html On May 15, Bimbo, the la rgest bakery and one of Latin America's largest food companies in the world, rel eased its 2007 Annual Report. In this interesting document, Bimbo reveals their turnover last year, where we can highlight: ⠢ ⠢ ⠢ 2007 total sales: $ 72, 294 M of Mx (+8.2%) in the world operating Utlidad: $ 6, 408 M of Mx (+5.2%) Net Income: $ 3.811 M of Mx (+3.5) Certainly impressive numbers for this company, however, the most interesting we thought, in the communication made on his Six Etrategias, through which Bimbo ha s managed to keep the focus, strengthening the leadership that characterizes it. At other times we talked about the importance of vision and communicate it prop erly, in the context of decisions and day to day in a company. No clutch, the po wer to transform that vision into tangible and measurable objectives, and devise appropriate strategies to achieve them, is a task that is not so easily and req uires leadership to take place. Six strategies for success certainly help. 1 .Product Strategy. "We develop products tasty, healthy and innovative." A simple proposal is heard, but it really requires a lot of dedication and experience to achieve it. In our previous note on this company, we mentioned that "Bimbo liste ns to customers." And is that only by listening can we be sure what they need an d thereby deliver products and services that exceed their expectations. 2 .- Bra nd Strategy. "We establish long term relationships with our customers." Bimbo ce rtainly has an enviable roots among millions of consumers in Mexico with brands that have more than half a century on the market. Most adults grew up with "Gans ito ®" or Pan Blanco Bimbo ®. They have become known brands at home, part of t he family. So, these old customers are the first to purchase the products and te ach their children to consume. Needless to mention, of course, how is that Pan B imbo has become a generic word in Mexico. 3 .- Market Penetration Strategy. "We reached more consumers every day." Certainly, one of the most important competit ive advantages (or most important) to Bimbo is its ability to reach more distant outlets. In Mexico, Bimbo has successfully placed its products to an average of less than a mile from each consumer, and seeks to replicate this important fact or of success in other countries where it is. During 2007, grew their routes Bimbo 31.900 (2006) to 34.600. 4 .- Increase Margins Strategy. "Increasing efficiency to create valu e." Bimbo has sought to raise its efficiency. To do so, has developed proprietar y technology for the manufacture of its products, which has enabled us to optimi ze their resources, shorten their production times, improve the quality of their products through the use of better packaging, always looking to keep their cust omers happy and satisfied. 5 .- Procurement Strategy. "We identified new growth opportunities." We have already commented on the growth Bimbo has been around th e world. In 2007, the company acquired new assets in Chile, Peru, Panama, Brazil and Uruguay. This growth has occurred most often through the purchase of bakery and food processing premises, which have a certain attachment and respect in th eir markets. In this way, Bimbo ventures between exploiting new audiences and br ands and products known to them, while launching and introducing new brands (suc h as traditional and Mexico). 6 .- Talent Management Strategy. "We urge the deve lopment of our employees." In the modern business world there is no room for com panies that saw the employees (and "workers") as an economic burden. In an envir onment where you compete every year among the "Best Workplaces" and society is t he slope of the treatment as employees of large corporations are, they get it su ccessful companies offer their employees more. Bimbo knows, with more than 90,00 0 employees, has developed modern management systems and measurement of targets, in order to support and push their employees to achieve their goals of full and timely manner, with the professional benefits that entails. The 2007 Annual Rep ort Bimbo is a document that speaks of a company with vision, a firm with courag e and desire to continue growing. But it also speaks of the spirit of constant i mprovement, ambition and focus on the client,€of all contributors to this succe

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