HOW FULL EPIS 1 - OBJECTIVE Establish basic principles for the use of hearing pr otectors in Company A LTDA.

Facilitate the administration of all stages to meet the provisions of PCA - Hearing Conservation Program and establish a practical p rocedure on the compulsory specification models as required for each workplace a nd CA, medical admission of future users of hearing protection, adaptation tests with employees to choose the model, acquisition, distribution, complete trainin g, custody, use, checking the use, cleaning and replacement. 2 - The SCOPE LTD. 3 - DEFINITIONS 3.1 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is any means or device for personal use to preserve the physical integrity of the employee in performi ng their duties. 3.2 - Hearing Protectors EPIs are designed to protect the heari ng of employees. 3.3 - The hearing protector that can be used on the LTD are two models: - Hearing Protectors insert pre-cast: they are "plug, used for continuo us protection of employees, in their usual role with exposure to noise. - Hearin g Protectors shell type: used for the continued protection of employees, in thei r usual role with exposure to noise. 4 - DOCUMENTS OF REFERENCE The provision of PPE by the company and their use by employees is covered by Law 6414 of 22/12/7 7, Ordinance 3214 of 08.06.78 the Ministry of Labour and its Regulatory Standard 6 (NR-6). 5 - SPECIFICATIONS OF PROTECTIVE HEARING 5.1 - Type Plug must be boug ht from elastic material and non-toxic type with cord and No. CA - Certificate o f Approval, verifying the PCA with respect to NRRsf minimum for all functions Th e inside LTDA. 5.2 - Shell Type must be purchased from the rigid material, dense and imperfurável clamshell, with height adjustments, the seals should be soft and flexible material dermatologically tested to prevent allergies diverse, filled with foam and with No CA - Certificate of Approval, verifying th e PCA with respect to NRRsf minimum for all functions within the LTDA. 6 - MEDIC AL EXAMINATION FOR USER PROTECTION HEARING 6.1 - All users of hearing protection should make specific medical examinations at intervals explicit in APC. 6.2 - A ll employees hired or transferred to jobs where the use of hearing protection is required must pass specific medical examination, to: - Conducting a complete ph ysical examination as occupational PCA - Conducting and otologic physical examin ation to determine whether the person is apt to be a user of hearing protection and the size of the guard - Conducting audiometric and - Other audiological test s further, requested the discretion of the Medical Labour coordinator PCMSO - Me dical Control Program for Occupational Health. 6.3 - All employees who, during r outine use complaining should be attended by Medical Labor to resolve the proble ms identified in the survey, reasons for the complaint. 7 - SELECTION OF USER he aring protector 7.1 - Ear protectors must be selected individually, taking into consideration the choice of the employee who will use it throughout the workday. 7.2 - should be made available to each user at least 03 models of hearing prote ctors as previously chosen level NRRsf required for its activity. This informati on should be sought in the PCA. Models to be made available to the user of heari ng protection - 01 of shell. - 01 plug wingless curves. - 01 plug with curved fl aps. The user must use the (s) model (s) you like, filling up the Form Control T est EPIs, attached. 7.3 - After defining the user model, the same will be delive red for use through the continuous sheet of EPIs Control, attached. 8 - ACQUISIT ION OF HEARING PROTECTORS 8.1 - Where to reach the minimum stock of each type of hearing protectors worn by employees of the LTDA is responsible for delivering the same request must provide shopping and go to the person responsible for purchase. The y should in no circumstances is a minimum inventory should begin to be used with out the issuance of purchase requisition. 8.2 - Inventory least: - Hearing Prote ctor Insertion type pre-cast, with no AC - units 020. - Hearing Protector Insert ion type precast with No CA - 015 units. - Hearing Protector shell type, with n CA - 010 units. 9 - DISTRIBUTION AND CONTROL PPEs 9.1 - All employees of the LTD A, must use all required PPE for their work,€without which they can not perform the function. 9.2 - The types of PPE required in each workplace are listed in t he PPRA (Program for Prevention of Environmental Risks) and PCA (Hearing Conserv

