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Antonio Mendes Patricia Peterson Laureano Crippa Do not get carried away by emotion Ednilson Perdon Palmistry, which seeks to predict the fortunes from the lines, m arks and patterns on the hands, is a very old cultural practice. In the Middle A ges was practiced in India, China and Egypt to detect witches. It was believed t hat certain points of hands indicated even if the person had made a pact with th e devil. By way of hands, accepted to be said as a person was. Its features stan d out in and became known immediately. Stated that creative people had fan-shape d hands and sensitive, the narrow, pointy fingers, that all this reflected in th e way you are and make money. Pure guesswork based on sympathetic magic and intu ition. It is all pre-trial, as this practice has no scientific support. So nothi ng is confirmed. Even that it is possible to find out how to make money or find true love from the lines or signs of hands, also reasons that lead people to be duped. In different cities of the southern region of Santa Catarina, see Gypsies performing this practice harmful to people who pay for the consultation being c arried away by insistence of those who do. It is the desire to know the future t hat worries people of different faiths and financial situations, making them suf fer in the search for magic solutions to their various problems, which in most c ases, are imposed by circumstances beyond our control. Therefore, I can not allo w the lack of money, unemployment and difficulties in love relationships, health problems make people lose trust in reason and something that even science prove s its effectiveness. The "magic wand" The whole world is full of diverse doctrines, sects and religions. Each with its own traditions, cultures and regiments. But despite the best preparations for l ife, sometimes flare up against each other, bringing little feelings. The greate st motivator of disbelief is the lack of information. After all, it is important to have real ground before each trial. Esotericism is an example of this, becau se it always has faced criticism from other arts, especially in relation to some forms and objects that approach works. At first, they do not practice evil, the esoteric has been very widespread and accepted. But many elements used in such practices may be harmful to health. This is the case of incense. It is used to b ring spiritual comfort and clean environments. However, excessive use tends to i ntoxicate. The Brazilian Association for Consumer Protection (Protest) in resear ch, assessed the substances emitted in the burning of incense and discovered tha t some of them are toxic. The lack of specific contents described on the packagi ng and the belief that the rods may have caused problems to heal health professi onals. Little is known of the chemicals used for the manufacture of incense, whi ch complicates treatment for intoxicated. The lack of preparation and also the q uestionable character of some involved in the good way hinder the spread of corr ect information. Regardless of belief, one can not expect that the absorption of carbon monoxide bring the cure of diseases. On the contrary. The question then inhaled or worsening allergies, intoxication, cardiovascular problems and even c ause cancer, depending on the amount and frequency. You have to qualify the prof essionals of esotericism, giving guidance on the use of incense, before major pr oblems occur. The regulation of products is also necessary in this process, sinc e a "bull" explanation would be of great importance. So surely reduce many probl ems that are actually in the hospital.

I believe (partly) in horoscope Arthur Lavin Not that the journals. It's hard to believe that there are only 12 "roadmaps" for the day possible for all people of the world, all of which were b orn in the same period will ever be the same, with the same burden and bonuses. But there are characteristics of each sign, and these, I believe. Capricorn will use as an example. According to the description of the site Horoscopes Virtual, those born between December 22 and January 20, are "the established order, and also the effort toward the summit of achievement." I have a friend born on Decem ber 28 that is the person with the most practical and objective mind I know. If it is to reach such an outcome, then you have to do this, this and that. That's it! Outright. Or as he himself would say: "I am under contract."