Ebós YOUR Zé Pelintra (BY FATHER ADRIANO DE EXU) (Photo Web) CONTACTS: adrianoexu@gmail.com http://adrianoexu.blogspot.

com This work was taken from the book "Axe of Ze" (written by Father Adriano de Exu) and may not be copied or reproduced according to copyright laws. . OPEN PATHS: - 01 new dish and unused. - Place mashed potatoes in the dish. - P almas white. - 01 piece of white cloth (1 m). - Scent of a rose. - 01 bottle of wine. - 01 plate of rice without salt. - 02 rolls. - 02 bottles of muscat open. - 03 cups. - 01 potato cake cooked with honey and 01 yellow marbles on top (put in pyrex 01 blue). - The applications and the names of those who want to benefit . - Ship the sea. - 01 dish with white beans (cooked and seasoned with garlic, onion and enough ol ive oil). - 01 new spoon. - White rice and no spice. - Putting it all together i n 01 plate with bacon. - 01 liquor soft open. - Gooseberry on glasses. - 01 whit e cloth and towel (1m). - 01 bottle of wine open. - 02 rolls cut into slices. 03 little dishes of cardboard together. - Ship in the open. . OPEN PATHS AND SALES IN GENERAL: Powder gives way. January opened bottle of ru m. Place in a jar. 01 green collar. 01 red ribbon on the neck of the bottle. - Popcorn in a white saucer. - Ship in a areial. . OPEN ROADS, BRING MONEY, PROSPERITY - 01 North roast yam, 21 currencies, 21 of Talisca mariwô (palm leaf), 01 acac White (muffin white corn mixed with water, wrapped in banana leaf), 01 acac red (same as white but with yellow corn flour), palm oil and honey. - Bake the yams in the coals (if you need to shave a little burnt to remove excess). Place in bowl. Burying the stalks and calling mariwô O gun. Do the same with the coins. Place the acacia (one at each end of the yam). Sprinkle with a little palm oil and honey, pinch of salt 01. - Light a red candl e and make your requests to Ogun. - Place this order in the wall beside the port ão.Se the person living in the apartment, put inside your house, behind the door . - After 07 days, and ship under a leafy tree. . CALM PERSON AMADA - 05 potatoes, honey sweet oil, brown sugar, 02 yellow candl es 30 cm. - Cook the potatoes peeled. Once cool put a little honey, olive oil an d sweet brown sugar in a dish washer. Go kneading the potatoes with your hands a nd mix everything. While doing so, think of the loved one. Leave the dough into heart shape. Light the two candles, offer and seek help to Oshun Àpáàrà. . CALM ANYONE: - Prepare a rag doll or dishwasher. - Wash it in tea cherry lanta na, while calling the name of the person 03 times. - Wrap the doll with vine-ofS.Francisco. - In 2001 box that fits the doll, put orange blossom. Put the doll inside. - Make a prayer: "I urge all the evils and nervousness of (name of perso n) stay in this little box. This doll and this string will always taking all the evils and (name of person) be free from all evil and those nightmares, so be it . " - Ship in a ferry or a drawbridge. . A CALM SITUATION: - Talc in a bowl and 02 blue sponges. - Sandalwood powder. Oil and hair pomade. - 01 pratode noodles made in mineral water, with a thick s auce (made with 07 tomatoes). Once up and over it, a tablespoon of olive oil swe et. - 01 piece of sausage. - 01 pemba white hair. - Garnish with olives and bay leaves. - Cover the bowl with 01 m of white cloth. - Sponges and talc should be placed on the side. - 01 head scarf. - Giving and ship to shore.

_________________________________________________. ADOC SOMEONE: 01 small white mug smalti. 01 loop made with white ribbon. 01 comb. Requests in writing and the pencil. Ship in the woods. - Bullets coconut white (oddly). - Pieces of smoking rope (ditto). - Ship in the woods. . FARMERS OR LAND OWNERS THAT NEED HELP: - 02 boxes of cigars with the farm land (or property) inside. - Holding firm on the ground seven cigars. 05 m of thin r ibbon and green. - 01 magnet steel. - 02 bottles of stout and 01 white (golden g litter in one place, in another silver with green sugar). - Guarana 04. - 01 bot tle of pure milk. - 01 pack of cigarros.01 matchbox. - All placed on 01 m of gre en cloth. - 03 green and 01 yellow candles (put them in a dish with honey). - Place the di sh inside a smoker or burner. . SOMEONE OPEN THE GAME (SECRETS, CONFIDENTIAL, ETC): - 01 round table made of w ood or plastic. - A light green cloth with white lace at the edge. - 01 cards to be open on the table (complete), as if there game.€- 01 language paper with pen cil painted pink. - 02 keys. - 02 locks open. - 01 pack of cigarettes minister. - 01 azul.03 ashtray green candles lit. - 01 open bottle of cognac. - 03 cups. 01 notebook. - 01 pen nova.01 pemba blue. - Leave the candles on the table insi de a white plate with honey. - Ship in the woods. . WHAT IF SOMEONE DECIDE: A white towel to be shredded and shredded to isolate. 07 steel keys. 01 doll wrapped in a cloak. Put everything in a box. Place manioc flour, palm oil. Place in a bowl, along with a wooden paddle with a long handle . Sunflower seeds. Geranium flowers. 01 blue ribbon and a white together with th e ends tied. 2001 state flag. 01 coal painted red. 05 guarana and open cups. Per fume "Musk". Basil. Mel. 01 apple in a dish with sugar (leave it dipped well). 2 0 orchids. 01 magnet steel. Dispatching the sea or lake somewhere. . Soften the heart of someone - 01 mature breast. Cut it in half. - Place sugar, the person's name and what you want. - 01 part leave the sea and the other in f resh water with a glass of red wine and a white plate with kisses and roses toge ther. . TRIM JOB: Several feet of kid on a plate. 01 ventarola of tissue paper. Guaran á opened in 2007. 01 sweet squishy in another dish with applications. 07 red mar bles (or any odd number). 01 hominy dish sweetened with honey and cheese. Flour and roasted peanuts. 01 artificial flower. Ship in a spring. . SOMEONE CHANGE OF GENIUS: - Ditto to get a job. . ATTRACT CROWDS - 01 pot lid painted with glitter and filled with coins to the mouth (odd number). - Planting a small tree in a clay pot filled with sand to th e mouth. - Place the pot beside the tree. - Hang notes of all values in the bran ches. - At the mouth of the container which is the tree, put crystal beads of al l colors. - Red flowers, red roses. - Perfume "head made''sprawled in the bowl ( the tree). - In each branch, put a star and a pink ribbon. - 01 bell. - 07 guita r strings in each branch. - Ship the sea in full moon night, asking what you wan t. . ATTRACTING PEOPLE: A thousand men in the shell. Powder gets man (for woman). P erfume mind made up. 01 gerrevian spoon. Cinnamon stick. Cloves. Prepare a perfu me head made with these herbs. . HAVE BEAUTY - 01 glass of milk. - Water cologne. - Water jonquil. - Catanho Pa

ra - move everything into the blender. - Put on a white bottle with blue ribbon and top seed brown skunk (no tie). - Ship at sea. . FARM - 01 deep dish with apricot and honey, along with applications. - In one dish open bottle of wine (which was left three nights in the serene). - To offer the people of the East. - You can eat a piece and ask for peace and joy. The sh ip now testing the sea. - In another place 01 cup glass of alcohol, 03 fruits ap ricot pink with 01 pemba and applications. - Ship at sea (to strengthen). . For peasants: - A dish with honey and powdered union. - 01 pemba rose water sc ent of love with already prepared (01 teaspoon of coffee). - 01 small round mirr or, white tissue paper in the bottom of the dish. 01 and 01 third green color wheel. 01 artificial blue butterfly, perched on the plate. 01 good portion of sugar rose (color). 01 Lily flower. Cover everything w ith a blue cloth (01 m). Ship at sea. . CALL SOMEONE OR PEOPLE CROWD - 01 good amount of sea sand (clean). Mix with gr anulated sugar and several drops (odd number) head of perfume made. - Request th at brings good people while putting the drops. - Put water, honey water of love, a source of water for each ingredient and ask you to bring good people. - Ship on a very busy road. . HAVE CHARM: - 12 white camellias. - China plates large, white and funds (odd n umber). - 03 chuchus cut in half and make a hole in the center (put coconut milk with condensed milk). - 01 pemba shaved white and blue. - Pretty white sugar in the middle of chayote. - 01 white camellia in the middle of each chayote. - 01 bottle of perfume "femme" (head made). - 01 drop scent around each flower and a ribbon tied into a bow on each. - 01 stone brilliant. - 01 yellow key door. - Sh ip the moonlight. . Commanding, ordering, BE THE BOSS. - 07 soldiers alike. - 01 other somewhat hi gher. - 04 white and 03 black beers, all open. - 01 beers with 07 cigars in the neck tied with a red ribbon and a red carnation. - Along with the bottles, place the orders. - Offer to entities that were military officers, for strength, power success at all. - Place a beer in each white carnation with white ribbon. - The beer with the red carnation,€place in 2001 and laurel wreath around seven cigars and a few palms. . Conceive children - 01 blue silk scarf to wrap bowl 01. - 07 white mushrooms, without cutting and fresh. - A bit of sand. - 01 dahlia or chrysanthemum placed in the middle of the bowl into the sand, painted with glitter mixed. - Bury the bowl in the sand and put a few flowers around with mushrooms. - In a new bowl, p ut 01 yellow ribbon and white. - Guarana 01. - 01 condensed milk, with 03 handfu ls of sugar inside. - 01 white and 01 pink orchid. - 01 beads blue crystal, thin to crystallize things, 02 grams of essence of cloves. - 01 pemba called obi sha ved. - Powder pemba. - 01 head made perfume. - 02 magnets of steel. Ship at sea. . IF YOU WANT TO GET THINGS - 01 heart of large wax and painted red. - 01 natura l white orchid. - Accounts red crystal. - 01 new blue pen. - 01 pemba blue. - 01 bottles of port wine. - Save it for awhile and when they get what they want, sh ip with magnet steel and mercury. - 02 handfuls of sea sand in a clay bowl or la rge golden bowl. - Leave to rest and then plants with applications in, 02 handfu ls of birdseed. - If sprout (sunrise), you will get what they want. . MONEY: - In a silver jar put: - Eye of porpoise. - 01 bottle of root beer. - A zougue. - 03 tablespoons of perfume made head inside the jar. - 02 stars tied wi

th ribbons of steel. - 01 colorful starfish. - 01 semi-precious rough stones wit hout being stoned. - 01 mirror in the background. - Place orders. - Also some to ken coins. - 01 magnet steel. - Water rose. - Sea Whelk, snails, silver powder, palm oil and 01 with honey bunch of white grapes. - Around the jar blue silk sca rf 01. - Save for a month at home and then ship at sea. . JOBS: - 01 small hat. - 01 wooden spoon. - 01 bottle of peach liqueur. - 01 m and 01 yellow ribbon of red. Joining the two tapes and give us three tips on mak ing the requests. - Put in the liquor with a spoon tied on the neck of the bottl e of liquor. - Ship at sea. Martini with 12 drops of lemon. Thread 07 white bead s crockery in a nylon cord. Slip over 03 small beads and make a knot. Ask what y ou want. Again take another nó.Tornar making the request. Get a sword of steel. Put everything into the drink. Take a bit (save the entities). Throw a tablespoo n of yellow pemba scraped into the Martini. Dispatching the sea. . CONTROL OR CONQUER (PERSON): - Grease with oil jalapa 2001 piece from the same plant. - Write on a sheet of brown paper the name of the person whom they wish to control or conquer. - Wet the paper on "Oil to win." When drying the paper, i t winded jalapa plant and tie with wire line mauve. . CONSTRUCTION (PROPERTY) 2007 White stones. - In each tie a ribbon in one of seven colors. - Put it in a bowl with a handful of white sand and another of sugar. - 07 white cards. - 01 g reen soap. - 01 bit of sand in 01 l of drinking Cinzano. - Another 01 fistful le ave aside in a bowl with honey. - Put in one corner of the beach and offer JOHN THE BEACH. . LOVE: - Golden Syrup. - In the midst of syrup put white rose and opened in 200 1, 01 spoon of honey, applications, cloves, cinnamon powder, copper powder, 01 a rtificial stone, glass perfume mind made up, 01 starfish, two more roses, and on e along a paper with your name and what does and a little brown sugar, a yellow pemba, 01 key, orange bills. - Everything must be put into a transparent contain er, with 03 drops of quicksilver. - Cap and ship on a lake or ocean. . CREATION OF CHICKENS - 01 chocolate egg with a large hole in the middle where you could spend a seed of obi. - 01 chicken egg yolk. Glitter on the egg yolk (n ot break it). Then put it inside the egg. Also, place golden glitter. - Oil skun k. - 03 drops of almond oil. - Drops of mercury. - Root Herb penny. - Place egg in a corner and whilst the gem stick, asking them to increase egg production in the farm. - Place a flower obi grated thinly. - Cover with a red carnation flower. - Every thing should be placed in a glass, along with applications. For stability, may b e placed a flower of a carnation and always alive. - Ship in a very calm sea. . HEAT IN RELATION: Mel and stone red peanut. Sugar. 01 cup coconut. Chayote wit h two holes in the middle and a red rose. 03 rosebuds in the center. 01 small mi rror. Chopped 01 Carambola, and applications. Sandalwood perfume 01. 01 pemba pe mba a green and pink mixed. Put everything in a clay pot. . LET ADDICTIONS: - 01 wide-mouth glass. - 03 m of green ribbon and red ribbon 0 3.€- Make a braid and pass the honey, asking for everything you want (fixing the mind in healing you want to achieve). - 01 steel chain match at 04 shares. - 20 01 Campari and a soda together. - 01 cup. - 07 sticks to be burned together with the claims that all evil is gone forever. - Ship in running water. . UNDO HEX LOVE: 01 cup coconut milk. 01 pemba white. Essence of a thousand flow ers. 01 liters of white wine. 01 liters of rum. 05 tablespoons of lemon juice Ga lician. 19 drops of honey. 09 bricks of love - love. 09 peanut candies. -

01 cup currants. 01 guarana. 06 white dahlias. 01 silver glass glitter. Banana o il. 01 glass lid. 01 ancient coin (Pataca). Place a white stone. Ship in freshwa ter. . DISCOVER SECRETS: 07 flowers parrot's beak. Put in 01 or 01 l wide-mouth glass with rum. 02 small locks open. 01 two-sided mirror. 07 white crystal beads. 01 small star made of steel. Ship at sea with applications. . SELL SOMETHING THAT IS shelves (HARD): - 07 small pieces of coal. - 07 applica tions with the name of the object (passing in each role of honey bee). - 07 ciga rs. - 06 white and 01 beers champagne. - 01 cup. - 01 key steel. - 07 matchboxes . - 01 m green cloth to cover the floor. - Dispatching at a crossroads in the pa ssage of the crescent moon to full moon. . MAKE A SWEET PERSON: sweet 01 gold thread. 01 bowl mirror. 01 scent of lavende r. Rosemary leaves and an apple (and blue and odd number). 07 small yellow bills and claims. - Put everything together in a wide mouth glass mirror with 01. - Powder sweetne ss. - Ship all at sea. . GET JOBS. - 01 open and brandy in it: star anise, 01 rabbit's foot chain and 0 1 small (too small) steel, 01 pack of needles, dust friendship. - Ship in the wo ods. . FIXING UP IN A PARTICULAR JOB: - 01 dish with rum and requests for firmness an d stability in their work. - Within a bowl with honey, strawberries, granulated sugar pink, natural pink 01, 2001 perfume "mind made up," 02 ventarolas made of tissue paper in pink, white and yellow. - Beside the bowl, cocoa liquor. . PROMOTION IN WORK: - Within 01 l of alcohol put thimbles 03 of glass beads (ye llow, white and silver), gold powder, roots of 03 thousand men, full skirt 02 sh eets 03 sheets of mauve, flower, peas, camellias 2002 pink, 03 small pieces of r osewood in husk or powder. - Beside a perfume made head, 01 magnet steel, champa gne opened in 2001. - Ship the sea. . FORWARD a discarnate: - Put 07 candles on the floor cross-shaped, followed by 07 flowers also cross-shaped. - Beneath the flower which is in the middle of the cross, put the name of the deceased. - Request to St. Augustine to transmit thi s spirit. . CHARM AND ATTRACTING PEOPLE HIGH LINEAGE: - Egg and Swan peahen together. The whites should be beaten in the snow with a silver coin together. Whisk the yolks with honey. Offer money to the Queen of the stars and the people of Cancer and the full moon. - 03 tablespoons granulated sugar - 01 glass of white wine of the mass. - 05 white carnations in a white jug. - Place flowers in a jug White Ange lica on the side and a gentle perfume type flower to flower. - Offering a high p lace in a crystal bowl to God in full moon. . ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS WHO WORKS IN: - 01 or 01 map of the local plant. Paste this map: giranda powder, powder named powder of friendship, harmony powder, 03 drops of honey and put silver glitter on the map. - 03 small blue stars. - 01 n ecklace flower of wonder. - Glass, champagne open, 01 melhoral over the map. - P erfume and sandalwood powder. - Surrounding the map, put to sea with 01 open bot tle of Cinzano. - Offer and make applications to current engineering. . DEBTS OF PEOPLE GET TO BE: - Put in a kapok tree florida, several pieces of fo lded paper with the name of the debtor. - In 02 cups of water put 11 teaspoons o f sugar. - Powder improvement, 01 pinch of powdered iron. Powder friendship. - W hen the papers were opened, the person will pay to the penny.

. HAVE SUCCESS IN THE SEARCH FOR GOLD: - In a gold mine where there are miners, put 01 pounds of sugar. - Iron powder, 01 pinch of gold dust, sandalwood perfume . - Make requests to the mine production has while putting sugar or golden glitt er. - Divine Order of the Cortes that bring success to that place. - Giving 01 b ottle of whiskey and occasionally throw a glass of drink in mine. . Blow MAKE A PERSON THAT IN Importuni: - In a white candle in the center, tie a paper with the name of disaffection with the white line. - Light the candle and place it inside a common transparent glass halfway with water.€- Provide all th e spirits of the enchanted waters. - Leave the glass behind the front door of th e house. - After 03 days dispatches it into a river of flowing water. - Soon the person will move away without being harmed. . STAND TOGETHER WITH PARTICULAR PERSON: - Prepare paper butterflies. - A sevent h, cutting the wing with scissors. - Put this butterfly in the same place, stick ing with honey and guarana. - 02 miniature scissors. - 01 or 01 head scarf and s traw hat with butterflies molasses, corn, bread (in small pieces inside this hat ). - Dispatching instead of dirt and grass with a white handkerchief. . STAY BEAUTIFUL AND ATTRACTIVE: - Cook spinach and artichoke with olive oil and seasoned with fresh parsley. - Place in a dish with applications. - Fill one wi th fish, one with chicken and another with shrimp. - Put up green sauce well sea soned. - All in a bowl with lid. - Ship at sea. . Stay slim: - Over 09 moons waning, pass through the body a fresh steak, asking them to take any unpleasant disenchantment. - This steak with a bottle of rum, 01 cigars, 01 white cloth, one green, one pink, one yellow, one purple, 01 brown , 01 red, 01 dark green, a coin, note 01 01 Real, 01 bottle of perfume Femme opens with ether , and acetone. - Do this ritual for 09 months in 09 moons waning. - Offer and di spatch and a crossroads, asking him to go away the excess fat you have. . TAIWAN TO BE FAMOUS AND (ALSO SERVE TO ATTRACT): - 07 champagnes dressed in sk irts of all colors in nylon. - Place in each one a necklace of flowers. - 01 gre at musk fragrance. - 12 white chrysanthemums with cables submerged in the sand a s they planted. - 02 beers open white, 03 sliced apples with sugar, 02 pearls, 0 1 bottle of rum and currants with water inside (all mixed). - Serve in cups 07. - Offer and dispatch in the sand. . BE RICH - 01 leaf and lime, fennel, bunch of money, a thousand roots (large), leaves of flowers, sunflower seeds, a thousand flowers, a thousand malvarisco le aves, grass fortune. Put it all in a pint of marshmallow. - Herb of fortune. - A ll in one liter of alcohol of 90 degrees with fixative. - Used for bathing. . CREATIONS AND PROTECT THE SITE (ALSO SERVE TO TERREIRO): - On a Wednesday in t he hours of mercury, buy a couple of chickens from Angola. - Giving a bath of wh ite beer in both. Then drop them in the property or yard. - Provide for the King s from the forests and seek to accept the couple as gifts and which ones to coun t chickens, is full of their joy and prosperity for that site, yard or creations . - Save at home? - Ship at sea with the requests? . Won big in the game: - 01 and 01 blue ball of rubber. - Make 03 holes in the c enter of each and fill the current coins, banknotes of a Real (the maximum possi ble), quicksilver, 02 magnets, steel, 01 perfume "mind made up," many flowers as perfect love, purple, 03 yellow roses and 02 red, chocolate candies, candy coco nut. - Write in blue ball what you have in mind. - Offer to entities "invincible

" sea, asking who needs to win and get that jackpot. - Add the balls to open pad locks 02, 2001 champagne, beer 01, 2001 pings (all open). - Ship at sea. . EARN MONEY: - 01 new alarm clock. - Wash with perfume "mind made up" and powde r of friendship. - 01 magnifying mirror on a cellophane paper and a small square box. Also place a bean east, and alarm clock. - Inside a canister a lavender sc ent, a small gold coin, skunk oil, dust production (made with guinea), sandalwoo d, 2001 pemba blue. - Everything should be placed inside a large pot and bring t o the entities of the sea. - Ship at sea. . WINNING IN THE GAME: - 01 sachet furrowed with wide mouth. - 01 root of a sand men. - 01 starfish applications and a white coin. - Tie the bag with a n ribbon and send in a spring. - Rodoquisona gold and green deodorant stick n the sea is in a tide of white foam, offer, forward and ask the pioneering ties of the sea). . WIN GAME IN GAMBLING: - 01 dark green cloth. - 01 chess table with 03 data and 03 ladies. - 01 liters of whiskey, 01 bottles of champagne, 02 packs of cigarettes minister. - In a wid e-mouth glass place 03 magnets of steel, dust attraction, 01 eye of porpoise, 01 eye lobe, sandalwood powder, several natural yellow flowers, lavender perfume, gold dust, silver and copper (01 of each ), iron powder. - Next stop 03 beers, w hite musk perfume 01. - Provide and require the entities that have power and luc k in the game, sending in a lawn (on a Thursday between 14:15 pm or 21:22 pm). . GARIMPO: - In a bowl, put 01 necklace crystal stones and beads green€blue perf ume along with 01 "head Made." - Request that your ideals are held, which have l uck at all, power and success. - Spread the fragrance inside the mine, with a li ttle sugar, 05 drops of honey, 01 little champagne. - Smoking 01 cigarettes. - I nvoking the power of crystals and ask what they want: production work, goodness of miners, buyers honest and kind. - Ship in the woods. . Seamstress (HAVE CREATIVE IDEAS): - 05 drops of mercury thermometers. - 02 egg whites beaten stiff. - When the egg whites are stiff, put 01 white orchid natur al, all within 01 white plate and new. - 01 feather dress in white or blue nylon clear. - 03 real pearls, patchouli scent 01, 01 scoop of cream, powder accompli shment, charm and joy. - 01 cameo white and 01 key small white wax. - Powder wit h 01 silver drop of perfume Green Peace. - Ship in new moon in calm water. . FOR HUNTERS (INDIAN LABOUR): - Buy one kg of tobacco roll at the new moon. - From 01 liters of honey in smoke , along with rum, then save. - When going out to hunt, cut into small pieces 07. - For each piece, tie ribbon 01 blue and red. - 01 matchbox, 01 pack of cigaret tes. - Provide the unlucky couple and their chain, 01 added dash of lemongrass. - Request permission to them to hunt. - Ship in a root, along with a plastic dol l. . FISHING: - When the fishery is in a river: 01 Put bun dipped in palm oil and o live oil (boiled), inside a small hole in the ground (on the river), offering an d asking for permission and protection to the beings of nature live there. - Whe n the fishery is at sea: 07 tablespoons of wine with dinner roll, let it dry. On the sand, offering to the beings that live there, asking permission and protect ion. . CABOCLOS HELP OF THAT ACT IN THE SANDS OF SEA OR RIVERS - 01 plate of flour, a nother oil, 12 cups water to boil, season well. When boiling pour over the flour . - In a bowl knead well. If it becomes hard to add 01 egg. Fry 07 cookies to be placed in 01 pan with a sheet of foolscap, written applications containing the thou gree (whe enti

pencil. This sheet butter. - Ship in the sand (river or sea), giving caboclos wh o work there, along with 03 and 01 guarana beer, all open. Make requests, ask pe rmission and leave. . AID OGUM - 01 yam, palm oil, honey, palm oil palm 01 (mariwô) or coconut, if n ot find the mariwô, 01 white candle. - Bake the yams. Remove the stalks from the leaves of palm oil palm. After cooled yams, stick the stems in all of it, write the name of the person who needs help on a white plate. Place the yams standing on the person's name, put a little honey and palm oil on the stems and yam. Off er and ask what the Ogun want. Place near the gate of the person in need. Should stay for 07 days, after this period be posted under a tree. . LEACH HEX, AND GREAT EYE ENVY (EXU Lonan): - 01 meters of red calico, 01 mediu m bowl, 07 white candles, 01 raw beef steak, 07 coins present, 07 shells open, 0 1 farofa palm with a pinch of salt , 07 lemons, 07 acacia, red, red 07 eggs, 01 obi. - Open the calico, light the candles, pass the bowl on his body and put on top of the cloth. Skip igredientes in the body in the order already described. F inally, open the obi, it leads to the mouth (making requests). Leave the obi upo n ebó. Close calico. - Ship in a busy street, where he has much trade. . AID EXU - flour, palm oil, honey, flour, white corn, liver, heart and breeder of beef, onion, pounded dried shrimp and 01 bowl. - Make a farofa with palm oil, one with honey and water (separately). Make acac white cooking cornmeal in wate r, let the dough and consistent. After placing a piece of banana leaf and roll. Leave to cool. Cut the kids beef into small pieces and put to cook with palm oil , onion, a little salt, shrimp and onion rings. - Place the bowl without mixing in farofas much. Add the fried farofas on kids. Place the Acacias in the center. - Offer and ask for Exu what you want. - Ship in a square quite busy. . PROBLEMS WITH JUSTICE (OR PEOPLE THAT ARE PREY TO BE): - Write the name of thi s person in 21 eggs. Wrap around the police station or prison, calling EXU Tirir i powder and ask what you want. - Prepare an amaranth for 07 children. Clean han ds on the clothes of the person and send in the waterfall. - If the person has n ot yet secured, clean children's hands on the clothes and the person's body.€Aft er that send clothes in the waterfall and take a bath in the waterfall at this p erson. . AID IANS - Onir OYA - 01 pumpkin, 04 ajés, 04 m of red ribbon and white, 01 dy. - Make a hole in a pumpkin and put with ribbons. - Offer and ask the OYA lighting a red candle. shells open, 04 nutmeg, 04 coins, 04 acar calico bag. - Pass the igredientes the bo the igredientes. - Cover the Boborás, tie Onir on top of a hill at 18 or 24 pm, the