e. His encouraging and comforting aroma relieves stress, anxiety and depression and insomnia. Also useful in cases of muscular pain, rheumatism, burns, wounds, headaches and migraines. In aesthetics for its excellent for skin healing and re storative properties, help in caring for acne, dermatitis, eczema and those on a ll skin types. It also prevents pediculosis. Relieves the effects of insect bite s, burns, antiseptic, analgesic, citofilático, antispasmodic, strengthens the b ody reinvigorating it and restoring it, antiinflammatory, decongestant, soothing and sedative. Brings joy to the heart and promotes well being, muscle relaxant. Lavender can be used without problems for children. Cymbopogan flexuosus Lemong rass 10 ml Description: sweet aroma similar to lemon with an earthy tone. Well P recautions in high doses is an adjunct to aesthetic treatments of muscle flaccid ity, muscle pain and skin irritant. sports massage. In the emotional is refreshi ng, relieves depression, combat stress and nervous exhaustion. 10 ml LEMON Citru s limonum Part used: bark Description: Its aroma is fresh and sweet and smells l ike fresh fruit itself. It is encouraging and refreshing. Fighting the flu, cold s, anxiety and lack of concentration. cleanser, anti-rheumatic, against acne, ob esity, antibiotic, anti flu, is antibacterial and antiseptic. An ideal bath oil to stimulate the senses and invigorate the skin. In Aesthetics is good for edema , oily skin, acne, inflamed skin, seborrhea, chapped skin and cellulite. Excelle nt for meditation. Clears the mind and helps in the decision process. Help calm emotional storms, alleviates the fear of emotional involvement with others. Figh t the resentment, bitterness, bad temper, indecision, and irrational mental bloc k. Purifies, stimulates and directs. Therapeutic effects: Precautions: photosens itizing not apply it before sun exposure for at least 12 hours. Use in low conce ntration BASIL 5 ml Ocimun basilicun Description: Its aroma is light, refreshing, sweet t one with a spicy balsamic camphor. The emotional effect is good for anxiety, str ess, depression, emotional coldness, clear thinking, fatigue, refreshing, heated Promotes feeling of self-worth. Helps overcome lack of confidence, indecision a nd negativity. Eliminates mental fatigue. Quicken the spirit for those who need protection. Excellent tonic for the nerves, combating anxiety, depression, intellectual fatigue, insomnia and nervous tensio n, gives strength and clarity to the mind. Strengthens the central nervous syste m. 5 ml Marjoram Origanum majorana Description: Its aroma is warm and woody and slightly camphor. Relaxing effect on muscles, relieving pain is warmer stiff joi nts, rheumatic pains, stiff muscles and contracted and feeling cold. In the emot ional is good for anxiety, stress and insomnia. Promotes tranquility, dispels th e feeling of loneliness, grief, combat nervous depression, neurasthenia, claustr ophobia, soothes seizures. Provides emotional comfort. Regulates menstrual cycle . Action has antispasmodic, expectorant, hypotensive, antiseptic and sedative. "

Precautions: Do not use during pregnancy and its sedative properties make it a good tranquilizer, so use it at low concentration MINT Description: Promotes expansion and wake up with ease and clarity. Renews a nd regenerates the self-acceptance opening space to be yourself. It stimulates t he flow of energy and dreams bringing information and understanding about them. Excellent for mental fatigue, depression, stress. It has analgesic action in the digestive system. Blood purifier, it is inflammatory and expectorant. MIRRA 10m l Myrrh Description: Acts in encouraging emotional mastery, courage, peace, calm , acceptance, and firmness. It is antiseptic, tonic, pectoral, antispasmodic, he aling and astringent. Do not use during pregnancy. 5 ml Frankincense Boswellia c arteri Description: Its aroma is warm, balsamic and slightly camphor. Good for f ighting the symptoms of anxiety, tension and stress. Helps concentration so it h elps in meditation and raise awareness. In the aesthetic takes care of mature sk in and oily. Promotes emotional stability, clarity, courage, solution, acceptanc e, protection.€Acts as a constant vigilant, able to offer support in any circum stance of life. Like a watchful parent, he does not get us where we are not prep ared to go. With his universal vision, he is always protecting us, if he is face d with evil energy embodied in the person, he has the power and authority to car e for their removal. Dispels anxiety and obsession tied to the past. He works in the physical uterine bleeding in lymphatic drainage, healing wounds and removes mucus from the lungs. Stimulant, depressant, respiratory and digestive tonic. W idely used in meditation for its power to elevate the spirit. Cymbopogon martini PALMARIVA 10 ml Description: This is a plant of the same family as lemongrass a nd citronella. The nature of the oil is fragrant and sweet floral with earthy to uch. Your scent is refreshing and estimulante.Ajuda to combat anxiety, tension a nd stress. Oil useful in aesthetics. Effective in cases of acne, but is suitable for all skin types, prevents streaks, regulates sebum production, small infecti ous problems of skin and wrinkles. PATCHOULI Pogostemon patchouli 10ml Descripti on: Oil very intense aroma, woody, sweet and balsamic. Its odor is warm and stim ulating with a reputation for aphrodisiac. Aid in cases of stress and anxiety. I n aesthetics is good in cases of acne, dermatitis, eczema, mature skin, cracked, dry, wrinkled, athlete's foot, ringworm and dandruff. Useful for nervous tensio n, hypersensitivity, anxiety and insomnia. It citofilático, wound healing, anti viral, cardiovascular decongestant, is a regulator of appetite. Awake the sensua lity. Promotes our side more realistic, practical and intuitive. Petitgrain 10ml Citrus aurantium Description: Its aroma is floral and sweet-sour, reminiscent o f a little less refinado.Seu neroli scent is refreshing and encouraging. Relieve s stress, insomnia and tension. In aesthetics helps treat skins with acne, oily skin and hair and odors. It is a hair tonic. PINE Pinus sylvestris 10 ml Descrip tion: There are many species of pine, although the better the plant is described as "Siberian", although the majority comes from Finlândia.Seu aroma is strong, dry tone with balsamic camphor. Relieves rheumatic pains and muscle. It's warme r, stimulating, relaxing and comforting. Helps develop a positive self-image, pr omoting change in your life. Brings positivity, restoring self-confidence, dispe ls the gloom. Develops self-acceptance and forgiveness. It is a tonic for the ki dneys, lungs and nerves, fights infection and high fever. Normalizes blood press ure. It is antiseptic. It is one of the most effective oils for fatigue and nerv ous debility. Precautions: Use in low concentration, because it can irritate sensitive skin Sandalwood SANDALIA Part used: Wood Description: Stimulates the central nervous system, dispels anxiety and depression. Bringing comfort to the relaxing feeling of euphoria, while purifying, brings deep peace and serenity. Purify the sexual organs, clearing blocked energies that cause impotence and frigidity. It is ant iseptic for urinary misfits all. Beneficial for respiratory problems. Strengthen s the immune system against infections. Good for all skin types, relax. It is an aphrodisiac, excellent for skin care, natural scent. It also acts against bronc hitis, fluid retention. It is tonic and expectorant. Clary sage Clary Sage Part

used: whole herb Description: Very effective in gynecological pathologies, power ful antispasmodic, helps to dispel fear and anxiety. Shown to strengthen the ene rgy flow from the lungs. Powerful relaxing her muscles and cramps, leg pains. Re duces pressure alta.Aumenta self-confidence, renewing the air, excellent for ski n care, strong disinfectant. Anti-convulsive and balsamic. Relieves muscle tensi on. Very relaxing - so it is advisable to utilizaçãono night. PINK Description : Encourages contentment, inner freedom, love, sexuality and purity. Brings harm ony and permission for the flow of unconditional love to flow into our lives. Pr omotes understanding and acceptance of ourselves. The physical acts as an antise ptic, antidepressant, antiinflammatory, cardiotonic, appetite-regulating, astrin gent, sedative, attenuates expression marks, stimulates the immune system and se xual problems like frigidity and impotence, triggered by stress is very benefici al use. It is used as a sexual stimulant, promoting male virility. TANGERINE Cit rus reticulata 10 ml Description: From intensely sweet and rich aroma with a flo ral tone. It is an antiseptic, soothing, sedating, stimulating lymphatic, digest ive and relieved. Helps combat the causes of cellulite, edema and striae.€Preca utions: Although little photosensitizing avoid direct sunlight after application . TEA TREE Melaleuca alternifolia 10ml Description: From strong medicinal aroma sl ightly camphor. During World War II was included in first aid kits to fight infe ction. The tea tree oil is one of the most powerful tools of aromatherapy in the fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It has antiseptic properties. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, immune-stimulating and soothing. Hel ps take care of the skin with acne, dandruff, rashes, ringworm, nail mycosis, in flamed skin, seborrhea and odors, antifungal (candida albicans, trichomonas), an ti-infectious, antiseptic general. Scarring. Externally: deep wounds, burns, any type of rash, generalized itching, or anal or vaginal lesions, herpes, ringworm , psoriasis, athlete's foot, boils and acne. Vetiver Description: Encourages int egrity, wisdom, growth, protection, self-esteem, learning and dignity. Confronta tional situations in which we face adversity, this oil strengthens us and calms our concern - that peace can bring the answers you seek. Its properties in the p hysical are antiseptic, tonic, emmenagogue, antispasmodic, nervine. Tangerine Citrus reticulata Part used: bark Therapeutic effects: mental clarity, skin prob lems, cellulite. It acts on the lymphatic system, fight fatigue and irritability . Tea Tree - Melaleuca alternifolia Part used: whole herb therapeutic effects: f ungicide, acne, chilblains, blisters, sores and burns. Natural antibiotic, deep wounds, rashes, throat infections. The Tea Tree is a powerful anti-infectious. T hyme - Thyme Description: Antidepressant and resuscitator. Protects mental exhau stion when there is excess liability. Assists in the concentration of the intell igentsia. Strong action on the respiratory system. It is an immune stimulant. In case of anemia, use it with carrot oil. Excellent digestive tonic and antispasm odic. Effective for dermatitis, skin infections and irritations. Good for circul ation and helps to increase blood pressure. Ylang-ylang 10 ml Cananga odorata part used: flower Description: It is an oil pr oduced from the flowers of a tall tree native to tropical Asia. Its name means " flower of flowers" and in Indonesia they are scattered in the marriage bed of ne wlyweds. His intensely sweet and floral aroma. Effect has a reputation for hot a phrodisiac. Stimulates hair growth, balances oily skin. Good in its emotional ef fect on stress, depression, insomnia, anger, fear and frustration. Encourages se lf-confidence, sensuality, joy, enthusiasm, alertness, arousal. This oil soothes hearts severe mental rigidity breaking in judging others. For those who yearn f or a conclusion in everything they do. Because of its flexibility, it protects a nd drives the passion to love, allowing the awakening of sensuality of being. It is sedative, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antidepressant and sedative, impotence, h eart regulator, fights hypertension, palpitations, menopause, stress. Natural pe rfume to the body. OIL Calendula 30 ml Description: It has anti-inflammatory, em ollient, antiseptic, calming and healing. Suitable for all skin types, including acne, sensitive and reddened. It has soothing and refreshing action fast absorb

ing OR SESAME OIL SESAME 100 ml Description: And an oil much used by Ayurvedic m edicine, used for millennia in India. It is an oil energy, energy carrier and he at. WHEAT GERM OIL 1000 ml Description: Vitamin E prevents loss of vitamin A in the body, slowing the aging of the skin and restoring the vitality and elasticit y of skin SUNFLOWER OIL 100 ml Description: Your polyunsaturated fatty acids hav e action semi-secativa, nutritious and repitelizante. JOJOBA OIL 30 ml Descripti on: Actually the jojoba is not an oil but a liquid wax that is not rancid. Its c hemical composition is very compatible with human skin, restoring the natural oi liness of the skin. Can be used on any skin type. It is effective in the treatme nt of dandruff, removing accumulations of agents in the scalp, leaving clean and free to the growth of new hair ROSE HIP OIL 30 ml Description: When used in fac ial massages daily, softens fine lines, softens scars and allows more tissue mob ility, retards premature aging UVA SEED OIL 100 ml Description: A widely used in massage oil because it is a very fluid, light and odorless. It is invigorating, regenerates and revitalises the skin. It is helpful in preventing stretch marks .