Now we can offer the year guarantee and control VERITAS CONTENT OF DOCUMENT 7 MODELS OF CHALETS WITH ACHIEVEMENT AWARD DETAILS Tehnique STANDARD MODEL OFFER DETAILS ON THE MOUNT BUSINESS DETAILS CONTACT Contact Information A 45 suite suite Suite B56 CONTINUED suite suite C67 suite suite suite C79 suite suite suite C 95 suite suite PLAN DRC FLOOR PLAN SOLARIUM suite suite PLAN DRC

FLOOR PLAN LIGHT suite suite suite suite suite suite The construction of two wood-framed homes of 83-120 m² + garage on 900 sqm of l and is expected in Saint Germain du Bois (71) (Expected delivery July 2007) To see the project go to: http://www.cimaco.fr/nouveau.html (copy / paste the ad dress into your browser) TECHNICAL The materials are in compliance with the system promoted by APROCOR (ROMANIAN AS SOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS OF WOOD FRAME HOUSES) and with the supply market in R omania. The spruce wood is essencede very good, 16% dried and treated with subst ances to increase environmental resistance to moisture, microorganisms and insec t damage, and the accidental action of fire. The treatment will be done by immer sion with the exception of wooden beams that make the connection between the low er floor and the concrete foundation which are pressure treated in an autoclave. The product is certified for the treatment acceptable to the CTBA. The wall pan els are delivered in structure, those with external cladding OSB, is on the tabl e stirrup professional fasteners are made with special nails BeA (Germany) whose surface is treated to a chemical fixation in the wood. ALTERNATIVE WOOD FINISH From left to right Cladding battens 22mm 30x 22mm Film rainscreen OSB 12mm Frame bois150x45mm glass wool battens 140 mm 25 mm 18 mm Vapor barrier Panelling ACHIEVEMENTS ⠢ The cottage is mounted in the courtyard of our factory and houses our offices. ⠢ 5 cabins will be installed from the month of May 2007 Moissac in the Tarn et Garonne. OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS VAUX SUR SEINE FRANCE = REGION MADRID SPAIN = VERSAILLES-FRANCE DETAILS OF COMPOSITION Exterior Wall Cladding 22 mm timber battens for space ventilation -25 mm film ra inscreen OSB plate 12 mm - 150 mm 150 mm wood frame rockwool vapor EP wood panel ing in 20 mm. suite Interior wall paneling carrier 20 mm 150 mm 50 mm wooden frame 20 mm mineral woo

l panels, non-bearing interior wall paneling 20 mm 100 mm 50 mm timber frame pan els 20 mm mineral wool suite The floor in the DRC-floor slides 30 mm thick spruce-OSB plate 18 mm wood 45 x220-mmm-Mineral wool (between joists) 200 mm NOTE -The elements above (for the floor DRC) are delivered only in the case of e where the client requests the DRC variant wooden floor. The floor above ound floor of -30 mm slides floor Spruce - 18 mm OSB plate 45 mm x 200 mm st bois/400 100 mm mineral wool panels 20 mm joists a hous the gr oc joi

suite The floor above the floor - 12 mm OSB plate 45 x 200 mm wood joists 200 mm miner al wool panels PE-steam 20mm Roof coverage purchased in France-wood battens 25x4 5 mm para-rain EURODACH 15 mm OSB plate as suport Cover rafters 45x220 mm / suite The joinery, front doors (in wood glued Lammel) doors interior solid wood window s with double glazing glued Lammel 4-16-4 MOUNTING The installation of self is the responsibility of our company. The customer shou ld handle the organization of the site (électrcité, water, etc.) RULES 5% to 30% at the signing of obtaining building permits 30% on delivery of buildi ng elements to 30% off air and out of water 5% to the approval of work CONTACT SNC Cimaco Dubanchet Avenue PO Box 72 296 01 400 Chatillon sur Chalaronne cimaco @bois-roumanie.com Tel: FAX: 04 74 55 63 49 Tel: 06 14 78 73 63 and 06 79 45 51 94