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Product Overview? Value Propositio n? Product Positioning? What's New? Features & Benefits? Competition? Summary Introduction ImageRUNNER 1023 Series ... Avan each technology Multifunctional órios Designed for Small Offices and Workgr oups ... Processing Technology Cutting Edge Image Energy Saving Cost Center Robust Design Character search more tailored Advances Configuration config Device Management & Security Introduction ImageRUNNER 1023 Series ... Avan each technology Multifunctional órios Designed for Small Offices and Workgr oups ... The imageRUNNER 1023iF has the ability to color document distribution and Super G3 fax function, ideal for sophisticated users. The imageRUNNER 1023N supports the function of digital copier, network printer a nd color scanner, and have standard 50-sheet DADF. The imageRUNNER 1023 offers simple unique lid and supports the functions of digi tal copier, laser printing, high-quality color scanner capability. Market Trends Current Needs of Small Offices and Workgroups ... • A single solution for optimizing your digital workflow and ensure the daily ta sks that require the business. Productivity and rapid results. Ability to networ k integration. Efficient method of communication and distribution of important i nformation. Features energy saving and reducing costs. • • • • Target Market Environments Requiring Characteristics and Features of the imageRUNNER 1023 Seri es Large organizations with several small offices spread Each model in the imageRUNNER 1023 Series was designed to meet the needs of a wi de variety of document distribution and creation. These devices can easily be sh ared in small offices or even in specific departments of large organizations. Small offices and workgroups Small Offices and Workgroups are becoming increasingly sophisticated and increas ingly using technological resources to facilitate its DIAA-day. As a result, the y seek products such as the imageRUNNER 1023 that have characteristics such as s peed, volume and price.

Target Market Several Vertical Markets The vertical markets are currently growing more than ever because of the complex ity of the growth of customer needs and requirement of new regulations. The imag eRUNNER 1023 Series is perfect to meet the demands of this developing market in industries such as Finance, Health, Law and etc.. Home Office or Business Marketing New Business Beginners need high quality and r eliable equipment. While each account is a mission-critical, small businesses si mply can not afford the cost of lost customers due to poor quality copy and prin t or afford high maintenance costs due to sudden breakage. Product Overview Functionality Feature 1023iF Copier iR Standard Standard (Canon UFR II LT), PCL 5e / 6 Optiona l Choose a model that suits your needs ... iR 1023N Standard Standard (Canon UFR II LT), PCL 5e / 6 iR 1023 Optional Standa rd Standard (Canon UFR II LT) *, Optional PCL 5e / 6 * Standard (USB 2.0) (Ether net) Standard Optional N / AN / AN / The (Cover Only w / o Glass) Standard 128 M B RAM Printer Standard Standard Connectivity (USB 2.0 and USB (USB 2.0 and Ethernet) Ethernet) Color Scan Color ** Send Fax Duplex Automatic Document Feeder Memory Standard S tandard Standard Standard Standard Standard 256 MB RAM N / AN / A Standard Stand ard 128 MB RAM * For network printing is required opcionalNetwork Interface Adapter IN-E11 for the model iR1023. ** Available through the USB 2.0 interface. Product Overview Improved Processing Technology • Incorporates the latest Canon technology in driver architecture that provides the speed and multiple image processing tasks. • Enhanced Memory Capacity • imageRUNNER 1023iF: 256 MB RAM • imageRUNNER 1023N: 128 MB RAM • Simple and Enhanced Connectivity USB 2.0 Interface • USB 2.0 standard for direct connection • 10/100BaseTX Ethernet network connect ivity (Standard for the imageRUNNER 1023N and 1023iF; Optional for imageRUNNER 1 023.) Ethernet Port Product Overview Energy Saving • Each model in the imageRUNNER 1023 Series is equipped with the patented Canon' s Rapid Fusing System ™ • Use a sturdy film and an efficient ceramic heater to fix the toner to the pape r through heat transfer.€• The heater is activated only when the paper passes th rough the mechanism of attachment, this allows a lower power consumption compare d to conventional method. • Allows power savings of up to 5W in sleep mode and r ecovery sleep mode for 1 second or less. RAPID Fusing System Canon • All imageRUNNER 1023 Series models are certified with Energy Star qualified sy

stems, designed with the preservation of the environment in mind. Product Overview Improvements • High yield supplies and consumables that help reduce operating cost. • Black Toner Cartridge GPR-22: Lifetime est. - 8400 images (6% Cob.). • Drum Un it GPR-22: Lifetime est. - 26 900 images. "Easy toner replacement system with the bottle" Print Scan Fax • Combine Copy, Print, Scanner and Document Distribution in a compact design tha t helps reduce space. Reduces the need for managing multiple devices. • The Dupl ex function enables automatic saving time and reducing cost through role-sided p rinting without manual intervention. Copy Send 20-1/2 " Product Overview Robust Design Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder (for iR 1023iF/1023N) • DADF standard for imageRUNNER 1023iF/1023N • Makes reading original Front / Ba ck • Capacity for 50-Original (82 g/m2). Platen Cover (only for iR1023) • Tampa Platen originals • For clients who work with the original one sheet or b ooks and magazines. Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder Technology Contact Image Sensor (CIS): • Built-in scanner for reading color images with a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi f or high quality images. • Helps reduce power consumption and startup time decrea ses. Platen Cover Product Overview Robust Design • Standard Paper Capacity 500-sheets - Drawer user adjustable - Weight acceptabl e (64 g/m2 - 90 g/m2), the user can adjust to and LGL LTR. • 100-sheet Bypass Ideal for specialty papers. Optional Paper Source • Cassette Feeding Unit-N1 • 5 00-sheet drawer - increases the role and reached the maximum of 1,100 sheets. Drawer Paper Tray Optional Paper 500folhas 500folhas Standard Product Overview Robust Design Integrated Output Tray • • Supports up to 100 sheets (68 g/m2 to 82 g/m2) and or derly exit (Collate). Saves space and organizes output for fast distribution. Cabinet-V1 (optional) • The office is convenient to improve access to equipment and achieve a comfortable height to facilitate the operation of equipment for us ers. Practical for installation in centralized locations. Integrated Output Tray •

Cabinet-V1 Product Overview Digital Copier Functions Additional Functions of the Control Panel imageRUNNER 1023iF To enable or cancel settings System Monitor To check faxing, printing, copying, or output or status reports View Settings Press to confirm To view the current configuration settings current Collate To copy ordered 2 on 1 To copy in a second Image Quality To set the image quality Density To darken or lighten Copy Ratio To zoom in or out New! TwoSided To copy Front / Back New! Frame Erase To delete frame Product Overview Printing Features: Each model in the imageRUNNER 1023 Series offers the ability to print productivi ty in its default configuration ... .. • Standard with UFR II LT (Ultra Fast Rendering II LT) .* • UFR II LT supports Windows and Macintosh environment. • Optional PCL Printer Kit-M1 to support the Page Description Language PCL 5e / 6 .* • print driver interface simple and intuitive user-friendly. UFR II LT Print Driver * Network Printing requires opcionalNetwork Interface Adapter-IN-E11 for the ima geRUNNER 1023 model. Product Overview Features Color Scanner: Convert paper documents into electronic files from image file formats colorful! • Users connected to a PC via USB 2.0 interface can scan from the device or can scan through the PC using the driver for iR ScanGear (TWAIN / WIA). • With the C anon iR Toolbox utility, users access a toolbar that facilitates the process of scanning. • Resources and Productivity Improvement • File Name • Scan multiple pages • Preview scanned images • Scans images that e xceed the size of the platen using the mode "Stitch Assist". "Stitch Assist Mode" Dialog Menu iR Toolbox

