ITALIAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION SECTION TUSCANY Calls to the days of Exclusive Tuscany XV ISSUE May 16 and May 23, 2010

FREE ADMISSION Lucca, Pisa, Siena, courtyards and gardens open Sunday, May 16, 2010 from 10 to 13 hours and from 15 to 19 Florence courtyards and gardens open Sunday, May 23, 2010 from 10 to 13 hours and from 15 to 19 with the participation of the newspaper THE NATION ITALIAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION SECTION TUSCANY Borgo Santi Apostoli 17, 50125 Florence phone and fax 055 212 452 adsi.toscana @ - "Tuscany Exclusive" is the fifteenth edition o f an event sponsored by the Historic Houses Italian Chamber Tuscany. The initiat ive includes the opening to the public courtyards and gardens of important build ings and private villas, a chance to discover and learn about lesser known sites and hidden corners of our region. Day are to raise public awareness on the prob lems of Italian architectural heritage conservation. The event was realized with the kind cooperation and helpful proprietors ADSI young volunteers, volunteers of the Friends of Florentine Museums, Friends of the Earth and with the financia l support Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze. What is the Italian Historic Houses Association? Since 1977, the ADSI meet the o wners of more than 3000 buildings of historic and artistic interest with a view to facilitating the conservation and promote knowledge. The ADSI promotes import ant bills, working with public and private institutions and public awareness thr ough events, research and publications. It 'a free association operates mainly t hrough the work of volunteer members. The ADSI, Moral Agency of the Italian Repu blic and member of the Union of European Historic Houses Associations, is the la rgest national association of owners of cultural goods and the largest in Europe . A large association that strives to ensure the protection and preservation of cultural heritage in private ownership. Lucca, Pisa, Siena - courtyards and gardens open Sunday, May 16, 2010 from 10 to 13 hours and from 15 to 19 Lucca town 2 1 Garden Villa Niemack 3 5 6 4 7 8

9 1 Garden Villa Niemack, because of Bacchettoni 25 2 Garden of the Convent of St. Pontian, Saint Pontian Square Garden 2 3 Elisa, Via Elisa 54 4 Cloister of the First Circle Learning convent, S. Mary Forisportam, Piazza S. Mary Forisportam 6 5 Garden Palace Freemasons, via the Guardian Angel 24 6 Busdraghi Garden Palace , Via Palazzo Busdraghi 7 7 Garden Circle Union already Malpighi, Via Santa Gius tina 17 8 Palace Gardens Brancoli Panther already Massagli via Vittorio Veneto 4 4 9 Garden Palace's Mansion Temple Square Mansion 6 Lucca, Pisa, Siena - courtyards and gardens open Sunday, May 16, 2010 from 10 to 13 hours and from 15 to 19 San Giuliano Terme "Otium et Delitiae" means the system of the spa villas Lucca Viareggio FI RE AND RA M N ZE Pisa with Vi Pugnano 1 p p us the Gi V erd 2 Rigoli Vecchiano 3 Pappiana Via S tat ale 4 Arena Metato Via Filippo You rati Pontasserchio illo ou r m Ca to Cav Well you know n Via Ern esto Gu C h eva ra me If rch I Fiu Au king lia Street and L

nin 1 Villa Posch, Via Statale Abetone 212, Fist 2 Villa Alta, Via Statale Abetone 1 10, Rigoli 3 Villa Corliano, Via Statale Abetone 50, Rigoli 4 Villa del Lupo, 59 Via San Giovanni, Arena Metato 5 Villa Medici, Via Cavour 35 Arena Metato "Otium et Delitiae" is the first in a series of initiatives to enhance the cultu re of the territory of Pisa and that will take place over the coming years. Than ks for your cooperation: The Doctor Federico Tognoni for historical information on villas. Members of the Society of Stilepisano will receive visitors throughou t the day. The owners of the gardens for the generous hospitality. Au rel ia Ab eto 5 I SAN GIULIANO TERME LIVORNO PISA Lucca, Pisa, Siena - courtyards and gardens open Sunday, May 16, 2010 from 10 to 13 hours and from 15 to 19 Siena Province FLORENCE Castle Fonterutoli 5 SR22 2 Str Chian ada Been to the handicraft Colombaiolo 4 San Miniato Chestnut C hi nt ig ia na The Ficareto Tolfe St ra by Via Cassia Nord I-S Belvedere RA FI RS T

3 Le Scotte Ascarelli ON PE 2 Vi Avenue S Fio King Tin ardeg na Viale P i against Tose to lli Strada di Pescaia 1 SIENA to Vi Ar et ina LIVORNO 1 t n i Garden Villa Rubini Humiliated by the 12 2 Garden Villa Apartment house, stree Ventena 8 3 Garden Villa di Vico Bello Avenue A. Bianchi Bandinelli 14 4 Garde Villa il Castagno, State Road 30 5 Chiantigiana Castle Fonterutoli, via Puccin 4, Fonterutoli resort Castellina in Chianti

Presenting the brochure "Exclusive Tuscany" will be possible to have a cheap lun ch at the Osteria del Castello di Fonterutoli. Also discounts on purchases at En oteca Fonterutoli. Florence - courtyards and gardens open Florence historical center 27 26 25 15 14 13 12 4 3 Garden of St. Francis of Paola 5 6 11 10 7 8 1

2 1 Garden St. Francis of Paola, Piazza San Francesco di Paola 3 2 Torrigiani Gard en, because of Campuccio 53 3 Cloister of Santo Spirito Document of the Military Command Centre, Piazza Santo Spirito 28 4 Palazzo Antinori di Brindisi, Via dei Serragli 9 5 Palazzo Frescobaldi, Via Sa nto Spirito 13 6 Hanging Garden of Palazzo Guicciardini, Via Santo Spirito 14 7 Michelozzi Palace, Via Maggio 11 8 Palazzo Guicciardini, Via Guicciardini 15 9 G arden Giuliani coast Scarpuccia 7 10 Bartolommei Palace, Via Palazzo 11 11 Lambe rtesca & Garden Rosselli Del Turkish, Borgo Santi Apostoli 19 12 Palazzo Bartoli ni Salimbeni Piazza Santa Trinita 1 13 Palazzo Corsini, Lungarno Corsini 10 14 C loister of Saint Pancras, Piazza San Pancrazio 2 Florence - courtyards and gardens open Sunday, May 23, 2010 from 10 to 13 hours and from 15 to 19 24 23 16 20 21 17 19 18 22 9 15 Palazzo Antinori, Piazza Antinori 3 16 Pazzi Palace, Via Palazzo del Proconso lo 10 17 Fossi, Via de 'Benci 20 18 Palazzo Antinori Corsini, Holy Cross 6 19 Ga rden village of Antellesi, Piazza Santa Croce 21 20 Ferri Palazzo Pepi, Via dei Pepi 7 21 Bargellini Palace, because of Pinzochere 3 22 Palazzo Vivarelli Colonn a, Via delle Conce 28 23 Panciatichi Palazzo Ximenes, Borgo Pinti 68 24 Palazzo Zuccari, KHI, Via Giuseppe Giusti 43 25 Barbolani Montauto Palace, Via de 'Ginori 9 26 Palace of billboards, street 1 1 27 Garden St. Anthony Corsini sul Prato, Via Il Prato 58 In the courtyard of Palazzo Michelozzi will take place on market "Unarosaperfile ", aimed at raising funds for the Italian Foundation of Leniterapia. WARNING! Th e visit to the Palazzo Zuccari will be allowed in groups of 10 persons. Florence - courtyards and gardens open Sunday, May 23, 2010 from 10 to 13 hours and from 15 to 19 Colli Fiorentini Bagno a Ripoli Rovezzano 2 Viale Europa Candeli Villa Il Poggio 1 Rimaggio Po

3 ann Badia a Ripoli Vi the Ag Bagno A Ripoli Way to R om M in ar the co Via st Thurs the New House Paterno Santa Teresa Santa Clara San Piero a Ema Ponte a Ema 4 P Antella 5 Grassina ntigian to 6 St. Martin Croce Balatro Tower Via Ch ia 7 1 Villa Il Poggio, by Belforte 19, Villamagna 2 Villa The palace via Rimaggio 52, 3 Candeli Nymphaeum Bandini, Via del Paradiso 5, Florence 4 Villa's Rest, 66 Via delle Fonti, 5 Grassina Castle of Monte Via di Monte 124, 6 Villa Grassina Malenchini route of Lilliano Meoli and 82r, Antella 7 Villa Ugolino via Chiantig iana 387, Grassina WARNING! To visit the garden of Villa The Rest please use the car park early bec ause of the source.

Music programs At the fifteenth edition of Tuscany Exclusive Italian Historic Houses Associatio n Tuscany Section has organized a program of musical concerts. Sunday, May 23, 2010 Florence The School of Music will perform five concerts in Fiesole: 11.00 Palazzo Antinori Corsini Clax Quartet - Class Alda by Lucci Clarinet, Alto saxophone, Tenor, Bass Clarinet Music by T. Susato, G. Mainerio, I. Stravinsky and B. Bartok 12.00 Palazzo Ximenes Panciatichi Quartet Ark - class teacher Edward Rosadini Vi olin, Violin, Viola and Cello music by WA Mozart 16.00 Palace Barbolani Montauto Quartet Orionis - class teacher Edward Rosadini Violin, Violin, Viola F. eVioloncello music J. Haydn 17.00 Cloister of St. Pancras Wind Ensemble - Class teacher Lorenzo Bettini Flut e, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn and Oboe music by G. Ross and J. Alborch 18.00, Palazzo Corsini Crescendo. Ensemble miniarchi Director Brigitte Mancini V iolin, Cello and Contrabassi popular songs and music by Vivaldi and W. A. Mozart 18.30 hours: Palazzo Corsini Greetings and delivery of expected participation to all the musicians of the Music School of Fiesole Music programs Sunday, May 23, 2010 Florence concerts by the Music School of Fiesole Quartet Clax 11.00 Palazzo Antinori Corsini, Borgo Santa Croce 6 Teacher: Alda by Lucci Clari net: James Dews Alto saxophone: Julia Fidentia Tenor: Jade Moretti Bass Clarinet : Pierpaolo Romani T. Susato (1515-1565) / G. Mainerio (1535 -1582): Renaissance Dances (Allemande I Gaillarde II Bransle de Champagne, Pavana, Schiarazula Mara zul) Igor Stravinsky: Four dances (Andante, Balalaika, Polka, Galop) Bela Bartok : Hungarian Dances (Allegro, Andante, Allegretto, Andante Just stolen, very mode rate, Allegretto, Allegro) Quartet Ark 12.00 Palazzo Ximenes Panciatichi, Borgo Pinti 68 Teacher: Edward Rosadini Violi n: Peter Montemagni Violin: Emma Lanza Viola Giulia Guardenti Cello: Paul Lucche sini WA Mozart: Quartet in B flat major KV 159 Quartet Orionis 16.00 Barbolani Montauto Palace, Via de 'Ginori 9 Teacher: Edward Rosadini Violi n: Violin Samuel Wisdom: News White Purple: Alessandro Morelli Cello: Blessed Ma ssai F. J. Haydn: String Quartet No. 3 in C major, Op. 33 "The Birds" Music programs Sunday, May 23, 2010 Wind ensemble 17.00 Cloister of Saint Pancras, Piazza San Pancrazio 2 Teacher: Lorenzo Bettini

Flute: Sarah Gottlieb Clarinet Elena Veronesi Bassoon: Francesca Alterio Horn: Pilar Leal Oboe: Giulia Zanetti G. Rossini: Sonata 4-J Alborch: Quintet "Fun" Crescendo. Ensemble miniarchi 18.00, Palazzo Corsini, Lungarno Corsini, 10 Director: Brigitte Mancini Assistan ts: Valeria Brunelli, Martina Chiarugi and Alice Gull Violins: Silvia HA, Matteo Balduzzi, Clare Gonzo, Alice Carey, Teresa Ceni, Matthew Cimatti, Michael Light , Alexander Malinverno , Ludivico Mealli, Teresa Moschitta, Lorenzo Naldini, Cos imo Perini, Perini Frederick, Emma Ricucci, Peter Rucellai, Jacopo Salvadori Sar a Tellini, Laura Vannini, White Zanobini Cellos: HA Francis, Teresa of Prever Br ach, John of Good, Leonardo Guardenti, Anton Marashi, Giacomo Mazzetti, Julia Ni ro, Eleonora Nuti, Lavinia Scarpelli Contrabassi: Peter Brach's Prever, Thomas F aralli, Ravi Reitano A. Vivaldi: Concerto in A for Two Violins Vivaldi: Concerto in G for two cellos traditional Jewish folk music : Jewish Wedding Song Anonymo us: Galopede W. A. Mozart transcription. Brigitte Mancini: Live music (fee) Folk Artist: Toad in the Hole at 18.30: Palazzo Corsini, Lungarno Corsini 10 Greetin gs and delivery of certificates of participation to all the musicians of the Mus ic School of Fiesole Sponsored by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture - Region Tuscany Province Flor ence - Pisa - Siena Province Municipality of Florence - City of San Giuliano Ter me Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Agency General General Agent Empoli Jacopo Hope Piazza XXIV Luglio 14-50053 Empo li (Firenze) tel. 0571 73551 0571 79036 and fax ag_empoli@agenzie.inaassitalia.i t With the participation of APT of Florence and Lucca Hidden City Cultural Association Lungarno Cellini 25-50125 Florence Telephone 05 5 6802590 - fax 055 6801680 Home Friends of Florentine Museums Group Youth Section Tuscany ADSI Friends of t he Earth