Planning for the second half Subject: Physical Education Level: 2nd half Thematic Unit: Organisation and

phys ical activity in natural environments. Professor: Jorge Mancilla XD Botau Expect ed Learning Resources Time Tic Content K-12 ICT Skills students 1.Cooperar and strive for achieving the goals sought, comply with standards and rules in games and sports and other recreational activities. 2.participate regul arly in physical education activities, sports and leisure without exclusion of a ny kind and regardless of skill level or physical motor available. 1 .- Organiza tion ⠢ research and exhibition of his tribe and ⠢ scanning techniques in a natur al environment. 2.Viajes and 2 classes. movements in natural environments. 2 .Activity to make a kind knowledge and application techniques later. methods of t ravel and displacement in natural environments. 1 .- Exploration in natural envi ronments. Management of scanning techniques with minimal impact on the environme nt. Dimension Sought in 1.tecnológica: Web site use and generation of n applica tions Presentació PPT products that meet the needs of information and communica tion within the immediate social environment (not virtual). 2.Dimensión communi cation: In this dimension students participate and interact with increasing degr ees of responsibility, respect and autonomy in increasingly larger networks. 3.D imensión Ethics: From the care of the tool responsible use of information in a respectful and caring commitment to research activity and exposure if: students will be proposed to randomly choose the name of a tribe that subsequently be exp osed to their peers and also to investigate how an excursion to places of natura l environments, taking into account the precautionary measures, as if made a tri p to camp. After exposure of the students will tell the element to be tailored a ccording to the number of groups exponents, and also, the teacher will present i tself with a material that needed to be done and expose, to feed off each other the work done by students strengthening and correcting the grounds set out by th e learners: The elements for the activity are: o create a riddle for their peers about the item you have to build them. or characterize the home of the tribe. o r a member will be marked with clothing being the head of the tribe. Activity K-12 Teacher ICT Skills 1.Dimensión information: search and access to virtual information from various sources and evaluates their relevance and quality. 2 .- Ethical Dimension: respo nsible use of information and communication. self and other. or should bring a small bag to save the item managed by each tribe. Activity as such: Each group will choose a place within the natural environment which will mark her visit home. In each household of the tribe to stay the head of the tribe who must learn and recite a riddle each group to get closer to your store. Chosen the right answer when the head of the tribe give the characterist ic feature of his tribe to be saved in the small bag of the tribe "nomadic" visi tor, and also tell the name of the tribe and its location next to come as quickl y as possible and continue the search for the elements. Once obtained all the el ements of the tribes should be addressed to the starting point of activity where the teacher with a timer that will stop once it reaches the last member of the group. And the group in carrying out the activity will receive a prize, which wi ll be kept in secret in a bottle.