Free Book: Why implement a CRM software?

SageCRM has released a white paper last year on the establishment of a CRM solut ion. This document contains 24 pages of very interesting information for all SME s that want to implement a CRM solution and want to know what are the ins and ou ts. This ebook explains how a CRM software allows: - to effectively manage a cus tomer service center or a hotline (tickets management, knowledge base ...) - to monitor more accurately the current business date of closing arguments ... - opt imize base and prospective customers: sales of ancillary products, newsletter, e mailing ... - simplifying administrative tasks: shared calendars, automatic repo rts ... - better to spend its marketing budget: customer segmentation, analysis of marketing operations ... - ... One found that some information is always good to remember: - "Customers do not necessarily go for a specific reason, but ofte n because nothing motivates them to stay"! - "Retaining a customer costs three t imes less than to conquer" - "The time savings is estimated in the same order as that can make a tool to automate tasks in other disciplines. Companies already equipped with the evaluate averaged 17%. But the most interesting are the figures on the implementation of a CRM software ... Companies combine to CRM marketing activities (exploration, specifications ...), management of the customer base, management of business operations and to a lesser extent the VAS. Companies are looking for a solution to optimize their costs and processes, beca use they believe that CRM software could save them time and turnover. And the results seem to deliver, because in 75% they are in line with expectatio ns, see: It also cited the main difficulties in setting up a CRM software, and you can se e that the integration management of a CRM should be absolutely controlled (30% between organizational change and collaboration other departments). Finally here is the benefits for each actor in the company by a CRM solution: The branch has access to a unified view of business enterprise: business dashboa rd indicator, power control, rate ... The termination CRM tool structure memory company's business. It allows the company to organize and prevent the risks asso ciated with changes in its business structure (departures commercial reorganizat ion of business portfolios ...). - The sales department has a global vision of the customer (history of all queri es and interactions with other departments). The centralization of information w ithin a single tool to track the portfolio of business in real time and control the activity with maximum visibility. - The marketing team manages a single data base to provide targeted marketing operations of conquest and loyalty. CRM tools can also organize schedules campaigns, automate reporting, monitoring and measu ring the effectiveness of campaigns. - The Technical Service / After Sales: clai ms management and automated demand for personalized service, improve the quality of responses and respond more quickly. Performance indicators used to assess th e effectiveness of operations and implement corrective actions necessary to sati sfy the customer. Download the complete White Paper "The CRM and SMEs in France to obtain all the information on the implementation of a CRM solution. Nb: Sage CRM is the first software company in France with CRM Act!, Sales Partner, Sage S alesLogix and, more than 11,000 customers in France (80,000 users).