00 AUGUST 2008 DEMAND THE BEST AND COMPASSION PAGE 4 Because love is part of our evolution, Catherine Roberts offers us a stor y of affection to involve us in a reflection on the standard of a loving relatio nship. The PMT TRANSMUTATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS PAGE 6 Where to reflect on life, finding repeated patterns of events that depart from t he essence, can use the Diamond Water and PMT to awaken a new awareness. WITHOUT VEIL PAGE 5 ISIS Quantum BIOFEEDBACK THERAPIES PAGE 8 ! Belly dancing is revealed to us by Cléia Aeby in all its sacredness. Join us on a journey to the history of this art and its symbolic universe and energetic. Recent techniques represent a sophisticated way of looking at health, stress, an d correcting disorders, applying new methods based on quantum physics. There is a time for everything ... €Today, Ascent Magazine chose to be born! Editorial It is now. We feel it in our hearts. It's time. Born. The moment. We share the purpose that unites us: the Ascension. We believe that every human being has within it the potential to evolve in its entirety. Ascender is to rediscover the unity of our being and re-integrarmo us with all parties that belong to us. The time is now! Marta Silva - Rise of the Magazine Publisher CONTENTS Report Who We Are? Affects Demanding Better Compassion and Personal Evolution Is is Unveiled: The Sacred Art of the Goddess PMT, Transmutation of Consciousness W hat is Quantum Biofeedback Therapy? The Five Elements Oriental Wisdom Tips New E arth LifeWave Hidrolinfa Delights the Senses Portuguese Kale Soup with Eggplant Gratin with deLegumes Brownies Mediterranean Community Skills Wanted Tuning ... Channeling of Archangel Michael Crystal Holiday Invitations: All My Life So Shor t Vacation ... Thought of the month PAGE 3 PAGE 4 PAGE 5 PAGE 6 PAGE 8 PAGE 9 PAGE 11 PAGE 13 PAGE 14 Technical Editor: Marta Silva Designer: Majda Machraa Creative: Bilal Machraa He adquarters: Rua Luís Piçarra No 12 Apartamento1 º B 1750-101 Lisboa Tel: 916 310 318 E-Mail: Subscribe lisboa@terracristal.com: l http://groups.google.com/gr oup / journal-ascent

PAGE 15 PAGE 16 PAGE 17 PAGE 18 REPORT Team Earth Crystal Lisbon. Who Are We? ... Majda am, I have 24 years. I'ma therapist and operator of Multidimensional PMT. I have a dream that all people can awaken the divine power within them to heal u p and make all your dreams. Through therapy, "Coatching" paraamaterializa ection , and transmutation of the memories we collaborate with people in the manifestat ion of the New Earth. The center was born of the team through the Ter ra Crystal therapists who agreed to the heart making it an area of welfare and service des igned to involve all the energy of the Earth Crystal. Bilal I am 25 years. Te am peutic orientation and Multidimensional Operator PMT and is in therapy is that my goal is to use my love to help everyone to rediscov er themselves, to listen to your heart to be able to assume his position as Crea tor God in the here and now . I'm Marta. I have 26 years. I am in the Administrative Centre Earth Crystal Lisb on. My purpose in life is to grow with others in an environment of love and peac e. Here, I found this space. As the prince said the most important things in life are not perceptible to the eye, are only felt by heart. My dream is that everyone can feel things more Our role at the center is multiimportantes of life. faceted, therapists, operators o f PMT, students, teachers and organizers of events and this flexibility allows u s to further progress every day on the path of light. In the Central Land Crystal Lisbon you can find various activities such as class es and therapy practices multidimensional care of various therapies, meditations and workshops. 3 AFFECTING Catarina Rodrigues. Head of Centre Earth Crystal Faro. Last Sunday I received a call to go to the beach and the Beings of Light guided me to meet a friend. She had just had a fight with her husband and son for four years had witnessed. I spent the day with them and, in addition to the immense f un, we talked about what happened. She was determined to demand the best for the ir relationship and needed quickly for a change. With a new job at the door that her husband needed to ensure availability to have a more Demanding Better and Compassion healthy with the child during the day (since the husband as an artist, only work ed in the evenings), so it does not suffer with the change. Throughout the day, my impulse was to agree with her because as she was changing to a healthier life ,€was normal that his love relationship and family followed the same path. But s omething happened that we were not expecting. The water self-caravan was over. A ctually, who ever filled the water tank and dumped the sewage was the husband. T o come out with self-caravan had to make the solar panel that was on the roof an d stairs access not descended to below. In addition, because the water was over the engine of water had been sealed. My friend felt neglected by her husband doe s not appear to solve the problems, however, she had been telling her to leave t he auto-caravan and never come back.

afternoon, I climbed to the roof to make the panel because I am lighter. And did you company to fill the water tank and leaking sewage. My friend marveled at th e possibility of being more autonomous and each task that was felt more capable and less upset with him for not showing up to help. In the evening, he tried to suck water into the engine unshoe water but failed. Committed, then, to observe well what her husband did not have to depend more on that aspect of it. Before d inner we took the angels oracle cards and discovered the letter of Compassion to resolve her situation. Needed more compassion for her husband. He was not going through the same need for change. However, she said he was changing, but at a s lower pace. So he was doing the best I could and realized that she was demanding more of it. When he came home from work earlier than usual, promptly resolved t he matter of the engine water and went to bed early. The last finding was in the air. When I got home I realized that the requirements to improve a relationship , often depend on who is changing. The person who is changing is that you have t o improve the relationship. It to be so dependent on her husband exerted much pr essure on the relationship, making up things from getting worse. It was necessar y for her to change, to be more autonomous in order to improve their relationshi p and be happier there. I gave her support in her attempt to solve the problems alone. I went to buy wat er do not know if she got her husband to change bottles, which allowed us to lun ch. More but the truth is I had with him today in his new job and everything see med fine! 4 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Cléia Aeby. Teacher of Belly Dance Therapy. Are infinite paths to the self to the divine energy to manifest. Without the kno wledge and self-realization, and his presence, each day brings no ritual could t ake place. new techniques, or the priests took to dancing, shrouded by a veil kn owledge and retiráantigos rescued him, and showed that the mystery would be reve aled to our set, bringing light and modern life dandosabedoria. The priestesses in major sought an integration possibilities with the universe, choice. feeling God in his being regarded as a whole in all living beings. Therefore, the most a ncient arts, dance is performed movements that represent them also, one of the m ost enjoyable. animals and their divine aspects, so it is a celebration dance, d ance is language. as the four elements of nature and its language that goes beyo nd words, it is the deities. Feeling the cosmic harmony, expression of feelings, thoughts and emotions reached a state of profound ecstasy. through the body. Th e wave motion done with the belly The belly dance is strictly a road represented the moment of birth and stay with the female, where the sensuous and the transc endental is discovered belly served to absorb the energy meet. It is aimed at al l women of the sun, responsible for the generation of life. who wish to discover and use the power that is with constant practice of this sacred art, they still repressed and hidden in the background expanded their intuition, perception and development of the female soul. Women who want the powers to evolve spiritually . develop self-confidence, the pleasure of being a woman and allow her Goddess t o be reborn and live the teachings of Sacred Dance were transmitted from generat ion to generation until the fall fully into your body. the Egyptian Empire, when it lost its sacred Belly dancing has its origins in the original content and ha s received influences from other ancient Egypt and was practiced by the priestes ses people you have added other rhythms and during rituals in the temples in rev erence to the movements. gods, tickling them, revering them and the belly dance is tied to the rite of fertility and asking them protection. symbolizes the esse nce of creation, where he thanked While the priests were preparing the ceremony and the miracle of life.€More than movements performed the ritual, the priests, because of their sensual, belly dancing is a dance with nature and receptive fem ale, were the elements, a waltz with precious heaven and earth, responsible for opening a channel to the the fire, and air. spiritual plane, through song and da nce, and Lecture Course in September - 5 link

Isis Unveiled: The Sacred Art of the Goddess PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Bilal Machraa. Operator PMT. PMT Transmutation of Consciousness Have stopped to do the "WATER DIAMOND is part of a WHAT? balance of your life .. .? plan for the awakening of our consciousness. They asked me to at the Tr - sed euma Have you noticed how there is available as a love offering. water whose con science umarepeti ction onos This offer compensate for your own vibrates in the 5th dimension. events? ... efforts to understand you yourself, 'This water could be like what the mirror of life has called "the water looks like everything is cyclical and you." new land "or that we' Joël Ducatillon" New Jerusalem "even .. .. and is a simple and effective way we could harmonize as is mentioned in bibli cal texts (Revelation Chapter 22, Line 1 and 2). the repetitive patterns of our lives? ... This water became alive and intelligent, and if we could finally open my eyes and empowering, so much love to be aware of what is happening and the i ntent issued by its users. She is "why" we are still repeating old patterns umaa judapreciosanotra balhode? ... deprogramming of cellular memories If we could fi nally be in communion thus facilitating the ascension process and life and all t he people around us? ã oconsciencialdosseres human expansion. Diamond Water ... and PMT are two tools given to humanity to achieve more smoothly this fullness o f heart. I invite all those who feel in their hearts the call to try this new co nsciousness. WHICH IS YOUR END? When you verbalize the intention of obtaining relief, welfare or troubleshooting , you can save this intention in DIAMOND WATER. When drinking the water directly associated with the intention verbalized memory opposite retained in the subcon scious (the body cells). This activity increases, while the two opposite poles u ntil they can vibrate at a much higher frequency. This induces a neutralizing en ergy that transforms and resolves the conflict. 6 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Continuation PMT Pyramidal Memories Transmutation With guidance from your guides Joël Ducatillon created a technique of transmutat ion of our memories at the cellular level. This is a technology that allows tran smute memories chosen by the soul. The session is done with the help of DNA enco ding 850 that were potentiated by the introduction of over 10,000 codes. These e ncoders create around a person's etheric pyramid transmutation. This pyramid per mite el eva r, l see noni quantum, the different energy bodies to a higher octa ve for the 5D. At the beginning of service, is the soul of who receives the sess ion that makes the selection of memories to transmute. During the session, will join the two polarities associated with those memories and "neutralize the equat ion." Go get the positive polarity associated with the situation (in memories th at did well and I did well in certain circumstances) and negative polarity (eg m emories that I was violent and did not forgive) and joins the two for the transc end and ascend to something higher . The aim of this technique is not to erase the memory. If the memories were erase d all that we have experienced longer had any value because ceased to exist. Wit h the PMT, the experience of this situation remains in the memory of our soul, b ut we experience it in the 5D - where everything is One and there is no good or evil, or right and wrong - not in 3D where we live or the duality the "law" of " here if they do, they pay here." In 5D we see things that happen to us in a diff

erent way, since it is not so much to forgive, but to realize that We Are All On e, and that what we design to reality, is it that others also need to transmute their own memories. The transmutation of our memories allows us mainly rediscove r our true identity and our role in life. Centered, aligned, and transmuted, we stop feeding aggregations of dense energies that exist around the earth, thus fa cilitating our personal ascension, the ascension process on earth. www.pmt-portu gal.com 7 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT What is quantum biofeedback therapy? Candida and Jorge Miguel Loureiro. Biofeedback Technicians ! All matter is energy E = m ° C2. Therapies emerge melanomas. quantum with ener gy related matters. As an example of benefit to health quantum © can be noted th at the precursors of vitamin D (eg ergosterol) are converted to vitamin Let's st art by talking about mechanical / physical D in the skin, when exposed to the sa me quantum. Quantum physics is the study of UV radiation. Vitamin D is essential in the particles of molecular dimensions, atomic, and growth and the formation of bones and teeth. sub-atomic, their interaction, interference, lines and elect romagnetic radiation. AA vision and light absorption by each cell of the electro magnetic radiation is always present retina need to explain quantum physics in o ur day to day and may be classified in the process. The brain, neuro-transmitter s and according to their frequency and radio wave their release are phenomena th at tend to be fm, infrared radiation, visible light, understood when explained b y the ultraviolet physics, etc.. These quantum phenomena that occur. Concepts li ke meridians on a microscopic scale are manifested acupuncture, homeopathy, chak ras, although also the macroscopic level. existed for thousands of years, only b egan to be truly understood when theories that led to this new branch of science explained by the new quantum. science was one of the most relevant facts of the twentieth century - without them it would be impossible to plan Each cell eleme nt, organ or meridian equipment of our everyday life as it has a characteristic pattern, unique and remote control television, pen-drive player, inseparable: th e its electromagnetic frequency. dvd's, micro-computers, electromagnetic resonan ce balance is associated with a magnetic, etc.. healthy state. When there are ch anges in these frequencies, the cells are "forgotten" These new ideas began to b e its lineup, starting to act applied in the health field, based on the misleadi ng ways, so health standards not conceitoque mu itasmanifesta ç õ ince have supp ort or "ground" to settle illness originate in imbalances in the body. energy. A n example of interference energy is the explanation for skin cancer; The SCIO op erates on this process of re-balancing, the UV rays alter the structure of cells through the mechanism of natural bio-resonance, breaking the DNA chain. Helping cells to reinstall the original frequencies in reorganize themselves, with the mutations, are the body, allowing cells to resume play in accordance with the pr ovision of its normal operation as soon as their status "new" DNA. Much of the t ime there is not healthy. consequences because our mechanisms for self-defense w ww.quanticamente.com fix the deficiencies, in some cases ! 8 ORIENTAL WISDOM Olga Kazmina. Technique Naturopathy. Observation of the Universe and Taoist meditation allowed to create a theory exp laining structure, interaction and balance between different parts of which the universe is composed. Characteristics of dynamic concepts, or units and relation

s between them are presented in the theory of Five Elements. The Five Elements destroys fire, fire destroys metal, metal destroys wood. Besides these there are two cycles, whose movement is accomplished by the same figures, but in reverse: they are forces of control and neglect. • In the cycle of control timber does not ensure According to this model, the Li fe Force is born, the production capacity of fire, the fire becomes and not just through the interaction ensures the ability of five elements - fire, earth prod uction; Earth, Metal, Water and Earth does not ensure the Wood - when every abil ity on your part there is a production of metal, the metal during the transforma tion does not ensure the Yang force and its capacity for union with the strength Yin. water production, and other philosophical systems water does not former we re based on only ensures the four elements. In this system the ability to air en ters the production concept of the fire because the wood. Fire does not burn wit hout Ar • In the cycle of neglect The elements are presented on a wooden wheel l ost the ability to destroy the transformation and have various types of land, th e land has lost the ability to destroy the interaction. This force, driven by th e water towards the sun, the water lost the ability to destroy you and the penta gon is called a production cycle and fire, the fire lost the ability to destroy the force. Moved by the same sense, but for the metal;€and the metal has lost th e ability to destroy the star or pentagon, called cycle of wood. inhibition. The imbalance between the forces causes • In the production cycle (生 Sheng) is woo d or disease problems. Imagine that the force produces fire, fire produces earth , earth to wood production is excessive, then the Fire produces metal, metal pro duces water, water is also very strong. If the strength of wood is to produce wo od. weak Fire is also weak. Superficially • In the cycle of destruction (克 Ke), the wood will observe the demonstration at the Fire element, when the main reas on is because it destroys the earth, earth destroys water, water Madeira. 9 ORIENTAL WISDOM Continuation Likewise we reason-cycle inhibition. For example inhibits the Water Fire. If the water is strong, the Fire does not burn. If the water is low and the wood is to o dry, the fire is very strong and the cause of this is the state of water. In m ost cases of chronic diseases, the cause of the disease is not the organ that is ill, but the chronic change of the current bioenergy, the imbalance of forces, the lack or excess energy productive or destructive, abuse or neglect of interac tion between these forces and energies. earth, the meridian of the lungs and associated organs (skin, nose) are the elem ent metal, the kidney meridian and associated organs (bones, ears) are water ele ment. This classification is followed in diagnosing and adjusting the balance of the body. We must take into account that, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) , in the MTC, each element are also connected bodies are not simply anatomical o rgans emotions, a voice sound, a smell, we understand in a Western medicine, but direction, a food, flavor, etc.. refer, in fact, the energies, phases, systems, which are called the meridian and are associated with all types of interactions may be an element. The liver meridian and organs classified, evaluated and impr oved at the base of associates (the tendons, eyes) are the element theory five e lements: health, character, choice of wood, the heart meridian and organs right job, happiness family, household members (the blood vessels, tongue) are welcomi ng, business, money, choice of animal, fire element, the spleen meridian and org ans miracles in life! associates (the muscles, the mouth) are the element Crystal Network

A Tool Of Light-Help all lines to give the physical availability of energy in supporting people to se nd requests through our network Cristal. - The role of volunteers is to express the intention to provide your body energy and let them work through an agreed da te (eg one day a week or a day for every two weeks ...) The form is very simple, just think once "I'm here and available now to assist in Permanency Network Cri stal." - During this time, you do not need any kind of concentration or preview, just send the intention of letting this energy flow naturally, so the volunteer can be cooking, ironing, working and living your life normally during the his " turn" of permanence. - You can pass through the crystal network applications for energy aid, for that go to www.redecristal.com menu and click the REQUEST, then simply enter the nam e of the person, being or situation that needs help, date of birth, city of resi dence and purpose of the request. If you have access to all of this information or it is an event, just pass the request on what you know. - These requests will be forwarded by the Master Adama connection with the earthly city intra-Lys-Fat ima to be assessed and treated according to the karmic assessment of the person. - In this network, they can volunteer to be all hearts and goodwill of 10 thera pists TIPS OF THE NEW EARTH Bilal Machraa. Manager LifeWave. The Light the service of his way! ADHESIVES FOR WELFARE LIFEWAVE Friends! In this period of global change, transformation and renewal, we are ple ased to share with you this information that may help in your process of well-be ing and benefit around you, friends and family. These are stickers vibrational c ompany "LifeWave" (Wave of Life). These stickers are a revolutionary new technol ogy for the welfare of mankind. They have the ability to follow the luminous bod y in its process of purification, transformation and boosting your vibrational l evel. These stickers will allow you to sleep very deeply, and agree to have a be autiful energy that lasts all day. With passing of the days and weeks of sleep q uality wins.€Could more easily remember your dreams and their most obvious meani ng. Gradually, the dreams become clearer, more luminous. Its meditative states a re increasingly deeper. I advise the use of adhesives by its effects deeply rege nerators. In an hour's use of adhesives "Gentle Nights" noticed an increase of 5 0% of delta waves, which are the waves of said restful sleep paradoxical sleep. They also increase the rate of serotonin and melatonin during sleep, which are c alled hormones welfare. The adhesives are devices that reflect the natural light (infrared) of the body back into the body in specific places (Acupuncture points), amplify it. ADHESIVE S FOR CONTROL OF APPETITE This reflection of light, harmonizes the polarity SP6 energy of freeing the meridians Stimulating the acupuncture points "Chi", the vi tal force. appropriate, this adhesive balances the meridian are non-transdermal patches, ie, there is the stomach, gives energy, creates a feeling of products e ntering the body. Work satiety, reduces appetite and gluttony. simply reflecting light waves The SP6 also has a regulatory effect emanating from the body thereb y helping the hypothalamus gland in leveraging increased several areas: control over our emotions and increases our self-esteem. ADHESIVES OF peaceful sleep This adhesive is a wonderful aid in weight loss process SILENT NIGHT. To redisco ver your natural sleep (REM sleep). 11

TIPS OF THE NEW EARTH Continuation ADHESIVES ANTI-PAIN ICEWAVE energy. Rapidly relieve all sorts of pains: headaches, back pain, sinusitis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, inflammation, sprains, spasms, tendonitis, contusions, rheumatism , and others. This adhesive wonderful way to relieve the pain almost instantly a nd naturally. It is a powerful way to relieve the pain without resorting to chem icals or drugs. ADHESIVES "WHY AGE? Y-AGE Unleash the power of rejuvenation within your body. Will quickly slow your aging process and re-discover your skin a beautiful skin, smooth, silky and luminous. Rejuvenate naturally using the LifeWave patch "Why Aging?" Your body will recei ve information for ADHESIVES ENERGY rejuvenate itself. ENERGY ENHANCER Adhesives rejuvenation Release streamline the movement of "Chi" or life-wave on your immu ne system, increase production and body. collagen, increase the rate of anti-oxi dants will have more energy to carry out its tasks through the production of Glu tathione and Carnosine. day-to-day. In life and sport will increase your intelle ctual capabilities, without absorbing any chemicals or already exists a website entirely in Portuguese doping. in order to know better This adhesive stickers ha rmonizing lifewave take a espreitadinha in energy flow www.lifewave.com.pt male and female (yin and yang) powering a greater well-being both physical and 12 TIPS OF THE NEW EARTH "A true miracle machine" Hidrolinfa Maggie Oliveira set foot soak in the apparatus that fight all evils. The creator s of this system, which follows the line of traditional lymph drainage, stress t hat the name is not pretty, but enters the ear. Hi-machine does not cure, but re lief of more than 20 drolinfa. If the repeat is sometimes almost say they are mo re symptoms than proven. to sound good. Let's face it. "Hi-dro-fa-lin." Plus "Th ere is much demand to eliminate cellulite, Attention than an electrical device t hat promises tinue menstrual pain and to stop smoking. do away with any and all ailments. In con-A machine results with all these examples and counterparties, o nly requires 30 minutes of attention, both men and women have to relieve himself over ten sessions, and bare feet. the Hidrolinfa, "says Helena Infante. Helena Prince, owner of Skin Spa of Love, can not stop to praise the unit and ensures t hat the results leave no one with his mouth open. "This treatment is very innova tive and, ultimately, reinforces the bioenergetic balance of the body." Confused ? It's simple: stress and other factors introduce toxins in the body that cause the electrical imbalance between the cells. In placing the feet for 30 minutes i n water, this movement is triggered, cells and nerve centers are stimulated and toxins are released through the water that is ionized. As is known, at the foot there in 2000 near pores, with links to all the organs of the body. "After treat ment, the water always throws an unpleasant smell and get a specific color, depe nding on the toxins that were released.€If the customer has liver problems, the water is a color, if your kidneys, since it is another. "In fact, little or noth ing remains to treat the list of diseases that might have a solution in this app

aratus. "Those who have high triglycerides, is to control them automatically, be cause all the water out," says Ana, one of the techniques of service. The same h appens with other substances in excess, such as iron, copper, cholesterol and gl ucose. Hence the Hidrolinfa is also suitable for diabetics. "The treatment allow s for a gradual recovery of the welfare and relieve various symptoms such as mus cle aches, headaches, digestive problems, allergies or even related to menopause ," lists the owner of this spa. But do not stop there, because the sessions cont ribute to the disappearance of stress, anxiety and depression. There seems no escaping that same evil, so that even sexual problems this machin e is designed to help. Enough for further explanation because the presentations made, it is best to try and even put your feet soaked. Good news: although we ar e talking about water and electriciTodos these details are accompanied tion of j oints, the manufacturer guarantees that there is close to the techniques that we re trained es-no danger of electrocution, since cific and counseling, for exampl e , which is running low. drink water 15 minutes before the start of the Article in the Section "In Shape" - Time Out Lisbon meeting and the making of 15 minute s of rest after treatment. www.hidrolinfa.terracristal.com 13 DELIGHTS THE SENSES Recipes. Majda Machraa. Portuguese Kale Soup €salt €tablespoon €1 carrots €4 onions €2 liters €potatoes of water €Cabbage 62.51 Ingredients:of olive oil Q.B. 1. Put to bake in 3 gL eva - seest water potatoes, mashed carrots on the stove a nd when to raise and onions, peeled and cut into boil, add to cabbage. pieces wi th olive oil and salt. 4. Let it cook for 15 2. Once the potatoes, carrots minut es. Correcting the salt and and onions are cooked, serve it hot. pass by the mag ic wand. €spices potatoes €tablespoons €package(salt, €onions 1soy €cauliflower olive cheese €1 auberginesmilk 3oil oregano ...) 4. Depending on tastes, €2 courgettes6 Ingredients: 2 pepper, Q.B package medium shredded 1. Cut all the vegetables with seasoning between each layer with skin into thin slices and separate salt, pepper and oregano. little flowers of cauliflower. 5. Finish by sprinkling everything with a layer of grated cheese and 2. Then fry li ghtly pour the soy milk to cover the eggplant slices in olive oil and vegetables . salt to taste. 6. Cover the pan with a sheet 3. Once that eggplant won aluminu m and place in oven to taste, put into the tray 180 º C for about 45 minutes in the oven the vegetables in layers, leaving the grating in the top starting with a layer of the last 15 minutes. potatoes, one eggplant, one of courgette, one of cauliflower and finish with an onion. Eggplant Gratin with deLegumes Brownies Mediterranean Ingredients: €200g €4 €1 €2 €1.5 1.5 2. Mix the flour, cocoa, sugar, 4. Cook for 25 minutes and making vanilla sugar in the oven. a well, add the eggs and remove, allow to stand oil. Whisk until co mpletely for 10 minutes before dough is smooth. unmold it. 1. Preheat oven to 18 0 º C. Incorporate Butter a chocolate party and put the bits and pieces too nuts to papelvegetalnofundo 14 cups cake flour cups of cocoa powder cups sugar sachet of vanilla sugar eggs, li ghtly beaten cup of oil for cooking chocolate nuts letting you exceed the edges of the form.

3.E spalhar this is prepared in m and smooth the top. COMMUNITY OF POWERS Marta Silva. Editor of the Ascension. As much as we are scattered from each other, we will always be part of a communi ty. It is this concept that we intend to recover, specifically the sharing of re sources. We are interested in bringing together people with different vocations and skills for the purpose of later, they are placed at the service of others, a delivery that is intended to be the heart and sharing. Thus, we appeal to those who wish to participate in this "Community Skills" to send the following inform ation to the e-mail lisboa@terracristal.com or coming into contact with the Admi nistration of the Earth Crystal Lisbon via the number 916 310 318:

- First and Last Name: - Email: - Mobile: - Jurisdiction (s) that offers (for ex ample - paint walls; translation from Portuguese to French): - Availability (eg - Saturday morning,€between 10am and 12pm, Thursday afternoon, between 18h and 1 9h): - Jurisdiction (s) that calls (for example, if you need someone to make cha nges in your home on a Sunday afternoon, the from 15h if you need someone to tak e care of We need you. Listen to our calls. Wanted ... Skills Offered: Earth Crystal's first step in building the "Community Skills." In exchange for t he services we ask below the Earth Crystal is prepared to offer free in their ac tivities and therapies. Skills Requested: - Experience in Photography - Experienced in Web-Design - Translation of texts - Hidrolinfa - Reiki - Multidimensional Therapy - PMT 15 Tuned ... John Carlos toothpick holder. Therapist. Channel Masters. Channeling of Archangel Michael "I am the archangel Michael. My dear, I wanted to make you have two requests. The first relates to the import ance of receiving messages. Before any message reception raise your vibratory ra te. As you know any energy that you receive is in perfect resonance with the vib rational level that ye have in every moment. All information is real and all mes sages produce fruit. It is your responsibility to choose what level of messages you wish to receive. So my request is that in each of your meetings and even whe n they are alone in your home, before placing themselves in a state receptive to receiving messages dimensional rise in frequency, with your firmly rooted on Ea rth, your heart wide open and full of love resonating with the highest vibration

of creation. Me and all your brethren of Light in higher dimensions, with a dee p love and reverence for all of you always desire to contact you and accompany y ou in your mission, your Ascension. Depends exclusively on you activate your abi lity to be vibrationally and dimensionally responsive to listen to us. We need y ou tuned into the correct channel. For this we need to do is always a period of preparation and ascension of your vibrational level and then put themselves to l istening. In the near future, the dimensional level and vibration that will be p ut to receive the messages will rise gradually. It is vital to respect and take with total self-esteem and your confidence and your current state of evolution e ction. Re speiteme assume the role of your group and your meetings, since from t hem are entering the Earth vibrating quality information and n t see many parall els ldimensionalsem present on the planet. Respect that and take this into peace . The command unconditionally your Divinity, your membership and your divine mis sion, the purpose that brought you here at this time. We need you. " Message from Archangel Michael Channeled by John Carlos during the toothpick hol der of GCE July 4, 2005. www.terracristal.com 16 INVITATIONS Catarina Rodrigues. Head of Centre Earth Crystal Faro. Crystal Holidays: All My Life Holiday With facilitators Catarina Rodrigues Jesus Sónia Carina Salvador and other guest s. Tr ê sdiasdecurae profound transformation in our being that is preparing to c arry the holiday spirit to our day-to-day the rest of the year. We at Crystal Ho lidays - "All My Life on Vacation" will be cured and re-structured so that we ca n integrate them again during the day to day. We will be happier and more effect ive! PROGRAM August 22 20h 21h30 Dinner Time Tea Presentation of the facilitators and guests Circle of Trust Embrace Peace Sleep 23.30 August 23 10 am Tour of Energy in Nature Refuse Collection Bath Sea 13h 15h Lunch Multi-activities: Clay Const ruction with Natural Elements or Recyclable - Musical Instruments and Jewelry Sn ack 17h 18h Workshop Healing Voice 20h 21h30 Dinner Time Tea C oncerto I mp ROV isadopelo Heart Fairy Tale Sleeping 23:30 August 24th 10am Beach Walk Energy Yog a Journey to New Earth Share of Te apy Multidimensional Bath Sea 13h 15h Lunch M ulti-activities: Mask Natural Skin Self-Massage Relaxation Self-17h 18h Snack Di sassembly Camp Farewell of the Guests Who does not need all of us, participate! can pay at once or discounts, everyone can talk SUBSCRIPTIONS €938 453 439 Carina Catarina Rodrigues Jesus 969 997 383 €914 Salvador Sonia727 896 BOOKING REGISTRATION PARTICIPATION 70 15 adults - children

Camping Serrão Phone: 282 990 220 E-mail: info@parque-campismoserrao.com Site: w ww.aljezur.net/turismo/ frame-camp_pt.html Who would not want to sleep in the ca mpsite or want to attend only one or two days will have to pay daily intake (5 ) as a visitor to the park! http:// mardeluzcristal.googlepages.com 17 TO SHORT ...

Team Earth Crystal Lisbon. I was shown a harvest of ripe corn ready to be reaped. I heard the words: There is a time for everything. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, accom panies the rhythm of life and is perfectly at peace. Eillen Caddy - Opening the Doors to What We Thought of the month We count on you in the evolution of our own - which could also be his - magazine . This is your area of expression on any subject related to the construction of the New Earth, provided useful information to quotiano applied to new therapies wellness. So, we invite you (a) to write to us at the e-mail lisboa@terracristal .com Participate in His Magazine If you were interested (a) to pass to receive the monthly magazine Ascension, se nd us an email to revista-ascensao-subscribe@googlegroups.com. We await you ... Ask to receive the Ascension