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Planning for Organizational Processes Controlling 11 and 12 December 2007 - Mercure Paulista Hotel - Sao Paulo - SP • Meet the challenge of current models of controlling acts with a focus on suppo rting strategic decisions • Check the main tools for designing scenarios and mea sure the stock performance of controllership • Update yourself on the performanc e of controlling the risk management and internal controls to avoid • Use the at tacks properly tax planning as a tool to deal with the instability of the countr y políticaeconômica Holdings Confirmed: Dayco OF BRAZIL BRAZIL TELECOM GROUP SIEMENS NET SERVICES PERFORMANCE OF BRAZIL BRAZIL Alliotte SERASA TELEFONICA TOPS BUSINESS CONSULTING Concurrent Post-Conference Workshops December 12, 2007 February 1 Model Risk Management Processes Aligned to Comptroller Led by: ERNST & YOUNG Projection Scenarios that the Controller Able to Make Decisions Su pport Led by: ACCENTURE Realization: Support: Information and registration: phone: (11) 3017.6888 / pch Tuesday, December 11, 2007 8:30 a.m. Reception of participants, Delivery and Documentation of Credentials Opening of Conference by the Chairman Lauro Jorge Prado Socio-director TOPS BUSINESS CONSUL TING Major Challenges for Controlling Performance Align your giving to the Busin ess Plan Support Decision Making 14.00 Implement Performance Assessment Methods to Help Ensure Efficient Management of Controlling Shares 8:50 a.m. Email: customer.service @

9:00 a.m.

Know the characteristics of the main models for measuring and ance (BSC, EVA, ABM) Use performance indicators as a basis to the area The importance of indicators to assess the operating mic and corporate financial analysis the relationship between dicators x Risk Management 15:00 CASE STUDY CASE STUDY

evaluating perform set new goals for performance, econo the performance in

Align with controlling the actions of the main areas of the company seeking to u nderstand more of the business Ensure the involvement and commitment of the boar d in the main actions of the financial Know the major market factors that affect the activities of the comptroller to support decision making Transform role in controlling the provider of information and support to business strategy How to keep the focus on processes of capital appreciation for investors Emerson Dias Weslei Accounting Manager SIEMENS GROUP OF BRAZIL The Acting Comptr oller of the Implementation of Policies, Regulations and Procedures for the Purp ose of Certification Market - The Vision of Internal Customer We are seeking the best market to present this lecture. For updated program go t o: / Financial 10.00 10.30

The areas of business as clients of the Comptroller The implementation process o f SOX certification - the before, during and after the Comptroller's role as a k ey to the company's strategic objectives Coffee Break and Networking Track this Case Study of a Model Comptroller anticip ates that the market and operates in conjunction with the Strategic Planning Edmar Lopes Prado Treasury Director SERVICES NET Coffee Break and Networking Key Internal Controls and Compliance Assurance Process Control and Support Strategy Risk Management 16.00 16.30 CASE STUDY

Promote the alignment between people, processes and controlling Step by step to develop new processes and activities into a new model for controlling challenges of maintaining a pro-active in the department correctly How to adopt the corpor ate governance activities in the actions of the controlling

Sandro Alex Silva Moreira Control Manager Management TELEFONICA 11.30

Know the types of internal controls more efficient for controlling the controlle r acting in the role of internal auditor of the organization How to achieve grea ter transparency and better management of the business through internal controls Identify the controls that are redundant in the organization as internal contro ls can improve performance financial management Develop Project Innovation Systems in Controlling Integrating Environments and P rocesses In this presentation you will understand the importance of processes and formatt ed for the success of information systems controllership.€You can find alternati ves to the challenges of establishing a synergy between processes, technology, p eople and strategic planning. 17.30 Joanna Gill Senior Manager ERNST & YOUNG Closure of Day 1 Conference CASE STUDY Rafael Souza Guaragna Manager Costs BRAZIL TELECOM Lunch THANKS IBC of Brazil thanked all the speakers and professionals contacted during the research process by supporting the planning and development of this event. 12.30 INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION: Phone (11) 3017.6888

E-mail: cus Wednesday, December 12, 2007 8:30 a.m. 8:50 a.m. SEE THE TESTIMONIALS ABOUT THE PARTICIPANTS IN THE PAST EVENTS FOR CONTROLLING T HE IBC: "Excellent exchange of information between companies in different segmen ts. It became clear the difficulty of each company in dealing with a subject as complex presenting alternative solutions. " J.C.F. - Toyota Brazil Affairs relev ant and focused on controlling. Enthusiasm and teaching of the participants. Com prehensive content. Environment, location, location, accommodations, service, su pport and excellent coffee break. Dynamic panels with the effective participatio n of all "EI - Suzano Papel e Celulose" The seminars were extremely useful for t he insights they brought, showing the potential of alternatives that emerge from dealing with different subjects. " J.A.S. - Copesul

Opening Reception of the Participants of the 2nd day of the Conference by the Ch airman Lauro Jorge Prado Socio-director TOPS BUSINESS CONSULTING Enhance Your Cu rrent Model Management in Process Control and Improve Outcomes by Area 9:00 a.m.

Implement tools for projecting scenarios within Calculate controlling adequately the margin contribution of different company's products to improve cost managem ent Invest in information security procedures in the finance department Learn ho w to analyze the best alternatives for the shares held by Controlling area CASE STUDY Rodrigo Myssior Controller Dayco OF BRAZIL 10.00 10.30 Coffee Break and Networking Manager How can Comptroller Using Risk Management to Improve Performance and Area Results Company

Map the market risks and operational risks associated with its business controll er's role as a figure of risk manager of the new organization model accounting c ontrollership intagíveis assets as part of the strategy of risk management Learn how risk management can help in decreasing errors, fraud and diversion pipeline Purchase agility for risk situations before they cause financial trouble COME RUNNING GOOD DEALS! Does your company have interest in gaining new customer s, promote your brand and market their products close to your target audience? T he IBC has as its public events, hierarchical high-level executives, decision ma kers, the most important national and multinational companies. For more informat ion contact Karina Zuccaro Sponsorship Division by telephone (11) 3017.6329, or forward e-mail to: karina.zuccaro @ CASE STUDY Valter Tiba Executive Manager of Accounting and Finance SERASA 11.30 ANOTHER SOURCE OF INFORMATION! Documentation of the Event! IBC puts on sale the complete documentation of their events, with all material provided by the speake rs. Of course, nothing compares to attend the conference but for professionals w ho really can not attend the events, we offer another way to access market infor mation and keep updated.

The Tax Planning as a Strategy for Improving Financial Performance Organization CASE STUDY

The importance of knowing in detail the activities of the company to obtain a ta x saving procedures necessary tax forms to identify opportunities to use tax inc entives as the comptroller acting strategically can minimize the instability of current tax policy

FC3084107 Conference - 9th Annual Conference - Budget Planning Conference FC2001 606 - 8th Annual Conference - Budget Planning For more information or make a pur chase, call (11) 3017-6888 or send an email to: customer.service @ . br Arnaldo Marques de Oliveira Neto Director PERFORMANCE Alliotte BRAZIL End of Con ference and Delivery of Certificates 12.30 Amendment of Schedule: IBC's commitment is to provide discussion and study of is sues and cases of interest by qualified speakers. Any program changes will be du e to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.€If a speaker can not attend, the IBC, commit greater effort to replace absent for another speaker able to pro mote discussion of the topic, as scheduled. However, this commitment does not im ply a guarantee of replacement. tomer.service @ / financial Concurrent Post-Conference Workshops Wednesday, December 12, 2007 Model of a Risk Management to Aligned Process Controller Introduction The mission of the comptroller are related to other sectors of the company, precisely because it operationalize various processes of different area s. Thus, the finance department has daily access to various types of risks that exist in the organization, these risks could be identified, measured and disclos ed, based on analysis done by the figure of the Controller. The new model of str ategic management for controlling, long-sought by businesses, differentiates the control of risks in order to support decision-making, suggesting revision of pr ocedures or new investments in factors that can trigger damage to the organizati on. Objective In this workshop you will have the opportunity to review the key i ssues necessary to implement a strategic management model of risk assessment, by controlling manager, and you can use risk management as a tool to gain efficien cy and sustainability of the organization. Main Topics Definition of Risk Mana gement Identification and classification of the main types of risks Reduct ion of operational losses of tangible assets Risk x Risk of intangible assets COSO assertions in the identification process and risk management challenges R isk Management Powers of Controller in the process of risk management Priori tization of risks (impact analysis and probability) Completion Led by: Joanna

Gill Senior Manager Ernst & Young With ten years experience in audits and risk management in the financial market. Responsible for coordinating and managing activities conducted by external audi t team at Ernst & Young Group ABN AMRO. His experience also includes customers: BankBoston, American Express, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Bank and others. Experience in Controlling and has held the position of Accountant, responsible for local fi nancial statements of the Group Lloyds. Auditor certified by CNAI - National Reg ister of Independent and recorded in the Regional Accounting Council of SP. Form ed in Accounting Sciences from the Catholic University of São Paulo. Projection Scenario 2 that the Controller Able to Make Decisions Support Introduction projection scenarios is part of a set of actions that align the org anizational planning to financial planning controlling, to anticipate market cha nges is of utmost importance when it is responsible for the company's cash flow, because the scenarios help to draw several processes to support rapid changes i n the organization. The scenarios serve as a warning to decision makers, facilit ating decision making and adaptation to unfavorable environments. Errors in plan ning can take any company to bankruptcy, just so know all the alternatives in ti mes of crisis is what can save orgnanização. Objective This workshop aims that y ou know and apply the process of making optimistic or pessimistic scenarios that support the decision making of controlling, forcing the manager to consider con trolling the market changes being aware of possible interference in the financia l planning organization , caused by new market trends. Main Topics Main types of scenarios Analysis of the historical process of identifying risks and unc ertainties Brainstorming situations Interpretation and evaluation of scenari os Comparison relize x Conclusion designed Led by: Carlos Henrique Rocha Sen ior Manager Senior Manager Finotti Fabiano ACCENTURE ACCENTURE Mauricio Gabrieli Neto Senior Manager Ernst & Young With fourteen years of work experience in internal and external audit and risk m anagement in the financial market. His experience with clients include: Citibank , HSBC, Unibanco, Unibanco, Volvo Financial Services, Bank VR, Yamaha, Elektro a mong others. Also had stint as manager of internal audit CCTVM brokerage CM Capi tal Markets Ltd., where he was responsible for implementing internal controls mu ch of the brokerage as of polling operations.€Graduated in Economics from the Ca tholic University of São Paulo and an MBA in Business Management from FGV-Rio. Agenda Workshop: 13:45 Reception, accreditation and distribution of material fro m the workshops 18.00 14.00 Home Closing of the workshops will Coffee Break IBC Phone: +55 11 3017 6800 Fax: +55 11 3017 6802 Dear (a) Professional It is undisputed that the finance department is a vital part of an organization that seeks a good return on your business. It does not help a good product or ap preciable efforts in marketing and sales, if the management of financial resourc es do not have structured processes, beyond the accounts payable and accounts re ceivable. The dynamism of the market has forced the comptroller to act as a comp ass, settling one of the pillars of the strategy and support for decision making . After a full study of the major challenges in the area with the professional c ontrollership, the IBC is pleased to present the Conference on Strategic Managem ent Controller that aims to bring alternatives to make the work of controlling a spread for your business processes with new and stress the importance of planni ng for organizational strategic planning x comptroller. Presentations will be ma de in practice, highlighting the daily life of renowned companies from the marke t, covering topics such as: controlling acting in conjunction with strategic pla nning to support decision making, innovation systems in controlling environments and integrating processes, assessment methods performance that ensures the mana gement of stocks, tax planning, adaptation to the main market standards, risk ma

