Canker Sores Canker sores are formations ulcerous mucosa of the mouth that may b e the result of poor

nutrition and increased stomach acidity. Home Remedies The Chewing leaves the eye of the hose for a few seconds and disca rd. Source: 03/2008 Dr. Diaulas Hospital OASIS Paraná Natural Treatments Make B gargling with chamomile tea in cases of irritation and inflammation of th e mucosa of the mouth and throat. This plant has an amazing healing action of st imulant and a high disinfecting power. Place 6 teaspoons of chamomile flowers in 1 liter of water and gargle book always be remembered. C Chew young leaves of a vocado is an excellent remedy. If you're not around an avocado, an easier soluti on is to rinse with sage tea twice a day. Place crystallized honey on the wound to aid healing. Source: D Depends on the individual treatment aims to relieve symptoms, prevent the onset of new ulcers and reduce the severity of the outbreak. Baking Soda: used to decrease pain, because it destroys nerve cells responsible for it. Does the cold sore take even longer to disappear. Bicarbonate destroys healthy tissue of the mucosa. It is recommended the use of propolis, as reported by several people who use the method, the problem disappears in a few days, besides relieving the pai n so applied about the injury. Any product containing sodium bicarbonate can be used (eg salt fruit). Anti-inflammatory steroids: it is often used in mouthwashe s and ointments appropriate. There are also anti-inflammatory injections that ar e applied on the wound. A very effective treatment is to use Syzygium aromaticum , popularly known as cloves. The harpsichord has medicinal properties, include t he treatment of nausea, flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, has antibacterial pro perties and is also used as an anesthetic and antiseptic for the relief of tooth ache. Oil cravosdaÍndia can be extremely soothing for pain and promotes healing of the wound. It is a natural analgesic and antiseptic used primarily in dentis try for its active ingredient eugenol. The steady application provides significa nt relief and the unpleasant taste is offset by benefits. Apply one or two drops of oil cravodaÍndia a cotton bud and gradually introduzaas affected area. Ther e is also a new way to ease the pain immediately via laser. The same is applied in dental and despite being a new technique, has been very functional for the sa me, and nearly remedy the pain, has no contraindications . Source: