S CREDIT POLICY OXTE CHIC CREDIT POLICY Credit policies are a form of commercial transaction based on trust given

to the m to customers on certain dates. "Remember that credit is a service that is sold for not afforded"

Client's ability to AXCEDER TO A CREDIT Our company to extend credit to their customers first study to make sure your cr edit history so that the client is not reported to any lender. after checking th is information was requested to our clients: ï ï balanced financial situation two su reties least two trade references ï ï ï Two personal references Good resource managem nt staff if the applicant is a legal person: attributes before writing ï ï ï Technica competence Age of the company. In addition to these elements will help us measu re the applicant's repayment ability, financial analysis of your body which are known by the commercial research. CUSTOMER CAPITAL ï consider our company which is the financial power that the debtor has assets as they have, if it fails, the creditor can seize to make you pay the debt. CREDIT CONDITIONS If the person or company either because of their character and capital may not a lways be good business to grant a loan as this depends on economic conditions wi thin which they evolve, the conditions under which economic activity takes and c ommercial people in any amount may be altered and this would affect the ability to pay our company. Credit Limit The maximum credit is otorgadla our customers can afford to get to the timely pa yment of credit we also rely on the customer needs in their ability to pay becau se one thing is what the client needs and the other is how much you can pay for this is necessary to determine either the following: If a natural person that yo ur purchases do not exceed your payment on time and applies the following formul a: # of months later the average monthly purchases X = SPACE if legal person sta tes the percentage of company requesting a loan to know how much is their abilit y to pay. in both it is important that this limited the quota, thereby achieving prompt payment of the loan so the company does not get lost. Credit Limit The maximum time that gives the company a customer is working six months after t he order of the goods. This is only valid for people with large companies, past claims and compliance. Days after the deadline will be awarded maximum 20-day ex tension and if the call does not meet the customer will be taken to legal recove ry ordered by the administration of the company. DISCOUNTS GIVEN Discounts for customers who make bulk purchases and will be awarded as follows: purchases for clients with between 200,000 and 500,000 will have a 5% discount o n the net. - For customers with purchases from 550000-800000 have 10% discount o n the net. - For customers with purchases between 850000-1000000 have 15% discou nt on the net. for customers with purchases over 1.03 million they will have a d iscount of 20% of net worth. To grant a loan must be made purchases over 200,000 the first time and then purchases above 100,000 INTERNAL CONTROL OF BILLING CHARGES We must do a thorough and careful analysis of customers and their credit history

which will be of great benefit to the approval of the sale and value, as it mus t be carefully selected portfolio of clients. Then to create the portfolio depar tment must select the appropriate personnel to perform this work. We must also e stablish a billing plan that allows us to make the collection of different accou nts for our case we use three types of collection if the customers fail to timel y payment: Plan for legal collection: At the omission of the two previous calls to the coll ection should then proceed to court where the filing of the respective applicati on as well as freezing their assets and auctions We regularly review account bal ances receivable, ie establish a specific day to make such a charge by then also the seat of individuals who did not pay and do a separate list where you specif y the value of the fees you pay to that person played. The balance of the accoun t in the control must be equal to the sum of all cxc also collect all bills and documents that support the debts incurred by customers. Plan administrative collection: in this case we select the person who is delinqu ent in payment and was given calls through telephone communications. Preliminary collection plan: establish a new notice announcing that the debtor must pay as soon as possible this work will generally be provided by a lawyer.