RCA TV 31 "CHASSIS CTC187CJ F31672ET This is my experience in the repair of this TV 31 ", I hope you find it useful i n case you

get to have a TV with the same characteristics. Well, once placed in the desk proceeded to ask the client (which doctor his patient) had symptoms such apparatus. That certainly was quite damaged the b ack cover because they had fallen on occasion. SYMPTOM: It is not turned on the TV to give the order but only power plug into the line network was heard a loud whistle in it. Step 1: I proceeded to check both fuses as resistors and capacito rs of the source by finding the largest electrolytic capacitor fa (C4007 - 680mf /200v) well below its value, I replaced it I tried the TV to see if this solved the 1 problem but turned negative and she was with the whistle at the source and not l it. Step 2: searching the scheme and as in forums saying that the problem was th e regulator (STK730-150) is commonly damaged the mosfet that comes inside and ne eded to replace the part or try to repair, buy the regulator and with the mouth Jesus asking him not to go pirate (swarm parts of dubious origin) to the TV is n ot place as well as replace the resistance of 22 ohms to R4124 and capacitor C41 27 2W of 10mF / 63v Checking voltages these values were set so I proceeded to try the tv again provi ng unsuccessful a second time. Step 3: having reviewed and the source and checki ng the voltages were correct it was starting to get in a bad mood (I know they a re thinking what about the horizontal output when?) Reviewing pieces and voltage s according to the scheme was all right but still having the same fault. Check t he diode CR4106, C4107, C4105 and still all the same. Step 4: As I was a bit ann oyed because he wanted was to leave the TV running I proceeded to remove the hor izontal output (one of the first steps to be performed as 2 everyone will know ... but hey it is often forgotten until it takes a school his notebook and read) I proceeded to do the test with a focus and create ... ... a s if ... the tv stopped whistling and the focus remained unlit proof ... that th e damage was in the transistor. I replaced it by an equal (so to speak because t he original is a BUH517 made in Morocco and the original course is sold here but with an acronym BUH517 PHL) Well, I proceeded to replace it and vuala !!!!! When testing the TV it will work perfectly .... but ... .. all that later worked perfect and very early the next day .... Failed again and did the same as at the beginning: whistle with just c onnecting to network online and not lit. 3 Surely it was the horizontal output transistor (Chafe, trout tell as he says) to be sure not to fail again buy a transistor that sells electronics and service t hat works with TV from 12 to 60 inches and is of universal application, this tra nsistor HG1811 has damper diode while BUH517 not have it but there was no proble m to change. Finding the reason for the continued failure of horizontal output t ransistor and seeing the diagram C4401 saw a capacitor connected in parallel bet ween the coil L4401 driver coming from the horizontal as well as a R4402 of 22 o hms resistance between base and emitter of SH then proceeded to review The value of these components of 470pF C4401 finding surface mount (smd) completely damag ed but apparently felt good so I replaced it and desoldering a lentil type. Testing to make sure everything seemed fine (I say seemed because it arose anoth er problem) after running a few minutes began to fail the horizontal frequency a nd the image began to spread from left to right and then turn off the tv.

4 I started looking for cold solder joints particularly in the tuner as it is one of the most common causes that cause damage to the eeprom. Once before I went re solder everything needed to connect and 5 seconds after beginning the failure, r eview the chart and hopefully leave the service menu and items. Blaming the eepr om and a bit tired and I replaced the one engraved on my pony, put a socket and placing the new, then returned to prove what they believe? Within 5 seconds the unit fails again to horizontal sync. I had no other to enter the service menu an d the user did not have the original remote. After searching and could enter to adjust, I tried the same buttons on the front of the tv making entry.€Locate th e item and according to the blade was: Parameter: No. 01 Name of parameter: valu e horizontal frequency range: 1900-1963 Value: 11 (this was in 14 and that was t he fault) Then the TV worked perfectly I tested for hours or even the next day w ithout fail and return ready to be delivered. Note: when replacing the eeprom mu st necessarily have this set and another for the TV to work with their appropria te values. For just the things friends, only then does experience you who have s pent years in these matters know better than anyone. His friend Porfirio _ string. Saturday, July 5, 2008 5