Argentina is a company located in the Province of Mendoza, we work in remote and urban sites nationwide, we have a group of highly

qualified professionals. We a re divided into four branches: - Fire protection and security systems. - Compreh ensive Maintenance of Buildings - Rehabilitation projects - New construction has human and technical resources for all kinds of related services in our four bra nches, since the inception of the idea to the completion of a project appropriat e to the different needs each of our clients. Each of these areas is part of the comprehensive concept of our company, an approach which places us as a developi ng company in the domestic market. Mission Our mission is to provide individuals and institutions, services, and fire prote ction solutions, comprehensive maintenance of all facilities, rehabilitation pro jects and new buildings, with a quality based on respect and trust, applying cre ativity and innovation technology, preserving the environment. To accomplish our mission, we have high-level human resources, well trained through personal deve lopment plans and maintaining high professional motivation and commitment to the major objectives of our company. The services we offer to our clients are a ful l service specialized and individualized advice. OPER Trust S.H. Mainly because we believe that doing things right makes the customer is satisfie d, which for us is the main card for future customers. Because for us all the pr ojects are important from beginning to end, we fully understand the sacrifice an d the importance of investment is required for each project and is essential for our client, so Oper performs all of its projects with the highest quality at th e best price at a time agreed upon at the beginning of our work, we use standard standard in each of our areas, in the electric area also use SAA rules, "Electr ical Association of Argentina", in Fire Protection Standard NFPA work under the National Fire Association Protecction "Fire and Argentina. We are active members of IRAM "Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification" N-4525 Regis tration. 3 Development, installation and maintenance Integral Building (structure, equipmen t, gas, water and electricity). Development, installation and maintenance of: Fi re Detection Systems, smoke or heat. Fire Extinguishing networks. Safety equipme nt, fire doors, special fire extinguisher, fixtures and signage. Energy Systems, Access, Monitoring and Automation. Heating and Cooling Systems. Media power lin es and Low voltage. Ducts, hoods and extractors. Cleaning under the same standar d. Development, implementation and monitoring of Preventive Maintenance Plan fac ilities, equipment, fields and structure. Development, implementation, training simulation and Contingency Plans. Measurement Process Variables for improvements aimed at maintaining continuous improvement of its process. Highly trained pers onnel in various disciplines, technicians and electricians cold, Plumbing (Water and Gas, Gas enrolled), carpenters, masons are staff who make up our multidisci plinary team, who daily provide solutions to our customers. Our Engineering Depa rtment for the design and development of products and services that fits your ne eds. Engineering Services, re-engineering and consultancy in regard to Fire Prot ection Systems. (Detection and Extinction) Maintenance Service in remote areas. Software maintenance according to existing facilities. Maintenance Program Daily , weekly, biweekly, monthly, bi, tri, bi-annual or as customer needs analysis cu stomer satisfaction. 4 Detection, Detection, Drive, Central and Alarms Central Alarm detectors: Detectors Smoke Ionic these same central communicate wi th a detector that indicates the enabled, zonal alarm. Central detectors without

