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10 Tips for better email


Before sending your email

using your companys font SHOUTING. For emphasis, use asterisks * or bold
standards formatting to emphasize important words.

Theme Font

Font Style Do not use a lot of colour or images as not

Font size everyone's e-mail program can display them.

Font Colour

Before sending your emails Use CC for those who only

always do a spell check. need to be kept informed/
in the loop. Emails are considered
It is very important you to be company
check for any spelling and Its best to avoid using the property and can be
grammar errors as this will BBC field option as the retrieved, examined
reflect your companys recipient can easily click and used in a court of
image. reply all or forward the law.
message. Then everyone
will know youve BBCd Remember that all
them. emails can be
Avoid using acronyms in forwarded on
your emails. without your
BTW (By the Way) knowledge. They
FYI (For your can even be sent to
information) Only send group emails the person(s) you
OBO (Our best offer) when it is useful to all
recipients. are talking about.
LOL (Laugh out loud)
Only use reply all if you Always keep your
have something to add or emails professional
need to respond to the to avoid
There is nothing more email. embarrassment
frustrating than having to
read an email that is twice Do not reply all to say and conflict.
as long as necessary. noted
Just reply to the sender
only. Include your contact
details at the end of
the email

Keep emails brief and to the Try to limit emails to one Summarize long
subject per email discussions by
point. highlighting/bullet
whenever possible. point key points.
Make sure you write an using your companys
appropriate and relevant signature format and logo.
subject for your email in Include your full name,
the subject field. contact numbers including
fax, company name,
Use a subject line that can website, mailing address
be easily traced in the
and social media links.
inbox when searching for
an email.