Tutorial: Creating a Webquest Miniquest or Ana Basterra, Enrique Arce Pilar Etxebarria And Leioa Berritzegune ACTIVITY 1 Sections

of Miniquest Slides 2-6 going to go to page PHPWebquest Enter list of activities sorted by title Miniquest in the Middle

Enter the "social groups

Media "or" Structure of the Atom "and move through the different sections by loo king at the template, text, images and animated gifs, video, internet addresses ... they appear. With the template attached below will go thinking about the different sections of your miniquest. TITLE: STAGE MINIQUEST MI TASK Internet Addresses PRODUCT ACTIVITY two paragraphs of a Webquest Slides 7-10 going to go to page Enter PHP Webquest Do list sorted by title Enter the webquest "The Industrial Revolution (author: Ana Basterra Cossío) or "The last slave ships and boats today" or "Visitors to t he planet Arteta" and goes over different sections. in the different elements th at appear: template, text, internet addresses, images, animated gifs, video, ... Look ACTIVITY 3 Save the images in the folder "My Pictures" To insert images in the different sections of your miniquest must first save in the folder "My Pictures". You will find three images or animated gifs (one image for each section). Enter the search Google Sign in paragraph Images Write the item you are looking After choosing the image please click on it Click on View full-size image Select "Save image a s" with rightmouse Find the folder "My Pictures" to save the image at the process as you have to store 3 images Click the Save button Repe

ACTIVITY 4 To create a Miniquest! Slides 13 to 14 going to go to page Request a PHPWebquest account. In this way y ou will get a user name and password. Fill in the fields: - User - Password - Na me - Name - E-mail - Educational Institution * Remember the username and passwor d Once completed the form click on the Send Enter again and enter the page PHPWebquest Sign

your username and password If you can not do it for some reason you get a username and password to start planning your pedaso miniquest - User: 000 - Password: 000 You have to say what you want to do. Choose the option Create a Miniquest ACTIVITY 5 Choose your template Miniquest Slides 15 to 17 Select the template and click the Send button Enter all info rmation requested If you do not change the color palette and details that appe ar in some cells, the template is as you saw in the model Making click on the color palette changes Click the Preview button to see what it will look If y ou do not like the changes you see fit If you are comfortable with your templa te click the Send button. This template will be maintained throughout the miniqu est If you press the Reset button will delete all changes you have made ACTIVITY 6 Stage Plan for a paragraph! You are in paragraph Scenario 6.1. Insert the image of this section Slides 19-20 You have to insert the image that appears in this paragraph - Click with the left mouse button "ExaminarBuscar in: Find the folder " My Pictures "by double clicking the left mouse button to get open the folder When you find the image double click on the image with the left mouse button mo use and thus the image is inserted 6.2. Enter the text Slide 21 Using the text editor type the introductory text of your miniquest 6.3. Insert an image with text Slides 22-29 With the left mouse button click on this Image - You will enter the image address (URL): • Go into the Google search engi ne or with the left mouse button click on Images. Now only search Google Images. o Write down the track you want to search and click the Search button to select images or image then click on the image with the left mouse button or click wit h the left mouse button View full-size image. You can see the actual image measu res Above image click the right mouse button and choose Properties Find the URL of the image.€With the left mouse button click dragging the whole way until After dyed blue with the right mouse button, choose the Copy option Minimize this page and return to the page to insert the picture Scenario With the left mouse button click on this image Place the cursor in the directi on of the image and right mouse button click and choose Paste After inserting the address of the image with the left mouse button click on the Insert button 6.3. Insert a video Slides 30-34 Enter this address Enter the item you wish to search and click th e Find To watch each video click on the image Once you have chosen the video

you will follow the following steps to insert it into your paragraph Scenario M iniquest: o Copy the address is in the Insert section To copy this address cli ck the left mouse button and track entire address (this address has to be dyed b lue) After the right mouse button you choose Minimize Copy option and return s to put you in the Scenario section of your Miniquest Click on the HTML optio n Let the cursor on the site where you want to be placed on video and with the rig ht mouse button choose the Paste Paste Following with the left mouse button cl ick on the Update tab Once the Scenario section click on the option Send. Send = Save (slide 35) ACTIVITY 7 walk through the User Menu! Power Point Presentation on pages 36 and 47-49 To see what you've done so far, click on User menu Select the View, activities edit or delete any of my To see what you've done so far chosen the option Enter To complete the remaining sections without chooses Complete option to make changes in what you have already choose Edit ACTIVITY 8 Task Plan for a paragraph! Slides 40-44 going to repeat what you have done in paragraph Scenario 8.1 Enter an image. Before you had to have saved the image in the folder "My Picture s" 8.2 Enter the text insert an image with text 8.3 8.4 Enter Internet address http / / address. You have to make mandatory a descriptio n or a small comment section after completing the Task click the Send button 8.5 ACTIVITY 9 A complete your Miniquest! Slide 50 You must complete the Product section going to repeat what I have done in the Task section. 9.1 Enter an image. Before you had to have saved the image in the folder "My Picture

s" 9.2 Enter the text 9.3 Insert an image with text 9.4 After completing the Product section click the Send button ACTIVITY 10 Making changes in my Miniquest Slides 52-54 Click on the user menu reasons your miniquest paragraph in whic h you want to make changes to make the changes and click on the Send Select Edit After making changes click the Send button ACTIVITY 11 Dare to create a Webquest? With what you've learned now you're sure to develop your own Webquest. Sure you' re gonna get!