SECOND ERIKSON PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Stadium Approximate age Resolution of the crisis Success Failure Core of significant relationships

Mother or surrogate mother Psychosocial behaviors Virtue Key question: "Is my social world predictable and protector?" 1. Nd age: Baby Ent of nascime At 18 months the 18 months to 3 years Confidence Feels safe and secure: develops the basic feeling of trust in life Distrust Withdrawn, abandoned or unprotected, afraid and learn to mistrust the world - Giving - Receiving Hope 2. Nd age: Child of tender age Key issue: Do you do things yourself or have to depend almost always the other? " Parents Autonomy Sit independent dares to do things and develop their capabilities. Shame and Doubt Too controlled by parents, dares not, doubt, learn everything later. - Mastering - Protect - Drop - Leave Willpower Key question: "Am I good or bad?" 3. Nd age: Child in preschool From 3 to 6 years Initiative Imagination, vivacity, activity. Feel pride in their abilities. Guilt Lack of spontaneity. Inhibition. Do you feel guilty, it is considered bad. Family

- To - Play - Pretending - Playing Tenacity Key question: "Am I competent or incompetent?" 4. Nd age: Children of school age From 6 to 12 years Diligence Worker, entrepreneur. He likes to do things, participate in games, to compete. Feelings of inferiority Lazy, shiftless. Avoids entering into the competition. It is considered inferior and mediocre. Neighbors. School - Making things - Racing - Doing things together Competence Key question: "Who am I? What will I do with my life? " 5. Nd age: Adolescent and From 12 to 20 years Identity You know who you are and what they want from life. Security, independence. You c an learn a lot. Sexuality integrated Confusion / Insecurity Do not know what they want. Do not know lie towards work, society and sexuality. Colleagues and friends - Be like yourself - Share Loyalty / Fidelity 6. Nd age: Young adult 20 to 35 years Key question: "Should I share my life with someone or alone shall live?" Intimacy Capacity to love and surrender. Sexuality enriching. Stable social ties and open . Isolation Difficulties in relating. Relations inauthentic, ephemeral, problematic and unst able. Partner with links of friendship, sex or cooperation - Meet or lost in other

Love / Affiliation 7. Nd age: Adult From 35 to 65 years Key issue: "Producing something of value, useful for me and for others?" Generativity Productive and creative. Designed for the future. He likes to work with the new generations. Stagnation Unproductive over. Preoccupied with himself, self-centered. Division between work and family activities - To be - Caring for Production / Care Key question: "Was it worth living?" 8. Senior citizens: Elderly From 65 years onwards Integrity Accepts its existence as something valuable. Satisfied with life. Despair Believes that life was lost time and it is impossible to recover. Fear death. Humanity, the same condition. - Be by what was - face the not - be Wisdom