€There is the as pect of the astrological horoscope that I do not know if it makes much sense. No t that I believe in it. What I believe is that, like human life is driven and pl anned every year, the fact that someone born at the beginning or end of the year makes a difference. Especially taking into account that each day spent on early enough in the account of evolution as a human being and citizen. Esoteric is of good or evil? Philip Casagrande Priests and pastors from evangelical and Catholic churches ins ist that every form of mysticism is the work of evil or that whoever believes in God does not need to resort to this kind of belief. What they do not know is th at the followers of the esoteric practices are not leaving to believe in God. On the contrary. He seeks to help others and themselves seeking balance through se lf-knowledge and understanding of life on earth. In the struggle for survival, m ankind has found religion, and from this came the magic. It is believed that the mystic is the junction of truths contained in the occult and religion. But reli gion is recognized that the divine permeates all that exists, linking man to nat ure. Already by the magic you learn to dominate nature, beginning with the art of making fire. Therefore, since times, thousands of people resort to esoteric techniques to master your elf. Arts such as tarot, numerology, palmistry and astrology are part of cism that promises to "assist in reading the future." In this process of ion, is given to metaphysics, which teaches the relationship ancient inner s esoteri divinat

human to understand where it came from, where to go and what is its relationship with the cosmos. The fans believe in the esoteric is possible to have the spiri tual development of people. With this trend, the practitioners broaden the knowl edge of its defects, qualities, thoughts and feelings, causing them to live bett er every moment of its existence. Extra-laboratory is the journal of the Course of Social Communication - Journali sm - the Unisul Campus Shark Text and photos: Semester 6 students / Prof. Claudio Toldo Edition: 7th Semest er students / Prof. Ildo Silva Reviewed: students of the 7th Semester / Prof. Ca rdoso Darlete Layout: Laura Perucho Mezari, 7th Phase / Journalism Cover and p ictures not credited: Stock Images Cover: Geovana Martinello and Tuany Chechet to, students of the fourth semester of Advertising / Prof. Valeria Braga Course Coordinator of Social Communication: Prof ª. Darlete Cardoso Journal-Lab Coordin ator: Prof. Claudio Toldo Printing: Graphic Soller Talk to us! PLAYER OF THE AREA The Extra needs your opinion agcom@unisul.br (48) 3621-3303 Rector: Gerson Luiz Joner da Silveira Vice Chancellor and Provost Scholar: Seb astian Herdt SalesII Chief of Staff and Secretary General of the Rectory: Fabi an Martins de Castro Provost of Directors: Marcus Vinicius da Silva Ferreira Aná tocles Course Media

Journal-Lab Course Media Unisul - Shark May 2008 3 The magic of esotericism in the world Text: Crisitiana Medeiros - Edition: Daniel Antonello According to the dictionar y Ruth Richardson, the esoteric doctrine originated in a secret of ancient philo sophers who communicated his principles to his disciples just started. Currently , there are many ramifications and trends extracted from the esoteric. Cartomanc y, numerology, whelks, palmistry, horoscope, biorhythm, i ching, runes, floral c afeomancia, Feng Shui, crystals, angels and oracles are some of the many practic es used by esotericism. One, the Cabala, it became more famous after being chose n by Madonna as their religion. Kabbalah is a Hebrew-religious treatise Philosop hy, deals with oral teachings, texts and practices that were received by teacher s, said lit. Long, was kept as a secret to the world was prohibited for women, b esides being considered as a knowledge of Judaism. According to Hebrew mythology , the Kabbalah was given by God to Moses, or through the angel Raziel to Adam, a fter that was transmitted to future generations. According to Leonardo alanate, rabbi of Congregation Israelita Mineira, the practice is daily study of meditati on techniques that lead to direct contact with God. priest justified his words c onsidering an esoteric form of witchcraft. "The witch not to live, Exodus 22:18. " nhação surely die; be stoned, their blood is upon them. Leviticus 20:27. " Som e people do not condemn, but that is not so lenient with the esoteric. "We are s keptical if we deny that these energies do not exist, but this is simply a diffe rent way of knowing", says Father Anthony gallate, pastor of St. Joseph Cathedra l in Criciuma.€"If one follows as the standard of living these ideas, she ignore s her religion," stresses. Not everyone is so critical of esotericism. The lawye r and spirit Walterney Angelo Defendants defines esotericism as a process necess ary for the development of human knowledge. "Verily, the spiritualist doctrine d oes not disqualify the esoteric, such as not dismiss astrology and alchemy, whic h can be considered an embryo, or mothers of astronomy and chemistry, respective ly, said Defendants. The spirit says that all human knowledge began in the mix, a soup, between what man perceived by the senses and what he tried to "guess" as cause and consequence than perceived. "The man noticed the action of a storm an d tried to guess its cause. For Defendants, esotericism is nothing more than an attempt to reconcile the discovery phase of the most basic natural laws, the ina bility to understand these laws. The lawyer and spirit Ildefonso Leal de Souza s ays that the spirit is no religious bias. "With respect to the vision of esoteri cism in spiritualism, that respects all religions and philosophies in place, sin ce it believes that each person within their knowledge and understanding comes t o accept what is within his reach at that moment." 