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About Inspired Sistah
Gifted to inspire, Tangie Henry has spent years encouraging others to rise above their circumstances and soar to new heights. As a Registered Nurse specializing in Women's Health, Tangie has an opportunity to "minister" to all types of women at times of great vulnerability. She has a heart for women who are broken and bruised and those challenged by life’s obstacles. Anyone needing a little motivation is inspired by her to move past their setbacks and go to the next level.

Using her life experiences, a little sistah savvy and a lot of Godly wisdom, Tangie encourages women to be their better selves. She is the founder of Inspired Sistah LLC, a faith-based company dedicated to “Inspiring Women to Live on Top of the World.” Tangie currently lives in the metro Atlanta area with her husband, Jessie.

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Coaching with Inspired Sistah
Do you realize that you were created for a very unique purpose, but are unsure of have put on hold? Are you ready to see those dreams manifested? Inspired Sistah will work with you to help identify the saboteurs that are really holding you back coaching style that will challenge you to become your better self, discover the to move from ordinary to extraordinary, contact Inspired Sistah today for a complimentary consultation. monthly retainer: Bronze Package includes:  Complimentary 45-minute Initial Consultation  (1) 60-minute One-on-One session in person,  Unlimited, timely email support by phone or via Skype by phone or via Skype what that purpose is? Do you feel stagnant in your life? Do you have dreams that you and help you achieve success in your life from the inside-out. She has a no-nonsense Winner Within and be the YOU that you were always meant to be. So if you’re ready
Purposed Living ~ Image & Self-Esteem Development ~ Emotional Healing ~ Spiritual Healing

Coaching with Inspired Sistah is offered in (3) distinct packages based on a

Silver Package includes:

 (2) 60-minute One-on-One sessions in person,  Unlimited, timely email support

 Complimentary 45-minute Initial Consultation

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Gold Package includes:

 (4) 60-minute One-on-One sessions in person, by phone or via Skype  Unlimited, timely email support

 Complimentary 45-minute Initial Consultation

Also Available:

Inspired Sistah facilitates this (4) week coaching group comprised of 3-5 sistahs finally realizing the life of their dreams. Contact me for pricing and availability. Contact Tangie for availability at Your time is NOW! Get started today!

BootCamp with my Sistahs™

with similar goals. They join together and work toward re-creating, revitalizing &

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Inspired Sistah Workshops
The Inspired Sistah Workshops are coaching workshops with an intimate group of women designed to encourage, empower and uplift the bond of sisterhood. The workshops are created to give women the opportunity to “let it all hang out.” False pretenses, impure motives, and hatin’ are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This will be an opportunity to Get Real and Heal. So, if you’re ready, join me for a power-packed time that’s sure to introduce you to your better self! Participants get an opportunity to explore issues that may be consciously or subconsciously hindering them from achieving their goals and having victory in their lives.

Some popular workshop topics are:

"What You See is What You Get: Living a Life of Authenticity" Living authentically means staying true to who you are even when it's not popular. It means being consistent and true to your character even in the face of disapproval. During this workshop, ladies explore exactly what living authentically means to them. We explore such questions as:
• • •

"Intentionally Living on Purpose" Living on purpose should be an intentional act. From the conversations we have to the clothes we wear, our purpose should be at the forefront of our minds. During this workshop, we discuss:
• • •

Do you know who you are? Why do you think people struggle with being authentic? How does what you tell yourself on a daily basis shape your authentic self?

What does living on purpose mean to you? What intentions do you have for your life? Strategies on how to support your intentions on a daily basis.

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What People are Saying about Inspired Sistah
with a map for my journey. My ability to trust her and her ability to effectively guide me is purpose is and about the road I must take to get there. As a coach, Tangie has provided me "Having Tangie as my life coach has helped me become more focused about what my life’s

cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all method. I am thankful that I have enlisted Tangie to inspire the IS workshop that in order to achieve my goals, I must trust myself, be truthful with been created to do. I am equally as proud that you are doing it in an excellent manner. Your forum for the workshop is good also, "I am so proud of you for stepping out and doing what you have me to 'live on top of the world.'”~Brigitte P. "Attending the IS workshop was such a meaningful exper ience for me. I was reminded at

Tangie utilizes to coach are founded in “what it is that I want for me” and are not based on a

thereof. I never feel as if I am being judged for who I am or what I do. The methods that

assist me in achieving my goals. She holds me accountable for my actions and my lack

can count on Tangie to continuously provide me with resources and encouragement to

found Tangie to be genuine and sincere. What she instructs is reflected by the life she lives. I

in providing direction on how to move beyond your situation in order to thrive in life. I have

overcome her own obstacles and achieved her own personal goals, Tangie is knowledgeable

based on her transparent life and her “girl next door”, “girl talk” style. Because she has

myself and pay attention to the little details of my life." ~Linda J.

life experiences. I was tremendously blessed and I gained a friend." ~June M. "We were inspired! Ms. Tangie I thank God for you and the ministry that because of the workshop we attended this past Saturday with you. We you have given birth to. My Mother, Daughter and I are forever changed

with allowing interaction (activities) and the opportunity to share

to you." ~Marlo B.

are even MORE fortified as a family and women! Blessings and favor
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A Chat with Inspired Sistah
Q: Who is Inspired Sistah? A: Inspired Sistah is a representative of every woman who has been met with

challenges, disappointments and setbacks, but who has learned to overcome them in Q: What is Inspired Sistah's mission? a victorious fashion. She is your mother, your sister, your daughter. She is YOU. A: Inspired Sistah's mission is to be a source of encouragement and support for inspiration with practical application to help sistahs continue moving out in purpose. Q: What is the vision of Inspired Sistah? A: The vision of Inspired Sistah is to ultimately create a network at the same time.

women. As women we oftentimes spend a lot of our energy being everything to

everybody and, in turn, not receiving the support we need. Inspired Sistah offers

of sistahs worldwide where we build one another up and provide

a safe and refreshing place to come and be vulnerable and powerful

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Media Appearances
"An Inspired Sistah" Magazine Article in Alive Magazine-Feb 2010 ALIVE_Magazine_February_2010_Issue.31104757.pdf


Interview with Raychelle Gaston from Community Central TV: "Up close & personal with Tangie Henry at the 2009 Discover a New You Retreat.


Radio Interview with Raychelle Gaston from Community Central TV: "How to Rise Above Low Self-Esteem & Challenging Circumstances in Life" Sol Searching Blog Talk Radio Show "Playing Catch: Learning How to Cope When Life Throws You a Curve Ball" Listen to archived shows at

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