The HYMN OF VICTORY (By Sergio Dal Sasso, speaker, lectures, training and consul ting - www.sergiodalsasso. Maybe things happen a little differently from how you imagined. You may spend a lifetime looking for something that never ever will achieve. It is through these paths we tread, I say this by using the plural, as the simplest to the most sop histicated of dreams, all are in quest for emotional balance, pleasure that warr ants be glad to be alive. What we face are of a certain sequence of moments that time will be favorable, that time will be troubled and difficult equations, but always add up to the formation of the whole of his work within a process of str uggle, where the average balance must be sustained the weighting of the points t hat we adopt when we win or when we lose. The equation is simple and the victory is in the intensity of the values that we credit when we win, no matter how man y times never to occur, but the motivational intensity we assume when we see tha t we are capable. The ability to victory is available in each, but the poise and conviction that determines and selects the winners, who will continually be adj usted without losing the focus and goals. Those who believe and therefore beyond the rational, the course of others. How long are you willing to wait for the bi te of a fish? Think about it and know that this response will leave your future. You should also understand that it can never live only by the expectation of a fish that has not caught and is now worth thinking time passes and not returned. Vale then the wisdom of the few who could not get the exact same desire, seek t o broaden the horizon around them by creating other goals to justify the hopes t hat they will always be complementary and assistance to its conquest by the reco very time. Before the search for answers, it is worth noting what makes a good f isherman until it achieves its end. Verify, analyze and perceive their behavior and come to the conclusion that many times until the fish is no longer representative, because the exercise continue d and persistent demand, often ends up creating branches and values so important that they can justify their existence by revealing the meaning of love, nature, families, friends, smiles and so, with more happiness, more grandeur, we have m ore reasons and relevance to the battle for the things we want. I still remember the first time I was applauded, and had a special significance because it did n ot expect. When you finish the event, turned his back to save the material. Sudd enly I heard clapping and returning to original position checked the public stan ding, smiling and everyone was heading to my person. It was fantastic and exciti ng, check that my effort was being rewarded. I cried and I now realize that the extent and value of applause comes from the fact that I live what I am talking a bout, and I think today I have my membership is because people keep looking for better ways to achieve a way to examine equations that produce happiness.