2008 - the year covered by the sun represents progress in the field of creativit y and inventions. It is a year of cutting edge and pioneering spirit, emotions a nd sensations of the most diverse and beneficial. Unexpected events and opportun ities always arise in these anosProvoca rapprochement between people. Source: Esoteric Dictionary Vision of Church X man According to the elder of the Evangelical Assembly of God, Fabricio Machado, eso tericism does not contain the revelation of God, attained by the Holy Bible. "By the word of God, which is indisputable, we see that God condemns all practice o f esotericism, it gives people false hopes. All practice occult and spiritualist are tricks to keep people away from God. " Based on the Bible, the He states that any practice runs of the principles of the Bible should be condem ned. "When, therefore, any man or woman in whom is a spirit of necromancy or spi rit of Adivar-

Cinema and the occult: art or reality in the eyes of the beholder Text: Fabiola Goulart - Editing: Cintia Abreu What is mysterious and hidden from the minds of people overcoming barriers and eventually dominating the film indu stry. To get an idea of the power of mysticism in cinema, just take a look at th e list in the top 100 grossing films of all time. About 40% have themes related to the supernatural, which would be hidden or secret to human eyes. Feature film s as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia Pirates of the Caribb ean and up are considered magical and mystical works, drawn from surveys of actu al beliefs as Wicca, Voodoo, Alchemy, Magic and Gnosticism. Have movies like Sig ns, Star Wars, War of the Worlds, Independence Day and, of course, ET - The Extr aterrestrial address a serious issue for many ufologists: intelligent life on ot her planets. According to Caesar Kos, UFO researcher and expert in finding error s in longasmetragens about it, movies closer to reality as X-Files lead us to im agine real situations. "Being a curious and mystical theme, films addressing thi s issue will always exist," Kos said in an interview to the Brazilian UFO Magazi ne. On the website of Epoch magazine, reporter Graziela Solomon says that the cu lture industry also takes advantage of the expansion of spiritualism and has use d the theme in several productions. The immortality of the soul, mediumship, con tact with spirits, reincarnation, spirit are the key elements of Ghost, The Sixt h Sense, The Others. wounded among adolescents. "About 80% of our releases are o f suspense or terror, often addressing an almost spiritual struggle of good vers us evil," Mariléia. For the businesswoman Adenir Milak Martignago, adults also a re interested in what they can not see or hear, especially long based on real ev ents. "I think the desire to experience other worlds is that makes us curious ab out the abstract, and imagine what it would really be impossible to happen." In search of answers Man has always sought the reasons for the events surrounding it. According to ps ychologist Cecilia Urbina, Criciúma, the explanation most accepted in today's so ciety are scientific ones. "Long before the history, prehistoric men seeking rea sons for what they lived and felt. As the evolution of man, there was an evoluti on in the way of understanding the world. To the psychologist, this developFascination for all In rental stores,€the success of the genus is also felt by owners, who bet on sp irits, extraterrestrials, magic and even struggle of good against evil, to satis fy its customers. According Mariléia St. Helena, which owns a video store in Iça ra, the occult theme is preET and Harry Potter: successful characters tion does not occur homogeneously and some people still prefer a version earlier than the present to explain their lives. "There are ignorant people or less, th ey only seek a release for the events that most of us have accepted, a magical t hinking, fanciful or superstitious," adds Cecilia. In theory, the cinema is illu sion, but there's no denying its close relationship with the real, so it becomes an art that is both reality and fiction, sometimes act out a scenario where the hidden, sometimes the reason. 4 Journal-Lab Course Media Unisul - Shark - May 2008 No witches broom, broth Text: Graziela Gislon - Editing: Arthur Lavin The Wicca is the religion of the G oddess of a thousand names, is not a service. Has playing tarot wiccan, runes, r eiki give courses and apply. But these arts have no connection with Wicca. Are c ompletely separated, as a Catholic who does yoga, for example. Maybe you've hear d that in Wicca spells is done on demand or something. But this is the result of

