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Follow the instructions of your guide and answer it slide Ba ck to first slide Back to: STAGES Back to previous slide TAPAS Continued on next slide The green letters indicate a hyperlink. Clik here. After performing this activity returns to the previous slide BACKGROUND OF INDEPENDENCE c Antagonism between Creoles and Spanish Action Enlightened Despotism c c The influence of the Enlightenment c Th e U.S. example THE EVENTS OF SPAIN BO N N N LEO APO SEPARATE ordenaunb queocont in the terra entalcontra I ng P o r tu gal or she disobeys N natrav apo E ng sa ie P ORTUGAL N aysometea him or NDEC apo E ng epermaneceren id C on faith RENC ia B ayon re Bind: N apo him or n - C r I s IV - F ernando A bd ic ac ió Sespa NDE as ñ or would he or sin n N apo B onaparte JUNTISTAS MOVEMENTS Ju tasloale and is An Seaga pa pe nc sn the ru n ta n d Ju ne iz Cad Prolam ca p o s as an s oe amric tase Amric Ju Ju nn ta ea Primra Na io al in cn d Go ie rn oe eb Ch No network ile 18 dSpm tie ee 1810 be gb Pre n rn ed ar you doe sn mn etu ieea svsue ie after you re leítim l e g or Rem Co lasso tightened dol ep s ia gn jod CNEE Ree STAGES NEW COUNTRY OLD COUNTRY RECONQUISTA FIRST NATIONAL GOVERNING BOARD Integrate teas finally governed the kingdom while Fernando VII of the 1st meetin g is being held in France OLD COUNTRY OLD COUNTRY FIRST NATIONAL GOVERNING BOARD Creating new ACHIEVEMENTS f f military corps called elections for Congress 1st S et f f Set Free Trade relations with Argentine patriots OLD COUNTRY FIRST NATIONAL CONGRESS REALIZATION S p p Creating Administrative reforms in the province of Coquimbo p Creating a p Court proclaimed the "Free Womb" OLD COUNTRY GOVERNMENT OF JOSE MIGUEL CARRERA Realization g NES Publication of "The Aurora de Chile "g Establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States Constit ution Order 1812 g

OLD COUNTRY MILITARY CAMPAIGN 1813 Fernando de Abascal decided Viceroy José mastering the insurrection of Chile "and sent for it to Brigadier Antonio Pareja , who in Valdivia and Chiloe gathered a force of 2,000 men, took Concepción, and from there, with 3,000 men set out for Santiago in what represented a" triumpha nt " José Miguel Carrera formed an army of 9,000 people and left the south in fi nding a couple Yerba Buena with a favorable outcome to the Spanish. Race back to Talca and Chillan couple again where it is under siege during the winter. Caree r Immobility discredited and the Board of Governors O'Higgins replaced him in co mmand the army. OLD COUNTRY 1813 BOARD Al from south to meet Pareja, José Miguel Carrera joined the power in the hands of a Governing Board composed of José Miguel Infante, Agustín de Eyzaguirre and Francisco Antonio Perez, respected representatives of the aristocracy. This S PERFORMANCE c Declaration of the freedom of the press c c Foundation of the National Institu te of Building OLD COUNTRY In 1814 comes Gabino Gainza general in command of a new Spanish force. The meeti ngs of the chyle and inconclusive Membrillar Cancharayada and O'Higgins was defe ated and his army withdrew to the north. In Quechereguas can reject the Spanish who choose to winter in Talca. The Treaty of Lircay and frees Gainza Jose Miguel and Luis Carrera (captured months ago) really get in the way the patriot cause. The viceroy Abascal sent General Mariano Osorio with the regiment Talavera. The y join forces in Chillán Gaínza forming an army of MILITARY CAMPAIGN 1814 OLD COUNTRY THE DISASTER OF 1814 RANCAGUA Juan José On 1 October Career and Bernardo O'Higgins were locked up in the plaza de Rancagua well defen ded with parapets and barricades but short of ammunition and supplies. Osorio tr ied them out with successive attacks were repulsed until dusk. On the morning of day 2, the realists began to burn the houses around the square. The Patriots di d not accept surrender. At 3 pm, O'Higgins 500 riders left the square as Rancagu a burned. , BOARD OF LI A VA! SE A QU E M E TO THE GIS RENEWAL GOVERNMENT OF OSORIO REALIZATION S `is created a Court of Vindication 'seizure of property was impose d and compulsory contributions' Banishment of patriots to Juan Fernandez RENEWAL GOVERNMENT OF MARK PONT Taxes extra ACHIEVEMENTS f f f executions and torture arises hatred of the Spani sh and the patriot cause thrives: Manuel Rodriguez embodies the resistance to op pressive

MANUEL RODRIGUEZ AND HIS CAMPAIGN montonero g distracts Marco del Pont g g Disperse royalist troops brings news from Cuyo g keeps the hope of emancipation RENEWAL RENEWAL THE ARMY OF THE ANDES The governor of Cuyo, General Jose de San Martin welcomed the exiled Chilean patriots after the disast er of Rancagua and gave them the task of organizing a liberation army. In early 1817, 4,000 men with 22 artillery pieces, well organized and supplied departed i n successive groups. On February 8, were in San Felipe and Los Andes. RENEWAL THE BATTLE OF CHACABUCO Spanish Colonel Rafael Maroto brought 1,500 men to oppose the Patriots. The rest of the Spanish army was scattered throughout the downtown area. In Chacabuco the royalists were overwhelmed by O'Higgins and Soler. At two in the afternoon, his defeat was tot al RENEWAL THE END OF RENEWAL After the Battle of Chacabuco: i Triumphal entry of the Liberation Army in Santi ago i Marco del Pont is captured and shot i San Bruno City Council appoints the Supreme Director O'Higgins NEW HOMELAND am inclined by nature and character, is the farmer ... If I had played in luck t o be born in Britain or Ireland, lived and died in the field. But I breathed for the first time in Chile and DIRECTOR Bernardo O'Higgins "The race to which I SUPREME NEW HOMELAND CAMPAIGN 1817 H Building H of the Chilean Army Military School Building H Declaration of Indep endence: February 12, 1818 H Cancharayada: the Fatherland in danger NEW HOMELAND The Battle of Maipú In early 1818 a new expedition arrives in the country realistically. Conception and continue to occupy the north surprising the Cancharayada patriots. Reorganiz es O'Higgins in Santiago Osorio faces army on the plains of Maipú on April 5. NEW HOMELAND GOVERNMENT OF O'HIGGINS FIRST TASK k k Training Organization of the First Fleet National Issue: liberate Peru: San Martin and Admiral 1st: Manuel Blanco k Cochrane War to Death: Combat Encalada 2

nd admiral Lord Thomas of royalist guerrillas Benavides. Cochrane capture NEW HOMELAND GOVERNMENT OF O'HIGGINS SOCIAL REFORMS And abolition of titles of nobility and created the Legion of Merit and the abol ition of bullfights, cockfights, and Chinganas NEW HOMELAND GOVERNMENT OF O'HIGGINS Creating a S S S Food Market Transformation S La Canada in a walk: "Alameda de l as Delicias" S S Foundation General Cemetery Foundation of cities: Union, Vicuña and San MATERIALS REFORMS Construction of Canal Maipo Creating a prosecution service SantiagoValparaíso NEW HOMELAND GOVERNMENT OF O'HIGGINS INTELLECTUAL PROGRESS Primary Schools Foundation c c c National Institute Reopening Reopening of the N ational Library of journalism c Development NEW HOMELAND GOVERNMENT OF O'HIGGINS OTHER FACTS b Death of José Miguel Carrera in Argentina b Death of Manuel Rodriguez Tiltil NEW HOMELAND GOVERNMENT OF O'HIGGINS CONSTITUTION OF 1818 Executive f: a Supreme Director with extensive legislative powers f: A five-memb er Senate f Conservative Religion: Roman Catholic only NEW HOMELAND CONSTITUTION OF 1822 Executive p: a Supreme Director p Legislature for six years: two cameras, & Sena tors, men of merit chosen by the Supreme Director or the Chamber of Deputies & R epresentatives: elected by the votes of GOVERNMENT OF O'HIGGINS NEW HOMELAND GOVERNMENT OF O'HIGGINS Abdication The council asked to resign. Dissatisfied: p The aristocracy for its authoritari anism and the abolition of titles of nobility. p The carrerinos by the death of Luis, Juan José and José Miguel Carrera. p The clergy and people by the ban on p rocessions FIN

A creation of Angela Martinez Araya ACTIVITY The data relating to the history of independence, complete the crossword puzzl e your guide: b 1-4 c 5 6 d f i e 3 7 8 2 g h 9 ACTIVITY Fill in your guide the following timeline:

ES INV What made starts and end each stage? A! TIG


ACTIVITY The name and position of the members of the First Government Junta NAME Mateo de Toro y Zambrano CARGO President ACTIVITY INVESTIGATE!

What is called "Freedom of belly? How important was it? ACTIVITY THINK! What would it matter to the forerunners of the Emancipation have a newspaper? ACTIVITY Constitutional Regulation of 1812 Constitution is the first listed and consecrat ed where individual freedoms. It is an important step in the Emancipation. INVESTIGATE!

Why is it considered a very important precedent despite its short duration? ACTIVITY Creating Symbols intended to awaken nationalist sentiment shifting ties with Spa in. In the halls of Javiera Carrera was first deployed the new standard known as flag of the Fatherland reasons the letter of the ResfalosaVieja. Doña Javiera Carrera Listen to the music to sing and dance! There are prizes! Fill in your guide maps of the campaigns of 1813 and 1814. Find the informatio n you need at Atlas, in history books or the following website: http://www .ejer / kids / index.html also investigates the Lircay Treaty. ACTIVITY ACTIVITY INV IT IS GA!

What happened to the Patriots after the disaster of Rancagua? Chronological orde r the events of the Old Country. the information that you lack. It goes into the books ACTIVITY reasons the tune of Manuel Rodriguez and sing it with your classmates The figu re of Manuel Rodriguez won contours of legend for his audacity and courage. Acco rding to tradition, on one occasion, disguised and with great reverence opened t he door Complete your map showing him the cities and towns mentioned in the so ng ACTIVITY Complete your map with the route of the Liberation Army. Find information at h ttp://www / kids / index.html ACTIVITY Read the Proclamation of Independence of Chile and answer questions from your gu ide about it. ACTIVITY "Of these four tables, hang the destinies of America!" INVESTIGATE! Why San Martín and O'Higgins considered so necessary to release ACTIVITY Lee and sings INVESTIGATE! captive Tiltil

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