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A few seconds for you to think about the importance of attracting students 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ... 8 ... 9 ... 10 Wait a little ...

You think you're taking? 're Coming! Ensure their full school year-round forward type <enter> each slide 031-31-8733-2603 2 02/09/2008 jap.divulgar1973 @ It JAP SPREADING Integrity - Loyalty - result jap.divulgar1973 @ 031-31-8733-2603 3 09/02/2008 Loyalty to the customer

Several schools in your city are getting to know the JAP project DISCLOSE. But w e work with only one school in each city. The preference will always be yours. A ND CAN BE YOUR! If you are interested in working with us, please contact as soon as possible. jap.divulgar1973 @ 031-31-8733-2603 4 09/02/2008 History promoter Name: Jose Age: 34 years Graduate: Systems Analyst Graduate: Corporate governanc e in the Getulio Vargas Foundation jap.divulgar1973 @

031-31-8733-2603 5 09/02/2008 Goal

Increasing the number of students in your school Create process to ensure custom er loyalty billing for long periods make your school the best known of the city. 031-31-8733-2603 6 02/09/2008 jap.divulgar1973 @ Projects available Capture in Public Schools jap.divulgar1973 @ 031-31-8733-2603 7 09/02/2008 PROJECT DETAILS The target of this project are students from state and municipal schools of his city. The work lasts a week. As 90% of the audience reached are children 7-16 ye ars, used to give these students a gift that is around $ 40.00. This gift is del ivered to the end of the course. The use of this brings a return vastly better t han those not present. Children this age need an extra incentive to do the curre nt aid project cost ranges from $ 300.00 to $ 500.00. This value can vary depend ing on the distance of the city of the customer jap.divulgar1973 @ 031-31-8733-2603 8 09/02/2008 Bounce Rate The return of a collection is not only due to the pickup. Other factors contribu ting to success, such as: 1 - As the market sees her school 2 - If schools let y ou do the job 3 - Choose the school more centrally to meet the public on Saturda y The average rate of return is 5 % to 10% of the delivered material The amount of material delivered varies with the number of schools the number of students t hat we have achieved is between 2000-4000

jap.divulgar1973 @ 031-31-8733-2603 9 09/02/2008 . Payment method Will be charged 70% of the amount of registrations made on Saturday. The amount is the number of students multiplied by the price of monthly membership fee + pr oject valued at $ 10.00 Amount of students = num * (price monthly +10.00) It is not mandatory to pay the student the day of registration The amount will be made on Form 10 jap.divulgar1973 @ and will be divi ded into 03 09/02/2008 031-31-8733-2603 check Marking the week

Select a week to do the work in your school. Call 31-8733-2603 and book your wee k jap.divulgar1973 @ 031-31-8733-2603 11 09/02/2008 Address Rua Arthur Bernardes 366 - Itabirito center - Minas Gerais Cep: 35450-000 jap.divulgar1973 @ 031-31-8733-2603 12 09/02/2008 Compuway Itabirito "500 students. I never imagined possible. Contact: Veronica The work was excellent. This kind of work Tel: 31-3561-2603 Give a breeze for us during the year " Compuway

Reference s Ouro Preto "Very good. The final work was now in Contact: Natalia End of J une, that last one is bad. Still We put 284 students. It is the second time th at we do and Tel: 31-3551 - 4084 We satisfied. Worth! Brumanet - Brumadinho "Excellent disclosure. tripled the number of students in school " Contact: Carlos Tel: 8421 - 2886

jap.divulgar1973 @ 031-31-8733-2603 13 09/02/2008