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5 BOM Level of difficulty: medium As soldering copper pipes Copper Copper is the best material for water pipes, not just causes friction with the w ater and is resistant to corrosion. The identity The propane torch Find it at: ficaremos to be a red metal malleable and glossy brown The measuring tape Find it at: ductile, in turn is the most tenacious after iron and harder than gold and silve r. Hand Tool Hand Tool Prepare Surface hacksaw Find it at: Welding wire Find it at: First of all we have to sand the ends of each tube with sandpaper or steel wool until they are bright and free of grease in order to achieve a watertight seal. Hand Tool Plumbing Pipe wrenches Find it at: The solder paste or cream (without lead) Find it at: Prepare the connectors The interior of the copper connectors also must make it clean and degreased. We will use a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a wooden stick or a wire brush. Hand Tool Plumbing Limes Find it at: Sandpaper

Find it at: Hand Tool Hand Tool The solder paste Once the two parts are thoroughly cleaned, apply a thin layer of paste or lead-f ree solder cream to the ends of the tubes. The pasta we should cover about 3 mm more than the distance to enter The wire cepilo Find it at: connector. The cutter Find it at: Hand Tool Hand Tool 2 AKI Briconsejos 3 AKI Briconsejos As soldering copper pipes Snap connector We now proceed to insert the connector into the tube until it stops. Insert the connector by turning it so that they will distribute the solder paste. As soldering copper pipes As the temperature is adequate withdraw the torch and quickly apply the welding wire to melt and the capillary action of the cream will expand around the tube. A perfect weld will be one in which we see a thin, narrow ring around the edge o f the connector. The finish welding wire The welding wire is sold in rolls of different lengths and then we will use for this type of welding to melt in electric welding. Unrolling proceed about 10 cm and doubling the 3 or 4 cm from the tip to 90 degrees. Once dried and hardened s older and remove the excess with a dry cloth but being very careful because pipe s may still be hot. Now we just run water and leaks, in which case the clearance and return to welding. Remove tubes and soldiers Lighting the torch Now we can only turn on the soldering opening the regulator and approaching a ma tch. We must ensure that the flame is blue as possible. Melt Welding First we need to fully drain all the water that is in the tube, for it shut the water valve and open the faucet. Now we'll just light the torch with the flame a nd hold it against the connector until the solder is placed bright start to melt .

Proceed to welding Bringing the torch to the center focus of the connector and the tip of the flame against him. Will keep well for about 4 or 5 seconds until the paste begins to sizzle and do the same on the other side of the connector. Will contact welding wire tube melts and if it will mean that we have reached the right temperature. Insurance Work In order not to burn use adjustable pliers with which will hold the connector an d the pipes. We must be careful not to over tighten with pliers because they cou ld deform the connector or tubing and then do not fit properly. 4 AKI Briconsejos 5 AKI Briconsejos Remove tubes and soldiers Remove debris Once we removed the tubes warm up the ends with a torch to melt the solder and r emove debris with a rag. We must be careful because they will be burning. Soldering brass valves Brass Brass is the result of the alloy of copper and zinc. It is a pale yellowish meta l and capable of great brilliance and polish. Finishing With the pipes cold and we only have to sand the ends of the pipes until they cl ean and bright, we have left the bare metal. Now and again we use, but what use will NEVER return to the connectors. Preparations First of all we need to loosen and remove the valve stem.€In this way we avoid damaging the rubber or plastic rod when we are welding. Ball Valves In the case of having to weld a ball valve which can not remove the stem will ha ve to open up the valve to reduce as far as possible damage that can cause heat. As welded The method of welding copper is the same as for copper but with the difference t hat the brass is heavier and therefore needs more time to warm up before that un ions attract the welding wire. 6 AKI Briconsejos 7 AKI Briconsejos Using the cutter Finish Once we have taken the measure of where to cut the pipe with the cutter held him and we will tighten the handle until the pipe rests on two rollers and the cutt

ing wheel is on the mark where to cut. With the tube cutter securely we turn full circle to mark the cutting wheel arou nd the tube. We rotate the cutter in the opposite direction and go slightly tightening the ha ndle after every two rounds. We will repeat this process until you complete the cut. Finishing Once we cut the pipe to remove burrs left inside the tube. We will use the tip o f the cutter to ream or half-round file. AKI Briconsejos www.aki.es Get all your Store Briconsejos AKI Collect them!