Page 1 of 19 MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT January 22, 2008 DECREE No 37 Regulation on the implementation of Article 11-quaterdecies, paragraph 13, lette r a) of Law

No 248, 2 December 2005 laying down provisions for the reorganizatio n of activity 'to install equipment inside buildings. THE MINISTER OF ECONOMIC D EVELOPMENT agreement with THE MINISTER OF ENVIRONMENT AND PROTECTION OF LAND AND SEA Having regard to Arti cle 87, fifth paragraph, of the Constitution, reference to Article 11-quaterdeci es, paragraph 13, letter a) of Decree-Law of 30 September 2005, no 203 into law, with amendments, Article 1 of Law December 2, 2005, No 248 establishing measure s to counter tax evasion and urgent provisions on tax and financial Having regar d to Article 17, paragraph 3 of Law August 23, 1988, No 400; viewed items 8, 14 and 16 of Law 5 March 1990, No 46, laying down rules for the safety of facilitie s; the Order of the President April 18, 1994, No 392, bearing the Rules regulati ng the procedure for recognition of enterprises for installation, expansion and transformation of plants meet the standards of safety to law January 5, 1996, No 25 on deferring required by legislative activity in the field of 'production an d other urgent measures relating amended; the Order of the President December 14 , 1999, No 558, concerning the regulation on standards for the simplification of rules concerning registration of companies, as well as 'the simplification of p rocedures related to reporting of early activity' and for the inclusion of craft enterprises or register firms for particular categories of activity 'subject to verification of certain technical requirements, the Order of the President Apri l 30, 1999, No 162, bearing the Regulation laying down rules for the implementat ion of Directive 95/16/EC on lifts and simplification of procedures for granting clearances for lifts and elevators, as well as 'of its operating license and it s subsequent amendments; Visa' s Article one-quarter of Decree-Law May 12, 2006, No 173 into law with amendments by Law 12 July 2006, No 228, concerning extensi on of deadlines for enactment of a regulatory nature. Having regard to Article 3 , paragraph 1, of Decree-Law of 28 December 2006, no 300 (Extension of time allo wed by law and other provisions), converted with amendments into law February 26 , 2007, No 17 Having heard the opinion of the State Council, the Consultative Se ction for legislative, expressed in the meeting of May 7, 2007 General No 159/20 07; Given the communication to the President of the Council of Ministers, under Article 17 of Law No 400 of 1998, performed with footnote 0018603-17.8.2 / 1, 16 November 2007; Page 2 of 19 Adopt the following rules: Article 1. Scope 1. This Decree applies to facilities placed in service building s, regardless of intended use, located within the same or related appliances. If the plant and 'distribution networks connected to apply from the point of deliv ery. 2. Facilities referred to in paragraph 1 shall be classified as follows: a) production facilities, processing, transportation, distribution, use of electri city, plant protection against lightning, well as' equipment for the automation of doors, gates barriers and b) broadcast systems, antennas and electronic syste ms in general, c) heating, air conditioning, cooling and refrigeration of any ki nd or species, including the evacuation of combustion products and condensate, a nd ventilation and aeration of the premises d) water and sanitation of any kind or species; e) facilities for the distribution and use of gas of any type, inclu ding the evacuation of combustion and ventilation and aeration Local f) lifting equipment of persons or things by means of lifts, elevators, escalators and simi

lar g) fire protection systems. 3. The plant or plant components which are subje ct to security requirements in the implementation of Community law, or of specif ic legislation, are not covered for these aspects, the provisions of this decree . Note: The notes published here were prepared by the responsible subject, under Article 10, paragraph 3 of the Consolidated provisions on the promulgation of l aws,€sull'emanazione decrees of the President of the Republic on official publi cations of the Italian Republic, approved by Presidential Decree December 28, 19 85, No 1092, only to facilitate reading of the statutory provisions under which, and 'made the referral. Remain unchanged, the value and effectiveness of legisl ative acts are here transcribed. Introductory notes: - Article 87, fifth paragra ph of the Constitution provides, inter alia, to the President the power to promu lgate laws and issue decrees having the force of law and regulations. - Article 11-quaterdecies, paragraph 13, letter a) of Decree 30 September 2005, No 203, on "Measures against tax evasion and urgent measures in taxation and financial mat ters. (Published in the Official Gazette October 3, 2005, No 230) and converted into law, with amendments, Article 1 of Law December 2, 2005, No 248 (2 December 2005 Official Journal No 281, SO), and 'the Page 3 of 19 following: 13. Within twenty-four months from the date of entry into force of th e law of conversion of this decree, the Minister of activity ', in agreement wit h the Minister of Environment and the Environment, issue one or more' decrees, p ursuant to Article Law 17 of August 23, 1988, No 400, to discipline: a) the reor ganization of the provisions relating to activities' installation of indoor plan ts; Article 17, paragraph 3 of Law August 23, 1988, No 400, on "Regulation of th e activity 'of law and government of the Prime Minister." (Published in the Offi cial Gazette September 12, 1988, No. 214, 5.0.), And' the following: "Article 17 (Regulations). - (1. - 2. Omissis). 3. A ministerial order may be adopted Regul ations on matters of jurisdiction or authority of the Minister 'subordinate to t he minister, when the law expressly confers that power. These regulations, for m atters within the purview of more 'Ministers may be adopted by a ministerial dec ree, notwithstanding the need' proper authorization by law. The ministerial regu lations and ministerial rules dictate they can not conflict with those regulatio ns made by the Government. They should be communicated to the President of the C ouncil of Ministers prior to their enactment. The text of Articles 8, 14 and 16 of Law 5 March 1990, No 46 on "Standards for security equipment" (published in t he Official Gazette March 12, 1990, 59), are as follows: "Article 8 (funding of 'technical standards). - 1. 3 percent contribution to the annual National Instit ute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL) for this activity 'research referred to in Article 3, third paragraph, of decree-law June 30, 1982, No 390, ratified with amendments by Law 12 August 1982, No 597, and 'to the activity for ' technical standards referred to in Article 7 of this Act carried out by UNI an d CEI. 2. The sum referred to in paragraph 1, calculated on the amount of contri bution paid by INAIL in the previous year, and 'entered against Chapter 3030, th e estimates of expenditure of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and 'crafts for 1990 and pay the corresponding projections of the chapter for the following yea rs.. " 'Art 14 (verification). - 1. To run the tests, where required, and to det ermine compliance 'facility with the provisions of this Act and the applicable l egislation, municipalities, units' local health controls provincial fire brigade and the Higher Institute for the Prevention and job security (ISS) have the pow er 'to secure the cooperation of professionals, within their competence, under A rticle 6, paragraph 1, according to the conditions' set by the implementing regu lation of Article 15. 2. The test certificate must be issued within three months after submission of the request.. " 'Art 16 (Sanctions). - 1. Breach of the pro visions of Article 10 follows, in charge of the client or owner in the manner ' Page 4 of 19 provided by the implementing regulation of Article 15, an administrative penalty

of one hundred thousand pounds to five hundred thousand pounds. Violation of ot her provisions of this law follows in the manner 'provided that the implementing regulation, an administrative penalty of one million pounds to ten million poun ds. 2. The implementing regulation of Article 15 shall determine the methods' su spension from the register of companies or from the register referred to in Arti cle 2, paragraph 1, and disciplinary action against members of professionals in their respective registers,€after the third violation of the rules relating to plant safety, as well as 'upgrades of the entity' administrative sanctions refer red to in paragraph 1.. " The Presidential Decree of 18 April 1994, No 392, "Rul es regulating the procedure for recognition of enterprises for installation, exp ansion and transformation of plants meet the safety standards. 'And' published i n the Official Gazette June 18, 1994, No 141, Ordinary Supplement. The law Janua ry 5, 1996, No 25 on 'Postponement of the deadline foreseen by the laws in the f ield of activity' production and other urgent measures in this area. 'And' publi shed in the Official Journal of 20 January 1996, No 16. The decree of the Presid ent December 14, 1999, No 558, concerning Regulations providing for the simplifi cation of rules concerning registration of companies, as well as 'the simplifica tion of procedures related to reporting of early activity' and for the inclusion of craft enterprises or register firms for particular categories of activity 's ubject to verification of certain technical requirements (numbers 94-97-98 Annex 1 of the Act. March 15, 1997, 59). and 'published in the Official Gazette Novem ber 21, 2000, No 272. The decree of the President April 30, 1999, No 162 laying Regulations providing for the implementation of Directive 95/16/EC on lifts and simplification of procedures for granting clearances for lifts and elevators, as well as' of its operating license. 'And' published in Official Gazette June 10, 1999, No 134. The text of Article 1 of Decree-Law-quarter May 12, 2006, No 173 (published in the Official Gazette May 13, 2006, No 110) into law July 12, 2006, No 228, on "Extension of deadline for enactment of a regulatory nature. Further extensions to the exercise of delegated legislative and education. "(Published in the Official Gazette July 12, 2006, No 160), and 'the following: 1-c. (Extens ion of time limit on housing stock). - 1. The period provided for in Article 5-b is, paragraph 2, of Decree-Law May 27, 2005, No 86 with amendments by Law 26 Jul y 2005, No 148 and 'extended-quaterdecies application of Article 11, paragraph 1 3 of Decree-Law of 30 September 2005, no 203, ratified with amendments by Law De cember 2, 2005, No 248 and no later than 1 January 2007. - Article 3, paragraph 1, of Decree-Law Page 5 of 19 December 28, 2006, No 300 (published in the Official Gazette December 28, 2006, No. 300), converted with amendments into law February 26, 2007, No 17, on "Exten sion of time allowed by law. Provisions enabling legislation. "(Published in the Official Gazette February 26, 2007, No. 47, Ordinary Supplement), and 'the foll owing:" Article 3. (Provisions relating to buildings, infrastructure works and w orks in construction). - 1. The period referred to in Article 1-quater, paragrap h 1, of Decree-Law May 12, 2006, No 173, ratified with amendments by Law 12 July 2006, No 228 and 'extended until the date of entry into force of the Regulation laying down rules on the safety of plants, of which Article 11-quaterdecies, pa ragraph 13, letter a) of Decree-Law of 30 September 2005, no 203, ratified with amendments by Law December 2, 2005, No 248 and in any event no later than Decemb er 31, 2007. From the date of entry into force of regulation in the first senten ce of this paragraph shall be repealed with the Rules of the Decree of President of Republic December 6, 1991, No 447, Articles 107 to 121 of the single text of the Decree of President of the Republic 6 June 2001, No 380, and the Law 5 Marc h 1990, No 46, with the exception of Articles 8, 14 and 16, which are used in me asuring doubled penalties for breaches of obligations under the same regulation in the first sentence of this paragraph. Item 2. Definitions for facilities 1. F or the purposes of this Decree: a) point of delivery: the point at which the sup plier or distributor makes available to the user electricity, natural gas or oth er, water or stock placing the fuel in storage located, including loan, from the

user, b) power draw: the greater of the power under contract to any supplier of energy, and rated the overall facilities of self that may be installed; c) tech nical department: structures formed by human and material resources in charge of plant engineering,€the realization of the plants and their maintenance company whose leaders possess the technical and professional requirements of Article 4 d) Routine maintenance: actions taken to contain the deterioration of normal use , and 'to cope with accidental events that involve the necessity 'of early inter ventions, which may not change the structure of the plant on which it operates o r its intended use in accordance with regulatory requirements and applicable tec hnical manual from the manufacturer's handbook, e) plants production, processing , transmission, distribution, use of electricity: the power circuits of applianc es and plug sockets with the exception of electrical equipment of machines, tool s, electrical appliances in general. As part of electrical equipment also includ es those self energy up to 20 kW nominal installations for the automation of doo rs, gates and barriers, as well as' those places outside of buildings if they ar e connected, even functionally , buildings; Page 6 of 19 f) broadcasting and electronic systems: the plant components required for transm ission and reception of signals and data, relating to safety equipment, permanen tly installed powered voltage below 50 V AC and 120 V DC, while components power ed higher voltage, as well as' systems of surge protection should be considered belonging to the electric, for the authorization, installation and expansion of telephone systems and telecommunications domestic related to the public network, you apply the existing specific legislation, g) facilities for the distribution and utilization of gas: the set of pipes, tanks and accessories from the point of delivery of gas in liquid form, to the appliances, the 'installation and conn ections therewith, the predispositions for the construction and mechanical venti lation and ventilation of the premises where the equipment must be installed, co nstruction and mechanical predispositions for discharge of combustion products o utside h) plant Fire Protection: fuel systems with hydrants, automatic terminati on of automatic and manual as well as' gas detection equipment, smoke and fire, i) CEI: Italian Electrotechnical Committee;. l) UNI: Italian Organization for St andardization. Article 3. Qualified firms 1. The companies listed in the registe r of companies in the Decree of the President December 7, 1995, No 581, as amend ed, the following register of companies or the provincial of small businesses co vered by the Act Aug. 8, 1985, No 443, the following register of small businesse s, are authorized to perform the activities 'in Article 1, when the sole proprie tor or legal representative or the technical manager in charge by them with a fo rmal act, and' meeting the requirements Professional referred to in Article 4. 2 . The technical supervisor under paragraph 1 performs this function for a single company and the qualification and 'any other activities incompatible with' cont inuous. 3. The companies intend to practice 'for installations in Article 1 shal l make declaration of logins', under Article 19 of Law August 7, 1990, No 241 an d subsequent amendments, pointing specifically to what point and as the voice of those listed in that article 1, paragraph 2, to be engaged 'and I also state', the possession of technical and professional requirements of Article 4 required for work to be carried. 4. The small businesses have the declaration referred to in paragraph 3, together with the application of enrollment of small businesses to verify the possession of the prescribed technical requirements and the subse quent recognition of professional qualifications craft. The other companies made the declaration referred to in paragraph 3 together with the application form, at the office of the register. 5. Business is not installed, which have offices technicians are authorized to install, modify, extend and maintain facilities, r elated only to their internal structures and limits the type of work for which t he person is eligible in Article 4. 6. The firms referred to in paragraphs 1, 3, 4 and 5, which were Page 7 of 19

recognized professional and technical requirements, are entitled to a certificat e of approval in accordance with designs approved by decree of the Minister of I ndustry and Trade of 11 June 1992.€And the certificate 'issued by the competent provincial committees for the craft, the Law of August 8, 1985, No 443, as amen ded, or by the relevant chambers of commerce, of Law December 29, 1993, No 580, as amended. Article 3 Notes: The decree of the President December 7, 1995, No 58 1, on "Rules for implementing Article 8 of Law 29 December 1993, No 580, on the establishment of the register of firms covered by Article 2188 of the Civil Code . 'And' published in the Official Journal of 3 February 1996, No 28, Ordinary Su pplement. The law August 8, 1985, No 443, on "Law Framework for the craft 'and' published in the Official Gazette August 24, 1985, No 199. The text of Article l 9 of Law August 7, 1990, No 241, on "New rules of administrative procedure and r ight of access to administrative documents (published in Official Gazette August 18, 1990, No 192), and 'the following:" Article 19. (Statement of logins). - 1. Every act of authorization, license, grant is not constitutive, permit or clear ed however denominated, including applications for entries in books or roles req uired for the pursuit of activities' business, trade or craft which depends excl usively on the finding of release requirements and conditions of the law or admi nistrative acts in general content and is not no limit or quota overall or speci fic sectoral programming tools for the release of the documents themselves, with the exception of documents issued by the authorities responsible for national d efense, public security, immigration, the administration of justice, tax authori ties, including acts for networks of acquisition revenue, and also resulting fro m the game, the protection of health and public safety ', cultural heritage and landscape and environment, and 'acts imposed by Community legislation, and' repl aced by a statement by the person together, including through self-certification , certifications and statements required laws. The competent authority may 'requ est information or certifications relating to events, states, or qualities' only if they are not attested in documents already' available within the same or are not directly available from other public administrations. 2. The activity 'cove red by the declaration can' be initiated after a period of thirty days from the date of the declaration to the competent administration. Together at the commenc ement ', that person shall be' notify the relevant Administration. 3. The compet ent authority in case of lack of established conditions, mode 'and legitimating facts, within thirty days after receipt of the notification referred to in parag raph 2, adopts measures motivated continuation of ban on' and Page 8 of 19 removal of its effects, except where this 'possible, the concerned shall comply with current legislation that activity' and its effects within a deadline set by the administration, in any event not less than thirty days. It 'shall be withou t prejudice to the powers of the competent authority to take measurements in sel f-defense, under Articles 21-d and 21-h. Where the law provides for the acquisit ion of special bodies or opinions, the deadline for the adoption of measures pro hibiting continuation of 'removal and its effects are suspended until the acquis ition of expertise, up to a maximum of thirty days, after which the administrati on can 'adopt these measures, irrespective of the acquisition of the opinion. Su spension and 'communication to date. 4. Remain firm for the current laws that co ntain terms other than those referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 for the start of 'and adoption by the authorities responsible for measures prohibiting continuati on of' and removal of its effects. 5. Any dispute regarding the application of p aragraphs 1, 2 and 3 and 'devoted to the exclusive jurisdiction of administrativ e courts. The decree of the Minister of Industry and Trade 11 giugno1992 laying "Approval of the model certificates of recognition of professional and technical requirements of business and technical responsible for facility security. 'And' published in the Official Journal June 18, 1992, No 142. The Law of 29 December 1993 No 580, on "adjustment of chambers of commerce, industry, handicrafts and agriculture. 'And' published in the Official Journal of 11 January 1994, No 7, o

rdinary supplement. Article 4.€Technical and professional one. The requirements are technical and professional, alternatively, one of the following: a) degree on specific technical degree from a university 'legally recognized state or b) d egree or qualification awarded at the end of the second cycle of secondary educa tion with a specialization on the field of activity 'in Article 1 at a state ins titution or legally recognized, followed by a period of integration, at least tw o years continuous, employed directly by a company in the sector. The period of entry for the activities 'in Article 1, paragraph 2, letter d) and' a year c) th e license or certificate obtained under the existing legislation on vocational t raining, after a period of entry, at least four consecutive years, employed dire ctly by a company in the sector. The period of entry for the activities' in Arti cle 1, paragraph 2, letter d) and 'two years d) provide work, directly employed by a qualified company in the branch of activity' covered by the provision worke r plumber for a period not exceeding three years, except that counts for apprent iceship and done that as a skilled worker in quality 'of workers qualified insta ller of specialized in' installation, conversion, expansion and Maintenance Page 9 of 19 plant referred to in Article 1. 2. The periods of placement in points b) and c) and work performance at d) of paragraph 1 may also take place in the form of ong oing technical collaboration within the enterprise by the proprietor, partners a nd collaborators family. We consider also 'in possession of technical and profes sional requirements under Article 4, the owner, partners and family workers who worked' ongoing technical cooperation in the field of qualified firms for a not less than six years. For the activities 'in the letter d) of Article 1, paragrap h 2, that period can not' be less than four years. Article 5. Plant design 1. Fo r installation, conversion and extension of the facilities referred to in Articl e 1, paragraph 2, letters a) b) c) d) e) g) and 'drawn up a project. Subject to compliance with the regulations more 'stringent design, in the circumstances ref erred to in paragraph 2, the project' written by a professional member entitled to practice in accordance with the specific expertise required while in other ca ses, the project, as specified in Article 7, paragraph 2, 'written, alternativel y, the technical manager of the plumbers. 2. The project for the installation, a lteration and extension, and 'written by a professional writing to professional bodies in accordance with the specific expertise needed in the following cases: a) a facility listed in Article 1, paragraph 2, letter a), all utilities and con dominium units for individual households 'housing with 6 kw power draw than indi vidual or household units' housing areas greater than 400 square b) electrical i nstallations made with cold cathode fluorescent lamps, connected to electrical e quipment, for which a 'mandatory project and in any case for power plants total of more than 1200 VA output power supplies c) installations as referred to in Ar ticle 1, paragraph 2, letter a), relating to buildings used for activities' prod uction, trade in services and other uses, when utilities are powered at over 100 0, including the low voltage, or when utilities are supplied with low voltage po wer draw than 6 kW or where the area exceeds 200 square meters d) electrical ins tallations related to units' estate provisions, even partially, environments sub ject to specific regulation CEI, in case of premises used for medical use or for which there is danger of explosion or greater risk of fire, and 'for protection systems in buildings Lightning volume exceeding 200 cubic e) plants covered by Article 1, paragraph 2, letter b), relating to electrical installations generall y when plants coexist with Electrical design requirement f) plant in Article 1, paragraph 2, letter c), with flues collective branching, as well as 'air conditi oning systems for all uses with a potential' cooling of at least 40,000 refriger ation / h g) plant in Article 1, paragraph 2, letter e), relating to the distrib ution and utilization of gaseous fuels with heat input exceeding 50 kW or branch ed group with flues or equipment for gas for hospital medical and similar€inclu ding storage, h) plants covered by Article 1, paragraph 2, letter g), if Page 10 of 19

placed in an activity 'subject to the certificate and fire prevention, however, when fire hydrants are in number equal to or greater than 4 or scanners are in n umber equal to or greater than 10. 3. The system designs are developed in accord ance with the rule of art. Projects developed in compliance 'with current legisl ation and implications of the guides and rules of UNI, the IEC and other standar dization bodies belonging to the EU Member States or which are parties to the Eu ropean Economic Area, shall be deemed to be drafted according to the rule of art . 4. The projects include at least the installation diagrams and drawings as wel l as planimetric 'a technical report on the consistency and type of installation , conversion or enlargement of the facility, particularly with regard to the typ e and characteristics of materials and components and use of preventive and safe ty measures to be taken. In the places most at risk of fire and in those with ri sk of explosion, and particular attention 'to the choice of materials and compon ents to be used in the specific technical rules. 5. If a facility-based project 'changed during construction, the project presented and' integrated with the nec essary technical documentation certifying the variants, which, in addition to th e design, installation and 'must refer to the declaration of conformity '. 6. Th e project, referred to in paragraph 2, and 'lodged at the one-stop shop for cons truction in the municipality where the plant must be made within the period pres cribed in Article 11. Item 6. Construction and installation of the equipment 1. The firms have facilities in accordance with the rule of art, in compliance 'wit h current legislation and are responsible for the proper execution thereof. The plants produced in compliance 'with current legislation and standards of UNI, th e IEC and other standardization bodies belonging to the EU Member States or whic h are parties to the European Economic Area, shall be deemed made in accordance with rule of art. 2. With reference to the activities' of production, apply the general safety of Article 1 of Decree of President of the Council of Ministers 3 1 March 1989 and its amendments. 3. The electrical units' estate for residential purposes made before March 13, 1990 shall be deemed adequate if equipped with i solation and overcurrent protection places the origin of the plant, protection a gainst direct contact, protection against indirect contact or protection with ci rcuit breaker having nominal residual current not exceeding 30mA. Notes Article 6: Article 1 of Decree of President of the Council of Ministers marzo1989 31, he aded 'Implementation of Article 12 of Decree of President of the Republic May 17 , 1988, No 175 on material risks associated with certain activities 'industries. "(Published in the Official Gazette April 21, 1989, No. 93, SO), and' the follo wing:" Article 1. (General Security). - 1. In Page 11 of 19 design, implementation and management of 'industrial manufacturers are required to comply with all applicable rules of work safety, fire prevention and protecti on of the population and the environment. In particular, manufacturers must obta in from the competent command of firefighters on fire prevention permits require d by law and conform to the requirements of: a) the Royal Decree of January 9, 1 927, No 147 b) Royal Decree of 12 May 1927, No 824 c) Consolidated health laws, approved by Royal Decree of 27 July 1934, No 1265 d) Decree of the President Apr il 27, 1955, No 547 e) Decree of the President March 19, 1956, No 303, f) Law of 23 December 1978 No 833, and subsequent amendments, additions and implementing decrees g) Decree of the President July 29, 1982, No 577 h) Act December 7, 1984 , No 818; i) Legislative Decree 15 August 1991, No 277 l) Decree 19 September 19 94, No 626. 2. The call to the provisions of paragraph 1 should be extended to s ubsequent modifications and additions as well as' the decrees of application. Ar ticle 7. Declaration of conformity '1. After work, after carrying out the checks provided by law, including functionality 'installation, the installing company shall deliver to the customer the declaration of conformity' of the facilities c reated in accordance with the provisions of Article 6. That declaration,€made o n the basis of the model in Annex I, are integral to the report containing the t ype of materials used, as well as' the project referred to in Article 5. 2. Wher

e the project and 'prepared by the technical manager of the technical processing and plumbers' constituted by at least the wiring diagram to be implemented, und erstood as a functional description of the operation to be performed and possibl y supplemented with the necessary technical documentation showing the changes ma de during construction. 3. In case of partial renovation of facilities, the proj ect, the declaration of conformity, 'and clearance testing where applicable, ref er only to the installations covered by the work of rebuilding, but take into ac count security and functionality' of ' entire facility. The declaration referred to in paragraph 1 and Article 5 in the draft, and 'clearly mentioned compatibil ity' with the technical conditions existing plant. 4. The declaration of conform ity 'is also issued by the heads of technical departments of domestic firms are not installed in Article 3, paragraph 3, according to the model in Annex II to t his decree. 5. The content of the models in Annexes I and II can 'be amended or supplemented by Ministerial Order needs to update a technical nature. 6. In the case where the declaration of compliance 'under this Article, except as provided in Article 15 is not manufactured or is no longer' available, this Act and 'rep laced Page 12 of 19 for installations made before the entry into force of this decree by a statement of compliance, issued by a professional writing on the professional expertise n eeded for specific, which has practiced for at least five years in the field of plant covered by the statement, in personal responsibility ', following inspecti on and investigation or, for plants that do not fall within the scope of article 5, paragraph 2, by a person who holds, at least five years, the role technical manager of a company authorized under Article 3, which operates in plant covered by the statement. Article 8. Obligations of a contractor or owner. The principa l and 'obliged to entrust the work of installation, conversion, expansion and ma intenance special facilities listed in Article 1, paragraph 2, to qualified firm s under Article 3. 2. The owner of adopting the necessary measures to preserve t he security features provided by existing legislation, taking account of the ins tructions for use and maintenance prepared by the installation of equipment manu facturers and installed. The responsibility 'of suppliers or distributors, parts of the plant and its technical components installed or operated by them. 3. The contracting authority within 30 days dall'allacciamento a new supply of gas, el ectricity, water, buildings of any intended use, delivery to the distributor or retailer copy of the declaration of conformity 'installation, made in accordance with Annex I, excluding annexes required, or a copy of the declaration of compl iance under Article 7, paragraph 6. The same documentation and 'delivered in cas e of request for increase in power committed a result of work on the system, or a power surge that no work on the causes of the achievement levels of power used in Article 5, paragraph 2 or otherwise, for the electrical, power of 6 kW. 4. T he requirements of paragraph 3 shall apply in all cases of supply and demand for new variation of heat output of gas. 5. Subject to such measures by the authori ties 'competent expiry of the period referred to in paragraph 3 that is produced without the declaration of compliance' in Article 7, paragraph 1, the supplier or distributor of gas, electricity or water after reasonable notice, suspend the provision. Article 9. Certificate of practicability '1. The certificate of fitn ess for use 'and' issued by the authorities' competent after obtaining the decla ration of conformity 'in Article 7, and' certificate of testing of installed equ ipment, where required by law. Article 10. Maintenance of equipment 1. Routine m aintenance of the facilities referred to in Article 1 Page 13 of 19 does not involve the preparation of the project it 'the issue of the test, it' c ompliance with the obligation under Article 8, paragraph 1, except as provided f or in paragraph 3. 2.€Are excluded from the requirements of the project prepara tion and attestation of testing facilities for household appliances and the prov

ision of temporary power for construction and similar facilities, subject to the requirement of a declaration of compliance '. 3. For maintenance of installatio ns of lifts and elevators in private service applies the Decree of the President April 30, 1999, No 162 and other specific provisions. Note: Article 10: Decree of the President April 30, 1999, No 162, see the introductory note. Article 11. Deposit with the one-stop shop for construction of the project, the declaration of conformity 'or test certificate. 1. For the rehabilitation or installation of new plantings in Article 1, paragraph 2, letters a) b) c) d) e), g) and h), rel ating to buildings for which e ' already 'been issued a certificate of fitness f or use', notwithstanding the obligations of the acquisition of acts of assent, h owever denominated, the installing company shall deposit, within 30 days of comp letion of work at the one-stop shop for building, referred to ' Article 5 of Dec ree of President of the Republic 6 June 2001, No 380, common base of the plant, the declaration of conformity 'and the draft drawn up under Article 5, or the ce rtificate of inspection of installations, where required by law. 2. For works of installation, conversion and expansion of facilities that are related to constr uction projects subject to planning permission or to report the start of activit y ', by Decree of the President June 6, 2001, No 380, the person with a permit t o construct or object which has submitted the declaration of beginning of activi ty 'deposits plant project to be implemented at one-stop building of the municip ality must be conducting the intervention, together with the project building. 3 . The one-stop shop for in Article 5 of the Decree of President of the Republic 6 June 2001, No 380, forwards a copy of the declaration of compliance 'with the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture in whose area the company is located executr ix of the plant, which provides consequent findings with the findings of the reg ister or of the provincial craft enterprises , to claims and notifications pursu ant to Article 14 of Law 24 November 1981, No 689, as amended, of any violations found, and the imposition of fines pursuant to Article 20, paragraph 1, and 42, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 31 March 1998, No 112. Notes Article 11: Art icle 5 of Decree of President of the Republic 6 June 2001, on "Consolidated laws and regulations on construction. (Text A). "(Published in the Official Gazette October 20, 2001, 245, SO), and 'the following:" Article 5. (R) (one-stop shop f or construction) (October 5, 1993 Decree-Law No 398, Article 4, paragraphs 1 Page 14 of 19 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 with amendments by Law December 4, 1993, No 493, Article 220, R oyal Decree of 27 July 1934, No 1265). - 1. The municipalities within its organi zational autonomy measures, even in association with exercise facilities under C hapter V, Title II of the Legislative Decree 18 August 2000, No 267, or merging disarticulation, removal of organs or offices already 'existing office called to set up a one-stop shop for building, that takes care of all relationships betwe en the private, administration and, where appropriate, other authorities require d to give concerning construction measures covered by the permit