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es CHAPTER 1: • How to make a good curriculum vitae in English? A curriculum vitae that gives results in English or in any other language, is to have the elements of greatest interest to the employer when they are looking fo r a professional to fill a particular job. So the first step to write a curricul um in English is common to the wording of any good curriculum vitae. It is not a n easy task by definition is a broad and comprehensive review of all your person al history, academic and professional, bringing together everything that is rele vant to sell as the perfect candidate for the position you are seeking. Then you write with the correct language and vocabulary and organizing it according to t he type and format of CV more attractive. It is at this stage where it starts th e characteristics of a good CV in English with regard to curriculum vitae in Spa nish. • • 2 CHAPTER 2: "" Resume "or" Curriculum Vitae "? • The curriculum in English ("curriculum vitae" or "CV" in England and "resume" in the U.S.) has a very different format resume in Spanish, mainly due to cultur al differences. 3 CHAPTER 3: • Differences between the Curriculum in English and in Spanish Curriculum So, rather than a simple translation of the Spanish version of your resume in En glish, you must create a separate document that meets the requirements requested in this language. Especially because it is likely that your CV (curriculum vita e) have to draw the attention of a professional who know the language and Spanis h curriculum model and can actually have difficulty understanding a CV in pure a nd good "Spanglish." For the presentation of the curriculum in English do not ne ed to write more than one page, only people with lots of experience using two pa ges and, invariably, is presented without picture. There should never include in a curriculum in English your personal information, such as age, marital status, etc. .. • • 4

CHAPTER 3: ... • Differences between the Curriculum in English and Spanish curriculum Nor references or information, whether experience or education that is not direc tly related to the position being sought or the activity of the company that del ivers it. The Anglo-Saxon market and / or international work is very demanding a nd objective. Seeking candidates who can go straight to the point of what you ar e looking for and that should make them to lose time. The English curriculum inc ludes issues about the skills, experiences, achievements and studies that have. And all these points should be described in a very objective and with a strong e lement of personal marketing. You should be able to demonstrate in the content o f your CV in English a broad knowledge of the position offered, solid experience in the skills sought, or eager and able to learn if you are a student or recent graduate. • 5 CHAPTER 3: ... Differences between the Curriculum in • And, mostly, you're sure you're the ted, if possible, with some proposals always be accompanied by the letter, and objective. 6 CHAPTER 4: Structure of a curriculum in English • Name, address and telephone number If you have a local address and permanent, it is common to present the two. Also included is the number of fixed and mobile phone, and email address. • Objective The objective informs the interviewer whi ch direction you want to go, refers to areas of interest, and serves as a starti ng point for revising the curriculum. The objective should be brief and clear, t he key is focus. Use this space also stand out from other candidates. Take the o pportunity to provide interesting information here about your path to the employ er, for example, the achievements and experience that match your search and at t he same time with them. 7 CHAPTER 4: ... Structure of a curriculum in English • Profile (profile or summary) The profile is one of the most important parts of the curriculum, especially for English-speaking labor market, since it is your opportunity to emphasize your skills and experience related to the position you want, in addition to facilitating the review and quick analysis of the coach.€Yo u must include between four and six points which stand out the strongest points that are available to the desired position. You mention your experience, persona l characteristics, activities, educational background, fluency in a language, et c. If you are considering more than one professional area, you must develop a sp English and Spanish curriculum best candidate for the position, demonstra if it was selected. • Moreover, there must equally consistent, convincing, appealing

ecific profile for each area. If you want to specify your goal, detailing what d irection you want to go professional or refer to the areas of interest, the prof ile is the section most appropriate to do so. 8 CHAPTER 4: ... Structure of a curriculum in English • Education This part is very important if you have no work experience. It is re called that recent studies are the first that you mentioned. You must include th e race, the study institution, graduation date, courses and special projects. If you have a good average, mention. • Skills The skills must support the profile. You write, generally, after the education data. In this section, you have the o pportunity to express to the employer why the profile you have is ideal to fill the vacancy. 9 CHAPTER 4: ... Structure of a curriculum in English • Work experience / professional background Many students lack work experience, but have been involved in internships or community service work. What is importa nt for the employer is aware of the skills possessed by the candidate and how yo u can develop on the job. In this section, it is desirable that include numbers and percentages, whenever possible. You should also mention the title of the cur rent position, company name and start dates. 10 CHAPTER 4: ... Structure of a curriculum in English • Additional information / Activities Here is provided information that has not been in the previous sections, such as interest, activities, computer skills, ho nors and leadership. • action verbs in a curriculum in English is very important to use action verbs to describe the experience. We provide a few examples: Managements skills: Administered, Analyzed, Contracted, Consolidated, Coordinate d, Delegated, Developed, Devis, Directed, Evaluated, Executed, Improved, increas er, Led, Organized, Oversaw, Planned, Prioritized, Produced, Recommended, reorga nize, Reviewed, Scheduled, Strengthened Supervised. Communication skills: Addres sed, Arbitrated, Arranged, Authored, it is, Developed, Directed, Drafted, Edited , Enlisted, Formulated, Influenced, Interpreted, Reading, Mediated, Moderated, M otivated, Negotiated, Persuaded, Promote, Publicize, Reconciled Recruited, Rewro te, Spoke, Translated, verbalize, Wrote 11 CHAPTER 4: ... Structure of a curriculum in English In general, the curriculum in English have a vocabulary most striking and focuse d action. For this reason it is important not limit yourself to translate your C V of the original language into English. A good curriculum in English requires m ore than a simple translation work, you have to contextualize it. If you want em ployers or recruiters really recognize your potential, you have to use English e

xpressions that are actually commonly used in English to describe your experienc e and achievements. Do not miss any good deal more work for not having a curriculum in English condi tions. 12 CHAPTER 5: Tools to make a good CV in English To help in this arduous task of writing a good curriculum in English and ensure good results in your selection process, we recommend the program to CVs and cove r letters in English EasyJob Resume Builder ( EasyJob Resume Bu ilder is a program to make CVs used in the U.S. and UK. EasyJob offers you CV st ructure appropriate to the Anglo-Saxon model and suggests hundreds of examples o f expressions using the action verbs that you can define the skills, achievement s and personal characteristics in the vocabulary that the employer understands a nd search. You may also wish to ask a friend who has a very good knowledge of En glish or, preferably, is a native speaker, you do a review of your CV in English before you take it for final version. 13 CHAPTER 6: Examples of curriculum in English • Be able to see dozens of examples of curriculum in English: • The web site offers free examples of different curriculum in English, in diffe rent types of existing curriculum (functional, chronological, etc.)€as well as s pecific examples of resumes for different work situations (recent graduate, expe rienced, unemployed, over 40 years, etc). 14 CHAPTER 7: More For more information on how to make a general resume or CVs in English in partic ular, we recommend: • Curriculum in English: htm • How to make a curriculum in Spanish: 15 CHAPTER 8:

Examples of curriculum in English • Be able to see dozens of examples of curriculum in English at: • The site offers free examples of different English curriculum in the different types of existing curriculum (functional, chronological, etc.), as well as spec ific examples of resumes for different work situations (recent graduate, experie nced, unemployed, over 40, etc). 16 Also I am at your disposal to clarify or supplement any information on writing r esumes that need: Adriana Botelho