ation Program). 9.3 - For each employee of the company should be issued a Form C ontrol EPIs. 9.4 - This document aims to meet not only the needs of administrati ve controls, but in particular the legal aspects since, beyond the expiry of res ponsibility are clearly discriminated in this form, the types of PPE required, t heir CAs (Certificate of Approval ) and delivery dates and replacement. 9.5 - Al l PPE used by the employee should be noted therein. 9.6 - Chips Control EPIs wil l be allocated on the Security Sector Labour while the employee is working at th e company. 9.7 - After termination of the employee and their respective form sho uld be sent to the field of HR for filing with the records of the employee off. 10 - GUARD OF PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT With the exception of safety shoes a nd uniform, all PPE must be stored in individual lockers. 11 - TRAINING FOR USER S OF HEARING PROTECTION 11.1 - All users of hearing protection should receive pe riodic training about: knowing the noise, noise hazards, signs of hearing loss, preventing hearing loss, awareness of the need for correct use, limitations prot ection, care in the use and cleaning, guard, return, return. 11.2 - Frequency of Training: - On admission to work with need to use hearing pr otection - When it is determined not to use hearing protectors by the same - eac h year, such as recycling. 11.3 - The Forum on Work Safety shall administer the training, documenting the involvement of users of hearing protection in Material Control Training to Users of Hearing Protection, attached. 12 - USE OF HEARING PROTECTORS 12.1 - Check on PPRA PCA and the places where the use of hearing prot ection is mandatory. 12.2 - All employees who work in areas where the noise leve l is high, should wear earplugs during entire period of stay in these areas. Inc luding visitors, employees or not. 13 - CHECKING THE USE OF HEARING PROTECTORS 1 3.1 - shall be charged to the user's responsibility to immediately check the use of hearing protectors at all times where their use is mandatory. 13.2 - The per son responsible for the sector must prohibit any persons to remain in their sect or of employment without the use of hearing protectors. 13.3 - If the observed n on-use of hearing protectors, the employee must be consulted regarding the reaso ns for the failure of the internal standard. As alleged reasons, the officer sho uld: - Go to the Personnel Department official for decision making, where, for t he reasons alleged, in charge of the Personnel Department will refer to the Occu pational Physician for further decision making. - According to item 11.2 of this standard, the employee must pass through the training with users of hearing pro tection. 13.5 - As developments in the case, consult the Collective Agreement Ca tegory for taking appropriate action in the case. 14 - cleaning of hearing prote ction equipment 14.1 - All PPE should be kept in hygienic conditions and the pro cedure is the responsibility of each employee, as are users of them. 14.2 - The method of cleansing of the ear protectors is explained in the user training on h earing protection. 15 - RETURNS and EXCHANGES OF HEARING PROTECTORS The return and / or exchange of PPEs occur due to: - Hearing Protectors: three months (plug), six months (shell ) - Wear or damage from use; - Shutting down the framework of employee The LTDA - transfer the employee to areas where their use is no longer required. 16 - POW ERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES 16.1 - The Security Division of Labor: - Specify the ap propriate PPE for each hazard or activity - Test new models and develop new supp liers after testing his material - Gearing Supervisors about the need to dissemi nate and enforce the use of PPE - Train and guide users on their use of PPE, han dling and maintenance - keep archived copies of Certificates of Approval (CA) is sued by the Ministry of Labor; - Note on the individual records and Control of D istribution of PPE and - Request concerning the signature of the requested items . 16.2 - The Warehouse - Manage the stock of PPE; - to exercise custody and cont rol of the stock of PPE;€- Receive PPEs suppliers since according to the specif ications of PPE and - inform the Security Division of Labor irregularities obser ved in the PPE stored and / or received. 16.3 - From the Guardian - To supervise the use of PPE for their subordinates - Go to the Forum on Work Safety all the irregularities observed in the fulfillment of this standard - DP Forward to all cases of non-use of hearing protection for decision making and - Do not allow an

y people to stay in their industry without the use of PPE required. 16.4 - Of Us ers - Use compulsorily in the tasks that are assigned, the corresponding EPIs Use PPE properly and exclusively for the purposes intended; - Keep the EPIs that are under his care in good condition - not make changes or use PPE other than those provided by the company - Provide a report to your Supe rvisor any abnormality or any change that makes the PPE and unfit for use - retu rn the worn or damaged PPE Safety Labour when making the shift to a new or durin g transfer of industry or termination. 17 - THE TIME OF DELIVERY Employees shoul d seek to remove the IPE Warehouse at any time, since there will always be an of ficial responsible for the delivery of EPI. 18 - THE COMMITTED 18.1 - Warehouse employee is authorized the delivery of IPE. In the absence of official 18.2 - What will be instructed on the control of the Cards Control EPI, launched in the same PPE provided and signature of the certifying delivery. 19 - GENERAL 19.1 - Where appropriate, Personal Protective Equipment will be available to em ployees to protect against risks that are not possible to eliminate or neutraliz e, and its use mandatory. 19.2 - should be used only PPEs provided by The Limite d. 19.3 - Do not make any changes to the PPE provided by the company. 19.4 - Que stions of a technical nature may be addressed to the Security Sector.