: Detectors for smoke Ionic internal siren is activated and reports only to the area in which it was activated, can be modified to inform a siren for the evacua tion plan. Fire Detectors: Temperature Sensors, this product can be selected acc ording to the temperature at which you want to be active, can be installed with central indication and Fire Alarm activated.€The electronics allows its location (Addressable) Presence detector: these product with different characteristics, with the possibility to inform a Central Alarm and depending on the type Curtain Rods, and the possibility of failure by the presence of pets up to 45kg. Gas De tector: You can select from a wide range of gaseous products and the range in wh ich you want to activate it and gives the possibility of Central Integrated Syst em with Alarm. Lethal Gas Detectors Carbon Monoxide: This product Easy installat ion and high technology is still a growing demand for its high ability to detect poor combustion gases. Barrera smoke detector long range. Button, glass-fronted fire alarm units with expandability and addressable zones. (Know where that poi nt is active or has triggered a sensor or switch) Sirens of 12 and 24VDC. 100 DB / MT. 3 Tones. Bells according to customer's need spaces in which to act if nec essary. Emergency lights: if you lose energy supply, they will automatically tri gger a range of up to five hours. Signs: Wide range of signals to reduce reactio n time to any incident, Departures, extinguishers, hoses, plastic material of hi gh resistance. 5 Extinction Extinction by Red Wet Sprinkler system: make the selection according to temperat ure, according to analysis of Engineering and Architecture of the site to protec t under IRAM / NFPA and the installation, inspection and maintenance of faciliti es. Pipe for Fire Red: installed between the various diameters 6 ", 5", 4 ", 3", 2 "1 / 2, 2", 1 "3 / 4, 1 ½", 1 ", ¾" and ½ " We supply and install also bends, elbows tea, special tea unions or any accessory that is necessary to leave a se cure network according to standard fire. Manifold Network Maintenance and Test S ystem with hoses and nozzles Cabinets: provide, install and maintain cabinets wi th various connections Hoses (Threaded, Storz, etc.) And Pythons as selection an d advice for each client. Pressurized pump to maintain the network and in the ev ent of activation of the network is activated it. Halogenated extinguishers mobi le equipment: we provide, monitor and maintain portable fire-fighting equipment halogens. CO2 extinguishers mobile equipment: we provide, monitor and maintain p ortable fire-fighting equipment CO2. Sprinklers: diversity of sprinklers, accord ing to instead of fixed extinguishing equipment application: we provide, monitor and maintain fixed fire-fighting equipment fire extinguisher with product selec tion. Buckets equipped with material (sand) to quell any fire or prevent onset o f fire in spilled fuel products. 6 Ansul R-102 RSistema The fire suppression system for restaurants ANSUL ® R-102 ™ is a system of pre-e ngineered automatic fire suppression designed to protect the following areas ass ociated with cooking equipment: extraction equipment, among which include hoods, ducts, chambers blowers and filters, fryers, hot plates and tops; vertical gril ls, natural charcoal, or chain, charcoal grills electric, lava rock, mesquite or gas heating, and woks. This system is ideal for use in restaurants, hospitals, homes for the elderly, hotels, schools, airports and other similar facilities. U se of the system is limited to indoor applications. Sets regulated release and d eposit must be mounted in an area where the ambient temperature will not fall be low 32 ° F (0 ° C) or exceed 130 ° F (54 ° C). This system should be designed an d installed in accordance with the recommendations of the Manual of design, inst allation, refilling and maintenance UL / ULC. System is a low pH liquid agent fo r protection of galleys, hoods and ducts. In general, risks of fats and animal a nd vegetable oils. Automatic and rapid implementation of outbreak of fire suppre

ssion. Duct Cleaning As important or more is Clear "What is not" in the kitchens. The semi-annual cle aning and sanitizing of bells, pipes and pumps is an essential operation to ensu re: - Prevent fire hazards - Comply with fire prevention - Avoid risk of food co ntamination - Avoid smoke and odor - pleasant and comfortable facilities for cus tomers and employees - Best store image - Keep and maintain the facility OPER ha nd her a report of system status and operations. We make delivery of a Certifica te of implementation, indicating the date of execution and expiration.€Sure to n otify the owner of the system with thirty days in advance to manage the media fo r the next service. We will review the work together with the client. Guarantee flexibility in hours and days for delivery. Value of grants Cleaning - Energy co nservation. - Reduce maintenance costs and repairs. - Increases system performan ce. - Productivity. - Improved performance in jobs. - Greater convenience for em ployees. Reduced risk of fire safety. STANDARDS are used as standard of good pra ctice, published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). - Removing the smoke and grease vapors from commercial kitchens. NFPA 96. 7 FM - 200 This system not only avoids the extensive damage caused by fire, also virtually eliminates collateral damage to sensitive equipment produced by the staff exting uisher. FM-200 is a clean gaseous agent which contains no particulates or oily r esidues. It does not reduce oxygen levels significantly, it is safe for the area s occupied by humans. The relatively high boiling point of the FM-200, combined with proper system design, it protects against thermal shock hazards to electron ic components that may occur with the direct discharge of other agents such as C O2. FM-200 is not electrically conductive or corrosive, so it can be used on ele ctrically charged equipment. FM-200 does not leave oily residue particles or det rimental to electronic equipment, computers, software, data files, communication s equipment or sophisticated medical equipment. You do not need cleaning as othe r extinguishing agents. Vesda System Early detection system exhaust particles. Early detection systems aspiration, ar e the most effective technology exists, which is currently used to cover the ris k of fire. This type of detection provides a continuous monitoring with an indic ation of any potential source of ignition with hours in advance, in normal circu mstances can produce an outbreak of fire. (Attempt: start without continuing) Th is system represents the first line of defense against fires. LaserPLUS The dete ctor is the central element of the range of products for VESDA smoke detection. Using unique early detection, LaserPLUS has a range of sensitivity 0005-20% leve l of darkness / m. The fire LaserPLUS detected as early as possible and effectiv ely measure smoke concentrations very low or extremely high. The air is drawn do wn into the VESDA LaserPLUS through a network of air sampling pipes through a hi gh efficiency vacuum cleaner. 8 Industrial Heating and cooling systems analyze the needs of your team or line to provide a solution to heating or maintenance of heating the product you want, with tempera ture control according to the needs of each client. Thermal Insulation Systems n ote the economy of the entire process and can achieve energy savings through the rmal insulation, acoustic to comply with Health and Safety standards. Control sy stems, counting speed, adjustments in processes, measurement of process variable s adjustable by electronic systems. Para16 Access Control doors. 11 000 15,000 u sers daily events. Using software to 5,000 users can set 10000-15000. Possibilit

