A generation that seeks God's face and His will to live When we talk about discipleship talk to friends

Base Texts: John 15:15-17 / Samuel 18:1, 3 When Jesus speaks to his disciples about love and care, we see our Beloved Jesus , talking about friendship and fruiting. (OJ 15:15) - I will not call you servan ts, because a servant does not know what his lord does: but I have called you fr iends, for everything that I heard from my Father I have made known. (John 15:16 ) Ye have not chosen me me, but I chose you and appointed you, that ye should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should remain: so that whatsoever ye shall a sk in my name to the Father he vo it grants. (OJ 15:17) These things I command y ou: Love one another. The Lord has not given us a ministry where one do not know what the others do, but a ministry of deep relationships: true friendships. Jes us had this deep relationship with the Father, He was a friend of God in the fle sh when this here on earth. Everything he saw and heard the Father, so he acted. I think if we were guided by the Spirit, we are also acting like Jesus, we will act only on what the Father speak to us and we will only what He would do. God is a God of relationship, I always wanted and want to relate to us as a friend. Thinking about this I began to meditate on God's word and brought my bible in a relationship that is a benchmark of friendship to us: David and Jonathan. And I' d like to share some things about it. 1. Friendship love speaks from deep (I Sam uel 18:1) - And it came to pass, finishing it to talk to Saul, the soul of Jonat han was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. Whe n we speak of friendship, we speak of a deep bond between two people, not just a thing of words or sporadic moments, but that connection that while away, not sp eaking the same time, this friendship does not waver. And unlike (when you see a lot) one learns to live with what the other has a defect, as it is with the qua lities. 2. Friendship leads to alliance (I Samuel 18:3) - And Jonathan and David made a covenant, because Jonathan loved him as his own soul. http://www.miesf.com.br A generation that seeks God's face and His will to live The friendship leads the alliance. We have been taught by some principles when t alking about relationships and these are: You develop a friendship is created co nfidence Firm is an alliance comes to intimacy Friendship is grown, it also mana ges to fruits worthy of that relationship. When true friendship is bearing fruit that lead to God and those involved had never been his. 3. Speaks of friendship and bless the other cover (I Samuel 18:4) - And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, a nd gave it to David, but also his clothes .... We must be willing to sometimes find ourselves (let go of what protects us) to p rotect, for friends to donate and do not do it with interest. Friend does not ch arge, but gives. Plan without even knowing it will reap (although we know WHAT h arvested plants), friendship does not involve collecting donations but without w anting anything in return. We see two types of coverage here: Cover: speaks of h onor and anointing. Friends seek to honor each other and should also seek to min ister to God's anointing on the lives of others for the blessing that really is complete. Garments: the needs and remove the shame. David had just arrived in co urt, did not have adequate clothing, but his friend honored him and gave them cl othes that fit him. 4. Friendship speaks of protecting (I Samuel 18:4) - ... until his sword ... When I speak I speak also to protect from attack, true friendship protects and p rovides tools for this, as we disciplers (or preserved) have to give tools to ou r students (friends) is always protected, we feel, relationships, ministries, al l areas and the sword that I can leave in their hands is the Word of God, I need

to always be "arming" the disciples (friends) or save against the wiles and sna res of the enemy. 5. Friendship speaks of going to Target http://www.miesf.com.br A generation that seeks God's face and His will to live (I Samuel 18:4) - and his bow .... .... Arc is used to hit the target with ease. If our relationship is friendship, wher e we will take our friend to Target right. Where we will focus on purpose, we wi ll always have a goal to achieve, always grow. We are friends who have a vision, focuses on one target and this target is Christ! Our friendships have to take o ur friends to Christ, our Target! It looks like the best thing that could exist in a person's life, if we are friends want the Best and Better is CHRIST! Hallel ujah! As I told our friend Paul (by the way, if you have someone who wanted to l ook like Christ, he was) (FP 3:14) - I press toward the mark€the prize of the high calling of God in Chr ist Jesus. (EF 4:13) - Until we all reach unity in the faith and knowledge of th e Son of God, perfect man, the measure of the fullness of Christ, 6. Friendship is grown under the truth (I Samuel 18:4) - .... and your belt .... (Ephesians 6:14) - Stand fast therefor e, having girded your loins with truth ... We must always remember that friend is one who speaks the truth and not makeup f or situations not hurt, of course we have the discernment of the Spirit to know how to talk but we are a vision that heals us leading us to grow longer be boys to live spiritual relationships truth. When we speak the truth we protect, we le t the truth of the Word speak up, we are protected. Part of the armor belt that covers the believer and one of the important parts of this armor is belt (or bel t) of truth. We should leave the deception of the enemy and live under the truth and the Way, Truth and Life. Conclusion We can not live without relationships, so the valuation of these is a principle of the Kingdom, Jesus came not simply t o servants, but has generated friends because friends are with pleasure and pass ion. In our team of 12 in our cell with our students should generate true relati onships, which are true friendships. (John 15:13) - No one has greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Shalom, Pr.Kiki, Dan http://www.miesf.com.br