Product Overview Resource Document Distribution: Super G3 Fax (Available only for iR 1023iF) • Enables the rapid transmission of documents which is ideal for the needs and volumes of small businesses and workg roups. • Supports 23 keys A-Just-touch, 177 coded keys and 199 keys Group. • Sen ding and receiving faxes Duplex. • PC Fax driver via Canon Fax. (Based on the mode ITU-T Standard) • Stores approximately 1000 pages in memory. Scoreboard iR 1023iF Product Overview Transmission Capacity Color (Available only for iR 1023iF) • Scans and sends to an individual address or group e-mail, file or folder on the network or as a des ktop i-Fax through the Internet. • Supports file formats TIFF, JPEG and PDF. • S upports technology Canon's PDF High Compression (PDFHigh Compression), which red uces the size of colored files via the network. • Convenient features of Address Book, Favorites Keys and buttons including One-Touch-only to store frequently u sed destinations. Product Overview Device Management and Security The imageRUNNER 1023 Series models feature easy management and maintenance ... Remote UI ... ? Utility-based browser that allows the administrator and user monitor and control the device. ? ID Management Department ... ? IR 1023iF: 1,000 IDs? IR 1023N/1023: 100 IDs (ID supports 1000's with the opti onal PCL Printer Kit-M1) Security ... • MAC Address Filtering, IP range Filter, Authentication, POP and SMTP, Port Set tings, USB On / Off. Product Overview Set ing Source Optional Paper Cassette Feeding Unit-N1 imageRUNNER 1023iF imageRUNNER 1023N imageRUNNER 1023 Accessories Connectivity Network Interface Adapter Adapter IN-E 11 (for iR 1023): PCL Printer Kit-M1 (Includes 32MB ROM & CD): E1-Card Reader: C ard Reader Attachment-D1: Basic Card Set: Copy Card Set 1 (1-30): Set 2 (31-100) : Set 3 (101-200): Accessories Standard DADF 1 X 500-fls fls Drawer 1 x 100-Bypass Canon UFR II LT 256 RAM Duplexing Printing Color Scanning Color Super G3 Fax Send 10/100 Base TX Ethernet USB 2.0 high-speed connectivity Drum Unit GPR-22 Power suppply Accessories Standard DADF 1 X 500 fls - 1 x Drawer 100 fls - Bypass Canon UFR II LT 128 RAM Duplexing Printing Color Scanning 10/100 Base TX Ethernet USB 2.0 hi

gh-speed connectivity Drum Unit GPR-22 Power suppply Standard Accessories Platen Cover 1 X 500 fls - Drawer 1 x 100-Bypass fls Canon UFR II LT 128 RAM Duplexing Printing Color Scanning USB 2.0 high-speed connectiv ity Drum Unit GPR-22 Power suppply Consumables / Supplies Other Accessories Pcs. Drum GPR-22: Black Toner GPR-22 0385B003AB 0384B003AA Barcode Printing Kit-B2 Cabinet-V1 Cassette-AD1 (Replacement Cassette) Braille Label Kit-A1 Value Proposition • Line consists of three models 1023iF/1023N/1023 • iR • Ideal for environments with little room for multiple devices. • The imageRUNNER 1023 Series features Sc an-to technology OncePrint-Many. • Control Panel friendly. • Easy network integr ation (Ri 1023iF/1023N standard and optional iR 1023). • Support for versatile r ole. • Characteristics of improved communication and safer. Product Positioning Release Goals • Upgrade line of digital solutions for low volume MFP to meet the needs of user s with basic applications and sophisticated. ? Offers a facility to upgrade lowvolume customers by delivering productive solutions with greater speed, auto dup lexing functionality for image capture and distribution of documents in color. ? Offers an irresistible alternative to concorrêcia the "printer-based MFPs," whe n entering a market space for medium to low volume. Portfolio of Products imageRUNNER Mon 2 iR2870 iR2830 28 Desktop Gadgets iR1023iF iR1023N iR1023 iR2270 iR2230 Mon 1 New! Color Scan / Send Duplexing PCL Print 23 22 iR2020i iR2020 iR2016i iR2016 20 16 Desktop Gadgets iR1670F iR1630 iR1310 13