lack of information. There are many people who says he is wiccan and witch just by saying, because not even know, much less live art; spell is on order. It eve n has some that call themselves Satanists. "The Wicca does not believe in demons , so it is impossible to have links with something that simply ignores the cultu re. People are certainly misinformed about the origins of Wicca, its teachings a nd its symbols, "explains Jacqueline M Messaggi, student of Unisul Advertising a nd creative director of an advertising agency. "All the values that lead to resp ect for nature are present in wicca. The Wiccan worship life and therefore all f orms of sacrifices, whether human or animal, is prohibited in the rituals. We lo ve witches and worship nature and through it seek to integrate mind, body and so ul, "explains Claudiney Prieto, in his book Wicca: The Religion of the Goddess, Gaia Publisher. In Wicca, only those most graduates, after many years of study, make spells, stronger. " "Everything should be done with much responsibility and awareness of the consequences, because the nature can not play. So not only is joining a handful of candles, herbs and trinkets and say it is a spell, "said Ju liana Frandalozo, Journalism student at UFSC. She practices Wicca daily. "I star ted studying and studying a lot until you start to really understand what was pr acticed. The practice is daily. You feel the force of nature in every thing that happens. I have a special relationship with the sea, the beach is that most fee l that connection with the Great Mother, "says Juliana. About the practice, the student draws attention to the connection with nature, something that increasing ly seeks to humanity. "It excites me greatly, because only with the responsibili ty and respect for nature is actually human and that we can rescue our planet so destroyed," he adds. The Wiccan, after all, is a protector of nature, so it is common (but not required) who are vegetarians and activists of the environmental cause. The Wicca is a pagan religion (Latin: Pagan - "country people"), celebra ting only the nature and its manifestations. In paganism there are beings of evi l (the devil, inclusive). There pantheons - that gods are formations of certain crops (Celtic, Norse, Greek, Tupi, apache, etc) - but, the Wiccan is free to cho ose whether to follow a pantheon or prefer not to name the energies of nature. O nly the mother Goddess and God are essentially wiccans consort and her cult is o bserved by all Wiccans of all traditions. "The important thing is you keep Crystals are powerful tools that bring the natural balance to the parties to phy sical, psychological and spiritual. Represent the superior power of nature. Can be used in conjunction with other therapies. Allow special affinity with color t herapy. Source: Esoteric Dictionary because it involves much self-knowledge and knowledge of cosmic laws and nature. Mainly because of the principle: "everything you do returns to you three times more Tarot, a game of great stories The history of tarot cards began in Egypt and arrived in Europe around 1300, bro ught by the Arabs. The first record of Tarot in Europe occurred in half the matc hes of the Swiss monk, Friar John, who said he had known letters that could indi cate the events of the world. According to the website "Guide to the Curious"€ye t was still in the eighteenth century that Alliette, a Frenchman, began making m oney with guesswork, also practiced Palmistry and interpreted dreams. Tarot, as is known, is a deck of 78 cards divided into two groups: the Arcane (mysteries) Major, with its iconic designs, and the Minor Arcana, with all four suits. The f irst set is the most important, with 21 cards numbered 1-21, plus the figure of the Fool, represented by the number zero. According to the manual of fortune-tel ling, the first relates to the more subjective side of life and according to obj ective questions, such as travel, illness and money. According to the authors of the book "The Tarot Mythological a new approach to reading tarot, Juliet Sharma n Burke and Liz Greene, there are different types of tarot. Among them, one of t he most popular is the de Marseille, designed in 1760 by Spaniard Nicolas Conver , easy to handle due to the simplicity of the design and primary colors with a w hite background. But in terms of wealth symbols, colors and images, the Tarot is

undoubtedly mythical ideal. This choice piece of each. People who interpret the tarot, entitled sages and seers, through observation, study and daily meditatio n, come to see the stages represented by letters. At the same time, help the ask er constructively in order to understand the lived moment and how they can guide their actions and their choices (free will). According to the tarot reader Eni Rosa Pereira do Amaral, the tarot can be understood by anyone since there is a l ot of dedication. Realize though that the cards are only an aid to vision, write s as an astrologist Juliet Sharman. "The nature of the reflection images trigger s an interpreter who sees a situation perhaps unknown, a kind of insight in rela tion to the asker, revealing, and, apparently, things would not occur or appear in any other circumstance rational. So also other segments of the tarot does not believe that anyone can interpret the cards, but there must be a person of fore sight. Rosa, from small, have realized his gift as envisioned when relatives cam e to visit her, what would happen that day, among other things. Then, with time, age 28, began working with it, predicting the future and discovering the past t hrough the letters, which it says are only an aid as it has a Alma floral plant that, through the Essence of the flower is capable of curing h uman feelings, enabling reconnect with himself. Source: Esoteric Dictionary Ritual: light a candle for tarot reader Journal-Lab Course Media Unisul - Shark - May 2008 5 irões or warts on the nose critical thinking when you read something about Wicca, because it has a lot of m isinformation out there. The best-known names of Wicca in Brazil are of Claudine y Prieto and Mavesper Cy Ceridwen, who have published books about it and have th eir cores of very solid research, holding conferences and courses often, "conclu des Juliana. The Wiccan gather in groups of up to 13 people, called covens, to m ake their celebrations and studies. There are also public celebrations, made in squares and parks, where everyone can participate. They are organized by groups of Wiccans and happen more in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, wh ere Wiccans are more numerous. The Wiccan can also do their studies and practice s in solitary. The most common beliefs among Wiccan • Belief in reincarnation. • Belief in the masculine and feminine aspects of the Divine. • Respect in proportion not only to humans but to the land, animals and plants. • Note the change of the seasons, with eight solar Sabbats and between 0:13 Esbats Lunar (21 annual rites). • Repudiation proselytizing. • Equality for women and men, as both are complementary, although the woman always be more foc used. • Implementation of the rituals within a Magic Circle, as the circle is a sacred space used for worship. • Importance to the "three Rs": Reduce, Reuse, Re cycle. • The sense of servitude to the Earth. • The estimates for all religions and religious freedom. • The condemnation of any form of prejudice. Bingo you ca n see the future? • Conscientiousness in relation to citizenship. KHE (Aquileia) . According to the Chinese, was a very useful plant. More information about Wicc a can be found at: Aromatic, stimulant and analgesic http://www.pentaculo.1br.ne t/ it contained magical powers. Http://www.abrawicca.com.br/defaultx.htm the ste m of Aquileia, they made 72 http://www.bruxaria.net/ http://www.circulosagrado.c om/ rods with the symbols, used for divination .€On reaching the West, the metho d KHE POU took a rounded shape and numbered 1-90, popularly known today as Bingo or Keno. A form of divination that turned into gambling in the West. Text: treissi Amorim - Editing: Ana Luisa Vargas Gypsy guide that assists and helps the visions. At 52 years, the tarot reader me

ets daily at her store, charging $ 20.00 for your customers and receive up to si x people per day. "It's a tiring job, where reading off a lot of energy." The ta rot reader is to light a candle ritual for the guardian angel, because it is bur ned through the negative energy of the environment and brings light. Lights an i ncense, which is also used in churches as ritual Photos: Treissi Amorim Source: Esoteric Dictionary the guardian angel and the cards on the table sacred, as the smoke clears the environment. Then, with the scapular in the hand , makes a prayer. Rub some ointment on the hands, and her client, and start brow sing. In those 34 years of work, several important events occurred which attract ed the attention of her and many clients. One was when an inspector went to the store to verify the license Rosa, identifying and pretending not need an appoint ment. When opening the letters, she realized that he was working and did not bel ieve in the interpretations. So she said she would continue the consultation, le aving him puzzled. Another really memorable was when she saw the death very clos e. "One day a couple were consulting on a Friday. Seeing the cards, he realized that the man would die on a trip. Thus, it can not scare the customer, and frankly, just tol d him not to travel, insisting that it would be good. Not believing the man went and died that weekend, when the truck blew and he had to go fix it, underneath, bloating, "she says. The following week, his wife was to tell what happened, re penting for not having listened to what she said. Meanwhile it is difficult to d istinguish charlatans from serious people. The only way is to see if, over time, things spoken make sense, as one sees in the history previously mentioned. 6 May 2008 Journal-Lab Course Media Unisul - Shark Astrology is more than a science Text: Layzer Rao - Issue: Khaled Salama According to site information Estrela Gu ia (estrelaguia. feminice.com.br), "Astrology is a symbolic language that correl ates the position of celestial bodies at any given time with the characteristics of this moment a given location on Earth. " Through this language, professional s can guide people, revealing the kinds of influential power in each event, be i t spiritual, physical, emotional or professional. Thus, the astrologer can ident ify trends in each one, which may have led to develop a certain feature, and wha t kind of control these trends can have in life. After this analysis, the person can deal better about yourself. As the positioning of the stars at the time a c hild is born, for example, you can know what will influence her personality and avoid the negative aspects that make a person miserable. The same can be done wi th a company or someone who wants to know if the job sucked will offer good yiel ds. a year between one and another birthday as Christmas, who works as the past lives are interfering with someone's life since birth. "He reveals the karmic ch allenges that you're living, why the restrictions that you are suffering in a pa rticular area of your life, incarnational proposal, the development of their emo tional area, the prospects for the financial and business trends and their intel lectuals" , says the astrologer. Each has a warrior inside. This branch of astro logy, she says, "helps you understand which area he is working and why." The map also shows karmic "areas that instigate more creativity, spiritual development or that will undergo radical changes. This can refer to his life as a whole (bir th chart) or the corresponding year (annual statement). The gift of astrology, t o Maiana also stems from past lives. "We just developed this gift through studie

s, courses, as I did." Before each consultation, the astrologer explains what ma kes a ritual. "I ask the mentors of light that help people to be treated accordi ng to the merit of each." About the signs of the zodiac, Maiana mind that each h as a "baseline". "In an analysis of the astrological sun sign is only one aspect to be analyzed. The ascending to the Moon, to Venus and other planets, makes up the basic characteristics of a person,€influence on his personality and his lif e as a whole. Thus, the person is not only the influence of his sign, but severa l signs that make up your personality, "he explains. According to astrologer, th ere are several types of Astrology: Western, Chinese, or Vedic Jyotish and cabal istic. She believes that astrology helps us to improve the quality and deal with the defects. "Through astrology, we can realize our talents, you try to enlarge them, find out our weaknesses and try to make amends. We are responsible for ou r lives and we must live it the most profitable way for our improvement, "he say s. be more careful with the weaknesses, "he says. According to the website of th e Round Earth Society (www.str.com. Br), "Astrology has been growing in populari ty. Research suggests that the majority of Britons believe in it, compared with only 13% for 50 years. The Association of Professional Astrologers claims that 8 0% of Britons read astrological columns, and psychological studies show that 60% regularly read their horoscopes. " In Brazil, even without believing in predict ions of signs, some people also like to know what the stars hold for your day. T hey read, research on the Internet, watch and listen to programs that address th e topic. "I hear the horoscope from time to time. There are things that hit, but I think it's just coincidence, "said the nurse Dinah Mara Ferreira, 25 years. D espite the curiosity, she confesses that she is afraid to know what the future h olds. "I never spoke with an astrologer, I'm afraid of that. She'll say somethin g that does happen. Then I'd be wary. " Already Graciele lawyer, having tried se veral times to talk with astrologers, reaching up to one four times, believes th at "things are not predictable" and that "everything is very superficial." She e xplains how it was driven, "so they say 'this month will be good for you', the p rojection for this in relation to the moon to the sun ...', say when you will be better able to find such a thing on a particular date. Might work, but I never left the office to do something that told me to do, "he says. The curiosity abou t astrology Graciele went further. "I've done life map, map of the year, done by regression with an astrologer," he says. Sagittarius, the reporter and surfer M aurílio Maia believes it has much of that sign. But he Cafeomancia Practice Arabic divinatory odalisques used by the sultans of old. Th rough the dregs of coffee, which provided odalisque would be chosen for that nig ht. A practice still observed in Turkey and North Africa, keeping old traditions . Source: Esoteric Dictionary Horoscope While some people have a habit to check the predictions of the signs every day i n newspapers, magazines and radios, others do not believe that the stars can inf luence in their lives. There are also those who consult astrologers and astral p rojections whenever they can. E-ain The power of karmic astrology Karmic Astrology is a specific area of astrology who discovers what types of inf luence have suffered from past lives and explains the challenges facing this lif etime. The astrologer Maiana Lena works specifically with the karmic map, both t he annual, which shows the influences that the person will suffer during the per iod Teimância Reading the tea leaves, originated in ancient China. Its emperors used it to predict the future. The technique identifies figures made of tea leaves o n the inner walls of a cup. Source: Esoteric Dictionary of those looking for professionals in the astrology of pure curiosity. As is the case of lawyer Graciele Bertoncini, 28 years. "We consulted with several people and I think it is always the same runaround," he opines. "Do not believe it was

money well spent. Not consulted because they think 'oh, it will solve my proble ms', was even more out of curiosity, "he adds. But the surf reporter - as he lik es to be called - Maurilio Silva Maia says that you have read much about it. For him, astrology helps to know the weaknesses and strengths. "I think the major f unction of astrology is not to make predictions for the future but to prepare ou rselves to live better. You study our weaknesses and our strengths so that we ca n best use the strengths and prefer to observe what the horoscope says about the sign of the people who like and who lives. "Actually my sign that I do not read. I enjoy reading the person I'm interested because then I know how to get there. I like to see the horoscope for not knowing what will happen, but to see how the person's predisposition fo r that day, if she is prone to high spirits or low,€you are more nervous, "he ex plains. "I use the very tips of astrology to get things I want. And it works, "s ays Maia. He believes that prejudice with astrology has its origin in inquisitio n. "I think it is rooted in the Middle Ages when the Catholic Church took over t he power in Europe and everyone who had some 'extra power' was pursued. At that time, it appeared other people with other powers, people would come to believe i n them, and it threatened the power of the Church. So I guess that's why people have a mistaken view, "he notes. Nanny Dinah Mara, though with fear,'ve read mag azines that talk about it and made up sympathy. "I tried to do a kindness to los e weight. Long ago, but failed. It had nothing to do with signs, but had to be d one at midnight, "he explains. And despite showing interest in whether the astra l projections may or may not tell some truth, the nanny who speaks does not beli eve that life can be guided by the stars. "I do not believe there are people wit h the gift of guiding the lives of others." Email the astrologer is Maiana Lena Contact: @ maiana.lena ibest.com.br. Journal-Lab Course Media Unisul - Shark May 2008 7 Angels: the protection that comes from heaven Text: Saimon Coelho - Editing: Tara Pacheco The word "angel" is derived from the Greek word "angelos" which means "messenger." They can also be called "sons of God." Angels are supernatural beings created by God. They are the heirs of salva tion. According to the website Area mystical, angels are among the people to hel p, guide and give inspiration. To study the infectious world of angels, was born Anjologia, science oriented to these great servants of energy circulation in th e cosmos. The spirits of nature, or basic (gnomes, elves, fairies, elves, undine , salamanders and many others), also belong to the angelic realm. These spirits have the responsibility to relay the divine energy fluent from the center of the universe to their respective elements. The book "Cabalistic Angels" by Monica B uonfiglio, says that each person is born with a guardian angel. "They guide us, teach us, they answer our prayers and lead us into death, and are always at the service of God and not their own," recounts an excerpt from the book. There are several species of angels and each has its own name, each with its light to guid e mankind. According to the writer Monica, the story about the angels is short. The Greeks, who were lovers of precision, which means daimones called genius, an gel, supernatural being. The Egyptians explained thoroughly and in detail, but e verything was lost, burned at the time of the rise of early Christianity in the West. Today, what little is left is derived from studies undertaken by cabalisti c Jews, who were the first to believe in this energy. The world is divided into four cabalistic hierarchies that are the energy emanation, creation, formation a nd action. Emanation is the center of all energies. Creation is time and space. Training is the world's species, from things Feng Shui: the harmony between man and nature

Text: Filipi Ghedin - Editing: Philip Casagrande Feng Shui (wind-water) is the a ncient oriental art of harmonizing environments. Arose in the agricultural plain s of China for over 4000 years. She grows up to nowadays as a discipline that co nnects humans intimately with nature and the cosmos. The practice has a deep con nection to the esoteric. Decorators and architects use it as an element of work in the construction of a building plan. It is also used by traders who specializ e in esoteric items such as stickers and trinkets crystal ceiling known as messe ngers of the wind. Worldwide there are many schools of Feng Shui, but only three stand out: the sky above, sky-posterior and chapéunegro. The last is the most w idely practiced in the West and it is a model based on the degree cardinal point s. Depending on the measures and coordinated, can bring prosperity or late in li fe. The black hat was born within Buddhism, the belief in Buddha. Its creator wa s the master of Tantric Buddhism Tibetan Thomas Lin Yun.s. For him, the practice has to consider not only the colors, shapes and the cardinal points, but also t he psychological relationship between man and the environment. The most used too l in the black hat is the Bagua (compass), symbol of Feng Shui. An octagon forme d of eight guas (walks of life) and its center is the yin-yang symbol representi ng good and evil, the energies that balance the planet. Each represents an eleme nt of nature: success, prosperity, relationships, creativity, friends, work, spi rituality and family. In Criciuma, the southern city of Santa Catarina,€are few practitioners of the ancient art. In town, she appeared for more than five years . There are few who have mastered the technique. One is Joacy Donato Lima (popul ar Chico), owner of a shop selling esoteric which is the gallery of the Central Bus Terminal of Criciuma. The establishment, there are several purchase options: from adhesives to prisms. Prices range from $ 0.20 to $ 70.00. The way Mr. Chic o began his career dedication to Feng Shui is an inspiration to many people. "It began with an opportunity for business in June 2003 that today is my store. Ove r time, I received invitations to know the technique, "says the merchant. To be a practitioner will just have to learn the technique. The results are satisfacto ry both for the learner, as to who receives healing and activation of guas. Chic o is proud to claim to be one of the few in town that dominates the eastern art. "The feeling of working with Feng Shui is rewarding because you know that this knowledge brings a great benefit to people," he says. "The findings are clear, f ast and bring harmony to the environment," he says. concrete that have definite form. Action is the force by which each created indi viduality, acts and expresses life. There are many angels are the Seraphim, who embody the divine charity. The Cherubim reflect the wisdom of God. The Thrones p roclaim the greatness of God. The Dominions of the government are generally in t he universe. Powers of the laws that protect the physical and moral world. There are also the angels of Virtue, which promote wonders, principalities, responsib le for the kingdoms, states and countries. Archangels, who are responsible for t ransmitting important messages, and the angels, with their Prince Gabriel, who c are for the safety of individuals. When making a request to the angels should no t push or demand results. You should use this time and be very careful with the word no. In the book Kabbalistic Angels, the author argues that the denial confu ses and disturbs those who ask "why enter into the unconscious, which is powerfu l and that's where the angels talk to you during sleep. They are ethers, therefo re, have no memory and never judge. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) s ays that "even here on earth, the Christian life shares the faith of the blessed is society of angels and men united in God "(§ 336). Even Pope Pius XII in the Encyclical "Hum ani Generis," makes it clear that angels are personal beings. The same statement made by Pope Paul VI in his "Profession of Faith." The Church knows the names o f three archangels, celebrandi on September 29 their feast: St. Michael, St. Gab riel and St. Raphael. For Christians, the Bible not only presents the angels as our guardians, but also as our intercessors. Thus saith the angel Raphael: "I of fered prayers to the Lord for you" (Tobias 12, 12).

Mudras Part of an alternative therapy, meditation and related processes such as yoga. Its function encontrase studies and methods of an oriental art, called "he aling art" often in India, China and Japan Source: Esoteric Dictionary Text: Fabiola Goulart Edition: Ednilson Perdon