BOLIVARIANA STUDENT ORGANIZATION: Dr PEPE Barroeta "We are the joy and life in a tremendous fight against the sadness

and death," G abaldon Algimiro PARTICIPANTS Belkis Adílio NUÑEZ HERNANDEZ GLORIA PEREZ FELIX BAPTISTA Matheus Marbelis LUISA VIDAL MARIO NESTOR RIVERO MALDONADO MARCELO BASTIDAS STUDENT ORGANIZATION CERTIFICATION Articles 179 and 180 RLOE SEPTEMBER 2005 NEW STUDENT POLICY VISION BOLIVARIANA Resolution: 751 M.E. PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 5287 of April 10, 2007 Know-Link and investigate different processes develop the creative potential of human beings Multidirectional training, and self-critical Replace legacy values (individualism, betrayal) by loyalty, love, cooperation. -PIPE concerns, values, DUTIES AND RIGHTS OF STUDENTS. - CHANNEL SET BINDING OF INTERACTION WITH THE COMMUNITY AND EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS OF THE MUNICIPALITY AND THE STATE. ESTABLISHMENT OF COMMUNICATION AND THE PROCESS OF INTERACTION BETWEEN THE STUDEN T AND EDUCATIONAL, SOCIAL, CULTURAL, MUNICIPALITY OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE. Encourage active participation and democratic of all the student community, with the aim of ensuring quality education, based on the values of solidarity, respe ct, mutual aid, freedom and the need to assume a critical position, constructive help form a better quality of life in the population. • Contribute to the consolidation of the Bolivarian educational model which is l inked to social and cultural development of humans through the process of endoge nous development. • Liaise and coordinate with the community to develop social a ctivities that strengthen the student movement and the community • Promote the different activities that help strengthen the Bolivarian education , strengthening the values of unity, integration, solidarity, tolerance, respect and equality. • Know and disseminate political thought and literature of our ma jor national and international heroes, Simon Bolivar, Simon Rodriguez, Ezequiel Zamora, Luis Beltran Prieto Figueroa, Mario Briceño Iragorry, Cecilio Acosta, Pe pe Barrueta, Fabricio Ojeda, Ernesto Guevara, among others. • Develop and implem ent projects that benefit the institution endogenous students and the community. • Encourage the creation of chairs free to contribute to the intellectual devel opment of students and the community. ACTION OF THE ORGANIZATION BOLIVARIANA "Dr. PEPE BARR What? student spokesperson, objectives, goals, organization, functions. Information on student spokesperson. To show the student spokesperson, purpo

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Where? When Bolivarian High School "Alfredo Ramon Delgado M." community, institution s. L.B. A.R.D.M. L.B.A.R.D.M. L.B.A.R.D.M. or? School Year 2007 - 2008 14 to 18 January 2008 21 to 25 January 2008 28 al Ja nuary 31, 2008 How? Workshops, lectures, workshops, debates, forums, group exhibitions. Visit to the press and dissemination of printed material. Work tables, see the materia l. Direct election. "The main goal of education is to train creative and capable people to do new th ings and not simply repeating what others did" (Jean Piaget)