News Major differences between the imageRUNNER 1023 Series models and imageRUNNER 167 0F/1630/1310 Print Speed 23 ppm (LTR) / 22 ppm (A4) 16/16/13 ppm Resolution First Copy Time * Support for Mac Supported PDLs Fax Color Scan Color *** Send ADF Capacity (sheets) Duplex Printing Duplex Scanning Enhanced 1200 x 600 dpi (Copy / Print), Enhanced 1200 x 600 dpi (Copy / Print), 600 x 600 dpi (Scan) 600x 600 dpi (Scan) Less than 8 sec (Glass) Less than 12 se c (DADF ) ** UFR II LT, PCL 5e / 6 ** Standard with UFR II LT Y / N / A / N / A Yes SiMn / A / N / A Less than 13 sec (Glass) CAPT N / A Yes / No / A / N / A No No No 30 500 NA Drawer fls. Bypass + 100 fls. 600 sheets 16 MB 5300 24 000 impr essions impressions 50 Standard Standard Drawer 500 fls.+ 100 Bypass Capac. Standard Paper sheets Ca pac. Max 1,100 sheets Paper Memory (RAM) MB Life 256/128/128 Toner (6%) 8400 imp ressions Drum Life 26,900 impressions * The first copy time may vary depending on the conditions and environment of th e machine ** Printing from the network requires the optional Network Interface A dapter-IN-E11 for the imageRUNNER 1023 model *** Available through USB 2.0 inter face Features & Benefits FEATURES A. Speed productive A. BENEFITS It offers output speed that helps finish work quickly and efficiently. Supports high-resolution images that produces professional looking. Compact design that a llows the user to save space in the office, thus eliminating multiple devices. C onsiderable level of energy saving and heating time that will save you a relevan t, in addition to receiving copies / print only when necessary. The role of Dupl ex Automatic saves paper costs and improve productivity. B. High Picture Quality B. C. C. Compact size D. Low Operating Cost D. E. Duplex Automatic E.

Features & benefits FEATURES F. Robust Design F. BENEFITS Complete your work faster with fewer interruptions, so you can perform other tas ks and improve productivity. Allows you to scan documents into an electronic flo w. It also includes a toolbar that facilitates the operation of scanning. It off ers a quick and easy way to print electronic documents with high quality. Allows the user more efficient communication and fast shipping documents colored and c ost reduction. It also offers the technology of Canon's PDF High Compression. Pr oductivity with tools that allow easy management and the Remote UI. G. Capacity Color Scanner G. H. Print Productivity H. I. Document Distribution J. Gerenciamneto Device Detail I. J. Product Overview Canon imageRUNNER 1023 Series * x Ricoh Aficio 1515MF/1515F/1515 Features Speed (Ltr) Heating Time Memory ADF - Max Ri 1023iF/1023N/1023 23 - ppm / 22 - ppm (A4) iR 1023iF: Less than 16 sec .* iR 1023N/1023: Less than 5.13 se c .* 256 MB / 128 MB MB/128 iR 1023iF/1023N: Standard. / 50 Sheets; iR 1023: N / A (Platen Cover) 600 x 600 dpi (Scan), enhanced 1200 x 600 dpi (Copy / Print) 5 00 +100 Leaves Leaves Stack Bypass (Máx.1.100 fls.) Ricoh Aficio 1515MF/1515 15 - ppm 1515MF/1515F: 30 Sec 1515: 15 Sec 192 MB/64 MB/16 MB Padrão/30 fls. Resolution 600 x 600 dpi (Scan, Copy, Print) 250 + 100 fls fls. - Stack Bypass (Max 850 ff. ) Paper Capacity * The heating time may vary depending on environment and conditions of the machi ne. Strengths Canon • Canon's RAPID Fusing System allows for a shorter heating time; • Increased memory capacity and enhanced resolution of 1,200 x 600; • Increased paper capacity. Ricoh Aficio 1515MF/1515 Competition Canon imageRUNNER 1023 Series * x Xerox WorkCentre M20i/M20

