Personal Protective Equipment Always use appropriate personal protective equipment is an effective measure of protection Shoes or boots Sock

Steel Shoes or boots with steel toe Gloves appropriate for each type of work • Avoid Skin Diseases • Prevent Injury Protection screens prevent eye injury caused by metal, sparks, caustic liquids, etc.. • Protective goggles prevent eye injury caused by metal, sparks, caustic liquids , etc.. Mask Respiratory Risks • Prevents Breathing Gases, dust, fumes, etc.. Ear Protection Suitable clothing to Work Do not wear clothes soiled with oil or fat during the welding or cutting work Before Getting a Job, Verify: - If Scaffolding and Walkways are correctly assembled and Guard Corps - If the openings in floors are Tapadas - If the Workplace and accesses are properly illuminated The Order is an essential factor for Security Workers - Maintain Free Access and the Passages -Condition Correctly Madeira or nails - or Clear Cover the stains of oil or fat - Store materials properly -Keep the jobs in order:-Material Arranged - Circulation routes unobstructed - Remove Debris Fuels and Raw the Workplace Post a Job High, Remove Debris Appropriately:-Prevents Colleagues who work in Lo wer Be Affected The planking - Excavations Properly timber-man - Do Not Dredge descend to a timber-man - The excavations should be Surrounded by Footers to Prevent the Fall of Materia ls Keep some free space between the excavation and Materials Needed for the Impleme ntation of the Work, taking care of the Anchoring

Using ladders to go down to excavations or to get out of them Use only the appropriate locations for Cross Never Abolish Estroncas shoring if it has not sufficient strength to prevent sub sidence Legal Protections Against Falls Height The Guards Corps Should Protect People and the Fall of Materials All gaps and openings should have an GuardaCorpos Stairwells and areas of work should have guard rails Workplaces should have guard rails Protections to prevent falls Must Be Installed Where engaged in masonry work, Mo unts Roof Beams or Work in Short-Duration should use a harness Protection Floor Coverings Never Directly About Fragile, Type Glass, Fibre cement, plastics , etc.. Where shall Using Treadmills Own. Stair The Bad State and Improper Use of Ladders Are Cause of Many Accidents The ladders must be installed on pavements Stable Against a Solid Surface and Fi xed Form and the slipping Ladders should Overtaking at least in the Metro Floor Work leading to Admission to The Base of the ladder should be sufficiently distant from the Surface Support Ladders shall not be used as scaffolding or plummet to as Floor Work or walkway Doubles Ladders should be tied with ropes or chains Ladders Emendadas Must Have An overlay of at least 5 steps or 1 meters Scaffolding Must be carefully assembled and disassembled by Competent Workers Install should be Guards Corps to Prevent Falls in Persons, Materials and Tools The removal of the Carpenter-of-Foot Scaffolding Should Be Avoided. These must b e robust, well bred and to stay clear Use should only Means to Get Insurance Plan of Work, General Well Ladders Instal led They should not overload the boards with depe-Materials. The loads must be sprea d over the Carpenter-de-Pé Mobile scaffolds must be moved slowly, preferably along its length and with nobo dy on them.

Before Someone Up to One scaffolds, Must Do to Blocking the wheels and, if neces sary, place stabilizers. Machinery and Tools Always use the protective devices. Never Withdraw Not Discard. Do not exceed maximum load of Use which must be legible writing on hoists, crane s, etc. .. During the lifting and stowage of cargo must meet the Instruction Should Own Mat erial used in any case, and must also be good for the state and Strings, Chains, Cables, Hooks, etc.. The Long Loads (Tables, Iron Armor, etc..) Should be tied so that it does not co me loose during transport. Materials must be properly secured. The pallets must not be overloaded. It is forbidden to transport people in lifts,€Cranes or other devices intended f or the Cargo Transportation With the lifting machines in operation, Must Not Be Staying within range of thes e machines Electrocution Risks of Electrocution be avoided: • Ensuring the rule of Yours Conservation of Power Tools, Power Cords, Plugs, etc.., • Tools to Properly Conn ect Boxes Power Expected to Effect; • Never make adjustments Provisional Tools, Plugs Plugs and these works should be done by professionals Correctly connect the chips to the sockets. The Impromptus can be fatal. • If a power tool has suffered a stroke or fall, Should Not Be Used Without Spen ding by Efectuadao An Examination by a competent person; • If it is raining, the Power Tools Should Not Be Used Outdoors. Electrical Installations Only a competent electrician may install, modify, repair and maintenance of elec trical installations. All the makeshift Source is Serious Accident. All the makeshift Source is Serious Accident. Never Leave cables in contact with sharp edges The sheet shall be drawn correctly, pulling the plug, not the cable. Care should be taken with the proximity of overhead cables or Under Voltage Unde rground. Respect should be the safety distances. Should only be used Lamps Portable Lamps Regulatory and never installed temporar ily. Transportation of Loads The Carriage of Loads Must Be Done By keeping the body in the correct position t o avoid accidents such as: • hand injuries • spinal injuries The Appropriate Use of gloves is Fundamental.

Workplaces must be kept clear. The Cargo Must Be Raised Correctly. slide0063_image314 The charges should Raised Correctly, Evitandose spinal injuries. Never a Charge Must Be Carried at eye level, which may cause a lack of visibilit y. Gas and hazardous substances must take special care when: • The work is done in areas where there is risk of release of hazardous gases and vapors; • If product s employing toxic, flammable, etc.. The risk involved are serious: • Choking • B urns • Poisoning Use should be personal protective equipment such as masks, air fed Cagulas, Prot ective Gloves, Safety Glasses. -Must Respect to Existing Signage - The containers must be regularly Labelled Never put harmful substances into containers for drinks. Given the possibility of serious risks (emanation of gases, noxious fumes, etc.. ), One should never get into places such as excavation, concrete coffins and oth er enclosed spaces without being taken special security measures (ventilation, p ersonal protection, etc.).. One should never descend to such premises without th e permission of charge and without being equipped with a safety harness fitted w ith a cable operated by a person ready to intervene if necessary. First Aid -The removal of the Curious - Plug the Victim - In case of minor accidents, prov ide first aid. All Shipyards There must be a First Aid Box Accidents If you witness an accident:-Prompt or Warn Tell the Boss Direct - Leaving the Vi ctim withn You, Without the Shift - Prevent that it be given to Drink - Part the Curis - Cover the victim; -Being From Electrocution:. Do not Play the Victim. Cut the chain;. Artificial r espiration Do not Forget: