134 Tuesday June 3, 2008 25 569 9577 RESOLUTION of April 21, 2008, the Secretary of State for Security, by amending t he December 10, 2007, approved for 2008 schedule calls for qualifiers for securi ty guards and their specialties and the basis of the calls, and composition of t he board. First.-A proposal of the Jury, made public the relationship of the participants who have passed the selection tests and are found fit in the following annexes: Annex I: Security Guards. Annex II: Private Escorts. Annex III: Vigilantes of Ex plosives and Hazardous Substances. Second.-To handle files enabling referred to in paragraph 7 of the notice, declared fit each participant must request the iss uance of Professional Identification Card Security Vigilante and their specialti es, using the standard application is reproduced in Annex IV. The application sh ould be submitted in the Central Unit of the Private Security General Commission for Citizen Security, and Private Security Groups of different provincial polic e stations, accompanying the following documents: a) Two photographs, passport f ormat. b) Authorization ID data verification or N.I.E. c) proof attesting the en try made in respect of ⠬ 56.94 fee for Vigilante Security clearance and their re spective specialties (art. 44, paragraph 5. Tarifa seventh of Law 13/1996) under 790 , rate code 015, in favor of the Treasury, in banking or savings bank partn ers, has restricted the State Agency for Tax Administration. This "Model 790 wil l be provided in police custody and should be completed with the data, noting th e seventh as applicable fare. Against this resolution, which exhausts the admini strative, optionally may be brought by the concerned administrative appeal withi n one month before the Ministry of State Security, and Judicial review before th e Administrative Disputes Chamber of the Audiencia Nacional accordance with the provisions of Article 11, No. 1a) of Law 29/1998, of 13 July, regulating the adm inistrative court, within two months from the day after the publication of this resolution in accordance with Article 46, No. 1 of that Act Madrid, April 30, 20 08.-The Secretary of State for Security Antonio Camacho Vizcaino. ANNEX I By Order of December 10, 2007 (BOE no. 5, 5 January 2008), this Secretariat of S tate Security for the year 2008 approved the timetable calls for selection trial s for Security Guards and their specialties, bases of the calls and the composit ion of the Jury. Following the Royal Decree 4 / 2008, dated January 11, amended certain articles of the Regulation of Private Security, approved by Royal Decree 2364/1994, of December 9, stating that Article 54 shall read as follows: "Artic le 54. Specific requirements. 1. In addition to the general requirements in the previous article, private security personnel will collect, for its authority, de termined in this article, depending on their specialty. 2. Security guards and p rivate guards of the field in any of their specialties. b) hold the Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education, Technician, or equivalent professional purposes, or higher. "In turn, the board Vocal Alternate Molla Ignacio Alvarez, Chief Ins pector of National Police, changing direction, which prevents it from fulfilling the duties incumbent upon it as such circumstance as to change the composition of that Court in order to ensure the necessary harmony, efficiency and functiona lity in the development process. Under this agreement, the Secretary of State fo r Security, in exercise of the powers conferred on, agrees: First. Change the ba sis of calls for qualifiers for Security Guards and their specialties approved f or the year 2008, which then is expressed, which shall read as specified: Base 1 .2 c) Hold a graduate degree High School, Technician, or equivalent professional purposes, or higher. Second. Court Appoint Alternate Vocal qualifier Don à ngel L uis del Barrio Madruga, Inspector of National Police, assigned to the Learning a

nd Development Division,€in place of Don Ignacio à lvarez Molla. Against this res olution, which puts an end to the proceedings in accordance with Article 109 of Law 30/1992 of 26 November, on Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure and fifteenth of additional provision Law 6 / 1997 of April 14, Organization and Functioning of the General State Administration, to a ppeal optional replacement to the Secretary of State for Security within a month , on the terms established by article . 116 and related provisions of that law a nd administrative litigation before the Administrative Chamber of the Audiencia Nacional, as set out in Articles 11.1.a) and 14 of Law 29/1998, of July 13, regu lator of Judicial Proceedings Management, within two months under the provisions of Article 46 of that Act Madrid, April 21, 2008.-The Secretary of State for Se curity Antonio Camacho Vizcaino. D.N.I. Surname and name 9578 RESOLUTION of April 30, 2008, Ministry of State Security, which published the li sts of participants declared fit in the qualifiers for security guards and their specialties. After completing the selection trials for the 2008/64 Call for Security Guards a nd their specialties, convened by resolution of the Secretary of State for Secur ity of 10 December 2007 (BOE No. 5 January 5, 2008) provides as follows: 46972451 28748270 45097961 45301120 33466118 31686759 46561371 79046748 43344818 43818809 45703126 1187988 39694505 45456375 6516097 80153581 7819440 44875204 1 6270633 45091309 75430490 29210656 29486152 45739940 44731128 20848297 47644822 31001718 6648386 23252917 34895416 5229520 44741481 4195798 Abal JEREZ, JUAN ALBERTO. MARCELO ABASCAL, RAFAEL FRANCISCO. LAH ABDEL AHMED, AH MED. ABDELKADER HAMED, YAMAL. Abenójar GARCIA, SANTIAGO. OPENED MARAVEN, MARIA DEL CARMEN. ACEDO JAEN, JORGE BARTOLOME. GOOD ACEVEDO, JUAN CARLOS. FORTES ACOST A, CAROLINA. ADAM THE Malkinia, ESAM. AFONSO GARCIA, JOSE MANUEL. AFONSO MACHADO , ANA BELEN. AGHIORGHIESEI - Daniel Gabriel. AGREDANO TORRICO, JAIME. AGUADO BLA SI, FRANCISCO JAVIER. PEREZ AGUILAR, JAVIER. Aguillo RODRIGUEZ, ROSALIA. ABDELKA DER AHMED, MOHAMED. Aiello Accetta, LUIS JAVIER. Alandi GARCIA, MIGUEL ANGEL. AL BA FERNANDEZ, FELIPE. APPLE ALBA, SANDRA. Albarran FRANCISCO, MANUEL. ALCANTARA GUERRERO, FRANCISCO JESUS. GERMAN FALCON, OSCAR MARIA. ALEMANY CHE, JOSE LUIS. A LEXANDRU - VALENTIN. FERNANDEZ ALFARO, MARIA DEL CARMEN. ALMAGRO ROS, MANUEL. AL MAGRO VILLALBA, JOSE ANTONIO. ALMEIDA FERNANDEZ, MONICA. CALLE ALONSO, FRANCISCO JAVIER. ALONSO SANTANA, JUAN JOSE. GALVEZ ALVAREZ, Wenceslao.