Features Speed (Ltr) Color Scan Color Send PDF High Compression Memory Drum - Li fe Paper Capacity iR 1023iF/1023N/1023 23 - ppm / 22-ppm (A4) Standard Standard / N / A / N / A St andard / N / A / N / A 256 MB MB/128 MB/128 26 900 500 + 100 fls fls Stack Bypas s (Máx.1.100 fls) Xerox WorkCentre M20i/M20 22 - ppm Standard / Standard / N / A Standard / Opc. / N / AN / A 32 1200 20 000 MB/64 MB/32MB fls. * Color Scanner is available through USB 2.0 interface Xerox WorkCentre M20i/M20 Strengths Canon • Canon offers higher memory capacity; • Supports PDF High Compression Mode with Color Send it helps reduce the file s ize and network traffic; • Supplies high durability. Competition Canon imageRUNNER 1023 Series x KM-1820LA KyoceraMita Feature Copier Speed (Ltr) Print Color Send Fax Memory Auto Duplex ADF - Max iR 1023iF/1023N/1023 Standard 23-ppm / 22-ppm (A4) 1023iF: Standards-Direct / Ne twork, 1023: Padrão-Direta/Opc. Network Standard / N / A / N / A Standard / N / A / N / A 256 MB MB/128 MB/128 iR 1023iF/1023N Standard: Standard / 50 fls, iR 1 023: N / A (Platen Cover) KM-1820LA KyoceraMita Standard 18-ppm standard - Network Standard Optional Stand ard 96MB / 320MB Max Manual Optional KyoceraMita KM1820LA Strengths Canon • Faster output; • ADF standard; • Fax stan dard. Competition Canon imageRUNNER 1023 Series * x Sharp AR-168N / AR-168L iR 1023iF/1023N/1023 23 - ppm / 22 ppm-9A4) Standard / N / A / N / A Standard / N / A / N / A Standard / N / A / N / A 256 MB MB/128 MB/128 iR 1023iF/1023N: Sta ndard / 50 Fls., iR 1023: N / A (Apernas Platen Cover) 600 x 600 dpi (Scan); Enh anced 1200 x 600 dpi (Copy / Print) 500 + 100 fls fls Stack Bypass (Max 1100 fls ) Sharp AR-168N/AR-168L 16 - ppm N / AN / A Opc.€(PC Fax N / A) 32 MB Standard 30 Fls Feature Speed (Ltr) Send Color Fax PDF High Compression ADF Capacity Memory Reso lution (Printer) Paper Capacity Strengths Canon • Increased output speed; 600 x 600 dpi (Scan, Copy, Print) 250 + 50 fls fls Stack Bypass (Max 550 fls) Sharp AR-168N/AR168L • Do not support the function of sending color documents; • Canon Fax function p rovides the standard for iR1023iF and PC fax. Competition Canon imageRUNNER 1023 Series * x Sharp AL-1642CS / AL-1661CS Feature Speed (Ltr) Send Color Fax Printer Language ADF Capacity Memory Resoluti on (Printer) Paper Capacity Strengths • Canon Printer language UFRII padrão/PCL5e/6 Opc.; • Higher resolutio n copy / print; • Faster output; • Increased paper capacity. iR 1023iF/1023N/1023 23 - ppm / 22 ppm-9A4) Standard / N / A / N / A Standard UF R II / PCL5e / 6 Opt. Standard / N / A / N / A 256 MB MB/128 MB/128 iR 1023iF/10

23N: Standard / 50 Fls., IR 1023: N / A (Only Platen Cover) 600 x 600 dpi (Scan) 1200 x Improved 600 dpi (Copy / Print) 500 + 100 fls fls Stack Bypass (Máx.1.10 0 fls) Sharp AL-1642CS/AL-1661CS 16 - ppm N / A GDI N / A / Standard 8MB Standard - 30 fls 600 x 600 dpi (Scan, Copy, Print) 250 fls Sharp AL1642CS/AL-1661CS Summary High Quality & Productivity Interface Usu Aryan Amig ble Low Operating Cost Characte Enhanced Network Features Simple Device Management