y of creating groups of users. Function "Open All Doors" in case of emergency. Y ou can connect to Internet for remote viewing. Access Control for 1024 users. Ru nning alone, saves the last 1200 transactions. User friendly interface with LCD panel. Code and number of event with date, time, date and code card. Anti pass-b ack function (with the external reader), can generate an alarm via an internal b uzzer. Exit to relay to activate sound. By software can store 150 000 events for 15,000 users (with concentrator module) and can be defined schedules of validit y of the cards. It has 63 levels of user definable (in software). Programmable d oor open time and open door alarm lock automatically if you enter an invalid cod e continuously. Sliding gate INDUSTRIAL gearmotor to zip. 2000 kg towing capacit y Gearmotor for sliding gates or Curved Air, aluminum arms 3.25 / 5.25 m. Teleph one exchange: A wide variety of them. Analogue and Digital. Portero Electrico: T his product is ideal to combine with telephone exchanges,€thus able to offer its customers a goalkeeper with features not found on the market called Intelligent Blocker 9 Security and Access CCTV: observation monitor 6 "sequencer for cameras and mini-camera with leds. Yo u can set the rotation of the images or display images that give the cameras to verify various factors according to the interest of viewers. With the possibilit y Cameras a digital recording and night Dome Motorized Zoom. You can drive from any PC. IP Cameras: IP Surveillance products use digital technology, so that inv estments made today will provide long-term benefits provided Cameras with Zoom a pproach, with details that are lost in the distance. Cam type Oscillation Scanne r and units for full display. Central Alarm: You can see from the same or differ ent movement points, smoke detectors, gas, temperature or activity or successful action some manual control station. Monitoring and Digital Recording: Plate 16 camera digital recorder. Mother PC and video card ECS G FORCE 6100 3060 Semprom AMD Micro Memory 1 GB DDR2 Reading-Disc DVD Recorder 160GB SATA proximity to Sel f Opener 10 User Features: The proximity reader accepts TS-100 100 cards (recomm ended for 10 users, since when lost or to cancel a card, you must enlist again o ne by one). The reading distance is 8 cm . It can be connected to a security sys tem, and perform common operations with only one card. It can be connected to an electric lock to open a door, or control a business income. Barrier Access Cont rol: Barrier 3M arm with central command. System by overcrowding and allows 1/3h p motor with an average transit (4 sec) 10 Training and Consultancy Our extensive knowledge of different manufacturing processes allow us to indicat e for each sector of the plant equipment that best suits your needs. Because mos t of the inputs for fire facilities are imported, more than ever, it is importan t to develop a rational, which in addition to complying with international stand ards, fully quantify the materials and their qualities. Good protection is achie ved by applying international standards, without prejudice to study the economie s that they allow us the design, selecting the right equipment correctly. That i s why Oper, emphasizes the use of modern computational tools and design of fire facilities. With Department of Engineering and Field Experience can provide solu tions in the broad field of Engineering Maintenance every client to inform and t arget the integrated maintenance m. 3 (C ° P ° 63mm ° P ° o m m) +1 C 0m 11 3 (C ° P ° or or

63m m. +1 C ° P ° mm .) 110 3 (C ° P ° or or 63m Production TPM. Analysis and Preparation of Plans for Construction or Facilities or 3 (C ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° P ° 63m or 110 mm .) + 1C ° P ° o 2 (C ° P ° o 50mm.) M. 63m 2 (C ° P 3 (C ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° P ° 3 (C ° P ° ° P ° 110 mm .) 2 (C

or .) + mm 50mm) 50 1C ° P ° ° o or m.) or 2 (C ° 2 (C 2 (C ° P ° or 50mm.) ° P ° or 63 M. 63m C ° P ° or mm.) +1 110 or ° P ° 3 (C 3 (C ° P 3 (C ° P ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° ° o 63m m.

