Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention.

Burnout in teachers Identification, treatment and prevention Chafic Jbeil Psychologist and psychoanalyst chafic.jbeili @ gmail.com.br All rights reserved as copyright legislation in force. Electronic or print distribution permitted pr ovided that preserved the original format and source properly cited. Jbeil, Chafic. Burnout Syndrome: Identification, treatment and prevention. 2008. 21 pages. Informative booklet on preventing the syndrome of burnout in teachers . 1. Stress. 2. Burnout. 3. Health teacher. CDU. © 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil www.chafic.com.br © Chafic Jbeil - 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention. Introduction Among the aspects that most affect the health of teacher stress is coming from its dynamic "As professionals in the Health and Safety, educators occupy important role in s ociety, because they deal not only with the complex process teachinglearning, bu t with the comprehensive training of all involved in this process. Therefore, fo r the quality in the process teachinglearning and hence in the integral formatio n of students there must be, first, quality of life for educators. " Chafic Jbeil labor. Salas overcrowded, lack of resources materials, inadequate technical support, along with pressures stemming from rela tionships with parents, students and staff work profession can, and circumstanti ally variable, your health, and intensify the stress conditions in the course of committing hence the quality of education. In this sense, this booklet has as m ain objectives awakening in society and, more specifically, the managers and oth er governmental authorities, educational professionals Education need to intensify the fight against burnout in teachers and promote qu ality of life for all professionals involved in teaching-learning process. © Chafic Jbeil - 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil

Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention. But what is all this such a burnout? The burnout syndrome is characterized by What is a syndrome? Syndrome is a phenomenon characterized by a set of signs and symptoms of various causes and may be psychological or physical order and vario usly psychophysics. Signs: Are the features and dynamic staff chronic stress experienced by professionals who work intensely and with the cons

tant difficulties and problems of others, in various situations of care. The syn drome is effective and provides the most advanced stage of stress, being first n oticed by colleagues, then the people served by the professional and in their mo re advanced stage, by the individual then decides when to seek expert profession al help. Begins with discouragement and demotivation to work and may result in p sychosomatic illnesses, leading to the professional temporary shortages of commo n functions, and even the removal may be observed the eye naked, the example of provision of humor and moods. Symptoms: They need more ratings accurate, most often with the use of any equipment or requesting blood tests to see dysfunction in the body related to blood pressure, hormonal disorders, among others. retirement, disability. © Chafic Jbeil - 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil

Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention. when the psychiatrist Herbert Freudenberg published an article in the Journal of Social Issues, a kind of And the term burnout? The term is of English origin, c omposed of two words: Burn it means "burn" and out which means "out", "overseas. " In literal translation it means "burn out" or "burn out from the inside out," and can be better understood as physical problems, "burnout" which begins with t he psychological aspects culminates compromising the performance of any person. The term was used as a force in 1940 by military jargon and mechanical engineers to designate a general crash in turbine jet engines and others. Subsequently, t he burnout was slang used by health professionals to describe the state of extre mely weak and compromised by drug users. The combination of the term burnout to a state of chronic fatigue, stress only happened in 1974 © Chafic Jbeil - 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil print media directed to "social issues". The article by Dr. Freudenberg was insp ired by his observations it to scholars and the final year of medicine and€in pa rticular, to residents who oversaw named phenomenon with emotional exhaustion ph ysical exhaustion of staff burnout. Today the term is used by mental health spec ialists to describe an advanced state of stress, whose cause is solely the work environment. The disease is studied as another of the many work-related problems , like stress, exhaustion, lack of rest and leisure and adversity in the way of life, ranking in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) under cod e Z73. Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention.

What are the main signs and symptoms of burnout? The signs and symptoms in early stages of burnout are virtually the same stress and depression, advanced but no t yet characterized the syndrome, since this is only effective in the earliest s tages the disease, showing features 2nd stage: The relationships with partners and colleagues start to get tense, losing quality, Appear neurotic thoughts of persecution and boycott by the boss or colleagues, m aking the person think of changing industry and to employment, shortages begin t o get frequent and sick leave are recurrent, is observed absenteeism, ie, the pe rson resists or refuses to participate in team decisions. themselves as distinct from other psicalgias such as stress and depression. The division of the signs and symptoms in four stages facilitates the understanding of disease progression. 1st stage: A willingness to go to work is compromised, 3rd stage: The skills and abilities are compromised,

And gradually increasing lack of courage or pleasure in relation to work activit ies, appear generic and vague pains in the back and the neck and spine in genera l, the professional does not feel well but can not say exactly what might be. © Chafic Jbeil - 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil

The operational errors are more frequent, the memory lapses become more frequent and attention is scattered or diffused, psychosomatic diseases like allergy and peak blood pressure begin to emerge and self-medication is observed, is initiat ed or amounts, drinking

Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention. alcoholic as a palliative to ease the anguish and displeasure experiential Somatic (physical): Depersonalization, ie, the person is indifferent in its working relationship cul minating in cynicism and sarcasm. Exhaustion (physical exhaustion temporary), fatigue (physical or mental capacity decreasing); headaches, general aches, digestive disorders in, sleep disorders, sexual dysfun ctions. 4th stage: There is alcoholism,

Recurrent use of licit and illicit, to emphasize the thoughts of self-destructio n and suicide * The labor practice is compromised and being away from work is un avoidable. IMPORTANT!

Psychological symptoms: Depression, irritability, anxiety, inflexibility, loss of interest; discredited system (and people). The signs and symptoms presented here are for information only and does not nece ssarily represent the full form of manifestation of burnout, many variations can occur between people with the same symptom picture. Remember! Only the doctor o r therapist can make proper assessment and intervention. © Chafic Jbeil - 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil

Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention. Behavioral symptoms: How is it diagnosed burnout? The diagnosis of burnout can be achieved only by a physician or psychotherapist, taking into account the peculiar characteristics o f the three dimensions of the disease, namely: Prevents students; avoids making eye contact, makes use of derogatory adjectives , give explanations brief and superficial to transfer responsibilities; makes co untertransference, ie, reacts to students; The emotional exhaustion, depersonalization; and involvement at work. provocation in distinct roles of the educator role; resists change. In general, the professional shall interview on medical history, can be compleme nted by application of its own instruments of assessment questionnaires that are specific for detection of the syndrome, also called "burnout inventory". Proper treatment requires and depends on assessment of burnout correct framework to di fferentiate the stress of the other and as psicalgias Consequences most common: Apathy or cynicism in the dialogues;€difficulty in playing roles, fewer social c ontacts, leisure devaluation, neglect of personal care, self-medication (aggrava tes the condition), resistance to seek help. Depression, for example.

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Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention. Remember The treatment of burnout: The treatment of the syndrome is essentially what the doctor is the professional trained and qualified to carry out drug inte rvention most appropriate, being discouraged any attempt at self-medication. Eve n an indication of a drug used by those who have passed the disease is totally i nappropriate because each person is a case and each case deserves separate asses sment and custom, since the type and dosage of medication is dependent on indivi dual data, such as weight and personal historical , among other important factor s that the doctor will take into psychotherapeutic techniques are many and no on e better than another. Also, depending on the table and the intensity of burnout , such a technique may prove most appropriate for each person. As for medication , these may vary Eventually, the psychiatrist makes the two approaches, ie, pres cription drug, as a doctor, and the application of any psychotherapeutic techniq ue, as a psychiatrist. analgesics and mineral supplements to anxiolytics and ant i-depressants, according to each case. consideration before prescribing the medi cine. psychotherapy, or by mediation temporary psychologist or psychoanalyst, an d there may be concomitant with medical care if the person to produce allergy pr oblems, cardiac, biophysiological, change in insomnia, such as blood, other pain , pressure from possible problems physical complications of all kinds. © Chafic Jbeil - 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil

Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention. performances Prevention of burnout: There's a popular saying: "It is better to b e safe than sorry." This means that it is best to avoid suffering the disease, b y avoiding it, than having to take medication and several sessions of psychother apy. Some tips can be very useful to prevent or lessen the work stress, reducing the possibilities of installation of burnout. Ei-las: Program better ativ ages of day, or styles only of work between colleagues of work generates disagreements. Keep the focus on results, or promote or seek quality with the other like this interpersonal relationships: The presence of a good friend pleasurable interacti on people releases a hormone called oxytocin, also "hormone known popularly The presence of friendship."

hormone in the body decreases the amount of an unwholesome hormone, cortisol, also known as the "stress hormone". In additio n to this beneficial effect of oxytocin, the quality of interpersonal relationsh ips increases the person's support network, providing greater safety in the work place. Still worth the maxim: "Healthy body, mind, therefore, directed physical search. Please do some kind of Chi Yoga, Tai leaving room for important intervals: The accumulation of daily affairs creates stress and increases the chances of failure, compromising the quality of these a ctivities and may even affect self-esteem of the profession; Differentiate competence of competition: to perform the tasks with zeal and Search professionalism is much better than try to do better than the others did. Compar e sane. " activity © Chafic Jbeil - 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil

Burnout Syndrome in teachers: Identification, treatment and prevention. Chuan, activity gym, physical journey, regular releases swimming or any other ph ysical activity. It is known that the hormones essential for health of body and mind, including dopamine, a neurotransmitter that acts directly on the central n ervous system, acting as a natural painkiller and precursor of the sense of well -being. Important action with aa and remember that the body in alcoholism, drug addiction will diminish the amount Meanwhile at school ... Hello! Hello I am the new teacher at this school! And you are? If you do not care ... I am you tomorrow! doing considerably dopamine released by the body is not enough for the user of alcohol or drug addiction fee l small. Change style v ida: Rethinking the space the work occupies in your life , reviewing pleasures of life, intensifying

that concepts, eating habits and reorganize your time and activities, putting harmony between the key areas of life; © Chafic Jbeil - 2008 Brasilia-DF Brazil Syndrome of Burnout in teachers: Identification,€treatment and prevention. To learn more, read:

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