application or allegation of logins'. (7) 2. This office shall in particular: a) receiving repo rts of logins' and applications for the issuance of building permits and any oth er act of assent, however called on the operations' construction, including the certificate of fitness for use ', as well as' projects approved by the Superinte ndent pursuant to the effects of Articles 36, 38 and 46 of Legislative Decree 29 October 1999, No 490 b) provide information on matters referred to in paragraph a), including preparation of a computer file containing the necessary regulator y elements, to enable any person interested therein free access, including via c omputer, to information on compliance necessary for the performance of procedure s under this regulation, the list of applications submitted, the status of their formal procedures, as well as' all possible information available, d) the adopt ion, in the same subjects€measures on access to administrative documents on beh alf of any interested party under Article 22 of the Law August 7, 1990, No 241, as well as' local rules implementing e) the issuance of building permits, certif icates of fitness for use ', as well as' certifications attesting to the regulat ory requirements and determinations provvedimentali to urban planning, landscape

and environment, building and any other type of intervention still relevant to the processing of housing land, f) handling relations between the municipal auth orities, the private and other government called to rule on construction measure s or subject matter of the complaint, particularly to fulfilling the terms of Pa rt II of the Consolidated. 3. In order to issue the building permit or certifica te of viability ', the office referred to in paragraph 1 acquires directly if th ey have not already' attached by the applicant: a) the opinion of the ASL if it can not be replaced by a self-certification under Article 20, paragraph 1 b) the opinion of the fire, if necessary, in order to respect fire regulations. 4. The office treatment ALSO 'the obligations necessary for the acquisition, including conference services under Articles 14, 14 bis, 14 ter, 14-quater of Law August 7, 1990, No 241 of the acts of assent, however described, to achieve the Page 15 of 19 Construction completion of intervention. Fall within the category of those conse nts, in particular: a) authorizations and approvals of the competent technical d epartment of the region, for buildings in earthquake zones referred to in Articl es 61, 94 and 62, b) consent of the military for development in areas adjacent t o safeguard works to defend the State or military establishments, of which Artic le 16 of Law 24 December 1976, No 898 c) the authorization of the Director of Cu stoms district in case of construction, removal and alteration of buildings in c onservation areas in the vicinity 'of the customs line and in the territorial se a, pursuant to article 19 of Legislative Decree November 8, 1990, No 374 d) the authorization of the 'competent authority for construction on land bordering the maritime domain, pursuant to article 55 of the Navigation Code, e) acts of asse nt, however denominated, provided for building interventions on property bound u nder Articles 21, 23, 24, and 151 of Legislative Decree 29 October 1999, No 490, provided that in case of dissent expressed by the administration responsible fo r the protection of cultural property, we proceed under Article 25 of Legislativ e Decree 29 October 1999, No 490 f) the binding opinion of the Commission for th e Protection of Venice, pursuant to article 6 of Law April 16, 1973, No 171, as amended, except in cases where there has been an adjustment to the plan surfed u nder Article 5 of the Act, for the business 'building in the Venetian lagoon, as well as' the territory of the city of Chioggia and Sottomanna and islands Pelle strina, Lido and St. Erasmus g) the opinion of the 'competent authority in terms of structures and hydrogeological constraints; h) consents on servants' road, r ail, port and airport; i) nothing precludes-by local authorities' jurisdiction u nder Article 13 of Law 6 December 1991, No 394, regarding protected natural area s.. " Article 14 of Law 24 novembre1981 No 689, on "Changes to the criminal just ice system," (published in the Official Gazette November 30, 1981, No. 329, SO), and 'the following: "Article 14. (Disputes and notification). - The violation, and when 'possible, must be reported immediately to both the offender as the per son who is jointly and severally liable to pay the sum due for the violation its elf. If not 'been the immediate challenge for all or some of the persons mention ed in the preceding paragraph, the details of the breach must be notified to aff ected residents in the territory of the Republic within ninety days and those li ving abroad within three hundred and sixty days the finding. When actions relati ng to infringement shall be sent to 'responsible by decision of the' court, the terms of the preceding paragraph from the date of receipt. The form of immediate objection or Page 16 of 19 Service shall apply the provisions of applicable laws. In any case, the notifica tion can 'be carried out in the manner' provided by the Code of Civil Procedure €also found that an official of the violation. If service can not 'be done in th e hands of its recipient, the detailed rules' under Article 137, third paragraph of that code. For residents abroad, if the residence, the residence or domicile is not known, notification is not 'compulsory saving is the right' of the reduc