3 (C ° ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° P 1C ° P ° o 11 0mm .) + 3 (C ° P 1C ° P ° o 6 3mm . 110 mm .) + M. 63m 3 ( C ° P ° or 3 (C ° ° or 11 0mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° P or 110 mm.) + P ° 1C ° 3mm . 0mm .) + 1C ° P ° o 6 3 (C ° P °

or 3 ( C ° P ° or 11 or 63 mm. ) +1 C ° P ° .) M. 63m 110 mm. ° or 2 (C ° P 110 mm.) + 1C ° P ° o 3 (C ° P 50mm ° o or 110mm.) +1 C ° P ° or 63mm. 3 (C ° P ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° P ° or 63mm. m. 63m P ° or +1 ° C 3 (C ° P ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° P ° or 63mm. 3 (C ° P remodeling. Staff training regarding Fire Safety. Use actions, behaviors and pre paration in case of disaster. In many circumstances need to know, if your instal lation fire complies with international standards or with the privileges of your insurance company, in others, need to know if a designer has properly applied t he standards and other, if the installer meet the requirements the project. In a ll these cases, what you need is: an audit by qualified personnel to provide tec

hnical accuracy and reliability of information. To this end, consider Oper techn ical or project installation and issue thoroughly. 1 10m m.) or ° P ° 3 (C ° P ° o 3 (C or 63mm 3 (C ° P ° . 110m m) +1 C ° P ° ° o or 63m m) 1 3 (C ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° P ° 3 (C ° P ° o ° or 63mm. 110mm.) +1 C ° P 2 (C ° P ° or 63mm.) 2 (C ° P ° ° P ° or mm.) +1 C ° P ° or 63mm m. 2 (C ° P ° or 63mm.) 3 (C ° P ° or 110 mm.) + 1C ° P ° or 63mm m. 3 (C ° P ° m. 3 (C ° P ° or 11 0m m. 110 ) +1 C ° P ° 3 (C

or 63 mm. or 63m 110 mm.) + P ° 1C ° 3 (C ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° P ° 3 (C ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° P ° 3 (C ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° P ° 3 (C ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° or 63mm. P ° P ° 11 or N 3 (C ° P ° or 110 mm.) +1 C ° P ° or 63mm. to instill and Equipment We have software that conforms to ° P 3 (C ° or 11 ° C 0m) +1 m. P ° or 63 mm. 3 (C ° P ° or 11 0m m) +1 C ° P ° o r 63 mm. NOTE In the circulation of internal wiring for the installation of CCTV cameras be ef fected through the metal structure of the passage with the same characteristics as reliza executive for lighting it. P ° mm.) 2 (C ° or 63mm.) P ° ° o . ° o.) +1 C ° P ° or 63mm 110mm m. 63m o ° P ° 3 (C C ° P.) +1 Mm 110 WEAK CURRENT REFERENCES CENTRAL TELEFONICA. (Minimum Capacity: 8 lines and 32 Inner Urban) DOUBLE MOUTH Computer Telephony (Indistinct). INTERNAL TELEPHONE MOUTH. PUBLIC TELEPHONE MOUT H. CENTRAL FIRE ALARM. FIRE ALARM BUTTON. FIRE ALARM HORN. BOX STEP FOR UNDER FL OOR DUCT. STEP BOX SMOKE DETECTOR. DUCT FLOOR UNDER THREE WAYS. STRUCTURED WIRIN G BELL RINGER PUSH TRAY STRUCTURED CABLE-WIRING 2 (C ° or 63mm.) P °

° ° P 3 (C or 11 3 (C ° P ° 0m m ) +1 ° or 63mm. .) +1 C ° P or 110mm ETEPA outer pipe outer pipe 2 ° 3 ° ETEPA STILL CAMERA P / CCTV DOMO P / CABLE I NSTALLATION EXTERIOR INTRUSION DETECTION OF CENTRAL CONTROL C ° P ° or 63 mm. 3 (C ° P ° or 110 m m) + 1C ° P ° or 63mm m. P ° 3 (C ° or 110 m m) or 1C + ° ° P 63m m. III DISTRICT POTRERILLOS - DEPT. Lujan de Cuyo - Mendoza CD-1 1:1000 GOVERNMENT PLAN OF MENDOZA: