CHILD 1. Drawings, coloring pages, activities, crafts, and print or network on b iblical themes. http://www.primeraescuela.

com/themesp/biblia.htm 2. Coloring onl ine. 3. Proposed act ivities of religion for Child as2.asp?materia=442&nombre=Religión 4. Department of Religion. College erain Ika stetxea (Irun). Children's Stage. antil.htm 5. Religious Pedágio Magazine. Very good section of links to the area of religion. Child. listarticles&secid=5 6. Collecting a large set of activities for Children with v ariety of themes. Virtual Group "Working Groups of Teachers of Religion" belongi ng to the CPR in Malaga (Spain). 3/infantil1.msnw 7. Very good site in English. There are different options and a ll are accompanied by a flash presentation and images are very suitable for the level. There is also access to material to levels of Primary, Middle and High Sc hool. 8. Web Stunning Cartagena a professional resour ce with great coloring. This is the link to Christmas resources. ~ http://almez. jgag0003/Navidad.htm 9. Teacher Professional Network of Religion. It belongs to the training platform Teacher Center of Malaga. Large amount of ma terials in the "Documents - Textbooks." Domino Lady (folder "Mary") to evangelic al puppet characters, parables, in "Bible", and others in other folders. http:// 10. Christmas section on the web "the Smurf jump ing." 11. Drawing s of Jesus, David and Goliath ... for children. jesus.htm 12. Coloring pages on Christmas. hila/Truskymochila.htm 13. Stories of Christmas. oren17/la_navidad1.htm # CHRISTMAS 14. And coloring sheets. Guadix page. http:// ~ Camerata / christ / recursos_fichas.htm 15. Page of a group of Catholic businessmen who offer the sale of teaching resources. Very useful webs ite that contains demos. See sections: demos, songs and games. http://www.alencu 16. Coloring Easter, Christmas, Peace ... htt p:// 17. Ed.D. Crafts for Kids. The options are in column on the left. Can be applied to religious content (changing the design , theme, etc.).. 18. More pic tures to color. Click on the sections of the left column in "Celebrations" and " Religion." PRIMARY CLIC Resources 1. In this list are activities click on Lent and Jesus of Nazareth. area=div & language = en & nivell text_titol =* & = & = & text_desc text_aut = & num = 100 2. Click and computer resources in power point for religion classes, in addition to cards, prayers, a theater and some other things. http://www.galeo 3. Irabia school page. Department of Religion. Among ot her activities we can find exercises with Clic 3.0 to review the main contents o f the primary agenda of religion. Some topics are about the sacraments, moral an d commandments 4. Joint activi ties for the area of Primary Religion On the issues: Palestine at the time of Je sus, Jesus of Nazareth, the Bible, the sacraments and the Church. We can find an other set on the great religions and one on the parables of Jesus. http://www.ed 5. Department of Religion. College era in Ikastetxea (Irun). Primary. Among other activities are some in-clicking on th e vestments and objects of the Mass prayers, simple prayers and the church. http :// 6. Here is a series of activ ities that will be very useful for your religion class. yolyceballos/pagina_nueva_4.htm 7. Educational applications of the Colegio Santa Maria del Pilar - Mariano of Zaragoza. Search listing the area of religion. htt p:// 20of% 20clic/Aplicaciones_clic_t xt.htm 8. Activities click. Seek one that deals with the profestas.€CEIP Beatriz Galin do. 9. P age Luis Guerrero Garcia, professor at the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar de S oria. Offers many opportunities to use ICT in the classroom aimed at students of

the third cycle of primary school. A lot of Hot Potatoes exercises done with th e Bible. Select "Religion." 10. Materials created by members of the click Chilean educators. In the last section we found an activit y to the area of religion on the life of Jesus. cl/materiales.HTM?200627 # language 11. Click to primary activities. Look in the section of Catholic Religion. e=visualizaAplicacionWe CLIC application = b & & web = 9 & sid = a7945170a92ba59 cc2f2bafc129c8ae8 12. Three other activities click to the area of Religion. http :// complicat ion = CLIC & web = 9 & sid = da52ca8b3cfe32a2d34bbacdf5e290df 13. Click to prima ry materials. Website of the Diocesan Education Delegation Palencia. You have to click on the "Resources". Powerpoint 1. Resources powerpoint presentations. lla/rebost/intropps.htm 2. A page with interesting powerpoint presentations for elementary and childish. 3. PowerPoint Resources for religion classes, in addition to cards, prayers, a theater and som e other things. 4. Christian Web resou rce. It is a Gospel passage but can take advantage of the presentations and many other resources. 5. G reat cast of powerpoint presentations with a variety of themes. Virtual Group "W orking Groups of Teachers of Religion" belonging to the CPR in Malaga (Spain). h ttp:// 1.msn w 6. "Reflections of Light" is a Catholic site dedicated to the proclamation of the kingdom and carried out by an Augustinian Missionary. In it you will find re sources and materials pastoral service to the Gospel. http://www.reflejosdeluz.n et/Presentaciones/inicial% 20presentaciones.htm 7. Proefesora personal page of a religion. Offers, among other materials, powerpoint presentations on biblical t hemes, religious objects, sacraments ... cursos.htm 8. Powerpoints of topics such as St. Thomas, religious objects, figur es from the Bible, history of Israel. ~ Camerata / christ / recursos_power_educ.htm 9. Powerpoint on the life of Moses. http://es.geociti 10. Religious background mod els for the development of powerpoints. ml 11. Powerpoint with maps and pictures of the era of the Old and New Testament s. Online version. To download 12. Presentations catechet ical and theological issues in PowerPoint. io/magisterio.htm 13. Another great list of powerpoint presentations. Although m any are pastoral can be adapted to classes. ajes.htm 14. List of 40 presentations powerpoint on biblical themes. http://www. 15. Pastoral themed presentations. Great list sorted alphabetically. 16. More than 400 pres entations from all types of themes. You can tailor classes. http://www.mentecrea Other resources 1. Activities for Primary religion. Within each cycle displays a list of subjects, choice of religion. /propuestas.asp 2. Bible Maps for consultation. 03/pagina/mapas/geobiblica.html 3. Computer resources for religion classes, in a ddition to cards, prayers, a theater and some other things. m/clasereli/descarga.htm 4. Venezuelan page on the Missionary Childhood. Drawing s in black and white print, comic books on biblical texts according to the litur gical season in black and color, material related to the different liturgical se asons, Stations of the Cross and Rosary, material on the Eucharist. http://www.i 5. Religious Pedágio Magazine. Very good section of links to the area of religion. Primary. e=Sections&op=listarticles&secid=3 6. Site map of all e-Catholic resources. http :// 7. Software and games to download to your computer.€This site is evangelical but can use some of the resources we of

fer. 8. Web practice of Catholic religion teacher. Materials and resources for teachers of religion. ~ h ttp:// jgag0003 / 9. Religion Page of Chilean teachers. It o ffers tiered planning school religious instruction and activities. We even found evidence of evaluation. 10. Child Bible online with images alluding to the biblical text. el/index.php?bibel_showpictures=1&bibel_language = 001 & bibel_chapter bibel_zoo m = 35 & = & action = view & change_language = 001 11. Anyone who knows a little English may find interesting activities in this web evangelist. Bingo, board ga mes, coloring, etc. 12. Cla ssic Home CNICE (Ten-Year Education and Science Ministry) with activities concer ning the Bible. From this page you will have access to all the biblical material . lia/a ntiguo / home / contenidos.htm 13. Teacher Professional Network of Religio n. It belongs to the training platform Teacher Center of Malaga. Large amount of materials in the "Documents" 14. Web mat erial on values, hobbies, Old and New Testament and some more. http://www.educa. 15. Resources for the kind of religion: p ps, click subjects ... Resources ESO CLIC 1. Materials for religion class. Personal Page of José Luis P eña. CLIC-based exercises to take place online in the "classroom materials." In the "Resources" can be downloaded. lclases/materialclase.htm 2. Materials click ESO, among others. Also offered for primary. Website of the Diocesan Education Delegation Palencia. You have to cli ck on the "Resources". 3. Department of Religion. Coll ege erain Ikastetxea (Irun). Secondary. Among other activities, click on find so me in the Church, Scripture, revelation, original sin, Jesus Christ, the Bible, Educational units. 4. Activities about the major religions plus more. Department of Religion at IES La s Lomas, Alicante. 5. P acket addressed to the second year of secondary work which the great world relig ions, beliefs, geographical location, symbols, rituals, sacred texts, customs .. . 6. Package with activities on vocab ulary related to the popular elements of the celebration of Christmas in July ht tp:// Anglo cultures. Online activities based on different themes HotPotatoes curriculum. IES Pedro Espinosa (Antequera). htt p:// 8. Activities ab out Lent. CEIP Juan Carlos I (Jaén) d=3255 9. Activities click HotPotatoes jclic and teacher of religion. Teacher Pr ofessional Network of Religion. Direct Link: e/document/document.php?cidReq=REDRELCA TOL & curdirpath =% 2FMateriales_Didacti cos% 2FActividades_clic% 2C_jclic% 2C_ HotPotatoes can also enter from the main URL http://redes.cepmalaga .org / courses / REDRELCATOL following paragraphs: Do cuments - Educational Materials - Activities click jclic, HotPotatoes. 10. http: // CLIC applica tion = b & & web = 9 & sid = e2fdaaeac755cf1d0a2562e3f0296425 Activities for pre mium and, within these, a section for religion. Click Portal of the Ministry of Education of the Region of Murcia 11. Click royectos/proyectos.html Department of the Government of Aragon. 12. Click on Chi le: 13. Activities to educate in solidarity. 1 4. CPR Activities Ná jera (La Rioja) 15. College Ir abia. Powerpoint 1. On this page you can download PowerPoint presentations on biblical content an d Chief ESO first year of high school. SM part. sual/index.html 2. Many powerpoint presentations about the church, Jesus Christ, the sacraments,€New Testament and Old Testament. Pastoral Studies for the New E

vangelization. 3. Powerpo int presentations on theology, trinity, Christology, sacraments, moral, social d octrine and ecclesiology. Association study groups today. 08Pres/0000Indice.html 4. Personal page with more than 85 presentations in power point. ~ aballus / index% 205.htm 20esp% 5. Department of Re ligion IES Juan A. Suanzes. Powerpoint presentations prepared by students. http: // 6. Personal Page of J osé Luis Peña. Powerpoint presentations on various topics. http://perso.wanadoo. es/joseluisgpena/recursos/recursos.htm 7. Presentations with a variety of themes and different types of drawings. 8. Department of Religion at Catholic Kings Sádaba IES (Zaragoza). See sections "a ctivities" and "materials." tml 9. IES Corona de Aragon. Section "Notes." .htm 10. High school students work in powerpoint erain. rtamentos/religion/trabaalum03.htm 11. "I tell you." Reflections and educational thoughts. Powerpoint presentations. Catholic and interfaith. http://www.tecuent 12. Great powerpoint presentations topics list on the manuals in the Libra ry of RIALP Theological Introduction. Worth a visit. onent/option, com_remository / Itemid, 49. The same materials we can find also i n 20TEOLOGIA.htm 13. Here you will find a collection of messages and assemblies made in PowerPoint with different messages . They belong to the parish of San Sebastian in Seville. Link "Mounts Powerpoint " 14. Bible Presentations, discussions, fil ms. Sacred Heart school. presentaciones.htm 15. Animations and presentations on the most representative r eligions in the world, Jonah, King David, etc.. Http:// n.php?id_seccion=27 classroom use 16. Work performed by students of the IES Pedr o Espinosa. Webquest 1. Page that provides links to five webquest on the apostles, religious art, sac raments, sacred art and liturgical calendar. Look at course, Religion. http://ww 2. Hunting treasure on Pentecost. http://www.yo YWY2vh 3. Although this i s aimed for primary school webquest can serve as initiation into the use of such teaching resources for secondary education. Topic: the Magi and the Virgin Mary . http:/ / a.htm 4. Raised Webquest for 6th grade, but to be as adjacent to the first cycle of secon dary, why not use it on this cycle?. About people for peace. http://www.colegiop # Task 5. Spies among Christians. Teacher Center Resource and Gijón. 20garcia/Esp% C3% A Das% 20entre% 20los% 20cristianos.htm 6. For Area Catholic Religious and Moral six WebQuests. Within the list are specified in a group for the area of religion. 7. Treasure hunts, an d webquests miniquest. Look at subjects, Religion. 2/procesa_index_tipo.php 8. Webquest on various subjects classified as secondary level. We can find powerpoint presentations and other resources. IES Jesús del Gran Poder. Dos Hermanas. Sevilla. anpoder/catolica 9. Webquest on the sacraments. Instituto Nuestra Señora del Ros ario. Peru. 10. Webquest on Christianity and hum an rights. Department of Religion at IES Las Lomas, Alicante. http://ficus.pntic 11. Webquest on education in our school v alues drizzles of Madrid. 20SER 2 0of% 12% 20FUERTE.h tm. Another great list of webquest in various subjects. Ther e are a number for the area of religion in primary and secondary. Browse subject s and level. 13. Although it seems the same site that listed above, it is not. In it we find various webq uest for the area of religion.€Has the same design as its predecessor. http://ww 14. Webquest Library. Database web quest published. These are related to religion. Tit m:8080/BDWQ/resultbus.aspx?Tipo=Asignatura &% 20 = religi% c3% b3n 15. Webquest and topics by level of education. Department of Religion at IES Pedro Espinosa. New: uet sCristDerch.htm The apost les of Jesus. Area Religion: h ttp:// seekers webquest: % Search 7Ecbarba1/RECU RSOS/indexrecursos.htm subject - religion. Search leccionwebquest.php subject: "Religion" and "Religion and moral values." http:// Other resources 1. Pedro Felipe. Enter the ex cellent website of a teacher from Rioja and reviews the interactive test. http:/ / 2. Religious Pedágio Magazine . Very good section of links to the area of religion. Secondary. http://www.scre 3. Page where you will find information, maps, poems, quotes, sayings ... of different faiths. 4. A collection of religious pictures grouped by topic. They can be used as illustrations in the work of students or their power point presentations. 5. Concep t maps and diagrams to support the teaching units that make up the agenda for hi gh school students. It is currently only available one year of ESO (click on the cubes that make up that name). gion/paginas/NUEVA2.html 6. Miscellaneous Topics for the classes of Religion. It contains everything from lesson plans to powerpoint presentations. It belongs t o the website of the purity of Mary Congregation. A very pastoral approach but a dapted can be very useful in class. htm 7. Area page on the Catholic religion with documents and materials that can be used in class. ~ pperez1/contenido.htm 8. Teacher Profess ional Network of Religion. It belongs to the training platform Teacher Center of Malaga. Large amount of materials in the "Documents - Teaching Materials" You c an look into the history section. 9. Depa rtment of Religion at IES La Costera. Here you will find complete information ab out the course, its features, why is it necessary, and how you can subscribe. Yo u'll also find fun activities, games and work materials, useful for teachers and students, news related to the teaching of religion and recommended books and au diovisual materials. Click on the "activities". gio/Namo_Site1/index.html 10. Leisure elementary through high school. tm 11. List of educational resources offered on this website. From Guadix. http: // ~ Camerata / christ / recursos_didacticos.htm 12. Secondary Re sources first. You need to select the first course of ESO, Reli. Some online act ivities are in Catalan, but are understandable and can be performed by the stude nts. 13. Educational resources of the Diocesan Educ ation Delegation of the Diocese of the Canaries. Intersante the "classroom activ ities" 14. Multiple computing resources to download or install on your computer. They are pastoral resources but can be ada pted to the kinds of religion. 15. CNICE teaching resourc e on Society, Culture and Religion. ptativas/sociedad.htm # Contents 16. Notes and resources to ESO religion classes at Sacred Heart College. a/index.htm 17. Site to explain the mass. With resources for teaching: concept m aps, power point, explanation of signs ... BACCALAUREATE 1. Religious Pedágio Magazine. Very good section of links to the a rea of religion. Baccalaureate. Sections&op=listarticles&secid=15 2. Christian Library. Encyclicals, Apostolic L

etters, Documents of Vatican II, Jerusalem Bible, etc..€It can be a great help a s reference material. 3. Collect various items that c an facilitate participation in the classroom work, debates, news to discuss, com ment text, technical data to support the explanation, teacher training and the w ork carried out by students. College Religion Department of erain Ikastetxea. ht tp:// also offered high school stude nt work. 4. Personal pa ge with plenty of material in high school. Multiple themes and broad range of to pics on every block. 5. Resources for High School first. Chronological table of major religions and comparison chart. 6. A usefu l and complete set of Bible maps. Allow us to more accurately understand the his tory and geography to understand the Scriptures. mor/bibliamapas.html 7. Radio series "A certain Jesus." Provides the text of eac h chapter and the same in mp3 to listen. In English and Spanish. Good as teachin g aids. 8. Material powerpoint on religions. http://es 9. Powerpoint presentations. 10. Notes for religion class, songs, reviews ... Sacred Heart school. 11. Webquest to schoo l on Holy Week in Valladolid. ~ lbag0000/html/ssanta .htm 12. Bible Trivia. 1 3. Print comprehensive. Geographically located the origin of religions. Indicate s some percentages of religious practice. etc. as/religiones.pdf 14. Great Christian portal with extensive information on doctr ine, liturgy, church documents, images, etc. Pastoral approach but can be a good teaching tool. 15. Department of Religion at IES Pedro Espinosa. Baccalaureate. Activities, themes and webquest developed from the work of students. er/bachiller.htm 16. Links to educational resources on Society, Culture and Reli gion. ~ jfes0017/materias/mat05sr.php? link =.. / to pics / m at05sr & owner = Links% 20a% 20Sociedad 20recursos% 20of%,% 20Cultura% 20and% 20Religión http:/ / ildren/site/curriculum_sp_nt.htm Hot P otatoes: The Bible. 7Ehotp0060/doloresperez/index .html the Crusades, 7Ehotp0060/jlgarcia/index.htm various activities, http:// /% 7Ehotp0060/InmaculadaFlori do / Religions in antiquity, 7Ehotp0058/elenapalac io / Holy Week, http://endrino.cnice.mecd. com /% 7Ehotp0056/cristinaalvarez/IND ICE.htm Eucharist 7Ehotp0063/Catiana_Torregrosa/i ndex.htm Christmas, 7Ehotp0055 / evamariasanchez / index.htm