nagement and internal controls. The content will be presented at this conference is part of a set of activities related to the work of financial managers who ne ed to be implemented and managed, so that the department begin to interact posit ively with other areas of the company and the drive market. Cheers and until December. TION TO CHECK MAJOR MO NOT: YOU ATTEND THIS EVE Fabio Mazini Project Manager fabio.mazini @ PS Come join one of the concurrent post-conference workshops: 1 - Model of risk management aligned to the processes of controlling 2 - Development of scenarios to make the comptroller able to support strategic decisions ratégico ladoria planning est • Align organizational controls the actions of the controlling pa antec • Know that a model of market moving processes through pro jects • Integrate environment and pro innovation processes controlling enciament o • Enhance your current ger antindo assessment gar performance • Implement an e ffective management methods to track tax planning • Investing properly in finan cial performance will improve market-related GENCIES est • Answer different EXI controllership controllership use tor can ges • Understanding how the internal c ontrols risk management and Sign up early and take advantage of different conditions REGISTRATION FORM - STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF CONTROLLING Name: Depto.: Immediate Sup: Name: Company Name Trade Name: CCM: Business Addres s: Zip: Phone: (No. of Employees: [] 01-99 [] 100-199 [] 200-499 [] 500 - 999 [] 1000-1999) Fax: () Alias / Contact: [] 2000-4999 [] over 5,000 City: State: CNP J: Insc. State: Business Area: Position: Email: Title: FORMS OF PAYMENT Issuing a bank limited to 10 days of the event. After that date, the enrollee mu st make a bank deposit at Banco HSBC - 399, agency 0478, C / C 19721-00, TVD 132 403, LA INFORMATION Planning and Organization Congress Ltda. and submit proof o f deposit until the day of the event. [] Credit card authorization form [] AMEX [] VISA [] MASTERCARD [] DINERS No _ _ _ _ _ ...... / ............. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Valid .:...

Signature: ................................................ .................... .............................. ................... Send proof of payment with participant name, company name and conference to our address or fax. Please use the invoice number or the application to identify the deposit. GENERAL CONDITIONS OF REGISTRATION Date: Conference: 11 and December 12, 2007 Workshop 1 and 2: Dec. 12, 2007 Special discount for groups. Ask us! Conference (11 and 12/12) R $ 2,795.00 R $

3,885.00 R $ 3,885.00 Conf. Work + 1 Conf.€Work + 2 Special Value for entries un til 19/10/2007 * Special value for entries until 09/11/2007 * Value for registra tion after 11/09/2007 (1) AT EN Ç Ã O: svalores include taxes to be collected by the payer in accordan ce with current legislation (Law 116/2003, art. 5 of Law 10.925/04 and art. 647 of RIR). We kindly get in touch with our customer service for details on the amo unt payable to the IBC, before making the payment of registration. DATA COLLECTION Contact Name Position: E-mail p / Ship Electronic Invoice: Tel: Total Investment (1) Total Investment (1) Total Investment (1) R $ 2,995.00 R $ 4,095.00 R $ 4,095.00 R $ 3,195.00 R $ 4,395.00 R $ 4,395.00 Fax: Address: Location: Mercure Sao Paulo Paulista Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, 87 Bela Vista - São Paulo SP * Discount not cumulative, valid only for advance registration and payment. City: State ZIP: In Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Informa Group Latin America is r epresented by the IBC in Brazil with office in Sao Paulo since 1996. Abcdefghijklmn FC3089107 CONFIRMATION: Upon receipt of your request and send a confirmation letter with d etailed registration information, payment information, location, date and time o f the event. If you do not receive the confi rmation of your registration within 48 hours, please contact our Customer Service Center by phone 11 3017 6888. 4 IN CONTACT IBC QUICK WAYS TO ENTER PHONE: FAX.: 11 3017-6888 0800 11 4664 E-MAIL customer.service @ Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of this registration form by IB C, duly completed, signed and stamped. CANCELLATION AND SUBSTITUTIONS: Cancellat ions must be made at least 10 days prior to the event. without charge or charges . After that date, substitutions may be made without charge, while for cancellat ions will be charged an administrative fee of $ 300.00. For substitutions and ca ncellations, the IBC to communicate to 12.00 the day before the event. Applicant s who do not cancel their participation in accordance with the above conditions and do not attend the event will be charged the full amount of the agreed entry. All notifications must be made in writing at the address, fax or email in this form. CHANGE OF PROGRAM: IBC's commitment is to provide discussion and study of

issues and cases of interest by qualified speakers. Any program changes will be due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. If a speaker is unable to a ttend the IBC commit the greatest possible effort to replace absent for another speaker able to promote discussion of the topic, as scheduled. However, this com mitment does not imply a guarantee of replacement. I agree with the terms agreed upon above. Enter the code in the box below that is on the mailing label code Code label upper right side Place and Date SITE / financial Signature and Company Stamp Position: