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1.1 Purpose
Our proposal is a real time application of
health care system. The main purpose of
the system is to build a doctor-patient
management tool where all the information of
the patient and the prescriptions are stored
and easily referenced by simply searching by
the patients unique ID. Moreover, the system
provides Primary Health Care Questionnaire
which serves as a basis to predict the possible

1.2 Scope
The system aims to help patients keep a track
of their medicines they need to take, schedule
appointments with reminders and easy access
to medical information and help at the push of
a button.

2. General Description

This system is looking forward to provide user

friendly, real-time interaction between doctors
and their patients, handling appointments,
generating primary case study of patients and
other general necessities. The system has
future expansion plans across the globe.

2.1. Features
The proposed project is designed using
Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySql.
The implementation of project serve users
both as Patients and Doctors (HealthCare
Ease and handy to retrieve information as
per requirement.
It has capacity of storing huge data. It
maintains history of all the registered
patients. Thus, reduces paper work.
It has a user friendly interface to interact
with the users (patients and doctors).

3. Requirement Analysis

3.1. Functional Requirements

1. Patients
Register : Patients will enter the information
required and login ID and password.
Login : Patients will be logged in after
Disease Prediction : Patient can fill
Questionnaire and predict if they have any
disease and its name.
Appointment Scheduling : Patients will be
showed different hospital according to the
predicted disease and they can book
Upload Previous Records : Patients can
upload previous medical test records to be
viewed by the doctors.
Diet Plan & Fitness Routine : These features
are optional and can be used for improving
their health.

2. Doctors
Register : Doctor will enter their
qualification and all the required documents
need to be uploaded for registration.
Login : Doctors will login using login ID and
View Appointment : Doctors can view their
appointments scheduled for the day.
View Patient History : Doctors can view
patients history if the patient has uploaded
their documents prior.
View Distant Patients : Doctors can connect
with patients abroad if the situation

3.2. Non Functional Requirements

1. Performance Requirements
The system will be functional 24x7 of there is
any emergency case.

2. Safety Requirements
The doctors as well as patients using this
system will be verified from the hospital. The
data will be encrypted.

3. Reliability
The system is highly reliable and fast.
4. GUI
The system has a simple and user friendly GUI for
the users.

5. Efficiency
Unnecessary data will not be transmitted on the
network and database server will be properly

4. Operational Requirements

4.1. External Interface Requirements

4.1.1. Hardware Interfaces

Intel Core I3 or above (X64)
2GB RAM (min)
LCD/LED monitor with resolution 1280x720

4.1.2. Software Interfaces

Operating System : any operating system
Web Technologies : HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
PHP, MySql
Web Server : Apache

4.1.3. Communication Interface

The system shall have an Internet
Users shall be able to use a web browser.
Therefore, both the system and devices
shall use common networking protocol.
This could be a wired connection or
optionally a wireless connection.
5. Reference