ed payment until the date stipulated in the second paragraph of Article 22 Oppos ition to the proceedings. The obligation to pay the sum due for the violation to cease and the person against whom 'was omitted in the notification deadline. Th e text of Article 20, paragraph 1, and 42, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 31 marzo1998 No 112 on "Contribution of the State's administrative functions and t asks to regions and local authorities in implementing Chapter I of Law March 15, 1997, No 59. '(Published in the Official Gazette April 21, 1998, 92, SO), are a s follows: "Article 20. (Functions of chambers of commerce, industry, handicraft s and agriculture). - 1. Are attributed to the chambers of commerce, industry, h andicrafts and agriculture functions exercised by the provincial offices metric and the provincial offices for industry, commerce and handicrafts, including tho se relating to patents and the protection of property 'industry. " . 'Art 42. (R epeals). - 1. Are repealed Article 60, paragraph 10 of Decree 4 August 1988, No 375, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts, Article 23, paragraph 6 of Decree 4 June 1993, No 248, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts, Ar ticle I, paragraph 4, of Law August 25, 1991, No 287, in so far as identifying t he provincial department of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts as a body respons ible for the imposition of fines, as well as' all provisions incompatible with e xisting legislation to effect the repeal of these provisions . Article 12. Conte nts of a cartel information. At the beginning of work on the construction or ren ovation of the building containing the premises referred to in Article 1, the in stalling company shall put up a sign showing their identification data, and if ' provided for the establishment of the project by the persons specified Article 5 , paragraph 2, the name of the designer of the plant or facility. Article 13. Do cumentation 1. The recipients of the requirements provided for in this Decree sh all retain administrative and technical documentation, as well as' the use and m aintenance manual and, in case of transfer of the property, for any reason, deli very to the person concerned. The deed of transfer gives the guarantee of the se ller in order Page 17 of 19 compliance 'facility with current legislation on safety and contains in its anne x, unless expressly agreed otherwise, the declaration of conformity' or the decl aration of compliance under Article 7, paragraph 6. Copy of the documentation an d 'also given to the person who uses any title, estate. Article 14. Funding of ' technical standards 1. In implementation of Article 8 of Law No 46/1990, the act ivity 'of standardization carried out by UNI and CEI and' for three percent of t he fee payable annually by the National Institute for Insurance against Accident s at Work (INAIL) for this activity 'of search pursuant to Article 3, paragraph 3, of Decree-Law of 30 June 1982 No 390, ratified with amendments by Law 12 Augu st 1982, No 597. 2. The sum referred to in paragraph 1, calculated on the amount of contribution paid by INAIL and 'entered against a specific section of the es timate of expenditure of the Ministry of Economic Development for 2007 and expen se projections for the corresponding chapter following years. Article 14 notes: For the article 8 of Law 5 March 1990, No 46, see the introductory notes. The te xt of Article 3, third paragraph of Decree Law 30 June 1982, No 390, on "Regulat ion of the functions of prevention and approving the units' local health and the Higher Institute for Prevention and Safety at Work, (published in the Official Gazette July 10, 1982, 179). Into law with amendments by Law 12 August 1982, No 597 (Official Gazette 25 August 1982, No 233), and 'as follows: The fee referred to in Article 3, second paragraph, of Law December 19, 1952, No 2390, assigned to the National Health Fund under Article 51 of Law 23 December 1978, No 833, to be devoted to 'research in the prevention of accidents and occupational disease s, from the cessation of' commissioner ENPI. Article 15. Penalties 1.€Violation s of its obligations under Article 7 of this decree apply administrative sanctio ns from EUR 100.00 to EUR 1,000.00 in relation to the size 'and complexity' of t he system, the degree of danger 'and other objective circumstances subjective an d of the violation. 2. Violations of other obligations under this decree apply a dministrative sanctions from ⠬ 1,000.00 to ⠬ 10,000.00 in relation to the size '

and complexity' of the system, the degree of danger 'and other subjective and ob jective circumstances of violation. 3. The violations found, however, through te sting, out of installation firms are communicated to the Chamber of Commerce, In dustry, Crafts and Agriculture responsible for the area, which provides annotati on of small businesses in the provincial or trade register in which the 'enterpr ise Page 18 of 19 default is entered through a special report. 4. The thrice repeated violation of the rules on the safety of installations by qualified firms also means 'in case s of particular gravity', the temporary suspension of registration of the same c ompanies from register of companies or the provincial of small businesses, propo sal on the subject supervisors and review committees that oversee the keeping of records and registers. 5. The third violation of rules concerning the design an d testing, subjects supervisors propose to professional disciplinary action agai nst members of professionals in their respective registers. 6. Imposition of pen alties referred to in this Article shall chambers of commerce, industry, handicr afts and agriculture. 7. Are void under Article 1418 of the Civil Code, the agre ements relating to the activities' governed by this Regulation entered into by c ompanies not authorized under Article 3, except the right to claim damages. This decree, bearing the seal of the State, shall be 'included in the official colle ction of normative acts of the Italian Republic. And 'Anyone wishing to respect it and see it is enforced. Rome, January 22, 2008 The Minister of Economic Devel opment Bersani The Minister for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea Pecoraro Scanio Seen, (interim): Joined the Court of Auditors Prodi February 22, 2008 Office Con trol acts Ministries activities' production, log No 1, page no Notes 182 Article 15: Article 1418 of the Civil Code, and 'the following: "Article 1418. (Grounds for invalidity 'of the contract). - The contract and 'zero when and' contrary t o mandatory rules, unless the law provides otherwise. Produce nothing 'of the co ntract the lack of a requirement set out in Article 1325, the illegality' of the case, the illegality 'of the reasons in the case mentioned in Article 1345 and the lack of object requirements of Article 1346 . The contract 'ALSO' nil in oth er cases established by law.. " Annex I (Article. 7) ----> See pictures on pp. 1 0:11 <---Annex II (Paragraph. 7) ----> See pictures on pp. 24:13 <----